Rough Men on the High Seas

By Wil_TX

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Jack planned to share his vacation with his wife her girlfriend, then he meet two huge roughnecks.
Jack, his wife Mary, and her girlfriend Riya were all looking forward to this vacation time together. Time away from the stress of work was getting to be a rare commodity and Mary planned a special trip for the threesome. Mary had scheduled a trip on a small motor yacht cruise through the Indonesian archipelago; she thought it would be the perfect setting to share her husband with Riya.

Originally, only the women were going on this trip. But Mary and Riya decided to include Jack so that his wife could share him with Riya. Mary was going to teach her girlfriend to enjoy a huge cock. Jack was excited about joining the women; he had been fantasizing about relishing Riya’s puss and ass for months. What no one expected was introducing new friends to the threesome.

As passengers were boarding Jack noticed these two men walk up the gang way. They looked about they were in there mid forties, one had short cropped blonde hair with some grey, while the other guy's head was shaved bald. These guys were huge, built like battleships. They wore white t-shirts, one with sleeves the other sleeveless. Their arms, shoulders, and chests were stretching the fabric tight. They wore shorts that were tight across their large muscular thighs, they had big calf muscles and they walked aboard with bare feet. Looking down from above it was obvious these guys were huge; they dwarfed the staff that greeted them. They were very tall, very broad shoulders and relatively small waist. Jack started to get hard just watching them as they came aboard. He knew his wife would have a soaked pussy the moment she saw these men.

Later that day Mary introduced Jack to Bill and Jerry. Mary and her girlfriend had met them pool side lounging, one was wearing a square cut spandex suit and the other was in a Speedo racer. In person they were bigger and sexier than Jack had noticed earlier in the day. The five of them all chatted for a while. They learned that the guys were also from Texas; as Jack and Mary were. Bill and Jerry were roughnecks working Deep Water Off-Shore oil rigs in the region. They were on a short off period, not long enough to go home to the Midland area, so they were taking a week on the cruise.

After visiting for a while these mountains of men excused themselves and left Mary and Riya to gossip about them. They wondered if they were gay, bi, or straight and what those huge chest muscles would feel like as the girl's petite bodies were pinned below these huge men. Jack was not exactly small at 6'2" and 200lbs, but with a swimmer’s / runner’s build, these guys were mountains compared to Jack. As the women fantasized about Jerry and Bill, Jack excused himself to go take a steam bath and massage in the ship's spa.

Jack went down to the spa area, showered and headed to the steam room. As he passed the sauna I saw where Bill and Jerry had gone to. As he looked through the door window he saw the two guys fucking in the sauna. The sauna had benches on each side of the room with a huge window outside looking out on to the ocean. Jack decided to take a sauna and watch these two roughnecks fuck. They had a locker room bench in the middle of the floor. Bill was lying on his back with his head towards the picture window. Jerry had Bill's legs spread wide pinning them back towards his chest. Jerry was straddling the bench with his back to the door. The view as Jack walked in was of Jerry's huge shoulders and lats pinning Bill down as his narrow waist and massive muscular gluts were ramming his cock in and out of Bill's ass. Sweat was running off these men making their dark tanned torsos and white polished asses glisten in the afternoon light coming in the window. It was an incredible sight; Jack was hard instantly.

Jack sat on a side bench and watched for a while. Bill and Jerry were really into it, and Jack did not think they were aware that he was watching them. He sat there stroking his cock to this great scene. After a few minutes Jack moved to the other end of the room. Bill noticed him right off. As he was getting is ass banged hard he was able to notice and comment on Jack’s huge cock. These guys were very sexy with great bodies, but they did not have huge cocks. They were nice cocks, both cut, Bill was thicker, and Jerry had a bigger head, they were above average, but not as big as Jack was.

