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Power of Friendship

My first time with my best friend.
I had been the water-boy for the varsity football team all four years and was pretty damn positive I loved women. I dreamed about them and saw a fair share of porn, but never actually had a physical encounter with anyone before. There I was a virgin, a senior in high school, and surrounded by dudes all fall season. During the whole season I saw my fair share of guys and their packages. This of course, got me curious and led me to view gay porn. I wasn't so sure about myself then. I was growing very curious.


It was the last game of the season and I went into the locker room to wait on my best friend to get done dressing so we could leave. Since it was the last game, it was a tradition for all the seniors to go to someone's house and go crazy wild. I sat in the locker next to his and waited. Finally he came around the corner with a towel around his waist - he had just finished showering. He was about 5' 10', fairly built, brown eyes and hair.

"Would ya hurry up Christian!" I said.

"Shut-up Steve, I'm going as fast as I can go," he replied. I wasn't really focused on him and he slipped his towel off and I turned and saw his body. This was the first time ever to see my best friend fully undressed. His body was still glistening from the water droplets on his skin. My eyes followed his chiseled chest, past his six pack, towards his cock. There it was - a small patch of hair above about a cut 5 inches of a flaccid shaft. His balls hung slightly lower than his head. It was soft and silky looking, making my own cock twitch. I made sure he didn't see me looking though, but that failed.

"Like what you see?" he said jokingly.

"See what? I can't find it, it's too damn small!" I laughed trying to hide what I really thought.

"Whatever douche," Christian said as he put on his clothes. Christian had noticed the way I looked at him, but let it slide and didn't say anything. "Let's go and get fucked up with everyone!"


Nothing had been said or done for a few months about the locker room. We continued to be best friends and it never phased us. Of course, I continued to watch gay porn and thought about his cock constantly while jacking off.

It was the beginning of spring break and Christian invited me over to his house to hang out and decide what we wanted to do that night. I figured we'd just go over to another friend's house soon after. I arrived at his house and we soon stated to play video games while we decided what to do. About two hours passed and we were still playing video games. "What are we going to do tonight?" I said.

"Well it's ten o'clock, not much we can do now huh?" Christian said. "We can continue to play this game."

"Are your parents not coming home soon?" I replied knowing they hated the video game we were playing.

Christian was quick to respond, "Nah, them and my sister went to the lake this week. I got stuck here because I have to work all this week."

"That fucking blows, dude," I replied.

"Ya I know. It does. Hey! I know let's go swimming!" Christian said. I quickly said yes and followed him to his backyard.

"Wait, wait. I don't have a bathing suit, and I don't want to get my underwear all wet," I said sounding like a complete ass.

"Dude it's fine, we'll just go skinny dipping, No ones home and our neighbors can't see the pool," Christian implied.

My heart seemed to have fallen. Could I really do this?

Christian continued, "It's all good, dude, it's not like you or I haven't seen our fair share of penises in the locker room."

I thought well he's right, I can control myself and its perfect. I didn't even get a word in all of this and Christian had already stripped with his cock exposed. He quickly dived into the pool. "Come on in fucker! Water's great!"

I slowly undressed. My body wasn't in the best of shape, but I definitely wasn't overweight or anything. I was starting to get afraid of what Christian would think of my size. I slowly removed my underwear revealing my clean shaven cut 4 1/2 inch flaccid cock. I jumped in.

We had fun in the pool. Nothing sexual and I even managed to keep my cock from stiffening! We finally both agreed after an hour or so that it was time to get out. Christian got out first and went to his towel bin and grabbed two towels. I got out and he handed me one and I wrapped my self. While I was adjusting my towel he grabbed his pile of clothes and mine and walked in the house. "You know, it's already late, why don't you just stay the night?" he asked.

"Sure let me just call my parents," I replied.

"OK, just meet me in my room when you get done," Christian said.

I got off the phone and quickly went to Christian's room. He was putting his and my clothes on the floor in a neat pile. "What they say?" he asked.

"They said yes," I replied.

"Cool. Alright let me get a quick shower first and then you can have one," Christian said while removing his towel.

I was sitting on his bed and felt my cock twitch. He noticed. I soon quickly changed the subject and he went on with his shower. After a few minutes he came out with his towel again around his waist telling me it was my turn. I quickly got up and took a shower. I got out and put the towel around my waist and walked out. Christian, still in his towel, walked up to me and got in my face. He seemed angry.

