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Rebound Sex In An Arcade Booth

I was dumped via a text and found comfort with a dick in my ass.
It was the summer of 2005. I had graduated high school from a small town in central Minnesota a couple of months prior. I was 18, and I stood at around 5' 6", weighed in at 170 lbs, with black shaggy hair and dark brown eyes. I had enlisted to serve with the United States Navy and was shipping out for boot camp in three weeks. My girlfriend at the time was not exactly on board with the whole idea of my becoming the property of the US government just to go to a foreign land and probably get blown up by a foreign man. With two major ground engagements going on, I didn't blame her. She was upset and I knew it. Her wanting out was going to happen sooner or later, but what I didn't expect was the way she ended it.

The end came in the form of two text message; the first was "I'm sorry" and the second was "I don't want to do this anymore." I received these two messages while I was working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and being 18, I was crushed. I showed the texts to some the college-aged waitresses I worked with and our manager that was on that night. I got a lot of hugs and condolences during that shift. The bartender even slid a beer my way, it was a dark beer and it started the love I have for the deeper ales.

I checked my cell and saw it was only 10:15. An idea came to me: Why don't I get some porn and try to forget... Oh, whats her name? I drove down to the local adult book store in an out-of-the-way part of town. I pulled my car around the back of the store. It was a dirt parking lot with a big-ass pot hole that my car dipped into. The porn store was a white wooden cube structure with a XXX sign over the entrance. I walked in and was stopped by the clerk at the front desk; he needed to see my ID.

Without protest I produced my license and scanned the room. There were a lot of tapes on wire shelves and DVDs along the back wall, all broken up into different categories: Black, Asian, Trans, Gay, Latina, BDSM etc. As I was scanning the room, I noticed a doorway with a neon sign that said "ARCADE". Being a bit naive I asked the guy at the desk what was back there. He replied with a smirk on his face, "That is an adult arcade you feed cash into the machine and you can watch porn and jerk off back there."

"Well shit," I thought to myself, "I won't have to hide my porn from my mom while I'm at bootcamp if I just watch it here." I thanked the man and walked in to the pitch black room, green and red when in use. Vacant lights lit the entry way to each stall. The smell of disinfectant hung in the air and the sounds of passion spilled from a few of the booths that had the red 'in use' light illuminated.

I found a vacant booth. It was an L-shaped passage for my pseudo-privacy. I fed a dollar into my console and was immediately welcomed with gay porn. Now, at this time I was curious with my my sexuality and I thought the human body was very beautiful both in the male and female forms. The scene was of a skinny white kid blowing an ebony Adonis and for damn sure, I felt a twitch in my shorts. I took a quick look around and unzipped to free my dick from my jeans and began to stroke my wang,

Just as I was getting into it, a voice startled me with, "Hey kid."

When the man standing behind me saw that I nearly jump out of skin he immediately followed up with, "Hey its cool, I was wondering if you were cool."

I settled a little and eased my throbbing dick back into my pants and turned around to see who was talking to me. I was struck by the figure who stood before me. He was a white guy with a shaved head. He stood 5 inches taller than me and his white tee shirt was taut against his well-muscled and cut frame. He had dark eyes, hair and sported a five o'clock shadow. He must have been in his late twenties or early thirties but goddamn he was handsome.

I was a little dumbstruck and my heart skipped a beat. "Ye-Yeah I'm cool," I managed to stammer out. He cocked a sly smile and slowly walked towards me. 

"So what are you watching here?" he asked as he started to rub my crotch, then he slid his hand into my jeans. I backed into the console with a thud. His eyes locked with mine.

"I-I was..." I continued to stutter he place a finger on my lips to quiet me. He leaned in and kissed me. I breathed in deeply and his tongue probed my mouth. I melted. He slid another bill into the machine to keep the video rolling. He pulled his lips from mine and whispered into my ear his hot breath tickled my ear as told me to undo his pants. I obeyed and his 8-inch meat spear sprang out from his jeans. I noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear. I looked up and he kissed me again. He took me into his embrace, and I could feel his cock against my hip pulsating. I let off a little bit to come up for some air and as he held me, I told him, "I've never done anything like this before."

He grinned and he pecked my lip, "Don't worry I'll talk you through it." he responded. I felt one of his hands undo my belt causing my pants to fall the floor with a click from my buckle. He continued to push my boxers down and slowly applied pressure to my shoulders to put me to my knees. I took his dick in my hand and kissed the tip and continued kissing down his shaft to his trimmed balls. Then I tried to give this stranger a blow job-- all thumbs at first, but with a little prompting I started sucking his dick pretty well. I could taste the salty pre-cum starting to produce when he stopped me. 

He brought me to my feet and reached into his pants pocket to pull out a condom and a single serve lube pillow. Wordlessly, he turned me around. I could feel the lube being squirted into my crack. He began to massage my hole and he bit my earlobe. "Now relax..." he whispered as he slid a finger into me. At first, pain shot through me, then pleasure, as a few moment passed. Slowly, in and out, his index finger probed my virgin hole. More lube went on and he stuck his middle finger in, slowly working me loose so he could stick his cock in me. He pulled his hand away and I heard another bill being fed. He quietly asked, "Are you ready?" I nodded my agreement and he bent me over.

I gripped the outside frame of the TV as I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of my boi-pussy. As the head slipped in, I let out a gasp of pain. My stranger's hand clamped around my mouth to muffle any more sound out of me. He inched more of his cock into me, and I felt the sensation of pain first before turning into jello around his member. Slowly and rhythmically, he fucked me until I felt him shudder inside me. He slowly withdrew from my ass. He unrolled the condom from his still-hard dick and tossed it into the waste basket in the stall. He came up from behind me and wrapped an arm around my chest and drew me into him. With his other hand he stroked my throbbing cock till I shot my load on the floor. He kissed my lips one last time and left me to clean myself up.

I walked out to my car a bit shaky in the legs and drove home. I took a long, hot shower and realized I had forgotten all about whats-her-name. I crawled into bed, shut my eyes and fantasized about the guy in the booth. I stoked my dick until I came for the second time that night. I licked my cum off my fingers and went to sleep.

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