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My best friend from school moves in with me...
Shortly after starting high school, I fell in love (Platonically speaking) with Barry. The incident that sparked my affection happened in one of the hallways at school. Corbin, a real piece of shit had taken a huge dislike to me, and on every occasion that he could, would corner and bully me. This was not surprising because I was the smallest guy in class. On one such occasion, with the side of my face pressed up against the wall, Corbin suddenly went flying next to me. Barry had given him an almighty bitch-slap. Corbin was told that if he even walked in the same passage as me again, Barry would fuck him up. Corbin never bothered me again.

My stocky protector, Barry, was a year ahead of me at school, and after taking me under his wing we always hung out together. We both didn’t give a shit about the ‘in-crowd’ at school, and sports of any kind meant nothing in our lives. Nobody ever messed with Barry, however, apparently during the previous school year he had sorted out one of the school's top wrestlers, after a disagreement. Given Barry’s tough upbringing, the fight had been a one-way contest according to everyone. Yet despite this, he was not arrogant or full of himself. He simply wanted to be left alone.

Throughout our friendship at high school, I only ever met Barry’s parents once at a prize giving function, and whew… they were rough! On a single occasion, during those years, Barry also had a stayover at my home. My mom took real strain with that, because Barry was not the poster boy for personal hygiene, and mom was hyper-fastidious on that front. Our friendship however endured, and even after Barry left school we still hung out together. When I eventually went off to college we regularly corresponded via email and saw each other during my college holidays. Barry had not been the greatest student but had always excelled with computers. He got a very good job at a large distribution centre, in their computer division.

Having completed my college degree a few years later, I got a job in the same city where I had attended varsity. A month or so later I got a call from Barry, telling me that he had applied for a job in my city. Apparently it was a substantial upgrade from his current position, and if his application was successful, would result in a much higher salary for him. Then he dropped the bombshell… asking if he could move in with me for a short while, until he could find a place of his own. Naturally, I had to agree.

As teenagers, we had never really spoken about sex. It was almost as though Barry was asexual. He hadn’t even attended his prom in high school. From my point of view, however, I had embraced my homosexuality and was sexually active. Having him possibly move in with me was therefore going to be somewhat of a strain.

Two weeks later Barry got the job. Prior to his arrival, I came to the conclusion that I would have to tackle my problem head on. On the second evening after he moved in, I decided to make my; ‘I am gay’ speech. During my entire sermon, Barry observed me expressionlessly. After my litany ended, Barry began to laugh. It wasn’t a derisive laugh, but more of a chuckle.

“I have always suspected that you might be gay Georgie,” Barry said still cackling.

Just for the record, my name is actually George, but given my small stature, I was always (much to my initial annoyance) referred to as Georgie.

“Why did you never mention this before?” Barry continued in a more serious tone.

“Well… you’re straight, and I didn’t want to fuck up our friendship,” I replied.

“Two things Georgie: Firstly, we’re best buddies right? How would your being gay fuck up our friendship? Secondly… how do you know I’m straight?” Barry asked.

“Huh,” was all I could articulately manage.

“Do you find me appealing?” Barry asked in serious tone.

“Well… I never really thought about it. I just always presumed you’re straight… and respected that fact,” I mumbled.

“DO… YOU… FIND… ME… APPEALING?” Barry demanded, stressing each word.

“I’m really uncomfortable with this… you’re a hunky guy… but… why are you fucking with my head, Barry?” I asked bewildered.

“I am just confused as to why you have never told me before,” Barry said, before continuing, “Is it because you find me butt-ugly?”

“Well, are you fucking gay?” I responded flustered.

“I don’t really know... I have never encountered another guy, or woman for that matter, who appealed to me. But, I’ve always been turned on by you.” Barry replied. We sat quietly for some time before he again spoke softly. “I have always wanted to have sex with you, Georgie.”

Again there was a long silence before I spoke, “Barry, having sex with you could be a very bad idea. We are best friends… and I don’t want to mess that up.”

“So… you… don’t find me appealing,” he uttered slowly, with disappointment in his tone.

“Barry… please stop messing with my head… you are appealing… I just don’t want to fuck-up our very special friendship,” I replied.

“You know Georgie… there was this girl I slept with a few times. I never really got into her, because all I kept seeing in my mind… as we made love… was your face. Why do you think I have really moved here?”

“Jesus Barry… you’re killing me,” I replied anxiously.

“Then fucking say, YES… please, Georgie!” Barry implored.

Getting up Barry walked over to me and lifted me from my seat. With his arms around me, he pulled my body into him. As I looked up into his eyes, his mouth moved towards my lips. Our kiss was slow and sensual. When we broke apart I was about to speak, but he placed his hand over my mouth.

“We have spoken enough Georgie, it’s time to go to bed,” Barry concluded.

Lifting my body onto his chest, with his hands placed under my thighs, I hung onto him as he walked through to my room. He moved up on the bed, with me wrapped around under him. After my head rested on the pillow, his hulky frame enfolded me in an all-consuming embrace. We kissed and cuddled for a very long while. Lifting his head later Barry asked, “Why did you make me wait so long, Georgie?”

“I’m sorry,” was all I could manage.

Lifting his body he pulled my T-shirt off, before removing his own. Staring down at me he said, “You owe me big time Georgie. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

Lowering himself onto me, propped up by his elbows, he placed the tip of his nose on mine and began rubbing, up, down, then round and around, never breaking eye contact. I felt his hot breath warming my mouth before his tongue slid from side to side over my lips. Parting my lips slightly, his tongue began its exploration. As his kissing intensified, he slid his arms upwards, encasing my head in his hands. Running my fingers through his hair, I encouraged his onslaught, with our mouths locked in sensual combat.

Barry later moved his body downwards, removing my shorts and underpants. After removing his own clothing he slid back upwards, placing my legs over his shoulders. Barry then began suckling on my cock and balls. His huge hands caressed my torso lovingly, as our whimpers and groans harmonized in a horny song of lust. Barry began tugging on my knob as his mouth slithered further downwards, locating my rosebud. His oral raid was passionate and sustained. With Barry’s lapping and prodding, I felt myself overcome with excitement, and when I announced my impending eruption his hot mouth again encased my dick.

“Aah… aaah… aaaaah,” I uttered, exploding into his mouth.

After he had drained me dry, Barry again moved his lips downwards, and commenced fingering and lubricating my hole, as his mouth trickled spunk onto his fingers.

“Turn over Georgie,” he said, continuing, “It's time to make my dream come true.”

I turned as instructed, opening my legs in a welcoming gesture. After covering my body with his huge frame, I felt his cock begin to nudge and prod my pucker. I had not seen his dick, but it was clear that my anal invader was above average. Barry’s incursion was slow and measured, each time he sensed my discomfort he would hold still, allowing me time to adjust. When he finally bottomed out, a feeling of divine fulfilment overwhelmed me. When his hips sprang to life, I literally grunted with pleasure. In, out, round about, I sighed with satisfaction as he ground into me. It felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

Barry didn’t rush content on prolonging our union, for as long as possible. Barry would lift his body from time to time, escalating his infiltration, then slow down again, before slumping onto me and caressing my head with his hot mouth. On and on he continued, relentlessly claiming what he had anticipated for so long.

“I love you, Georgie,” he intoned, over and over again.

I answered with satisfied horny groans of agreement, loving the domination of my protector. When Barry finally implanted his abundant seed, he heaved grunts of gratification, marking and claiming his territory.

“You’re mine now Georgie… you’re mine,” he exclaimed ecstatically.

“Yes, Barry… I’m so very sorry; I wish I had known… I’ve been in love with you from the first day you protected me.”

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