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Remembering old times (part II) (Chapter 22)

We went over to Carmen and Mandy's home
When I heard Gaby walking down with another girl my brain went on a spin at the speed of light.

Gaby says "Hey hun, we have an idea that I know you will like".

Remember, I was on the pummel horse, impaled to the dildo on the wall. And since I was also still gagged, I really could not answer or ask – "What you talking about Gaby?." So I waited patiently for Gaby to disconnect me from the dildo and maybe take my gag off so that I could at least talk.

Gaby said to the other girl "Mandy, this is my boi. He is expecting to be the main 'act' for tonight at your house, any changes to that? how many girls you said that would be at your house?"

Mandy said, "I really am not sure because although the original idea was mine, my lover said that she would do the inviting. Knowing that she really does not like big parties I assume that the guests will be about four or five more ladies. I don’t expect more than that."

"Are they ladies I know?" asked Gaby.

"Oh yeah," said Mandy, "you probably will know them all. They are from the group that you met at the bar with Nancy and the rest of us." 

"Will they bring bois like we are doing?" and that was Gaby asking that.

"Have no idea. But if they are, I am sure that will be bois like your hun. Bois that we can fuck and if your boi wants we can have DPs with a couple of the bois, to satisfy our DP whim"

My mind again, traveling at the speed of light. I felt Gaby walking towards me and beginning to release me from the dildo on the wall and moving the horse so that she can release my ties. First, hands then, ankles and finally the blindfold. She left the gag on. I still could not ask any questions.

Gaby says, "Ok hun, I am going to put a collar and attach a leash. You are definitely my sexual slave and I will walk you as my slave. We are going to the house that Mandy shares with her lover and we will have a party where as far as I know, you are the main attraction."

In my mind I said, can I dress first to which Gaby reading the concern on my face said "You go to your room, get a quick shower and dress up. I want you beautiful for all the girls to see what a hunk of a hun I have."

I did that and was ready real quick. Gaby put the collar and the leash and we were ready to go. I saw Gaby also placing a small bag besides me and although I knew what it was , Gaby did not say anything about the bag. We have gone out to this kind of parties before and Gaby and Nancy always took Yanni and myself this way. The bag was full with strap ons and their dildoes. They were always ready to fuck us but there were not many strap ons at the parties. So Nancy and Gaby always brought extras. And we got thoroughly fucked by many girls.

We drove for about 45 min. to an hour to get to the house. As we approached it I could see that it was a sprawling ranch type house with lots of land to the sides.
Gaby parked and she opened my door "grab the bag hun and lets go."

I was being pulled by Gaby, although she did not have to "yank" because I was keeping her pace, one step behind, like an obedient sexual slave. These parties always played the BDSM thing a bit deeper into that environment. Gaby and Nancy always protected us in case some other dom wanted to inflict pain on us.

Mandy opened the door and said "Let us walk over to the back patio. The party is there."

What I could see of the house was that the furniture was real pretty. It looked expensive. We walked and got to the patio. The house surprised me then because there was a lot more house extending to the back and covering more ground. The patio was a very large area with many trees surrounding it. Looking at the trees I could see that there was some paraphernalia attached one way or other.

One was a swing, there was a pummel horse, A tree had some boards nailed to it making it look like a wall rack. There were several chaise lounges somewhat wider than what I knew of chaise lounges. I did see some tie down paraphernalia on the Chaise lounges. And there was another like a table. Like the ones ObGyn Dr's have in their offices for examination of patients. It also had the tie down paraphernalia. And then under a tree there was a "thing". Mandy saw my face of "What??" and she said "that is a fucking machine".

There was another thing hanging from the branch of a big tree and Mandy said, "That other thing there will serve as a unit which you will be tied on with your wrists and we will pull then the pully holding the ties, you will be stretched up as far as your feet allow. You will always be with your feet on the ground but you will be stretched as much as possible," Mandy continued, "you will like getting fucked there."

