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Accommodation leads to domination when Tommy moves in with a co-worker…

Being somewhat of a computer whiz, I was head-hunted by a company to sort out the systems in their distribution division. The company manufactured and sold a range of toys for children. Upon my arrival in the new city that I would be living in, I was naturally faced with an accommodation issue. Fortunately, the company that employed me agreed to pay my first two weeks of lodging at a motel, while I sorted myself out.

On my first day at the new job, I put out the word that I was looking for accommodation, hoping that someone would know of a place that I could rent. Within half an hour, Porky, who worked in the warehouse, entered my office and told me that I could rent a room in his house. Porky was my age, mid-twenties, and had inherited his home from his mother. After his dad’s passing a year before, his mom had moved in with her sister who was also a widow.

Porky was thickset, six-foot-two tall, and had a handsome round face. The brown hair on his head was dead straight and his fringe hung down to his eyebrows, making it look like he was wearing a helmet. As I would come to know, he always wore denim jeans and shirts that were only in shades of blue, which was his favourite colour. Porky had enormous hands that looked like two bunches of bananas hanging off the bottom of his thick arms. One’s attention was constantly drawn to his hands because he incessantly tapped the top of his thighs with the tips of his fingers.

Porky had a magnetic charm that always brought a smile to your face. He, however, wasn’t very popular with the ladies at the company for two reasons: Firstly, he had a habit constantly rearranging the impressive bulge at the front of his jeans. Secondly, he always had damp patches under his armpits. This in itself wasn’t the major problem, but some men like Porky simply give off a very strong masculine essence, which the girls at our company found off-putting and behind his back they referred to him as ‘Porky Pong.’ Truthfully, from the get-go, I found him affable and somewhat sexy, and I actually liked his odour.

I agreed to visit him at ten a.m. on Saturday to check out the accommodation. I did not see it as a long-term solution because being gay I knew that I would be compromised with the arrangement. Short term, however, if the accommodation was suitable, it would take the immediate weight of finding lodging off my shoulders.

When I arrived Porky welcomed me at the front door. He was bare-chested and the shorts he had on was made of a rather flimsy material, making the impressive bulge that I had observed in his jeans even more prominent. The flip-flops he wore were dwarfed by his very broad feet. His moobs and cute belly were covered with fine body hair that looked silky. The ‘helmet’ on his head that was normally smooth, also showed signs of pillow damage as he had obviously not yet showered that morning.

I was very impressed by the outside of the house, which was neat and very well cared for. The magnificent garden was a legacy of his mother’s endeavours, and he apparently promised his mother that he would maintain her garden. Subsequently, a garden service called every Tuesday to adhere to her wishes.

Inside the home, all appeared to be tidy and tasteful, again thanks to his mom. I was told that he had a cleaning lady who worked for him on Friday’s, so I was seeing the place at its very best.

From the moment that he greeted me at the door, Porky seemed a little tense. It was almost as if he was willing me to like the place as he constantly sought my approval. Porky also kept intoning how happy I would be, and how pleased he would be if I accepted his offer. He incessantly tapped his thighs with his fingers, in a far more animated manner than I had seen before. I began to wonder if this was a sign of sexual frustration. Porky also kept touching me as we moved around, with his hand either on my shoulder or clamped on my arm.

The peculiar thought that went through my mind as we toured the house, was that it felt like I was being courted by a suitor and there was a strong air of sexual tension emanating from him.

The room I would be staying in was Porky’s old room, and it had a television and comfortable looking double bed. The spare bathroom, that I would be using, was also modern and very tasteful.

When we finally arrived back in the kitchen he offered me a cup of coffee. After the beverage was made Porky again began to move closer to me and touch my shoulder and arm. His anxiety was also making him sweatier, and I could see the moist clumps of hair sprouting out from under his arms. Porky body odour had also begun to intensify as the richness of his essence embraced us.

“Sorry about my body odour,” he said, before continuing, “I know the women at work refer to me as ‘Porky Pong’.”

“Actually, it doesn’t bother me at all,” I replied.

The smile of relief that broke out on his face was almost comical.

“Really?” he asked.

“Not at all,” I confirmed.

“Seriously, if it ever bugs you just tell me and I’ll have a shower. I won’t be offended,” Porky concluded.

In the lounge, we got down to business. Porky told me that if I paid for the gardening service, the maid, and half of the groceries, then that would be suitable. After adding up the amounts in my mind it was ridiculously low, but he insisted that he was happy with that arrangement.

This was turning out to be an unbelievably interesting morning. I was sure in my mind that Porky was looking for more than just a tenant. In the time I had spent with him thus far, I had frequently witnessed the lump in his shorts fluctuate in size. I had also observed that he made no attempt to hide the bulge, and it was as if he was blatantly flaunting his package.

“When do you want to move in?” he asked.

Well, that depends on you, whatever suits you best,” I answered.

“Now. Go get your stuff now,” he stated insistently.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Absolutely, what are you waiting for, Tommy?” he confirmed.

