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Damn Ray knows how to show me the ropes...
Getting out of my white Mercedes convertible, onto the concrete and looking at our new house. It was no doubt my Father's choice.

A large 5 Bedroom, 3 Bathrooms, Lounge, Entertainment Room, spacious kitchen, Study, Attic, Garage and of course an enormous Garden, that hadn't been maintained by the looks of it in years.

After walking into the house I chose the second largest room down the hall from my fathers. It had beige walls and one wide window, it was definitely modern. Naturally, the first thing set up was my computer. See I am a programmer, I create and sell mobile applications for extra money on the side. Ironically I'm off to study all the things that I already know next year at college.

But for now it was Summer Vacation and I couldn't wait for my father to leave on his next business trip, this time it was Switzerland, for 11 days. His classic words would always be repeated:

"Gotta go, See ya later Eric".

My house keeper Anna would never be helpful either, chatting away about her Kids or some other boring subject that I would fake interest in. I usually just told her to go early and even take the next day off as a House this big wouldn't need a lot of attention with just me in it.

Tuesday morning I was woken from a phone call from my father, "Hey Eric, I forgot to mention that Dan's son Ray is coming to everyday from today until next week tuesday to fix the jungle."

"What? Dad why didn't you tell me this?"

"Eric, he's going to help look after the garden, as he wanted a summer Job."

"But Dad, no that is so awkward!"

"Eric he'll be there at 10am just talk to him and tell him where everything is."

"Dad, but-, hello?"

The phone had cut off, reception had obviously been shit. I put my face into my palm and breathed a deep sigh... I ran my finger straight back into my medium length blond hair.

"Ray... Shit, How awkward." I said to myself.

Ray was Dan's (My fathers' Business Partner) son, he also went to my School before we had graduated before the summer. He was one of the cooler guys in high-school, he seemed to have more success than I did with making friends even though our fathers were involved with the same business. While I never really had any close friends, more just acquaintances, Hell I had never even been kissed. It's not that I'm bad looking or never had an opportunity, it's just I never found someone I was attracted to. Everyone at school thought I was a 'snob' just because my Father is a business man.

Ray was on the football team and a fucking hot man too, he was always known at school to date a lot of the girls. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, but I couldn't talk to him either as I would of twisted my tongue!

The door bell rang and I shot up and went to answer it.

"Hey, Eric right? Your father said you would be here."

My throat went dry instantly, he was standing there with a grey vest and dark blue ripped jeans, he came on a motorcycle and his short black hair was pressed down from his helmet.

"Uh, uhm. Hey uh Ray, hey. Let me show you around."

I took him to the Garden shed with all the tools and gardening equipment.

"Here's all the things you should need Ray" I said not trying to make too much eye contact.

"Sweet, Eric. You look familiar though?"

"We both graduated last year Ray" I gave a small grin.

"You went to my school too! Since when?"

"I had English and History with you, don't tell me I was that invisible!" I said sharply

"Don't fucking joke! I've didn't even know, although I can see you much better now" he smiled.

What's that supposed to mean? I thought.

"Uhm, I'll be inside if you need me" I ran towards the house again.

I went straight for my room, and started working on my computer. But an hour later lost focus and I walked towards my window. WOW, there Ray was in a tight pair of green shorts, shirt and a cap on his head. I felt ashamed but I got my digital camera out and used the zoom function to get a better look at him. Nice medium tan and defined body, must be from football.

I reached into my pants and started stroking, I was getting so hard and pre-cum was dripping out from looking at this guy for so long. I couldn't contain myself, I set the camera on the window pane focused on him and grabbed my dick, I stroked for 1 and half minutes before I let out a burst of contained relief and exploded onto the wall.

I got my focus back and looked back at the camera, Ray was looking directly at me. I pulled the camera back and tossed it on the bed.

Fuck, I hope he hasn't seen me! I don't want him to think I'm some kind of psycho-pervert! I grabbed tissues and wiped the wall and then ran down stairs.

I got went out the back door towards the 'Jungle' and went towards Ray.

"Uh Ray, would like something to drink?"

"Got beer?"

It's 11:30 am who drinks at this time? I thought.

"Yeah, can I Grab you one?"

"Please man."

I ran up to my fathers fridge in the entertainment room, their were various brands of beer, how would I know what to choose, I haven't had beer before. I took the first one I saw and grabbed an Evian for myself.

"Ray, Here" I shouted

"Sweet!" he said gratefully

Ray took 3 deep swigs and I saw his Adams apple jump up and down. It made me rather horny again.

"Ah need anything else?"

"I'm cool thanks."

I slowly started to walk back, and then he said, "Hey wait, no beer for you?"

"Uh I haven't really drank any kind of alcohol before" I said really ashamed and uncomfortably.

"Shut up man! Go grab a beer now!" He was laughing

"Er-Uh Ray rather not, see I gotta look after my dads house." I said, escaping the topic of me drinking at this hour.

"What do you mean look after?" He looked at me, taking another big swig of the beer.

"My dad's on Business for 11 days in Switzerland and I have sent my annoying house keeper away" I explained.

"I'm going to make you have a drink within the 7 days I'm here" he looked at me and smiled.

"Oh really, How's the going to happen?" I smiled and folded my arms.

"Don't worry I have my powers of persuasion." He laughed out.

"I'd love to see you try Ray" I spoke nervously.

He walked closer towards me,

"All in good time." He looked into my eyes.

Ray put the empty beer bottle into my hand and pulled out his iPod, put the earphones in and went back to work, all while I stood there like an idiot.

I went back to the house again replaying it all in my head. I decided I was going to go back to the computer and work a little. At 3pm I was still busy programming up a storm when Ray knocked at my door.

