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Save Me

To fulfill my fantasy, I took a risk; would he take the bait?
I am in my mid-twenties, and I am told that I am a cute little hottie. I hardly ever need to shave, I have nice, smooth skin, and a nice full head of soft, light brown hair that is not hippie-length but long enough. I've also been told that if I styled my hair a certain way, put on some lipstick and a dress, that I could pass for a girl (but that's for another story).

I guess you could say that I am a girly-boy. My fondest fantasy is to be rescued from danger by a strong, handsome man, to whom I show my gratitude by giving myself to him. I had always had a particular fantasy that I longed to fufill. In this fantasy, he saves me from drowning, gives me mouth to mouth and then...takes me.

Over last summer, I developed a heavy crush on a guy who is in charge of a state park nearby. He's about 6 feet tall, somewhere in his 30's or early 40's and soooo handsome. Even though he wears his park service uniform (khaki shirt and pants, a green tie, sometimes a green jacket) I can tell that he has one hot body. So can the girls, who spent a lot of time last summer hanging around his cabin (He lives there, by himself! I often wondered if he had any of the girls who fawned over him, as openly as I did secretly).

I made up my mind that I would make my move, and make my dream come true. It was early September. The weather was still warm. The park was open, but would be closing down in a few days. Except on the weekends, there was nobody around, except the object of my fantasy. 

I went there on a Wednesday. I parked in a lot and walked toward a big, slow-moving creek that wound its way into the lake. I knew that it was deep. My heart began to beat faster; I can't swim, and am terrified of drowning. But in a strange way, this fear is also a turn-on. I can't explain it. Maybe it's the helplessness, the vulnerability, which in my dreams leads to the best part: my handsome hero.

As I approached the creek bank, my heart beat even faster. There he was! A few hundred feet upstream, at the boat launch, repainting some signage. Wearing the uniform that made me SO hot.

As for me, I was wearing my nicest suit and tie. I LOVE getting wet in my clothes, it is SUCH a turn-on (and, another story). The nicer the clothes, the bigger the turn-on. Now, my cock was throbbing inside my pants, keeping time with the beating of my heart.

I had to make sure that he noticed me. I walked toward him, nervously fitting a cigarette into my holder. (Yes, another turn-on, cigarette holders. I think they're very sexy). I asked him for a light. He obliged, as I did my best to keep from trembling. I looked right into his eyes as I thanked him, then, awkwardly, turned and walked upstream.

I picked my spot, a couple of hundred feet upstream, where the creek bank was steep and muddy. His back was to me, but I was close enough so he would hear me "fall" into the water. 

I stood on the very edge, barely maintaining my balance. I drew deeply on my cigarette holder, expelled a cloud of smoke skyward, closed my eyes and leaned forward. I lost all balance
and, arms flailing, I fell screaming and hit the water.

I struggled to the surface, splashing and crying, "Help me! I'm drowning!" With my mouth full of water, I'm sure it must have sounded like "hlp..drwnng". I sank, my wet clothes dragging me down and unable to swim in any case.

Had he seen me? Had he heard me? Would I drown? He's not coming. I'm struggling, but I can't... No...can't hold my breath any....blblblblb...the bubbles of my last breath going up to the surface....where IS he ? I'm drowning...drowning...I stop struggling, close my eyes and resign myself to my fate...

But then...strong arms around me... I panic and throw my arms around him, tight, dragging him down with me. But he's strong, so strong, and breaks free of my embrace, gets behind me. Oh, my God, his mouth on mine, giving me air...yes, oh, yes. I go limp as he pulls me to the surface.

On the surface, he continues mouth to mouth as he pulls me to the muddy creek bank and lays me there, gasping for breath and sobbing. Lying next to me, his uniform soaked and muddy, breathing hard, he reassures me, puts an arm around my shoulders and rests my head on his shoulder. I throw my arms around him, pull us close and kiss his mouth. To my surprise, he did not break away. Instead, he lay on top of me and kissed me. Long, deep, wet kisses as I felt his hardness throb against mine.

"You saved me...saved me from drowning," I mumbled between kisses. "I'm yours."

He smiled, got up to his knee and straddled my chest. He took off his belt, undid his pants and let his beautiful, throbbing cock out. As our eyes met, he put it to my lips. I kissed it and kissed it, then ran my tongue up and down his shaft while he moaned.

"Fuck my mouth, " I begged him. He slid his cock between my lips and slowly, bit by bit, deep in my mouth. I like it nice and slow, and I slowly sucked his cock, moving my tongue on it as I sucked and grabbed his ass-cheeks. His pleasure was obvious; I was in heaven. It took a long time, but he came in my mouth, roaring like a lion. 

Afterward, we lay in the mud and kissed. Finally, he suggested that we go to his cabin and get our wet clothes off . This day was only going to get better.

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