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A slow starter that builds up into an intensely sensuous and filthy tale.
I savour the routine, peeling the clear plastic off the carton, flipping the lid and removing the foil, selecting a cigarette from the pack, lighting it, tasting the tobacco, breathing in the smoke. That feeling of inhalation is orgasmic. It brings back happy memories of my youth, a time when I was young, free and single. Sarah made me quit, said it was a filthy habit, and she wanted me to be healthy so that we could enjoy a long life together, a long, happy life of nagging and dull jobs and screaming children. It all comes flooding back, the joyous sensation that occurs when the smoke goes to your head and you experience a totally stress free moment. I watch the smoke dance upwards from between my fingers towards the roof of the bar.

"Farang! You want nadda beer, yes?!"

"Yes, one Singha please," I reply.

"Small or large?"


"And one for me, yes?! Ahahahaha!"

"Go on then."

The mamasang removes two large bottles of beer from a chest fridge in the middle of her bar and raises a toast to, "Richard – the generous farang!"

The bell rings. A fight is about to commence. A small boy walks up to me and holds out a bucket. I toss a few notes into it and he bows and scoots over to the next bar. A lean boy of about eighteen enters the ring first. He is toned to sheer perfection and there isn’t a hair on him. He does his stretches in an ostentatious manner, bending his lithe body into improbable positions. People drinking at some of the other bars that surround the ring begin to cheer as the challenger arrives – a shorter, stouter boy with a podgy face and a bulbous neck and large shoulder muscles. What he lacks in grace, he certainly makes up for in bulk. This should prove to be an interesting duel.

I remain seated at the bar, surrounded by beautiful women who stroke my arms and legs as I drink and smoke and observe the furious flurry of fists and elbows and knees that whizzes around the ring. I suck in the atmosphere along with the tobacco, cheering the thinner boy on as he prances around his clumsy foe.

"Richard – nadda beer?! Anna one for me hehehehehe!" the tubby mamasang with the comedy face chants at me.

I flick my hand in acquiescence, not taking my eyes off the fascination spectacle unfolding before me, even as one of the girls puts her hand underneath my shirt and rubs my hairy chest.

"King Kong!" she squeals.

The girls giggle and talk about me in their native tongue, but I ignore them and watch my graceful boy getting pulverised by his stout counterpart. My lad is more skilful but nowhere near as powerful as his opponent, and he has been worn down by strong shots to his perfectly sculpted torso. He looks like he will be finished off any moment, but his courage shines through as he weaves in and out, trying desperately to retain consciousness. A group of raucous Americans arrive from off the street at the other side of the circular bar, and the girls leave me and crawl over to them like a bunch of wailing seals. One stays seated next to me, rubbing my leg and giggling uncontrollably for no reason whatsoever. I turn to face her.

"You alright there?" I ask.

She doesn’t understand and looks away, still giggling. I seem to have acquired a delirious barnacle. The graceful boxer is on the ropes. The fatter fighter goes in for the kill. I wince as he brings his knee towards my boy’s face. It is like watching a snake dart towards a mouse. Yet just at that moment, my lad jumps swiftly out the way and performs the most insane jump kick I have ever witnessed, flattening his opponent with one fell swoop. I stand up and cheer loudly and my barnacle follows suit. When I sit back down, she is still attached to me.

The victorious fighter does a lap of the bars, presenting himself to the comfortable and drunken tourists, bowing graciously when they reward him with money. When he comes to me I congratulate him and give him a large tip. He is extremely courteous and bows to me, smiling in a way that makes me feel like a little schoolgirl meeting a member of her favourite boy band. My barnacle jabbers something to him in her dialect and he replies in turn. They giggle a little and the fighter continues on his route. I let my eyes follow his progression to the next bar along where he bows down in front of some rowdy Geordies who were cheering him on. I admire his grace as he bends over, his back in a perfect arch as he unwittingly presents his bottom to my bar. My barnacle whoops with delight. I turn to her, smiling as she rubs my stiffening cock.

My mobile phone starts beeping. You can’t escape, even when you’re halfway around the world. I throw the girl off of me, stub out my cigarette and jam my finger into my ear before answering.

"Hey sweetie!"

"Hello, Richard. How’s Shanghai?"

Ah yes, Shanghai. I was actually there a few days ago. I sat in the airport reading Naked Lunch by William Burroughs as I waited for my connecting flight to Bangkok to arrive.

"Shanghai is amazing, darling. I wish you were here to see it with me. The food is out of this world and the architecture is dazzling to say the least. There’s a real fusion of cultures here – it’s a bit of a frontier town. Quite incredible, really. They’ve got us working our asses off trying to close this deal with Ming’s people though, so unfortunately I’m stuck in the office struggling to communicate with Chinese people most of the time. I miss you, baby! How’re the kids?"