I saw some ladies already there and they all looked real pretty, big tits, great legs, fantastic hips and real good asses. They were all at the bar having some fun and having some drinks. I counted three ladies standing and in the back of the Bar, Mandy said hello to the lady there and kissed her good on the lips. She got to be Mandy’s lover.

So far everything was looking good. Not too many girls, all ready, willing and able to fuck me. I was in gay paradise. All the dildo/cock I can have . . . . Oh, yeah, gay heaven. All of them were talking trying to figure out who would start and where.

Mandy’s lover, Carmen, said "Lets tie him on the stretcher first and keep the ankles loose while we take his clothes off," continued Carmen,"We will, have fun while we undress him and we can tease him as we do that."

"Once he is fully naked," continued Carmen, "we then tie his ankles, we put a blindfold and we stretch him to the max".

Gaby said, "Wait, what do you mean stretch to the max?"

Carmen replied, "Yes, he will be touching the floor with his feet barely flat on the floor. He will be as much as half an inch separated from the floor. He can stand on tippy toes."

With that they began doing what they said, tie me up, undress me, apply the blindfold and re-tie my ball gag.

"Stretch him up and who wants to do to him first and what?"

With that I was completely at their sexual mercy. I felt some hands massaging my buttocks and somebody went for my nipples and somebody else grabbed my cock and made it grow hard. I felt my cock being sucked by a very artful mouth. Then my cheeks were separated and lube was being applied to the opening of my boi pussy.

Then I felt it . . . a thick cock pressuring the mouth of my pussy forcing herself into my pussy. I was being taken in a total new way and I was really enjoying it. Maybe this new position and what I felt with the cock entering my pussy, I was getting a good start. It was a great "foreplay". The cock was thicker than what I am accustomed and shorter since it was rubbing my male "G" spot. It went in, rubbed the G, left and rubbed the G again. It was going in-out and I was getting a good fuck.

My cock was being sucked by a master cock sucking woman and I was feeling sex on all my most sexual parts of my body. I was mentally guessing that I was going to have quite a cum. The girl on my cock was going to get quite a load. I began to feel that my cum might be getting antsy and dropping my load sooner than expected. My G was getting a great rubbing and I was very sexually excited. I was enjoying this fucking. As the receiver of sexual attentions I was feeling very sexually satisfied.
And my orgasm came.

My orgasm surprised me and the girl on my cock. I was so hot that it seems that I had cum for the whole gang at this reunion. I must have shot cum like ten times.

There was clapping for the performance of all involved. I was experiencing this new position and the blindfold helped me to get more open. Something about this BDSM that I loved. No pain, just sex. This new position and the shorter cock appears that it gave me more pleasure. Need to speak with Gaby later on to install one of these at home.

One girl said, "Lets take her to the horse. I hear she loves the horse and maybe a DP".

I was liking the way I was being called. Since my gay night and my lover Yanni, I have been more accepting of the feminization in my life and the treatment by all my girls.

So they took me to the horse. I got tied down and my ball gag was removed. It did not take long to have a cock in my pussy. The pussy was lubed and the cock entered without any resistance. I also sensed that this one was loooong. I felt its penetration and it took some time. It took its delicious sexual time. OMG I was again in gay heaven. I have been liking anal sex and at times I felt addicted to anal sex. I needed a cock in my pussy all the time.

As I was enjoying the penetration and the rubbing of my "G" I felt pressure on my mouth. The DP was happening. I was getting sexual excitement at both ends. My sexual holes were being fucked. I was loving it. Since I already had a cum I was guessing that this orgasm was going to take more time. Well, exactly what I wanted.

In out, in out, in out, on both holes. The length of the one in my pussy was beginning to accelerate the fuck and my pussy was letting me know that I was loving it. In out, in out, in out. OMG sex is great. I felt my sexual system beginning to heat up to have my orgasm.

More impaling. More penetrating, more fucking. I will have also a big cum. The exciting of both holes always give me a huge cum. Yanni says that he loves that.

I heard Gaby now, "Well hun, are you happy? Are you enjoying all the attention we are giving you? Are you loving it?"

