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Replying to an Ad M2M Chapter 3

Going farther than before

I could not get this experience out of my head! I had just let a total stranger cover my most private parts with his warm cum. I was left wanting my more and for it to happen more and more. I was still desiring the young college neighbor I had started to hook up with. But I was still craving doing more.

I knew that if he forced his way on me I would let him have me completely. Since I had yet to touch him or even make contact with his giant thick cock, I knew I was going to have to start there. The next time I talked to him online I told him I would be completely naked on the bed and that I had feeling and fantasy of being controlled...

I dried myself off and heard the car door close, I hurried to my bed dropped the towel and layer out on the bed completely naked with my legs slightly apart and my tiny bubble butt pushed to the roof.

Another sign of excitement came from him as he began to strip his clothes off. He walked over and as I looked back I could his thick uncut cock beginning to swell up and stick out. This turned me on so much more and I lifted my ass off the bed into his waiting hands and tongue.

He penetrated my ass so deep with his tongue that I began to meet his flicks and penetrations. He had his hands under my legs and was pulling into me. His tongue was so long and pointed if you have never had a tongue like this you will never forget it. He lifted me onto my knees and I looked under me and had a perfect view of his rock hard dick. I couldn't help it as I reached back and touched a dick for the first time.

I slid my fingers around the tip and felt the wetness of his precum. I think he got the hint and told me to turn around and get on my stomach. He said it so forceful that I said, "yes, sir," and did not hesitate. He stood at the edge of the bed and looked right at his cock as I continued to stroke his cock. 

I lifted my eyes up and looked at his face, he smiled and said he wanted me to taste it and he would tell me when to stop. I was so eager yet so nervous that my mouth had gone dry. I hurriedly licked my lips and slide the tip into my mouth, I pushed my tongue down and began to taste the tip.

His precum instantly let loose and made my mouth start to water, I licked the tip of his large cock before sliding it deeper in and out. I heard his moan loud when I pushed his cock almost all the way in my mouth and cupped his balls. He told me this wasn't going to last much longer if I kept doing this and I was not ready for us to be done so I pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and he told me to turn back around and get on my belly.

He pulled something out of his pants and returned to the bed. I was not sure what it was he grabbed but assumed it was a condom. I knew what he wanted the moment I felt a cold sensation running down my ass hole and my cheeks. The lube was so wet and the feeling was so arousing I asked him to please fuck me but please be gentle as I had never even put a toy in my ass.

I wanted it so bad that I did not hear if he put a condom on or not and I guess at this point I didn't care. He straddled my tight ass and with one hand pushed his cock against my tight hole. The first pressure felt amazing as he teased my ass with the tip making sure to spread the lube all over.

Then came the pressure of him trying to push the head in further and wow, was I caught off guard by the slight pain but also pleasure. I was happy that I was in another world in my head because I did not want to ruin this moment of the first time letting someone take me. But I knew it was going to hurt, he had used a lot of lube and his cock was sliding deeper inside me. 

He was straddling my ass and began to slide in and out more and more until he gave me one good thrust and his entire cock was inside me. He paused for a minute and asked me how I was and all I could do was nod my head in approval. He started to pump into me and I was soon loving the sensation after a minute or so.

He was starting to get heated and I could tell he wasn't going to last much longer, so I asked him where he was going to cum and he said, "I'm going to cum inside your tight pussy."

it was then I confirmed in my head that he was fucking me bareback and this instantly made my cock rock hard. I heard him tell me he was going to fill me up as I felt the first pulsation and warm feeling of cum in my ass. He was grunting and fucking me so hard that I knew he was filling me up completely with cum. I knew he was in pure ecstasy because he couldn't stop pulsing and shifting his cock in my ass.

I felt his cock starting to subside and soon he let it slide out of my ass, his seed running out and between my legs to my balls. I rolled over and he took my cock in my hand and told me he was going to make me cum on myself. He stroked me for about thirty seconds when the first shot of cum landed high for on my chest followed by the next one. He pointed my cock at my face and it landed on my chin, followed by a few more on my chest and stomach.

He got up, wiped his hand off got dressed and left me naked with cum all over my front and his cum dripping out of my ass and down my crack. I came to reality once the high wore off and realized what I had just done and I couldn't stop stroking my cock into another orgasm right there in bed.

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