"I saw what happened," he said.

"Saw what?" I asked.

"You've been checking me out since football season and I saw your penis twitch when I undressed," Christian said. Oh fuck, I was caught. He might kick my ass. I had to do something.

"But, but, I, I..." I was stumbling on my words, trying to think of anything to say. I didn't want any of my friends to think I was some gay fag and never talk to me. I was still stumbling on my words when Christian leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss on the lips.

"And it's OK. I think we want the same thing," Christian said as he paused from the kiss. Was this really happening? Did he want the same thing?! I gave him a puzzled look and he smiled.

He leaned back in and slowly pushed his tongue in my mouth. We started making out in the middle of his room. I pulled back and started kissing his neck making my way to his nipple. I started twirling my tongue around his nipple while tenderly twisting the other with my hand. I continued down his chest and pulled down his towel while on my knees. His cock had grown to a full 8 1/2 inches. I pushed his cock upward and started sucking on one of his balls. He moaned.

While my mouth was working his balls, my hands were going back and forth between his chest and his ass. I let go of his balls and started to slowly lick the bottom of his shaft making my way to the head. Once I got to his head, I twirled my tongue around his silky smooth pulsating head. I started sucking his cock slowly, first to get used to the feeling. He was moaning more and put his hands on the back of my head and started to push me faster.

A few minutes passed and I knew he was close. His balls started to close in and he tapped me on my head. I never stopped, giving him a thumbs up, and I started sucking furiously. He started breathing heavily and squealed when he shot stream after stream of hot steaming cum in my mouth. I swallowed all his cum, licked the drips of cum of his cock and rose to give him a passionate kiss and allowing him to taste his own cum. My towel fell off as I rose revealing my hardened 7 1/2 inch cock pulsating. He pulled back and picked me up and placed me on my back on his bed.

I was laying on my elbows so I could see the action about to occur. He didn't hesitate and went down on me quickly. He teased my balls with his hands and licked my shaft over and over like a popsicle. He then started to suck me off. It took all my might not to come right then and there as he pushed his face back and forth on my cock. I laid all the way back putting my hands behind my head. A few moments later I felt it coming. I tapped him on his head and he just gave me a thumbs up just as I did. I laid back down and felt the power overcome me. My feet and eyelids shook as I released my cum into Christian's mouth. That had been the best orgasm I had ever had to that date.

He swallowed my cum and crawled up next to me. We just stared into each others eyes keeping quiet. Christian finally broke the silence and said, "I hope you know this isn't over. Do you wanna..."

I interrupted him with a quick yes and, "Except you go first because I still need to recover from that last one."

Christian responded, "That's perfect. I'm already hard again just looking at you."

Christian moved to the foot of the bed. I spread my legs and then he lifted them up. He licked his fingers and started rubbing my hole. He put my feet on his broad shoulders and grabbed his cock. He slowly pushed his head in. I twitched and let out a small squeal. "Does it hurt, do I need to stop?" he quickly asked.

"No, no, keep going I want you inside me." He continued to slowly slip his full shaft into me. He started fucking me slowly to get his rhythm down. He soon got a hold of it and was fucking me so hard. My cock hardened quickly and was bouncing up and down on my stomach, dripping with precum. Christian soon blew his load into me and I felt his hot cum inside me.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I wasn't expecting to finish that fast! I didn't mean to..."

I cut him off, "Christian it's fine, I wanted it inside me, plus now it's my turn."

Christian pulled out and came up next to me on his stomach. I got up and picked Christian's stomach up in the air. He was now on his knees and elbows. I got behind him on my knees and grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down his ass and around his hole.

I started to slowly insert my cock into him. "Damn!" I said. "This is tight as fuck!" I continued to insert me into him and found a perfect rhythm. Here I was fucking my best friend and loving every minute of it! I felt it again, it was coming soon. I asked Christian where he wanted me to come. He quickly pulled off me and flipped onto his back. He pointed to his chest. I scooted closer to him and jacked off my cock over his cock. My head went backwards and I breathed heavily as I shot four or five stream of cum over his stomach. He just smiled.

I crawled up next to him and we both got under the covers. We made out passionately for the next few minutes. We pulled back and stared into each others eyes and moved in closer to each other. We soon fell asleep in each others arms.
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