Bill motioned Jack to come over. Jacked asked him if they wanted him to join them; at the same time they both said yes. Jack moved to between the bench and the window. Bill's head was hanging over the end of the bench and Jack pushed it down and put his big cock into Bill’s waiting mouth. Bill struggled to accommodate the huge cock as Jack pushed it deeper and deeper into his over stretched mouth. Jerry went on about how huge Jack’s cock was and kept ordering Bill to swallow that big dick. Jack and Jerry could both see Jack’s huge cock outlined in Bill’s stretched throat as Jack moved his cock in and out, deeper and deep into Bill. As Bill struggled with Jack’s cock, Jack let his hands wonder and rub across both of their huge chests and shoulders. As Jack was rubbing Bill’s chest and pinching his nipples, Jerry and Jack ended up mouth to mouth, each of them pushing their tongues into the other's mouth kissing each other hard.

Jack pulled away from Jerry's mouth, pulling his cock out of Bill's throat and reached behind Jerry's neck and pulled his bald head down onto his cock. His mouth moved up and down on Jack’s cock to the same rhythm of Jerry’s cock pounding in and out of Bill. Bill started to suck on the large balls hanging over his face. Bill soon had Jack’s entire scrotum sack in his mouth sucking ever harder on them.

The site of these huge working men fucking each other and sucking Jack was soon too much. Jack shot a huge load of cum into Jerry's mouth. He swallowed as much of Jack’s semen as he could but what he missed ran down the outside of that huge cock and balls into Bill's mouth as he sucked on that large ball sack. Jerry pulled away from Jack’s cock and shoved his cock one last time deep into his partner's anus and let out a loud animal growl as he came in Bill's ass. As Jerry continued to pump cum into his buddy, Bill licked Jack’s cock clean of any remaining cum.

As Jack and Jerry orgasm all three men were all sweating like mad. The heat generated from the sauna, and the physical activity was too great. The naked men evacuated the sauna for the showers to cool off. The three large men crowded into a single shower rubbing each other as cool water ran over each other’s bodies as they cooled off. These guys were obsessed with Jack’s cock. Jerry and Bill both stroked it and as they kept asking Jack how big he was. It was not long before the three men were cumming again in a very compact circle jerk.

They left the showers, relaxed and continued to cool down in some lounge chairs next to the locker room. The men casually discussed bodies, cocks, and sex. They may have been relaxing but each of the men was still hard. They stroked their cocks for the other guys to watch. Bill and Jerry shared that they had wives in the Midland area, were both married for 25 years, and were best men in each other's wedding. They had kids in high school and college, and working overseas helped pay the college tuition.

Jack asked if their wives and they were swingers, he told them that he, Mary and Riya were. They said that their wives were very conventional and would never do that. Bill thought that his wife and her sister use to girl - girl fuck each other when they were younger, but it might have just been his imagination. The three men laughed loudly at the suggestion.

Jerry and Bill said that when they were on the road they fucked each other instead of picking up strange women. Bill shared with Jack that he was the first guy that they ever had sex with, other than each other. Jack asked why he was the first guy, that they were hot men; they had to have opportunities before today? Jerry said it was Jack’s big cock. They had noticed it when we were talking pool side. They said the package looked huge with Jack’s Speedos on. They claimed that they usually don't have sex in public areas like the sauna or shower, but they got talking about how big Jack’s cock might be. They became very horny and started to fuck each other. To their delight Jack showed up with that his big cock and it was bigger than either imagined.

After they cooled off Jack suggested they come to his suite and enjoy having sex with his wife, her girlfriend, and himself. The three were out the door before there was any discussion. Jack had a steward tell his wife to come to the room and they went directly there to wait for the women. When Mary and Riya entered the room they were delighted. They saw these 2 huge working men fucking Jack. They quickly entered and joined the party. For the next week, it seemed that all the five lovers did was screw nearly non-stop.

Mary’s favorite memory of the trip is having her 5"2', 115 pound frame sandwiched between these two 6'5", 300 pound giants as they learned to DP her. They had never DPed a woman before but they caught on quickly. Jack’s favorite was of Riya screaming uncontrollably as he was balls deep in her ass, feeling Bill’s thick cock stretch her pussy, as Jack and Bill DPed Riya. Jerry and Bill are looking forward to looking up Jack, Mary, and Riya then next time they are on leave in Singapore.