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Raunchy Rugby Dudes Do Jacques

Jacques takes on a raunchy rugby team in his restuarant of a slow Friday evening.
Jacques owned a small restaurant in a little town and business was real slow. Each day he sat down and looked at the numbers and wondered how the hell he would be able to stay in business much longer.

Early one Friday evening he was hovering around, waiting anxiously for any sign of customers when suddenly a rugby team poured through the doors. Jacques couldn’t believe his luck! Not only did he have fifteen potential customers but the guys still had their ruby kit on and were all steamed up from a late practice. Their sweat and pheromones swirled through that small space, setting Jacques’ lust aflame. He greedily drank in the sight of their massive shoulders, big beefy butts and bare, furry legs. He was in a lust crazed daze as he welcomed them to the restaurant and tried to get them all seated. The guys wanted to sit at one table so he asked a few of the beefier dudes to move some of the tables together while he went off to get the beers that they were demanding.

He couldn’t remember when last he had sold fifteen beers in one evening! Things were definitely looking up. When Jacques retuned to the table he realized, with great shock, that business wasn’t the only thing looking up. One the guys had a pronounced hard on in his shorts and Jacques couldn’t tear his eyes away from it.

‘You like that, don’t you?’ the guy asked as he wrapped his fist around it.

Jacques was mortified. His face blushed beet red. The guys all snickered and Jacques beat a hasty retreat. It had been a long, long time since he had had even the merest hint of a sexual encounter and now here he was presented with a hot, handsome rugby dude wrapping his fist around his thick cock and asking if Jacques liked the look of it. Of course he liked it! But what the hell was he to do about it? He tried sending Mary, his chef, out to take the team’s order but she came back and told him that they were insisting he did it. He nervously approached the rowdy bunch and asked if they had decided what they would like to eat.

One by one the guys stood up and pulled their shorts and undies down to their knees as they gave him their order. Jacques was flustered. He couldn’t remember a word of what they had said. All he could think about were those fat cocks and juicy nuts on display. He counted three black bushes, nine dark brown, two blond and one ginger. His brain memorized each inch of flesh, each curl of tangled pubes. There were three cut cocks and five with foreskins that revealed a small amount of cockhead and seven foreskins that completely hid the juicy cock knobs underneath them. There were five pairs of goose-egg sized balls, six medium sized pairs and four that were either small or appeared to be small because of the large floppy cock hanging over them or the wild tangle of bush that gre around them. He greedily drank in the beauty of all this man flesh on display until sadly they pulled their shorts up again.

‘Er…I,m er…I’m sorry’ he stammered ‘I didn’t quite get your order. Can I start again?

‘You were too busy staring at our cocks, weren’t you?’ the pale skinned redhead said.

How did the red head know that out of all of them, he was the one that had most captivated his attention, Jacques wondered. His skin was flawlessly pale and looked like it would be satiny soft to the touch. Jacques imagined that the red head’s nipples would be tiny and deep red in color; they would be the only disturbance of the alabaster perfection of his toned chest. And then suddenly, in the middle of his being, there was that jungle of ginger-red fur and hanging below that a huge, floppy cock with a long, pale foreskin that puckered up almost an inch beyond the cock head that it protected. Oh how he would love to go down on his knees and peel back that magical skin to reveal what he could just imagine would be a juicy red knob, born to be bathed, licked and nibbled by his tongue. Oh how good his hand would feel sliding up those smooth, strong thighs and attempting to prize those solid bum cheeks apart, desperate to ripple over the toffee truffle deep that lay deep in the valley of those firm man mountains.

Jacques had been so lost in reverie that the feel of a large hand grabbing a handful of his little bubble butt brought him back to earth with a thrill like none he had experienced in a long time. He felt his cock start to twitch as that masterful hand kept massaging his little round cheeks. And now the owner of that hand, the same guy who had showed Jacques his boner earlier, started rubbing Jacques’ dick through his jeans.

‘Hey guys, look what we got here.’ he said.

‘Leave the poor guy alone,’ one of the burly blond dudes chided. ‘We won’t get any food at this rate.’

Jacques reluctantly broke free from his groper’s hands and took the orders again, taking great care to write them all down this time. After taking out another round of beers he went to help Mary in the kitchen. How he didn’t chop his hands off with the sharp kitchen knives he wasn’t sure because he just could not concentrate. He kept thinking about all that prime man beef he had in his restaurant and about the sexy, hot show they had given him. To go months without so much as a sighting of cock and then suddenly to be presented with fifteen juicy members was almost a little too much for his brain to take in. He knew sportsmen could get a bit raunchy and rowdy when they were together but this was beyond his wildest porn dreams. They knew exactly where his weaknesses lay and he hoped to goodness that they would not try to exploit it to get away with not paying the bill. The restaurant would definitely go under if that were to happen; but hey, kingdoms had been lost for lesser prizes.