As Porky saw me off at the door his crotch was once more impressively enlarged.

“When you get back we can make some lunch,” he suggested, before continuing, “Besides, that will give me some time to have a shower.”

“Why?” I asked with a horny grin. “I’ll be a pity to rinse away that sexy smell of yours.”

My deliberate comment was a test to see if I had been reading the situation correctly and whether we were on the same page. Porky’s face lit up as I smiled at him.

On the drive to the motel, I thought about my morning. The accommodation was excellent and at the price, he was asking, I would be able to save a lot of money. I had simply assumed that he was straight, but after my visit, I got a strong feeling that he may possibly be looking for a fuck-buddy. Above all else, I wondered what his incredible bulge would reveal.

All I processed were two suitcases and a portable music system. My former apartment had been fully furnished and so I had never needed to buy anything else. With everything packed and ready to go, I quickly visited the bathroom to prepare myself for what I hoped was awaiting me that afternoon.

As the motel bill would be settled by the company I worked for on Monday, I simply checked out and got on my way.

When I arrived at Porky’s place he ushered me through to my bedroom. After placing the music system on a chest of drawers, I opened one of the suitcases to retrieve a pair of shorts and my sandals. I then replaced the suitcase next to the other one on the floor and commenced stripping.

During this process, Porky stood in the doorway with arms extended above his head and his hands against the top of the doorframe. I was surprised by how bushy his armpits were. As he watched me change, his eyes were extremely attentive.

Making conversation I asked him about his nickname. Porky then went on to tell me that his name was actually Graham, but that as a kid he had been very overweight. Because of this the kids at school began referring to him as Porky, and as is so often the case, the pet name stuck. In time, even his parents started using the nickname.

“Did it ever bother you?” I inquired.

“Hell no,” he answered, and then with an impish grin concluded, “Besides, as you can smell, the name suits me.”

Once I had changed into my shorts and sandals, I gingerly began to move toward the ‘barricaded’ door.

“Would you like an aperitif before lunch?” Porky asked as he continued to block my way.

“An aperitif?” I questioned.

“Sure…” he stated, as he placed his fat thumbs into the sides of his shorts. Next, he pushed his shorts down. Surrounded by a bushy mass of hair, an above average uncut pork sausage bobbed up and down before me. Impressive as that was, however, the huge pair of balls hanging below nearly took my breath away.

Porky’s facial expression now hardened and his tone became dominant. “Drop your shorts,” he commanded.

After doing as told, he gave my stiff cock a good look before a self-satisfied expression broke out on his face. “I’ve got good news and bad news for you,” Porky stated.

A cold chill went through me as I began to worry that he had been playing a practical joke. Before I had fully processed the thought in my mind, however, Porky again spoke. “The good news is that I have definitely found the perfect tenant, but the bad news is that I can no longer offer this room to you.”

My mind now went into a total state of confusion and panic. As stood there with my mouth hanging open, Porky then concluded, “You’ll be moving into the main bedroom with me, from now on.”

As relief flooded my face he gave me a naughty smile and said, “Get your arse to our bedroom.”

As I passed by him he gripped onto the back of my neck and steered me toward the room. I got the feeling that Porky was into domination, and my intuition would prove to be spot on.

As we stood at the edge of the bed he placed his mouth at my ear and growled, “By the way, there’s one more bit of news that you need to know. When it comes to sex, I don’t have an off switch.” With that, he lifted me up and tossed me onto the bed, face down. After he scrambled onto my back Porky’s knees frantically commenced pushing my legs apart.

Next, his right arm placed me in a headlock before he began to rub his knob in my crack. When Porky lifted his torso to focus on my pucker a short while later, I asked if he had lubrication.

“Never use that shit,” he replied, “It dulls the friction when you’re fucking. Besides, the body’s natural juices are good enough for the job.”

This information wasn’t exactly music to my ears. Although Porky’s knob wasn’t massive, it was still large enough to cause discomfort. After spitting on my manhole, Porky commenced fingering me.

Next, he placed the head of his dick at my pucker and started shoving his cock in. It was slightly uncomfortable, to begin with, but as he continued to wedge and nudge his knob into me, the discomfort began to dissipate. Once his thrusting got underway, Porky prediction about the heightened stimulation was absolutely correct. The roughness of our chafing skin was absolutely incredible.

Porky was a very noisy and active lover. He never stopped moving or thrusting, and it felt like I had a very busy MMA grappler on my back. His mouth moved across my neck, shoulders, and head constantly, as he licked and nibbled my flesh. During the next twenty minutes as Porky ploughed me, his body odour also transformed from rich to ripe, and the room was beginning to smell like a barn. He was totally dominant and constantly altered my body position as he manipulated my body to suit his needs.

When Porky finally unloaded, I was amazed that he didn’t do so inside my backside but all over my back, before rubbing it into my skin as if marking his territory. As he would later explain, given the amount of cum he produced that would simply make my backside far too slick. Thereafter, between butt-fucks he always made me rinse my arse so that any slickness was dispensed with. He also regularly dried his knob off with a face cloth while fucking, to ensure that the roughness of his thrusting was maintained.

