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Remembering the first

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two young men discover sex.....with each other
Billy and I were always hanging out together. Because we lived close by, it was easy to see each other. We originally met in elementary school but we grew closer in our early high school years. We spent tons of time hanging out at the neighborhood pool, riding bikes, and doing my paper route together. Like most young teenagers, we were slightly mischievous, curious, and it seemed we could turn any conversation sexual in nature.

I had just turned 18 in the summer before senior year of high school, and although we were in the same grade, Billy was a year older. He was a good looking kid of average height and build. I had a slightly more athletic body, taller and slimmer than Billy. We both had had girlfriends, but never seemed to be able to get anywhere with them. Eventually we both broke it off with our girls. This certainly didn't make us any less horny. Billy and I would often talk about sex and share each others porn magazines. One night, Billy stepped out of the box.

It was late, and there was only a few kids left at the swim club. Billy and I went into the locker room to shower. I showered and changed, but when I went back to check on Billy, he had other ideas. I turned the corner and saw him, soaping up his cock, and jerking off. It was the first time I had ever seen another person's dick hard. I silently watched him and I realized it was turning me on.

Suddenly, he then turned and caught me watching. Billy didn't even stop. He mentioned how horny he was and how he couldn't help pulling on his cock. He asked if I would 'stand guard' so he could finish himself off. I stood in a spot where I could see both the front door and him in the shower. My own dick was starting to get hard just watching Bill pleasure himself. He worked his cock over and told me how great it felt as he pumped the soapy shaft. In no time he was ready cum and after a few more strokes he started spurting his cum down the shower drain. Later that evening, alone in my room, I jerked off hard, surprisingly turned-on by what watching Billy masturbate.

Later that week we talked about the incident. Billy admitted it kinda turned him on to jerk off in front of me. I had to admit to him that it excited me too. We kidded each other about 'helping each other out'. The next day, while walking home through the nearby woods, Billy mentioned he was horny. I teased him; you know what to do, so he called my bluff, pulled out his semi-hard cock and started to masturbate in front of me again.

This time he suggested that I join in. Reluctant and nervous, but also turned on, I did as he said. We stood across from each other, jeans open, jerking off, staring at each others cock, and then looking at each other talking about what girl we wished was doing our work for us. Getting increasingly hornier and further losing my inhibitions, I started pumping my dick with the fever I had only ever done alone in my room. Together we pleasured ourselves and watched each other shoot our large creamy loads into the high grasses of the woods.

Our mutual masturbation was a new experience for me but really quite a turn-on. This led to other sessions whenever Billy and I would spend time together. Like curious young adults, we talked about our balls and cocks, comparing size, and length and girth. We would jerk off a lot together, but it never went any further. Soon though, Billy would push the envelop even further.

Billy always seemed to be the aggressor in our sexual experiments, but I just didn't seem to stop him. Despite my worries that a boy could make me horny, I rationalized to myself that it was just a good way to get my rocks off. One Friday night Billy and I were hanging out. Typical kid's stuff but as the hour became later, we decided to sleep over. This night, Billy's brother was away so we decide to stay at his house. We each stretched out on our own single beds. We watched TV and listened to some music. Eventually we broke out our stash of porn magazines and started to enjoy the photos and stories. After a while I looked up and noticed that Billy had started to jerk-off. I decided to join him. But this time was different.

For once, we did not have the worries of getting caught at the swim club, or hiding out in the woods. We had the comfort and freedom of a locked bedroom. We both stripped off all of our clothes and continued to read and pleasure ourselves. After awhile, in what was perhaps a bit of sexual frustration, Billy sighed, tossed his magazine aside, and swung his legs to the floor, now sitting upright on the edge of his bed. He was feverishly jerking-off, telling me how horny he was at that moment. I, too, sat up on the edge of my bed directly across from him, only a few feet away pumping hard on my own dick. We sat there for what seemed like an hour, totally silent, our eyes locked in a horny rage, stroking our cocks, just as we had done before. Billy broke the silence.

"I wanna suck your cock".

I couldn't speak. I didn't know what to say. I was frozen; my mind was racing a million miles an hour. I suppose Billy took my silence as a sign of agreement because he leaned off his bed, now kneeling directly in front of me, only inches from my raging hard-on. I let my hands drop down to my sides, knowing full well I was allowing Billy to do whatever he wanted.

He grabbed hold of my cock and pulled on the shaft, his face just inches from my cock, pointing towards his wanting mouth. He wasted no time and he took most of the shaft right into his mouth. He started sucking my cock as if he knew exactly what to do, bobbing up and down, slow then faster using his hands along the shaft and caressing my aching balls; the warm, wetness of his mouth filling me with pleasure. I closed my eyes in bliss, thinking of the girls I had often fantasized about doing exactly what Billy was doing to me. His moans of pleasure hinted to me that was enjoying sucking my dick as much as I was receiving it. He pulled back off my shaft for a moment to catch his breath. I looked down and saw my cock glistening with his saliva. My cock was completely engorged. It had never felt bigger or thicker in my whole life.

