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Scene Two at the Boarding School

Scene Two: Timmy meets Rugy Players at the Boarding School
As I entered the dorm building, I couldn’t help thinking what just happened to me. I was sent to the Head Master, Mr. L., for punishment for missing a drill and not paying attention in class.

He spanked me then made me suck his cock. Then he sucked mine and also fucked me. I was no longer an eighteen-year-old virgin geek. I was his to do with as he pleased. His last words were for me to report for another spanking tomorrow. I couldn’t wait.

I went up to my dorm room and stripped down. I grabbed my shaving kit, put towel around me, and headed for the fourth floor community shower room.

I entered the showers and saw four guys I recognized them as members of the rugby team. I went to the far end, turned on the shower, and soaped up.

I was washing my hair when I looked over and saw just how well they were built. All were over six feet tall and maybe two hundred pounds. They also were well hung with big balls and hairy bodies. I felt my tiny cock getting semi-hard. I then turned away from them and shaved my face and all around my cock and balls.

“Well look who is here. It’s little Timmy,” said Eric. “Hey Timmy didn’t you just get back from detention with Mr. L.?”

As I turned to face them, I managed to squeak out, “Yes.”

Eric continued, “So you found out what it’s like to know his paddle did you? And he made you suck his cock too didn’t he?”

I turned beet red and my dick shot up towards my stomach. They all noticed this and started to laugh. I was so humiliated, but at the same time so turned on, I was shaking with excitement of what may happen next.

“Hey Timmy it is okay, we all have felt Mr. L’s paddle in our four years here. We also all have been made to suck his cock,” Sean said.

“Yeah, Timmy it appears by your hard-on you really enjoyed it,” piped up Josh.

“Is that so Timmy,” asked Brady?

I just hung my head down in shame.

Eric reached out, turned the shower off with one big hand, and with the other pushed down on my shoulder. I knew my new place with my older and stronger schoolmates. I went to my knees in submission before them.

Eric put his hand under my chin and raised my head. He looked into my eyes. “Timmy I want you to kiss my cock then suck it until I cum down your throat.”

I looked at his beautiful penis. It was smooth, thick and long. The head was purple. His cock hardened to a full eight inches. His balls were hairless and very big. They were twice as big as mine. His pubic hair was trimmed short. His stomach was flat, hard and hairless. His chest was strong looking and hairy.

I reached out, placed my hands on the backs of his powerful thighs, and pulled him closer. His cock head was just an inch from my mouth. I leaned in, puckered my lips, and kissed the tip of his cock. I then licked the pre-cum that had been transferred to my lips. He tasted wonderful.

I pulled him closer and his cock slipped into my hungry open mouth. I sucked his cock with all my energy. It only took a minute when I felt his cock swell up; he grunted, pushed his hips forward and then released his load. He shot nine big bursts of salty sweet man juice that I had a hard time swallowing. Some leaked out of the corners of my mouth and dripped down onto my puny chest. I continued to suck him after he softened until he pulled back.

Then it was Sean’s turn. He was very ready for his turn in my mouth. His cock was big. It was also eight inches long but even thicker then Eric’s. His balls were pulled up close to his cock. He had a lot of hair around his cock and some on his balls. His stomach was hard and like his chest was covered with hair.

“Lick the pre-cum,” Sean shouted.

I obeyed as I reach out with the tip of my tongue to taste his sweet nectar. I then took his cock deep in my throat. My lips were buried in his course pubic hair and my chin touching his tight balls.

I pulled back and then slammed back down. He really seemed to like this rough action so I continued for about one minute. That is all it took to push Sean over the edge. He erupted with such great force it gagged me with his torrent of blistering hot cum. I chocked, then coughed and ended up spitting out some of his seed before I regained my composure. I went back to work and was able to catch the rest of his thick bitter cum. He really enjoyed the loving I gave his cock. When his cock finally went soft, he pulled back and thanked me for the best blowjob he ever received.

I was very proud that I was able to give him so much pleasure.

I heard Josh say to Brady that he wanted to fuck my ass. Brady replied that he wanted my mouth at the same time.

Josh told me to soap up my ass with shampoo and then add some to his hard cock. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and squirted a palm full of the green gel shampoo onto my hand. I rubbed about half on Josh’s cock and the rest in the crack of my ass. I pushed the slippery gel into my pussy with first one finger then two. I was so turned on I was trembling. My little four-inch hard-on was dripping pre-cum.

Josh’s cock stood out proudly. It was just a little shorter then Eric’s or Sean’s and on the thinner side. I went back to rubbing his manhood as he turned me around and got behind me. I was on my knees. He had both hands on my hips as I guided his slippery cock to my waiting cunt.

Josh pushed hard as soon as the tip of his cock was at my opening. I let go of it as he impaled me with his weapon. He easily drove all the way in, as I was already loose from the fucking Mr. L. gave me.

Brady reached out and filled his hands with my hair as he pulled my head to his meaty cock. His cock now at my lips was a real thing of beauty. It was nine inches, thick, smooth and with a larger head that the shaft. I opened my mouth and took in about half of his lovely cock.

“Oh fuck yeah, that is sweet,” yelled Josh. “I am going to pound your fucking ass, bitch.” And pound me he did. It was difficult to keep Brady’s cock in my mouth because Josh was pounding me so hard.

Brady solved that by fucking my mouth instead of me doing the work. I was in heaven. I was being fucked really hard in my ass and at the same time I was being fucked in my mouth.

What I didn’t expect was Eric slipping under me and putting his mouth around my cock. I felt my entire cock in his mouth. It felt so good to suck, be fucked and to be sucked all at the same time. I wanted it to last forever but alas, that was not to be.

First Josh screamed out he was coming. I felt his cock expand as he jammed it all the way in my bowels, as he unloaded his hot cum. Brady was close behind as he pumped really fast. His balls were bouncing on my neck and chin then he bellowed out as he unleashed what seemed like a quart of thick hot cum. I swallowed repeatedly so as not to miss a drop. At the same time Brady was coming, I reached my peak and squirted my small amount of nectar down Eric’s throat. He swallowed it and kept sucking me until I had to pull away because my penis tip was so sensitive.

I collapsed on the shower floor and fell fast asleep.

I was awakened when I felt the shower water splashing on my body. I stood and saw the others had also regained their senses and were showering next to me.

I smiled weakly and said, “So, I guess now everyone will know I am a sissy.”

Eric said, “You are a sissy and we are sissies too. This will be our secret.”

Josh said, “We have been having sex with each other over the past four years. We started when Mr. L. first paddled us then introduced each of us to man on man sex.”

Brady said, “With this being an all-male boarding school it beats jerking off five times a day. We meet here every day same time.”

“Does this mean I am your friend or am I just a fuck buddy?”

Sean said, “You are one of us, a friend, a sissy and a fuck buddy.”

I couldn’t be happier as I finished showering, dried off and went to my dorm room.

After studying, my thoughts drifted back to getting another spanking tomorrow from Mr. L. My cock stiffened, my hand went down and I began to jerk off.

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