"All done, mind if I shower?".

His body was gleaming tanned brown with sweat dripping down, his cap now turned back and his shorts dusty and wet.

"Go right ahead, let me get you a towel." I spoke with a lump in my throat aroused at this site of him.

I went to our closet and got a pure cotton white towel for him, I walked towards to bathroom door and knocked.

"Come in!" Ray spoke

I opened the door and placed the towel on the rail.

"It's here for you Ray." I said while he was showering.

He opened the curtain fully exposing his fully toned, brown body with an impressive looking cock.

"Thanks Eric!" He smiled

"Woah, Ray." I turned around, trying not to show interest or anything.

"What, you've been in the men's locker room at school right." He said while showering.

"Uh not at all, I don't really do Sports." I said facing the door.

"What do you do?" Ray asked sarcastically.

"I'm a programmer." I said.

"Programmer?" He said bluntly

"You know software and applications" I said

"So Eric have u ever had a good fuck?" He said

"Er Uhm..." I was once again tongue tied.

"Jesus Eric, we have a lot to catch you up on." He said from behind the curtain.

"Catch up?" I was confused.

"Like I said all in good time" he mumbled.

I carried on downstairs and sat in the lounge while Ray finished off. Shortly he came hopping down with his original grey vest and blue ripped jeans.

"Same time tomorrow Eric, sure you don't wanna have a drink with me before I go" he said.

This boy loves to drink, I thought.

"You'll have to try much harder than that Ray" I laughed.

He tilted his head, smiled and left.

The next day arrived and I was looking forward to seeing Ray, especially if he'd give me another flash in the bathroom again.

10 am came and so did Ray. I waved at him from the door and he did some kind of movement with his head and smiled. At 11 I brought him the same beer as before and he thanked me for it. I was wondering where all his cheeky conversation went, I was hooked on it and wanted more. Feeling a bit bummed out I went to the computer to work for a while. At 1:30 I looked out the window and Ray was busy cutting hedges down, and so I carried on until 3 pm when I heard Ray's footsteps again, I was excited.

"Ray, is that you?" I spoke a little louder.

It was him, looking identical like yesterday, dripping with sweat and cap backwards, this time with two open beers in his hand.

"Here I got you this."

He put the beer on my table and sat on my bed behind me.

I looked at it, and swiveled around on my chair.

"Uh Ray, I told you I don't really drink remember." I said nervously

"Just take a sip, don't make me force you." He looked at me.

That's just the thing I wanted him to force me to, so I just sat there and replied,"Try me."

He got up slowly, still dripping with sweat and spoke in a very low voice,"Fine then".He took a swig of beer, but didn't swallow.

He reached down with both hands onto the arms of the swivel chair and pressed his lips hard against mine opening our lips and pouring beer into my mouth and down my neck onto my shirt.

"What the hell Ray!" I shot up.

He pulled me by my wet shirt up and threw me hard against the wall, he was kissing my neck harder and harder, while unbuttoning my shirt.

All I could get out was, "Ray, Ray, Ray."

He took my wrist and pulled me towards the bathroom, he took my belt off and slid off my pants and boxers revealing my very hard cock.

He pushed me into the shower and turned it on while he got undressed.

"Today I'm going to give you your first catch up lesson Eric. Its time for you to get experienced" Ray said deeply.

He pushed me onto the tiled shower wall and my hard nipples and cock were being tortured against the ice cold walls.

Ray had pushed his erect cock into my crack, and spoke into my ear.

"I saw you rubbing yourself at the sight of me yesterday Eric, you like what you see?"

"Yes Ray, I fucking love what I see" I moaned into the wall.

"Get on your knees now and suck my cock Eric" he demanded pushing me.

His cock must of been 7.5 inches long and it was uncut, I had never seen another man's cock in real life and here I am on the floor about to suck off one of the hottest men I have ever seen. Ray was cleanly shaved and had such a toned looking body it made me only harder.

I opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock and he moaned, it tasted salty and made me want more. I put it in my mouth and sucked it slowly and savored every second. I took his cock with my hand and lifted it to start licking his balls, they were hanging and were so big. He grabbed my wet hair and redirected my mouth back to his nice big dick, he took it by his hand and slapped me with it. He held his dick rubbing the head against my lips and chin and then stuck it deep into my wet mouth, thrusting his hips in fast he was about to cum straight into my throat. Big sprays hit the back immediately sliding down my throat, I tasted my reward, and wanted more immediately.

His body was like jelly and he held onto me as I stood back up.

"Is this the first time you have done anything with a man, Eric?" He said to me

"Its the first time I've done anything, with anyone Ray." I spoke.

"Good you're all mine then you dirty virgin" Ray cupped my ass hard.

"Ouch!" I screamed.

"Don't worry you'll learn to like it" He whispered.

Ray got onto his knees and I felt a rush enter my body an unexplainable erotic tensing as he gave me the first blowjob in my life. My cock was waiting for this for a long time and finally I was getting my first orgasm from another man.

It wasn't long before I was breathing deep and Ray could sense it too.

"OH RAY, I'm going to cum" I screamed.

Ray took his middle finger and stuck it deep into my tight virgin asshole. I came ropes into his mouth and my asshole was contracting against Rays long middle finger, he slipped it out.

I slid onto the shower floor panting.

"Ray, please fuck me now, here" I was pleading in between breathes.

"That's another lesson, Eric" He looked at me smiling.

"But Ray..." I was interrupted.

"Tomorrow at 10 Eric."

My tongue was met with his while the shower water was pouring over us.

He smiled, got up and left.

I stayed on the floor in the shower for 20 minutes after that reaching another orgasm. Just waiting for my next lesson.

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