Jacques had Mary help him take out the meals when they were ready and fortunately the guys all behaved themselves. But once Mary was back in the kitchen Jacques had to go check on the team’s drinks. Once more that naughty hand closed around his butt and began the delicious massage of his peachy cheeks.

‘Man, my girlfriend’s butt seems like a barrel compared to this little beauty.’ The dark haired stud said.

‘Hey Bill, make him hard again.’ the redhead called out.

‘I think it’s you he is most crazy about.’ Bill replied. ‘His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw that big thing of yours. Why don’t you come over here and stir him up?’

The red head’s face flushed until it was almost the same color as his hair, but he remained rooted to his chair. Instead, the beefiest guy in the room got up and came and knelt in front of Jacques and started rubbing his cock and before long Jacques was back on the bone. Oh shit! This was not how things were supposed to happen.

‘Look guys,’ he said ‘the restaurant is really struggling financially. I can’t afford to give away any freebies.

One of the blond dudes came over and took his billfold out of his pocket. He removed a wodge of cash and stuffed it into Jacques back pocket.

‘The only thing we want is a bit of fun.’ he told Jacques. ‘Now how about you get under the table while we eat and show us how pleased you are to see us.’

Excitement coursed through Jacques veins. He was shaking, quaking and sweating. He could hardly breathe and his heart pounded so loudly he was certain that everyone in his small town must be able to hear it. With wobbly knees he went over and locked the entrance door. Returning to the table he hovered near the beefy blond who had made the suggestion. Surely this was a wind up? Surely they didn’t want him down on his knees, under the table? But they did. The beefy blond cupped his hand around Jacques butt and gave it a good squeeze.

‘Come on, you might not get through all of us if you don’t start soon.’ he said.

Jacques didn’t need a second invite. He got down under the table and tugged on the blond dude’s shorts, pulling them all the way down to his ankles. His fat balls and short, stubby cock were tightly bound in his yellow undies and Jacques now pressed his nose into that soft man flesh and inhaled the raunchy scent of a sportsman’s crotch. His cock throbbed in his jeans as he pulled the blonde’s undies down to his ankles. The blond guy’s cockhead looked massive as it flared out over the shaft of his circumcised cock and Jacques delicately licked around the sensitive ridge, receiving an almost instant boner as his reward. That fat, five-incher felt wonderful in his mouth; the famine had been broken and he once more had a man’s urgent, drooling sex in his mouth coating his tongue with its excitement juices. As he tongue loved that beautiful thick stubby cock Jacques slid his hands up the big, furry things of its owner and dipped down between his cheeks until his finger made contact with the tight, puckered ring that he knew he wanted. Unable to resist any longer Jacques pulled the hefty cheeks apart, trying to gain access to the love treat that they hid but it was no good.

To his amazement the blonde guy slid down from his chair onto the carpet and spread his legs apart. The sight of that little red pucker about blew a gasket in Jacques brain. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening but instinct took over as he snuffled around in the blonde’s beefy crack and slithered his tongue over that musky, textured flesh in a way that had them both fuck crazy. The beefy blonde’s moans rose up and now two or three of the other guys got down to peer under the table.

‘Damn! Look at the way he is eating Pete’s ass.’ someone said. ‘You’d think he hadn’t had a meal in ages.’

Pete, the beefy blond, started jerking on his thick stubby cock now and Jacques licked up from his arsehole onto his big bouncy balls and then quickly inserting his thumb into Pete’s arsehole he took that stubby cock into his mouth just in time to catch the eruption of man juice. A huge, tasty load flooded his tongue and Jacques quickly swallowed it and licked his lips while Pete started to get back into his chair. In a daze Jacques looked for his next victim. Locating the redhead Jacque stroked his smooth thighs, trying to gauge if he was ready to play along. He most certain was because he pulled his huge, floppy cock out the side of his shorts. Jacques’ fist closed around it and he gently drew the foreskin back revealing a very shiny red cockhead. A slightly ripe scent wafted up into Jacques nostrils and turned him into an animal. He yanked the redhead’s shorts and undies off in one fluid moment, without entangling his big cock in the process and took that juicy cock into his mouth. The taste sensation of this gorgeous redhead was beyond anything that Jacques could conjure up in the kitchen and he had to free his own hungry cock and give it a good stroking while he fed on the ample portions of red head cock and balls. He had only just managed to press his finger into the heat of the red head’s crack when he exploded, pumping gallons of hot spunk down Jacques throat.