"Molly’s got a cold and John’s tonsillitis is playing up again."

My wife is a hypochondriac and the biggest worrier I’ve ever met, and she’s made our children like that too. Molly always has a cold and, contrary to what all the doctors say, John has most definitely had perpetual tonsillitis for the last five years.

"That’s a shame, darling. I know it must be a burden to look after them all by yourself. I really wish I didn’t have to come here, but I just couldn’t get out of it. I’ll be back in one week’s time though."

"I miss you so much."

"I miss you too," I tell her.

"OK, well I won’t spend too long on this line because it’s probably costing us a small fortune. Ring me from the office tomorrow, when it’s day time in China – make those bastards pay for your call."

"I will do, sweetie," I say.

"Be careful, Richard."

"I will."

"Are you eating healthily?"

"Yes," I sigh.

"What did you eat today?"

"Salad and noodles."

"OK," she says dubiously. "Just be careful. I don’t want you getting into any trouble. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you."

"I will."

"Don’t eat the pork," she says.

"I won’t."

"And don’t use public transport. You could get killed on those roads."


"And make sure you eat healthily."


"And ring me tomorrow."

"I will."

"OK, bye Richard. I love you."

"I love you too, darling."





I hang up the phone before any more "byes" start getting thrown around.

"Richard? Nadda beer?"

I nod. The night passes by in a haze. My hosts certainly know how to keep me entertained. Whenever there is a gap between the fights, the girls play games of Connect 4 with me and the drunken mamasang murders Beatles songs for my amusement.

When the fighting draws to a close and all the customers start leaving with girls, the mamasang says to me, "So who you want, Richard? You want Lao?"

She points at the giggling maniac who felt my crotch earlier. I shake my head.

"So who you want then?"

I stay silent, contemplating something in my head. I keep thinking of that fighter bent over, the beads of sweat trickling down his smooth arched back, soaking the tight shorts that hugged his buttocks.

"You no wanna girl?"

‘How about a boy?’ I ejaculate, scarcely believing the words have come from my mouth.

"Ah, I see!" says the mamasang, her chubby face lit up as if she has finally worked out the meaning of life. She lets out a shrill whistle and beckons to another mamasang who operates the next bar along.

"You wait here, farang! Nadda beer?!"

I nod. She takes one for herself too and adds them both to my tab, not even asking me any more. Now that I am left alone, the alcohol hits me like a great tide and I feel dizzy. I rest my head on the bar, tapping my foot against the floor and biting my nails, chain smoking all the while. Eventually I hear footsteps approaching. I turn around and see a shy young man of about seventeen or eighteen years walking apprehensively towards my perch. He is a few inches smaller than me and seems in pretty good shape. He has an athlete’s body rather than a weightlifter’s, but he is slightly chubby around the edges. Nicely rounded, I decide. He has short black hair and a pretty face, almost female – a soft, flat nose; big, deep brown eyes, thin lips, high cheekbones. He is wearing a small tank top that shows off his body and a pair of low hanging jeans with holes in them. As he sits down next to me, a flash of pink briefs causes my penis to swell inside my jeans.

"Hello, sah! Your name Richard? I am Chai. Please meet you."

He offers his hand. When I shake it, I do not let go, holding onto it languidly. I look down dreamily at his hand in mine. It looks so small, engulfed by my large white fist. I look up into the deep pools of mystery in his eyes and I caress his beautiful face.

"You are a very attractive young man," I tell him, unable to think of anything better to say.

I imagine how awkward this would be were I sober. I lean in and kiss his soft cheeks. He lets his hands slide down to my thighs, well-practiced at this game. I kiss his forehead and his cheeks some more, nervously avoiding his lips, before breaking away from his embrace, feeling embarrassed and not wanting anyone to see us kissing.

"Would you like to come back to my hotel room, Chai?" I ask.

"Yes, Mr Richard!"

I settle up with the mamasang, who winks at me conspiratorially, and we set off into the night. As we stroll silently along the Pattaya seafront, the breeze blowing our hair delicately, emboldened by alcohol I let my hand slide down onto his bottom. Underneath his jeans but not inside his pants, not yet. I take great pleasure in languidly gripping and stroking his buttocks, which are somehow firm yet soft at the same time. My hand fits perfectly around his left ass cheek, which I cup delicately, with my fingers pushing at the pink cotton between his ass cheeks. When we reach my hotel I let him lead the way up the stairs so that I can get a good look at that peachy ass. It wiggles invitingly in my face as he climbs the stairs slowly, the jeans hitched low enough for me to see the curves of his buttocks poking through the pink pants. I feel an impulse to bite it, and I do so. He lets out a surprised squeal and begins to walk quicker up the stairs.

