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A true story
This is a true story that happened about three years ago.

It was a Friday night and I had no plans, it was getting late but I didn't want to stay in so I called a friend who I knew would be up for doing something - Glynn.

We decided I would go to his place, as he had bought some weed, I wasn't much a smoker so I brought a bottle of Jack Daniels with me.

I arrived at his front door and could hear the heavy metal blasting out of his room. I knocked at the door expecting him not to hear, but he opened up immediately and lead me through to his room.

Glynn had long purple hair, shaved at the sides. He was wearing a Metalica T shirt and black jeans.

His room was plastered with band posters and empty booze bottles, with the odd badly hidden porn mag dotted around.We sat on his bed, he rolled a joint while I poured us some shots.

Glynn was more used to spirits than I was, and I didn't want to look like a light weight so after each shot I poured another. We'd had four by the time he lit the J.

He took a few long puffs, and exhaled slowly. I watched the smoke escape his lips as he passed it to me. As I inhaled he got up and took his shirt off, he knew I was bi and I think he was teasing a bit.

I tried not to look but my eyes kept locking on his torso. It was toned and he was quite hairy. He had a tattoo on one of his muscular arms. My eyes climbed all over him, I was trying to not look obvious but I think he knew.

We passed the spliff between us and had a few more shots. We spoke about music and girls for a while, until Glynn randomly licked my face. I laughed and continued speaking.

I carried on and then he kissed me on the cheek, and I just looked at him. He turned away and said "Sorry, you probably think I'm really weird now, don't you?" 

I said "No," and laughed but it was slightly awkward for a while.

I broke the silence by telling him that I actually quite liked it. I thought I'd instantly regret saying that, but instead he leaned in toward me and kissed me on the mouth, got up and locked the door.

He turned back towards me and smiled. He lowered his ripped black jeans, to reveal his tight black boxers. He walked over to me as I took my shirt off.

He held himself over me, with his hands either side of my head holding him up. He kissed me passionately once more. He was quite forceful and tasting sweet.

Our chests became moist and sticky from the sweat, and I soon feel his cock getting hard.

I rolled him over onto his back and kissed his neck. I pulled his boxers off exposing a thick, hard dick amongst dark curly hair. His balls were big and sweaty - I decided to play with them first.

As I tickled them, he got harder, so I began to lick them. They tasted salty. I moved up to his dick, and licked the end, before submerging about half of his eight inches into my mouth.

I sucked away at his beautiful cock as mine got harder and harder. Soon it was uncomfortable so I stood up to remove my jeans. As I did he sat up, and pulled my shorts down.

He leaned forward and tickled my sack. Goosebumps swamped my whole body. He opened his mouth and his wet tongue welcomed my dick.

I kicked my jeans and shorts off my feet, as he pulled me back onto the bed. He climbed on top of me and kissed me again. Our dicks and balls were touching.

I slid my hands over his sweaty back, down to his arse. I ran my fingertips down his crack, and kept them there while he kissed my neck.

When I thought he wasn't looking I sniffed my fingers, the smell sent me insane! I started sucking my fingers, tasting his arse.

He noticed a hand missing from his back and looked up to me licking my fingers. "Oh you like that?" He said, slightly shocked, very curious!

He rolled off me, and laid on his front. I knelt over him, and slowly lowered my face down to his buttocks. I first kissed the flesh, before licking the entire crack. His behind was hairy but that just turned me on, the feeling of his hairs on my tongue.

I repeated this again and again, and eventually took hold for his cheeks and spread them apart. His brown hole staring back at me pulsating and shiny with my saliva. I pushed my hungry tongue into his hole.

He groaned and got on knees and pushed his hind onto my face. All I could see, smell, taste or think was his sexy arse, I knew we both loved it!

I pulled my face out, and he rolled over. I looked into his eyes, and dived my face back onto his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me right down on him, slowly at first until I got used to it.

I was kneeling over him, with my pelvis hovering over his knees I began to touch myself. He fucked my face faster and faster while I jerked myself off. I was going pretty fast too. After a few more pumps I shot ropes of thick cream all over his shins and thighs.

Immediately he pulled my face off his dick and just told me to watch - so I did. He jerked himself so hard and fast his face screwed up.

He shouted, "FUCK!" Squirting his cum over my face and shoulders. Hot white juice by the bucket, dripped all over me.

I licked up what I could off my face, he slapped his dribbling dick on my cheek. I showed my appreciation by giving his member one last long suck.