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Prison Sacrifice

Warden Harris gives Bruno a special thank you gift…

Nathan was a pretty gay boy who loved attending to college. School life had been far too stuffy for him and being a bright student, he was far happier being left to his own devices. Unfortunately, his life was about to change dramatically, due to a very cruel twist of fate. The college had been plague by drug problems in recent times and everyone one in authority, was sick and tired of all the hassles. Unbeknown to Nathan, during one of the regular raids someone had offloaded their stash into one of his jacket pockets and Nathan was ‘caught’ with a bag of marijuana.

His parents, of course, knew that he was innocent, but the authorities couldn’t give a damn. An example had to be made and poor Nathan was the patsy. It was a cut and dried case, and in no time Nathan received a one-hundred-and-fifty day sentence and was having his arse hauled off to the penitentiary. The harsh reality of what lay ahead was clear to Nathan and he knew that hell was awaiting him. Even though he was gay, the brutality of homosexual prison sex was not appealing to him at all. Given his diminutive size and looks, he also recognised that there was no way that he would be able to protect himself.

When Nathan arrived at the prison Warden Harris’ eyes lit up. In this prison, fifty per cent of the inmates were of Hispanic origin, forty-five per cent black, and five per cent were white. The groups mainly stuck to themselves but occasionally tensions arose. Harris got on well with all the leaders of the groups and mostly got them to comply with his wishes, by doling out special privileges. Two weeks before there had been a standoff, but fortunately Bruno, a Hispanic inmate and the undisputed leader of his clan, had sorted things out. Feeling that he needed to repay Bruno for what he had done, Nathan was heaven sent. In fact, Harris also had a second agenda where Nathan was concerned.

Harris moved very swiftly and arranged to have Bruno’s cellmate transferred to another section. As this was being done, Bruno received a message from Harris assuring him that a very nice thank you gift was on the way. Once everything was in place, Harris personally escorted Nathan to ‘the honeymoon suite’ as he jokingly put it. This was not what Nathan wanted to hear and he knew that his fears we about to be realised.

From the minute Nathan had arrived in the penitentiary, his nostrils had been assailed by a strange smell. It was a combination of antiseptic and masculinity. As he followed Harris, this smell seemed to intensify.

Harris knew that Nathan would be used by Bruno, because that was the way things happened in prison. He assuaged his conscience, nevertheless, by figuring that Nathan would at least be generally protected by Bruno. Harris had also decided that Nathan would be assigned to kitchen duties and work under Bart, the leader of the white clan. Bart was redneck and a white supremacist. There was no doubt that Bart would also use Nathan, but Harris cleverly figured that with this arrangement, he was actually killing two birds with one stone by keeping two of the leaders happy.

When Harris and Nathan arrived at the cell Bruno was seated on his bed wearing a small pair of black shorts. Smiling magnanimous, Harris introduced the two cell mates who simply nodded acknowledgement at one another. After giving Bruno a conspiratorial wink, he reminded the guys that it was fifteen minutes to lockdown. Bruno did his best to conceal his delight as Nathan sat down on the bed across from him.

In the long silence that followed Nathan looked at Bruno with trepidation. Bruno was muscular and extremely masculine. The black hair on his was slicked back and shiny, and he had a pencil moustache and thin sideburns. Bruno’s upper body was covered with a range of tattoos. His left upper arm had a large Maltese cross and the other arm, a picture of Jesus’ face. On his stomach two revolvers pointed upward with their barrels touching between his large nipples. On his flanks there were two substantial daggers, one with a blade facing upward, and the other blade, downward. His lower arms, hands, and neck, were covered with Aztec designs. As Nathan would later see, Bruno’s entire back was also tattooed with an Aztec design, with a large eagle in the centre.

The skin on Bruno’s body was unctuous and his darkish complexion had an almost amphibious wetness. Bruno was rather sexy, but in an unsettling way. Nathan felt himself wilting as Bruno’s dark eyes bore into him. After the bars suddenly shut, more silence followed. Bruno could not believe the beauty of this pretty little blond haired, blue eyed ‘girl’ that had been delivered into his clutches. Nathan’s frame was petite and inviting, and Bruno couldn’t ever remember such a jewel being placed in his safekeeping.

Then, Bruno finally spoke for the first time. “Habla Español, chica?”

Nathan shyly shook his head from side to side.

“Thanks no problem, chica, because I also speak English,” Bruno replied, in a thick Hispanic accent. “Get undressed for papi, so I can have a good look at you.”

Nathan was almost blubbing as he began to beg, “Please don’t hurt me; I’ll get my parents to send you money if you protect me… please.”

“Money is useless to me in here, chica. This place is like a pond. Maybe you don’t know this, but in nature, if you only put male fish in your pond then some of the males will become female. Isn’t nature incredible? Well, in this pond you are one of the males who turn into a female,” Bruno finally concluded.

In the silence that followed, Nathan knew that he had played his hand and that his plea was futile. This guy could snap him like a twig, and was definitely going to have his way with him. Oddly, Nathan felt himself becoming intrigued rather than frightened by his dilemma. Next, a series of hand gestures from Bruno ensued as the silence between them was sustained.