When we get into the room I press him against the wall and push my hungry lips against his. He opens his mouth, and we begin to massage one another’s tongues. He takes off his shirt and I caress his smooth flat stomach as I kiss him passionately. He watches as I unbutton his jeans and slide them to the floor, groping his bum happily as we snog. As we move into the centre of the room, I find myself pushing downwards on his shoulders. Chai takes the hint and drops to his knees. I look up to the ceiling as he unzips my fly and expertly pulls my jeans to the floor. I feel so naughty and it excites me. When he takes my boxers down my huge cock springs out and he lets out a muffled cry of surprise. He surveys it like a professional, sizing it up. It is rock hard and it quivers through sheer excitement. I can honestly say I have never been this aroused in my entire life.

He teases me with his tongue, licking my genitals in short sharp bursts like a snake. I groan with pleasure. I want this so badly. He starts to run his tongue up and down the length of my cock, spending a lot of time gently licking my scrotum each time he reaches the bottom. After what seems like an eternity balancing on the precipice of sheer bliss, I find myself literally begging him to suck me off. He looks up at me, his big brown eyes twinkling as they meet mine. He runs his tongue from my scrotum up my penis, slowly, so slowly; and this time, when he reaches the top, instead of licking downwards again, he wraps his mouth around the head of my stiff cock and begins to suck.

I go delirious with pleasure. I stroke his soft hair with both my hands, closing my eyes and tilting my head up to Heaven as he expertly sucks my dick. I have never received better head than this in all my life. I guess no woman can do it as well as somebody who has one of his own. He goes deep-throat, engulfing my large penis with his small mouth, pulling my foreskin backwards and forwards between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. I groan and shout for him to stick his fingers up my ass. He strokes my bum and gooch at first, continuing the heavenly blowjob, and soon his fingers begin to work their way into my crack, massaging my anus expertly. My legs buzz and my head feels lighter than air as I experience the familiar pleasurable sensations shooting from my balls up my penis – only they are better than ever this time. The magical moment before I climax seems to last for eternity. Time stands still and I feel nothing but sheer and utter bliss as I gaze down dizzily at the sight of Chai’s mouth wrapped around my cock.

Just as I come he prods his fingers up my ass and the climax is Earth-shattering. I let out an animalistic groan as I feel the sperm pulsing through my penis and into his warm mouth. He continues to suck delicately until I have finished ejaculating into him, and then he pulls away and wipes his chin daintily, leaving me to flop onto the bed and put my hand to my sticky brow. I lie for ages staring at the ceiling with the biggest smile ever adorning my happy face. What an experience!

When I eventually snap out of my reverie, I walk over to the fridge and uncork a bottle of champagne. This certainly calls for a celebration! I pour myself a glass and hand one to Chai, who accepts graciously, and then I move trance-like onto the balcony, where I sink into the deck chair and light a cigarette. This is all I need in life – cigarettes, alcohol and a gorgeous boy to play with. As I smoke and drink, Chai joins me on the balcony, wearing only his tight pink briefs. In a docile way, he slides past and positions himself in front of me, bending over the balcony so that I am presented with a perfect view of his peachy bottom as I smoke my cigarette. I light another one, transfixed by how cute it is. He wiggles it slightly in front of me as I quaff the fine champagne. This is the life! Away from my shitty life and my shitty job and my dull nagging family and stripped down to the basics: stimulants, depressants, and hot sex.

By the time my I’ve finished my cigarette, I feel my penis starting to get hard again, so I reach out and touch Chai’s waist gently, pulling him towards me until his bum is almost in my face. It looks so appealing. He is bent over, holding onto the railing of the balcony. His pants don’t cover the entire bottom, so that the flesh on his buttocks is poking out invitingly around the edges. The cotton hugs his buttocks tightly as it runs into the crevice between his bum cheeks and disappears. I find myself dropping my head into his soft ass and kissing his buttocks repeatedly. He cannot hold the position forever and eventually gets down on his knees. He lights a cigarette and puts it in my mouth, and then lies sideways over my lap, bent over my thighs, presenting his ass to me. I pat it softly and he whimpers with pleasure. I gently spank him in a dreamy fashion with my right hand as I smoke with my left, occasionally letting my hands linger over his fine buttocks. When I finish my cigarette I lead him into the bedroom and lay him on his stomach on the bed.

His brown skin feels smooth and warm to the touch as I caress him, and I soon begin to run my hungry tongue all over his sexy body. I end up resting in a position where my face is buried in his ass, which I lick along the base, pulling his pants further and further into his asshole until they resemble a thong, and I let my tongue explore the salty crevices between his buttocks and his legs. I lick and nibble the cheeks tenderly, feeling my rock hard cock pressing into the bed. He too is erect. I peel off his underwear and begin to delicately tongue his bumhole. I revel in the earthy taste, getting bolder and bolder and licking more and more intensely as he groans with pleasure, to the point where I am sucking deeply on his anus.