I couldn’t answer for obvious reasons, but I was thinking oh please keep it up, don’t stop. I want a gangbang on my pussy as soon as this act is done. I just want to stay at the horse and have all the girls fuck my boi pussy.

My cum came with an explosion. It was such a pleasure. The DP always gives me an explosion. The girls removed their cocks and I was ball gagged again without an opportunity to congratulate them for the great fuck I received.

I received another cock penetrating my pussy without warning. I didn’t care for a warning, but this was a welcomed fuck. I may get gangbanged this time. The girl pushed and pushed and I felt her cock all the way to the back of my pussy. It was also loooong and I loved it. To feel a long cock inside of me is the most satisfying part of my anal sex.

I felt that she was also getting a good rubbing of her clit. She said so and she said that she was going to get a good orgasm. She continued hitting my pussy mouth which kept hitting her clit. It was the best of two worlds. And she cum. Her orgasm was explosive and she yelled enough to let everybody know how satisfied she was.

She fell on my back, she said, "To enjoy the after shocks of my orgasm."

She remained there a few minutes and then she withdrew. Without waiting any time, another cock filled my pussy. I was getting what I wanted. A gangbang in my pussy. OMG they are great. This session of gangbangs lasted some time. I could not calculate the time, but I was having the time of my life. I have had many gangbangs in my sexual life and all without a doubt have been great. I like them, I do not get forced to do them. I have all my wits about me at the time and I love it!! The gangbang lasted for a while. I don’t know how many girls fucked me but I did feel all cocks when they were entering my pussy.

Gaby said "Hey ladies, lets put her on the swing. I know that she has never been on a swing so this promises to be good for her."

I thought to myself, oh Gaby, this is why I love you so much.

They disconnected me from the horse and they removed the blindfold because I needed to see what I needed to do so that I would help rather than hampering the operation.

It was a hanging swing but it was open for the whole body not just to sit down and swing. The way it worked was that I was pretty much face down, legs hanging out of the support and my pussy open to be fucked. The way this worked was, after a bit of more lube, I would be pushed to swing back and forth and a girl would be waiting for my pussy to get to her. My pussy would impale itself without any effort and the girl would not need to move. I would slide in and out without hindrance.

We did that for a while. The sexual excitement for me was the fact of the BDSM.
Eyes and mouth taken care of and I was also tied to the swing except my feet. They were free. But that was not a problem at all. More fuck for me. This lasted some time and it was fun. Hanging in the air and being fucked. And another orgasm.

We must have been a good 3 and ½ hours to 4 hours. I heard some girls say that they needed to take some time off to rest.

I heard Gaby saying "Ok lets move her to the horse. She rests there well. We can penetrate her with a dildo that we can leave there for a while. She likes that."

From there, I moved my head towards Gaby to signal her that I had not tried the "fuck machine". I wanted to try. It definitely would not tire the girls since all they were going to do is seeing the fuck machine fucking me. And Gaby talked to Mandy and Carmen to see if we could try the fuck machine. Both Mandy and Carmen said, "oh yeah why not". All the other girls decided to go ahead and leave.

Gaby moved the horse with me on it to align it to the machine. Once I was aligned Carmen turned on that machine at a very slow pace to make sure it was ready to penetrate me. I felt a dildo move into my pussy and I felt the dildo being pulled out. After a couple of tries, it seemed that all was aligned and the machine was turned on for full effect and a fuck. Sure enough that machine really fucked me. Out in, out in, out in, and so it went for a while. I had cum so many times that I did not think I had cum left in my testicles.

After a while I felt like a drop and that was the extent of my ejaculation from the fuck of the machine.

Gaby stopped it saying "Ok hun, we end here. I am sure that we can talk Carmen and Mandy bringing you another day and we will start with the machine".

And with that we ended the fantastic night where I had been the only entertainment and I had enjoyed it all.

On the way back, Gaby released me from the gag and the blindfold and I was yada, yada, yada, speaking of all the sexual fun I had. What a great fucking night I had!

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