Flicking his fingers upward Bruno gestured for Nathan to get up. Following on that, Bruno gestured to Nathan to remove his overall. Obediently, Nathan removed his boots and socks, and then he gingerly disposed of the garment. As he stood before Bruno in his boxers, Bruno’s eyes lit up at the sight of Nathan’s alabaster skin. The following gesture then followed as Nathan was beckoned over to Bruno. Still leaning backward on his bed, Bruno scanned every inch of Nathan’s body as a sexual tension between them began to simmer. Finally, Bruno gestured for Nathan to turn around.

After he turned, Bruno final sat up straight. Bruno began to caress the precious marble object before him and as he did so, an incredible tingle pulsed through Nathan’s body. Nathan was becoming more and more excited by his capture and his cock instantly responded. Next, Nathan felt his underpants being pushed downward. Nathan was then instructed to step out of the boxers and kick them to the side, before he was told to widen his stance. Following on that, Nathan felt a hand pushing his torso downward.

Bruno placed his hands on the magnificent bubble butt before him, and then with his thumbs pulled the cheeks apart.

“Santa Madre,” Bruno uttered, as he stared at Nathan’s tight pink pucker. No longer able to hold back any more, Bruno’s mouth moved in and began to lick Nathan’s balloon knot. Nathan started to gasp as Bruno’s tongue licked, and then prodded into him. All of Nathan’s resistance crumbled as pleasure totally overwhelmed him. Suddenly, Nathan’s body was turned and Bruno’s hot mouth sheathed his knob. Although this development completely stunned Nathan, he commenced skull-fucking Bruno like a man possessed. The fear and apprehension, which Nathan had felt before evaporated in a blissful haze of sensuality.

When Nathan announced that he was about to cum Bruno’s grip left him in no doubt that he wanted to taste Nathan’s spunk. Ecstatically, Nathan let loose, experiencing the most rapturous orgasm of his life.

Afterward, Bruno looked up at him and said, “Jesus, chica, even your cream tastes like honey.” With their eyes locked in a visual embrace Nathan knew that they had bonded, and that he had fallen ‘head over heels’ for his ‘papi.’ When Bruno stood up and embraced him, their bodies entwined and their lips locked. In this scary place, Nathan had never felt safer than he did at that moment.

After a while, Bruno coaxed Nathan on to the bed on his stomach. As Nathan glanced to the side he saw Bruno removing his shorts. The exposé that Nathan witnessed was breath-taking, as he observed the dark uncut sausage flouncing in a bush of black pubic hair. He had never before seen a knob this thick and long. Horny as he was, he was rather nervous about the ambush that his hole was about to endure. When Bruno, however, retrieved a tube of lubricant, Nathan sighed with relief.

Bruno first applied the lotion to Nathan’s backside before stroking it on his own dick. Next, he nestled his body onto his ‘prison bride’ and commenced rubbing his cock in Nathan’s valley of pleasure. After kissing Nathan’s neck and ears for a short while, Bruno lifted up slightly and positioned the head of his tool at the pink door. When Bruno began to enter he did so slowly, but firmly. Nathan grunted from the strain, as his final annexation took place.

With the rhythm of salsa champion Bruno began to sway his hips in a lusty dance. Nathan gasped as he got speared by his papi, more satisfied than he'd ever been before. Lifting onto his elbows and arching his back, Nathan turned his head as far as he could to receive Bruno’s lips. With their mouths locked once more, Bruno’s tempo began to increase as his hips ground his knob into Nathan. With the movement they were generating, the sheet beneath Nathan’s cock stimulated him incredibly and when Bruno commenced grunting, a double eruption took place.

Slumping on Nathan once they had finished, Bruno asked, “Are you enjoying your honeymoon, chica?”

“Si, papi,” Nathan sighed.

After a short while, Bruno moved off Nathan and lay next to him. As they stared at one another, Bruno began gently kissing Nathan in a leisurely and relaxed manner. Between kisses Nathan hornily asked, “May I also taste your spunk, papi?”

What followed next would henceforth become a perpetual ritual. Bruno loved having his nipples chewed upon, the harder the better. Nathan only now realised how very large Bruno’s dark areolas actually were. They were prominent and at least an inch and a half in diameter. After Bruno lay on his back Nathan was instructed to torment Bruno’s teats. As Nathan’s oral action began, Bruno commenced tugging on his knob and ordering Nathan to bite even harder. When Bruno began to growl with excitement a few minutes later, he ordered Nathan to feed on his knob. Gripping hold of Bruno’s dick, Nathan assumed the hand action required and shortly got rewarded with lava.

For a man who had cum shortly before, Nathan was astonished by the amount of spunk that Bruno produced. The taste of the jizz and the smell of Bruno’s crotch had also turned Nathan into a complete cock-hound, and from then on, Bruno’s genitals became a cathedral of worship to Nathan.

Afterward, Bruno got up to take a piss. Presuming that their session was over, Nathan got off Bruno’s bed. “Where are going, chica?” Bruno asked. Nathan looked bewildered by the question and simply shrugged.

