Reverse Cowboy On A Six Foot Nine Black Guy's 11 Incher

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I Wish I Was A Petite Twink So I Could Do This For Real
I just turned 20 - a cute white twink with a baby face, a slim twinkish body, and an 8 inch dick.

He's around 30. Gorgeous black man, a beautiful behemoth standing six foot nine, totally proportioned everywhere. Including between his legs where he's got an 11 inch black monster dick.

I'm a total black cock slut and I'm also a hopeless size queen. So when we get to his place and I get on my knees and he pulls out his dick, I almost pass out from the sexual thrill that literally shakes my entire body as soon as I see his huge black dick.

I get in my mouth when it's still only partially hard - because I LOVE to feel a black dick get hard and big when it's between my lips.

We have incredible hot passionate erotic sex together. But there's one thing we did that was hotter than everything else.

We kiss and I rub my hands all over his body and I suck his 11 inch dick from every position there is. He sucks my 8 incher too, and I tell him that I want him to fuck me and he can tell me when he wants to start fucking me.

I hear him say those words and I feel another electric sexual rush. "I want to fuck you now" he says to me. I look right into his eyes and I smile and then I give him one more deep french kiss. "Fuck me the way you like the most," I say to him as I reach for the lube. I'm gonna need a lot of lube to handle this monster dick and I squeeze a big load of it on my index finger and I put it in my ass and lube myself up.

He doesn't tell me what position he wants to start with. He just grabs my hand and walks me to the couch. Then he turns me around to I'm facing the other way and before I could figure out what he was up to, I feel both his huge hands grab my ass and he lifts me into the air. Then he backs up and sits on the couch while still holding me up and then he slowly lowers me so that I'm sitting on his lap with my back to him and his 11 inch hard dick standing straight up in the air. I grab it and guide it to my ass and when I feel that monster dick inside me I know that I'm his little faggot white boy whore and that he owns me for the night. I spread my legs so that I have one foot resting on each of his legs, and then I get ready to ride him up and down but before I start my first upward thrust I feel his hands grab me tight. He's so big and strong and I'm a petite twinkie boy and I realize that he's gonna fuck me by lifting me up and down and I'm not riding him at all.

I feel his dick go in and out of my ass and it feels so wonderful and so so hot and erotic!. I sit back and enjoy the ride and I feel his hands on me as I go up and down on his 11 inch pole. I lean back and turn my head toward his face and he asks me if I like it and I nod my head and say "oh yes yes it's amazing!" And then he french kisses me again and my dick is hard and standing at attention which is the ultimate proof that I'm enjoying myself.

He was in total control of me and I never felt so powerless during sex before, and I loved how that felt to me. He started slowly and then lifted me up and down higher and faster and his dick went further and further inside of me. I think he got all 11 inches in me for a while and it didn't hurt me at all from that position.

Then he told me to turn around and ride me face to face. That was just as good and I did some of the work riding his dick up and down and he helped with his hands too. Then he grabbed me tightly and stood up with his dick still in me and I wrapped my legs around him and hugged him tightly and he began to lift me up and down again with me in mid-air. I've seen a guy do this to a girl in porn a couple of times and now this six foot nine hottie with the 11 inch monster dick was doing it to me, and I was screaming with pleasure just like all the girls in those porn scenes were. That's the closest I've ever been to feeling like a woman - holding on to her big strong man as he throws my body up and down in the air and up and down his huge black dick. I looked at his huge hands on me and I rubbed his big muscled chest with both my hands and I let myself go completely - I let my man take all of me and I held nothing back for the first time in my life. I was his girl and I never felt so slutty before. His black monster fucked me completely and turned me into his whore and I was his whore that moment and that night and for the rest of my life - and we both knew it.

Have any of you readers - guys and girls too - had this experience? Please let me know and tell me all about it. This is my fantasy that I'll never experience in real life - if you have then you're a lucky person.