When we got back to the kitchen to prepare lunch, Porky acted like a sex-starved imp, constantly pawing, clamping, and kissing me. Porky’s cock also remained continuously erect as he incessantly rubbed it up against me. I was, moreover, totally intrigued by how much his strong body odour was arousing me. He had an incredibly virile masculine essence that I found totally intoxicating, and I was beginning to feel like a fully-fledged pong loving pussy-boy.

As I busied myself trying to make sandwiches, Porky clamped me from behind and commenced rubbing his knob in my butt crack.

“Aren’t you hungry?” I asked.

“No, Tommy, I’m horny,” Porky growled as he nibbled on my earlobe.

“Are you even horny when you’re asleep?” I teased.

“Sleep, what sleep are you talking about?” Porky sniggered, before resuming, “Unless you are able to doze off with my knob in your arse.” We both laughed.

“Leave this shit for later,” Porky said, referring to the sandwiches in progress, before turning my body around.

Before he embraced me once more, I gripped hold of his huge balls and asked, “Can I at least get an interim snack from these?”

Porky’s hands answered for him as he instantly pushed my body downward. Once he shoved his knob into my mouth he took a firm hold of my head and began skull-fucking me solidly. What I would learn about him next, was mindboggling. Porky seemed to be able to unload almost at will, and could also do so repetitively. When he commenced grunting after a short while, I tasted the delicious thick creamy spunk that he was injecting into my mouth.

When I looked up at him afterward, Porky asked, “Do you want more?”

I was confused by the question but intrigued enough to answer in the affirmative. Without pause, he once more started fucking my mouth and several minutes later, more jizz got sprayed into my mouth.

When I once more looked up at him, Porky had a smirk on his face. “Still hungry?” he asked, almost contemptuously.

‘Fuck him,’ I thought, ‘I’m up for this challenge.’ Getting off my knees I now sat flat on the floor and placed my head against the cupboard door.

When Porky again began to skull-fuck me, it was as if he wanted to punish me for my greediness. With my head firmly against the cupboard door, he gripped onto the counter and began pounding my head with his hips.

After a few minutes, Porky withdrew his knob and told me to get up.

“No, please keep face-fucking me,” I implored him.

He bent over with a wild look in his eyes, and then gave me a slap on my face. It wasn’t too hectic, but a meaningful enough.

“I call the shots,” he said as he yanked me to my feet.

Once up, Porky gripped hold of the back of my neck with his left hand, and shortly I was being frogmarched down the passage as his right hand slapped my butt. After being thrown onto the bed on my stomach, his left hand now pinned my body down as his right hand solidly administered smacks to my arse. Much as I yelped, I was in ecstasy.

After he had satisfied his disciplinarian inclinations, my body was turned and tossed further up on the bed. Porky now moved with lightning speed as he wedged his body between my legs.

Next, Porky slammed his dick into my backside and commenced fucking me. As he did so with his body supported on his left outstretched arm, his right hand clamped around my neck. Porky now began to squeeze my throat. Any misgivings I had were negated, by the most incredible feeling of exhilaration I felt as my breathing was restricted. I instantly grabbed hold of my knob and commenced tugging like a madman as I gasped for air.

As I really started fighting for oxygen a flood of excitement raced through my body, transporting me to heights of sexual pleasure I had never known possible. I was totally overwhelmed by a deluge of horniness, and my cock felt harder than it had ever been. As my body began to shudder, my nuts blasted a torrent of spunk, like likes of which I had never imagined possible.

After I had cum Porky let go of my neck, and as he pounded my backside, he said, “It’s time for you to help me out, buddy.”

Instinctively, I lifted my hands and placed them around his neck. As I began to squeeze Porky went into overdrive as he wheezed, while hammering my arse as never before. When he started unloading a minute later, his body shuddered with ecstasy.

I comprehensively understood there and then, that asphyxiation would henceforth be part of our lovemaking repertoire.

After he collapsed on the bed next to me, he placed his hands behind his head as he lay breathing heavily.

“Jesus, Tommy,” he said, moving his head from side to side, “I really stink. Should I have a shower?”

“No,” I stated emphatically, before resuming, “I would like to introduce a rule in this house.”

With a wry smile, he asked, “Oh… and what would that be?”

“That from Friday mornings till Monday mornings, you are banned from showering,” I replied, with an impish smile.

With a snigger, he replied, “No problem, I’m also into water preservation.”

Unable to resist any longer, I pounced on his left armpit and after rubbing my face in it, I commenced licking frantically. The sounds that emanated from Porky were almost unearthly as I did so. The murmurs that flowed from his horny lips were mesmerizing. Once done, the other armpit followed.

Shortly, I was again on my stomach being solidly fucked.

Happily, he had not lied about not having an ‘off’ switch.






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