“We are only finished when I say so,” Bruno uttered. His tone wasn’t authoritarian, but merely matter-of-fact.

Nathan then lay back on the bed, awaiting further instruction. Returning to the bed Bruno once more got on top of Nathan, before a very prolonged kissing session took place. This was not like the manic prison sex that Nathan had heard or read about. His prison daddy was making love to him and Nathan was completely falling under this strangers spell, and rather than the hell he had expected, now found himself in heaven.

Their finale that night was spectacular. With Nathan’s legs over his shoulders, Bruno slow-fucked him for what seemed like forever. Bruno insisted on permanent eye contact throughout their encounter and Nathan was mesmerised by the intensity of their bonding as a result. To Nathan it felt like not only had his body been commandeered, but his soul as well. Bruno’s head moved up and down constantly as they kissed and gazed into one another’s eyes. Bruno orchestrated his release to perfectly coincide with Nathan’s ejaculation. For the first time in ages, Nathan slept like a baby that night.

Early the following morning, Harris collected Nathan and took him to the mess. Upon their arrival Harris spoke to Burt, with his back toward Nathan. During their chat Burt stared at Nathan over Harris’ shoulder. Although Burt’s demeanour seemed somewhat menacing, Nathan thought that he was rather good-looking despite his demonic appearance. Burt was bald and had a scraggly long goatee and moustache. His head and neck were covered with tattoos and the lower arms that were visible had also been subjected to the same treatment. Burt had a fair complexion and from the colour of his goatee, Nathan assumed he was a redhead. Burt had cold ominous green eyes that were slightly unsettling.

Very shortly, Nathan had his apron on and was running around like servile lackey. As he did so he was constantly aware of Burt’s glares, like a raptor focussing on its prey. Nathan then got a strong foreboding that the kitchen was one place, where Bruno’s protection did not extend.

After breakfast was served and all the clean-up had taken place, Burt told everyone except Nathan to leave. Next, Nathan was taken to the store room were all the tinned foods were stored. After removing his own apron, Burt unzipped his overall and pushed it down his body to under his bellybutton. Nathan now observed the crudest tattoos he had ever seen. Skulls, swastikas, SS insignia, and every kind of martial symbol you could imagine, festooned Burt’s body. Unceremoniously, he removed Nathan’s apron before unzipping his overall as well.

As Burt looked at Nathan’s beautiful body he smiled salaciously. Nathan had not observed Burt’s stained teeth previously and it was immediately clear, that he was a heavy smoker. This fact was also underlined by the strong nicotine smell that Burt was permeating. As Burt moved in even closer, a strong body odour also became apparent.

“That fucker Harris shouldn’t have given you to Bruno. You should be with your own kind,” Burt proclaimed. As much as Nathan was offended by this bullshit, he wisely decided not to share his feelings on the matter. Instead, he opted for the deer caught in the headlights act. With both his hands, Burt began to stroke Nathan’s body and face like an art dealer appraising a marble figure. Scary as Nathan found this big guy, there was something sexy about his ultra-masculinity. Burt's arms now enfolded Nathan as he pushed him up against the large table in the room. Burt’s grip on him was very commanding as his mouth moved in and enveloped Nathan’s lips.

Burt’s kissing was harder and more urgent than Bruno’s and his tongue a lot more demanding. Nathan was surprised that he didn’t find the nicotine taste of Burt’s mouth and the strong aroma of his body off-putting, and was further amazed that he was becoming really turned-on by Burt’s harsher approach. Shortly, Burt’s hands slipped inside Nathan’s overall and commenced kneading his butt cheeks, roughly. When Burt finally let go of Nathan, he pulled Nathan’s overall further down to below his crotch, before following suit.

Burt’s cock was not as long as Bruno’s, but equally as thick. Burt’s cut dick was extreme pale and encircled by a thick red bush of pubic hair. His knob had a bright pink head with an equally pink circumcision scar, surrounding the shaft an inch before the glans.

Next, Nathan was turned and pushed head down on a table. Without pause, Burt began wedging his dick into Nathan’s pucker. Agonizing as it was at first, the pain soon subsided and when Burt really got going, Nathan became overwhelmed with gratification. Pinned to the table by Burt’s powerful hands, Nathan felt like a trussed turkey receiving its stuffing. After a while, Burt demonstrated what would be his signature predilection. After pulling his cock all the way out, Burt waited a second, before slamming his knob back into Nathan’s manhole.

This approach was also accompanied by verbal abuse from Burt, and when Nathan additionally added his bit by grunting, gasping, and panting, Burt was totally delighted. When Burt finally came, the frenzy with which he did so almost winded Nathan as he jackhammered into him mercilessly.

After the lunchtime traffic departed, another session with Burt followed and on this occasion Nathan received an oral delivery from Burt. Nathan’s head, and in particular his mouth, ached when they were done.

This became Nathan’s daily routine. His two daddies could not have been more different and although Nathan preferred Bruno, he really enjoyed his manic sessions with Burt. Prison life wasn’t so bad, after all.


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