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Remembering old times (chapter 21)

We used to do these orgies in our basement . . .
Gaby finally did it. She went out and rented some porn.

Allow me to bring you back to the begining since I have not been around for a while.

Gaby and I had a very healthy, and loving, heterosexual marriage until one day that I asked Gaby to put on a strapon and fuck my ass. I had been masturbating myself, involving my prostate, for my sexual satisfaction. For a while now Gaby has been fucking my ass, I was loving it and she was enjoying her new found sexual pleasure and her power over me.

We changed our language a bit. My ass was no longer my ass. For a while it was my boi pussy until we eliminated the boi part. It became simply my pussy. Gaby’s strapon dildo became her cock. So, we were fucking my pussy with her cock.

Then I convinced Gaby that she could not go through life without tasting real female pussy juices. Gaby needed to taste that elixir of the gods, as I named them when I began eating her, Gaby’s, pussy. And Nancy came into our lives as Gaby’s lesbian lover.

Eventually they both began fucking my pussy and I became their sexual slave. Also BDSM started shortly thereafter. They would put some pillows under my belly and then tie me down to the 4 bedposts. My pussy was high for easy fucking and they could fuck my pussy all night. We added blindfolds and ball gags because I read somewhere that it would enhance my sexual pleasure. And it was true.

Eventually Gaby and Nancy brought more of their girlfriends so they could also fuck my pussy. I became a slut for anal gangbangs. Oh, the pleasure.

I kind of interrupted my writing because all of a sudden we began having health complications in our families. Yanni’s parents needed Yanni to go out to them and care for them. Yanni was an only child of mature people. Yanni’s mother had him after many years of trying when she was about 45 years old. His father was even older. Yanni’s parents had built a business that gave them great wealth. When they finally decided to retire they sold the business which assured them they would line well for the rest of their lives and still leave Yanni a very generous inheritance. But Yanni’s father had been developing Alzheimer's and his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. So Yanni went out to help them with their medical needs.

Nancy, Gaby’s lesbian lover, had also health issues with her mother. She also got diagnosed with breast cancer. Nancy went out to care for her mother and Gaby and I remained back on the "ranch" doing nothing. We had been about 6 months or so without sex; even I did not masturbate my pussy.

But Gaby had to rent some porn. I began feeling the outer lips of my pussy a bit nervous before we began watching the porn. My lips knew that Gaby and I would end up in our basement that had been closed since Nancy’s and Yanni’s departure. When my pussy lips know that they will get some action they become quite active all of a sudden.

Let me get back to explaining the basement part mentioned above. Our sex making became so popular with Gaby’s and Nancy’s friends that eventually we did a basement, in our home, with all kinds of sexual paraphernalia and equipment. We could have all kinds of orgies there. My favorite apparatus was the pummel horse. I had acustomed my body to be on the horse for a long time and receiving all the anal gangbangs thrown at my pussy.

So the porn started and about half way through of the film I jumped and said, "Gaby, please stop the porn and let us get to the basement. I need you fucking my pussy NOW!" I became desperate for sex.

Gaby said, "Yeah, I agree with you, I want to fuck that pussy of yours right now."

With that I went downstairs and jumped on the pummel horse waiting for Gaby to come, tie my 4 extremities down, put my blindfolds and the ball gag and begin a fuck fest on my pussy. Gaby set me up, put on her cock and began, first lubing my entrance lips and then I felt the head of her cock pushing on my pussy lips and her cock head broke through the "door" to my pussy and the fuck fest began. I felt her cock sliding into my pussy all the way to the end of the length of her cock. I was in gay heaven now.

The in-out of her fuck began. First slowly but firmly, and then once my "G" spot was thoroughly excited, Gaby began attacking my pussy with a strong and firm in and out and I began building up for my orgasm and hers. Gaby's fuck was so fantastic. She was my mistress and she did quite a sexual job on my pussy. Yes, Gaby also had a dildo up her pussy. The more she fucked my pussy the more she fucked her own pussy. Since I was gagged I could not express my pleasure, but Gaby was speaking for the both of us.

"Oh yeah, you slutty bitch, take all I am giving you and be thankful!" We went to the BDSM part and in my mind I was going with "oh yeah mistress, fuck me hard."

Gaby was doing exactly that. Oh, her cock sliding in and out of my pussy, her hitting my pussy lips everytime she went in with strength, and in that process she was hitting her own clit with her vibrator in her pussy. We were both about to cum. I started before she did but she followed me, soon, with her orgasm. I felt her body throbing and shaking and electrified, all signals of her pending orgasm. Her respiration was shallow and difficult, a sign that her orgasmic explosion was about to start. I was also feeling all my cum seeping out of my cock and her orgasm exploded. Remember, I am gagged, but my brain is working at the speed of light, "Oh yes Gaby, fuck me hard and make me have a big cum."

Gaby took her after shocks lying flat on my back. Her nipples, softly penetrating my back and her throbbing completely noticeable. She stayed there enjoying her orgasm and my brain was saying, "yes mistress rest a bit there on my back and start again soon!"

Gaby removed herself from my back and she said, "Ok slut, I have to go upstairs for a few minutes but I will leave you impaled with the dildo on the wall until I return." We had set up a large dildo on a wall so that we could push a slave onto it and leave the slave there. In this case the bitch slave was me.

I do not know what Gaby had to go upstairs for, but as long as I was impaled, Gaby could go to China if she wanted. And she took her time before returning. I am so accustomed now to the horse and being impaled that I think I even dozed off a bit.

I heard Gaby returning and she was talking with somebody. Another woman. My brain went all whorish on me since another woman implied more sex for my pussy. And the beginning of another gangbang started. I was going to love this sexual session.

Part II will tell the story of what happened after . . . Very soon.
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