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Rugby mates...

I am reliving my first time here... hope you enjoy

Daniels parents owned a newsagent, which meant they started work around 4.30am and finished around 7.30pm each night. It wasn't much of a life and certainly not a career I or Daniel ever thought about pursuing.
Because Daniel's parents were rarely home we got to hung around his house a lot and watch his dads collection of porn. This is how my first encounter started, I was 15 at the time, athletic build, a winger on the local rugby team, and not too bad looking if I do say so myself. Daniel was a couple of years older than I and build more like a man. He was well over 6'1" solid frame, blond wavy hair and a forward in the same Rugby team as I.
I remember the first encounter like it was only yesterday, we were both watching porn and had a bet to see who would need to use the bathroom first, knowing full well that person would jerk off. Daniel was struggling keeping his hands off his cock and decided to call it defeat and pulled out his cock and started playing first.
Initially I was cracking up laughing, but decided to join and pulled my pants down and started to play with myself with Daniel next to me. I felt a little self conscious at the time, Daniel was build more like a man, he was at-least two inches bigger than I with a massive head, sagging balls and a lot more hair. I on the other hand despite my athletic build was still pubescent and a lot smaller than Daniel.
Daniel asked if I had seen a cock like his before, to which I replied never. This was the first time I had seen a fully erect man's penis in person and was amazed how thick and long it was. Daniel sensing my curiosity asked me to grab it to feel its weight, which I did with some hesitation initially, but as I grabbed his cock, I was overcome with a huge rush, it felt so good to grab his cock and the look on his face was priceless. Once I had his cock in my hand I began to stroke it the way I had seen girls stroking guys in porn until he blew his full load on my legs.
This was the beginning of a wonderful thirteen year sexual journey for me.
To me none of this seemed weird or wrong and it still doesn't to this day, it felt good and I thought it normal for a couple of guys to mutually jerk off together.
We continued with hand jobs for a couple of months, I would meet Daniel at his house before school and would help him jerk off in the shower, in bed, in the kitchen and then we would both head to school and meet with our girlfriends.
The one day, in late July (which is cold winter Sydney) I went around to Daniels as I did every day and let myself in through the side gate and onto Daniels room which had a sliding screen that opened to the pool area. His room was deliciously warm, with Daniel under the covers in his pajamas. I sat on the side of his bed and gave him and couple of thugs to get up and he just moaned and said he can't until I help him unload.
I slipped my hands under the cover and grabbed his hot cock on my hand and began slowly jerking him off for what seemed an eternity, he wasn't going to come this time, not because of what I was doing but because we had no lube left in the room and I wasn't game to go out of the warm room into the upstairs bathroom to grab some hand cream. I remember spitting on my hand, which seemed to work for a few seconds before it dried out again and after another ten minutes of this. I was out of saliva and my mouth was so dry that I could barely put a drop of spit on my hand.
I was determined to make him come and decided to transfer what little saliva I had directly onto Daniels erect cock, as I bent over to spit on his knob, our eyes locked. With eyes still locked I bend lower to pass some saliva onto his cock and Daniel hips moving forward toward me I had my first taste of cock. Initially his know just brushed my lower lip and as I backed out he thrust himself higher until my lips were firmly on his knob. Eyes still locked, I pushed Daniel down with my lips, my mouth still closed until I felt in control in again and he was firmly against the bed.
I opened my mouth slowly, feeling Daniel break in my virgin mouth all the time keeping direct eye contact. All those porn lessons came in a handy again as I swallowed Daniels shaft and knob as began to stroke his knob with my tongue.
The look on his face was priceless.
By now I was really getting into it and licking his balls, kissing his knob and using my tongue in ways that I never thought I could. I did my best to made him come but could feel he was holding off.
When I asked him to let go and allow me to blow him, he grabbed my by the shoulders and pulled me in bed next to him and held me so tight in his arms and whispered in my ear, that this is what he has been dreaming about since the first time we met.
There were no more words after that…I was in Daniels arms, totally trusted him and was prepared to do anything to please. I slid my school pants off under the covers still holding onto Daniels hard cock before turning on my side to accept all his manhood.

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