Billy went back for more. This time he slowly eased my shaft into his mouth. Without hesitation, he opened his throat and started to deep throat me. His nose pressed at the base of my pelvis and I could feel the head of my cock touching the back of his tonsils. He held his head there for a few seconds, pulling up swiftly when he needed a breath. Almost immediately he filled his mouth again, taking me even deeper if possible. Again and again he thrust my cock down his throat. Damn! It felt amazing. Finally, needing a rest he pulled himself off and returned to the edge of his bed and started to pay attention to his own cock again.

I sat there, leaning on my elbows, my cock straight in the air, trying to comprehend what had just happened. I had just received my first blow job, from a guy no less. It did feel amazing. My hard-on was twitching from the pleasure it had just received. So close to cumming, it finally subsided and I started to jerk-off again. Looking at Billy across from me on his bed, I knew what I had to do.

I crawled off the bed. Billy didn't say a word, only positioned himself better for me to give my first blowjob attempt. I could feel the heat from his dick, now only inches from my face. Nervous, scared, curious, and turned-on, I grabbed hold of the shaft. It was warm and hard and smooth. I nervously took him inside my mouth, crossing the point of no return. I could taste the salty pre-cum on the tip of his dick. I fumbled on the shaft, trying to take as much of it down my throat. I tried to maintain the same rhythm up and down that he seemed so natural at, but could feel my teeth getting in the way. It felt good to me but I knew it was awkward and clumsy. I tried to stay on his cock long enough for Billy to enjoy it but I knew I couldn't have been as skilled as he was. Embarrassed and scared, I pulled off his dick and returned to my bed, this time completely lying down on the mattress.

Unfazed Billy got up from his bed moving over to mine. This time he lay down beside me, only with his head at my feet. What was he doing? Hadn't he just received one of the worst blow jobs ever? Wasn't he disappointed? He lied on his side reaching out for my hips and pulling me up to lie on my side facing him. Without a word he turned his attention back to my still rock hard dick. He again started sucking my cock with great expertise. Lying beside him, I reached for his cock and started slowly, deliberately giving him a hand job, wondering if I should dare try to suck his cock again?

Perhaps it was the way he took my cock in his mouth with such ease. Perhaps it was because we were completely naked and vulnerable in that position. Perhaps it was the hunger he was sucking my dick with. Or perhaps it was simply the fact that, after months and months of anticipation, we were finally in a situation to totally relax and try anything we had ever read or talked about. Whatever the reason, I was suddenly overcome with a wave of sexual emotion and energy. I moved my left leg over Billy's head, resting my entire body directly on top of him in a complete 69 position. My cock felt great plunging deep into his throat. But at that moment, for some reason, I wanted to give pleasure more than receive it. I wanted his cock badly. I took his dick deep and hard into my mouth. It was hot and hard and smooth, and it felt great. My inhibitions melted away, and I started to relax.

My angle was perfect, so I opened my throat and slammed my mouth tight and deep around his shaft. His cock filled my throat and I felt the tip hit the back of my throat just as he had done to me moments before. There was no clumsiness as before, just me on a sexual rush, needing a cock in my mouth, sucking hard on the shaft, wanting to fill my mouth with his hardness. It seemed all my sexual frustrations were being released. Bill stopped sucking me, his moans of pleasure spurring my efforts. For this moment at least, I was the sexual aggressor. Plunging his cock again and again into my mouth, I couldn't stop, I wanted Billy to cum. My hand joined in unison with my mouth on Billy's shaft, his cock swelling larger in the intense pleasure.

"Gonna cum" he moaned. "Oh fuck" he gasp.

Billy threw me to the side as his cum swelled inside his balls. He grabbed hold of his dick, just as cum erupted from the shaft. Gobs of his white, creamy cum shot into the air, across his stomach and dripped down the reddish, purple shaft. He was cumming hard and gasping and it felt good knowing that my efforts were the reason for his pleasure. His cum finally subsided.

I was kneeling on the bed just above him. Billy reacted quickly. He pulled me across to straddle his face, me facing his feet. I could see his body drenched in his cum, Billy used his skillful mouth on the underside of my cock and balls. I started pumping my cock just above his chest, knowing it wouldn't be long before I came too. Bill parted my ass cheeks and buried his tongue against my asshole. The pleasure sent me over the edge. I clamped down on my cock shooting streams of cum across his chest and stomach. I had never cum with such intensity. I collapsed on top of him in a puddle of our own cum, sweat, and sexual energy. We laid there until we caught our breath.

What followed next was about another three hours of sucking and cumming with all the energy and stamina only an eighteen year could provide. Billy and I had broken down any sexual barriers and inhibitions.

Over the course of the next year Billy and I had sex, a lot. More times than not Billy was the aggressor. He always seemed to be the one to make the first move. For a while I tried to rationalize our relationship, (until I found something better) and Billy always thought he was 'forcing' me into the sex, sensing that I was uncomfortable being with a guy.

But thinking back, I really did enjoy the sex, (or I wouldn't have kept doing it) and I think it was just easier (and more of a turn-on) if he initiated it. It all ended when I went off to college. It was my first and only experience with a man. I finally found some girls to explore my heterosexual side at school. More than twenty years later, I realize Bill and I learned a lot about sex together. I do not regret anything we did, and every so often, I think back fondly........and have a great jerk off session.

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