Jacques was still trying to decide which guy to do next when a pair of hands reached down under the table and dragged him out. It was Bill, the dark haired dude who had first touched his cock, and Jacque felt a shiver of excitement as the big guy picked him up and laid him down on an used table. Mary came in from the kitchen to protest at this behavior but Jacques was too far gone to care. She told him she was quitting and flounced out. The big guy took Jacques’ shoes off and yanked off the jeans and undies which were already round his ankles.

‘Man, look at Bill go!’ someone said.

Bill now took a pat of butter out of the butter dish on the big table and roughly rammed it up Jacques’ ass. The little guy trembled. This was going to be one fuck that would not forget in a hurry. He could tell he wasn’t quite lubed enough yet.

‘I need a little more.’ he said.

‘Someone bring me some butter.’ Bill said. ‘I gotta get in this tight little ass before my balls explode.’

The butter was brought and once more Jacques felt that big finger pushing its way into his underused hole. Relax, he told himself. This was the first fuck he had been offered in over eight months and he could not afford to turn it down.

‘Here Bill, let me show you how it’s done.’ Gary, the other blond guy, said.

He took a pat of butter and gently teased his fingers over Jacques hole. Jacques could feel himself relax as that finger gently tested the defenses of his ring and soon Jacques was squirming and panting, wishing it was this blond dude with the sexy skinny cock that was about to prod into his guts.

‘Oh man, that is so hot.’ Gary cried out.

Suddenly Gary rammed his long, skinny cock up Jacques’ arse and started rabbiting away like there was no tomorrow. Minutes later he bellowed like a bull as he creamed off inside the little guy. As soon as Gary pulled his skinny cock out of Jacques’ spunked up hole Bill stepped up to the plate. Jacques sighed in contentment as he was filled to perfection by the dark haired stud’s rampant cock. Bill moaned his appreciation at how hot and slippery Jacques’ little slut hole was; his buddy had done an excellent job of lubing him up. That little arsehole felt so incredibly tight, like a warm satin glove wrapped around his pulsing tool.

The other guys left their meal now and gathered around Jacques and Bill, watching the alpha male fuck. They had seen him fucking women in their presence before but never a man. It was a revelation; their captain certainly seemed to know how to drop a guy into the pleasure zone. Someone slapped his meaty arse as he fucked, sending waves of pleasure washing over his already overexcited nerve endings. Seeing the little guy’s cock so incredibly hard and outrageously large in his hand was a barometer like no other; when he fucked his girlfriend she was often silent right up until the very end when orgasm broke down her reserve and gave voice to the pleasure that she felt, but with this little dude there was no doubting the pleasure he was experiencing. Having his whole team around him, egging him on, just made the fuck ten times more fantastic. Bill pulled his dick all way out of Jacques’ hole and he was amazed at how it winked at him, desperate to have him back inside. The thrill of pushing back into that warm, wanting hole made Bill groan out loud again.

‘Yeah! Fuck that tight hole.’ Ed growled.

All around him now the guys had taken themselves in hand and Jacques was hard pressed to know where to look. The cocks that had presented themselves to him in the soft looked quite different now as their owners furiously fisted them. And then suddenly they were blocked from view as a large, meaty rump positioned itself above him. Jacques greedily pulled that butt down onto his face as his tongue hungrily sought out the sweaty, sloppy hole that he realized was no stranger to two way traffic. He wondered if the other dudes knew that their macho colleague threw his legs up in the air and allowed the stiffness, girth and hunger of another man’s penis to prod into his guts. The thought of it got him really hot as he greedily ate out that juicy hole while playing with the owner’s fat cock. Bill was really fucking hard now, driving Jacques closer and closer to the edge. The guys around him were losing it; one by one he felt the hot splat of their love juices on his belly and on his legs. It was too much! His cock suddenly erupted, spewing a geyser of red hot jizz in response to just the briefest stroke of Bill’s hand. The arse on his face suddenly rose up and the owner turned around and blasted his thick cream into Jacques’ panting mouth. Seconds later Jacques felt the savage thrust of Bill’s climaxing cock as it flooded his guts with nut juice.

The stench of sex was thick in the air as the men sheepishly tucked themselves away. Money was slapped down on the table and then, just as suddenly as they had arrived, the rugby dudes left. If it wasn’t for the half eaten food on the table, and the pleasant ache in his ass, Jacques would have thought he had imagined the whole thing.

Daniel Blue

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