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Rest Stop Encounter

An evening stop at remote rest area by business executive brings unexpected surprise.
On a drive to New Orleans for a conference a couple of years ago, I was traveling down the interstate in southern Mississippi not far above the Louisiana border about dusk when I noticed a rest area - actually a rest stop parking area, since it did not feature rest rooms. Something led me to pull in. The actual parking area was somewhat hidden from the Interstate, and was bordered by woods and vegetation. There were a couple of big rigs and two or three cars. There was a chain link fence around the back side, but someone had cut an opening in the fence in a couple of places so one could pass through (presumably, to take a leak).

I parked not far from one of the openings, and waited to see what was going on, if anything. Not seeing anyone, I got up enough courage to get out and go into the woods. There was an unknown aspect to this that was at the same time very exciting, but also somewhat frightening. I could imagine the newspaper byline now: “Married, middle-aged professional, father of four, apprehended by undercover law enforcement officer at remote Mississippi rest stop for solicitation and indecent exposure.”

On the other hand, I was driven by something more powerful than my anxiety, something that I seemed powerless to quench - my lust for sex with another man. So, throwing all caution to the wind, I quickly passed through the fence opening, and along a path into the woods for some 75 to 100 feet. There were several side trails, and I chose one that looked more traveled.

I soon came to a small clearing only eight feet or so in size, and noticed a rather large black guy standing to the side of it stroking an impressive, semi-hard cock. He appeared to be in his 40's, stocky, with shaved head. As I approached, he kept stroking. When I got into the clearing, he walked over to me and felt my growing bulge. When I didn’t pull away, he reached up and pulled my tee shirt off, then unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the ground. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so when I stepped out of my shorts I was totally naked except for tennis shoes.

He pushed me back against a large, smooth, fallen tree, knelt down, and with no fanfare, took my growing cock into his mouth. He was obviously an expert at this, and I was soon softly moaning with pleasure and encouraging him on, mesmerized by the sight of his smooth black head bobbing and devouring my throbbing white cock.

I was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of a twig snapping, and I looked back at the trail to see another guy approaching us. I was relieved when I saw him reaching inside his pants to free himself. My black cocksucker continued to service me with powerful sucking motions, aware of but ignoring the other guy’s presence. Everything was very arousing to me, being a closet exhibitionist, and a public exhibitionist wanna-be. Here I stood, totally naked, being watched by one stranger while another stranger ravished my throbbing cock. It did not take too long before I told him I was cumming, which just spurred him on to more vigorous sucking. I exploded into his mouth with much force and volume.

After my spasms stopped, he pulled off and stood up. I was preparing to reach down for my clothes when the black guy looked over at our visitor, turned around, pushed me down on my knees and back against the tree. The visitor, who appeared to be a truck driver type of Latino descent, walked over and stood in front of me, dropping his pants and stroking his hardon right on front of my face. I knew what was happening, and suspected that these two had might have tag teamed before. I realized that any objections would be ignored, so when I heard the words "Suck it, white bitch," I quickly complied.

He was thicker than I, but not too terribly long, with low-hanging hairy balls. He was already oozing precum when I consumed him fully. Once I got over his apparent lack of a bath, I sucked him with as much energy and enthusiasm that I could muster, while he continued to degrade me with vile Hispanic-laced utterances. I wondered if my mouth would tire or my knees would give out before he came, but I was relieved when the crescendo of vulgar speech increased and he finally pulled my head against his groin, exploding into the back of my mouth. I swallowed it all, and he pulled away panting. I prefer to take a guy’s orgasm in the front of my mouth so I can savor the taste, but in my position, I was not free to make requests. It did leave an odd aftertaste – maybe from too much coffee or smoking.

I looked aside to retrieve my clothes, but my black cocksucker had other ideas. I should not have been surprised, because he had been standing nearby stroking himself as I serviced his accomplice. He quickly took the other guy’s place in front of me and pushed me back down against the tree. Grabbing my hair with one hand, he tilted my head back, and holding his semi-hard cock with the other, ordered me to open up. I did my best, but his size prevented me from taking him very far. I struggled to control my gag reflex, particularly when I tasted the rank flavor of his unwashed, oozing cockhead.

Once inside, he didn’t pull back, which was a little perplexing. He just stayed there. Then I tasted something else – hot and very salty. To my complete surprise, but to my utter delight, he was giving me a golden chaser with which to wash down the last cumload. What started out as a dribble soon turned into a torrent, and began to run out the sides of my mouth, down my chin, and onto my chest. He bellowed, “Drink it, you cocksucking bitch.” I swallowed what I could without gagging, but there was just too much. In a perverted kind of way, I was excited by his dominance, and wanted him to take me and use me in any way that he wanted, including serving as his piss and cum dump. I anxiously awaited what would come next...

Alas, I did not get to find out. A sudden noise from the parking area apparently alarmed them, and with some more expletives, they quickly gathered their clothes, fastened their pants, and headed off down the path out of sight.

To say that I was relieved by the sudden turn in events would not have been accurate. In a twisted kind of way, I was disappointed that I did not get to suck him off and empty his big black balls. I picked up my things and put them on, my tee shirt clinging to my sticky wet skin. After waiting a few minutes in the lingering twilight to see that the coast was clear, I hurriedly left also.

I worried for a few days thereafter while I was at the conference (now dressed in professional attire) that I might have picked up some kind of STD from the experience, but to my relief, the only thing I took with me was a bad case of chiggers.

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