When he asks if I want to fuck him I am nonplussed. I cannot imagine how my massive cock will fit into his tight little asshole, but he seems confident as he walks over to where his clothes are. I stare longingly at the asshole I’ve been licking as he bends down to search through the pockets of his discarded jeans. He returns to the bed with a tube of KY jelly and a condom, which he slips on me and then begins to grease up my cock. It feels warm and sensuous. I feel a great intimacy with him as we stare into each other’s eyes whilst he works my cock, his breath light on my cheek, his small erect penis almost touching my large one.

I kiss him passionately, and then he swivels round and lies prostrate on the bed, pushing his lovely ass into the air. I wiggle towards him on my knees and he reaches between his legs and grabs hold of my throbbing cock, feeding it inside him slowly. It is a tight squeeze but we soon get a rhythm going. I move my own ass backwards and forwards so that I am gently thrusting my cock into his bottom, and he moans loudly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I can’t believe this! I’m actually fucking him! I’m actually having sex with a man! I’m having sex with a gorgeous man, a sex god, a man with the prettiest little bottom I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The knowledge that we are both concurrently experiencing such immense pleasure turns me on so badly. I, Richard Hamilton, am making this gorgeous wonderful amazing sex god cry out with pleasure! This is the best feeling on Earth. I thrust harder, working my penis deeper inside of him. The sight before me is exquisite. His back is a perfect arch of smooth unblemished youthful skin and his spread bum cheeks were surely created in Heaven. I rest my hands on the sides of his ass and fuck him hard. With each thrust it gets better. It is so tight, so much better than fucking Sarah. His body glides rhythmically in tune with mine as I penetrate him. We are both moaning and groaning, and I feel like I’ve gone to Heaven. What an amazing piece of ass! When I notice him ejaculate on the bed, I begin to thrust more wildly, building up to an almighty climax of my own. When I reach the point of near-ejaculation, I slow my thrusts down to constrained movements, delaying the excruciating pleasure as long as possible. When I finally ejaculate into his bottom it is immense.

Coming inside Chai is definitely the highlight of my time on this Earth.

We lie entwined in a post-coital embrace for a long while, breathing heavily and in tune with one another in a sea of sweat and semen. Every now and then I kiss him and stroke his fine body. As I finger his bumhole I feel his small prick stiffening against my leg. I look down at it and really study it for the first time. It really is quite small, only a few inches long and quite skinny. Not even half the size of mine, which he took really well. I guess if I was ever going to get bummed, I would want it to be by a cock like that. I begin to think of the pleasure Chai was experiencing as I fucked him, and I start to think that I wouldn’t mind getting in on a piece of that action. It feels amazing when he puts his fingers up there, so I can only begin to imagine how good it would be if it was his cock. I stroke it tentatively, which makes him smile. As I gently squeeze his balls, I whisper in his ear, asking if he’d like to fuck me. He nods enthusiastically.

I copy the position he was in when I fucked him, laying my head on the pillow, positioning my legs as wide apart as possible and arching my back up high in the air. My asshole feels naked – I can feel the air caressing it – and this excites me beyond belief. I feel like a sex object, almost like a woman, something to be fucked, something to be penetrated; I feel debased and naughty. My young lover slips his tongue up my ass, sucking my anus tenderly.

I am rock hard. After rimming me for a while, Chai goes for it, slipping his penis inside me. The sensation is shocking. I cry out in pain. It feels like I’m being stabbed. It’s so strange to feel something going in when all you’ve ever known is the feeling of something going out. Chai is gentle with me, taking it slowly. As he persists it begins to hurt less and the pleasure I experience is out of this world. I’m being fucked! By a gorgeous sex god! I am a piece of meat. I love it! Bent over, giving myself up totally to somebody else is incredible. The submission is sensational. All my life I’ve only ever done the fucking, and it feels great to be on the receiving end for a change. I have to bite hard on the pillow to stop myself from crying out.

As he bums me, Chai reaches around and begins to stroke my exhausted penis. As he fucks me harder and quicker, he speeds up my hand job, whispering sweet nothings into the air. I feel the orgasm building up from deep inside of me, from a new place. This is going to be unbelievable. He times it perfectly – we both come in unison, bringing the hotel down with our cacophony of pleasurable screaming. The orgasm is unlike any I’ve ever previously experienced. When Chai pulls out of my bum and falls into my arms, I kiss him passionately and grin from ear to ear. What a night! By far and away the best of my life.

This is going to be a great week!
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