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my buddy was good, but his dad was better.

I always had a better girls figure than a boys, and all through school I got teased, razed, picked on, heard guys say they would like to see me naked.  I can't count the times I got stripped by older boys just to see if I had a pussy, I didn't have very much in the male line, but no pussy, although for as long as I can remember I wished that I did.

 Starting my freshman year in high school I got a job working evenings and weekends for this 60 year old guy cleaning up around in his hardware store.  When I started working there I would wear loose fitting jeans, but one day I forgot to change and went to work wearing a pair of tighter fitting jeans.

 I saw the look on his face as soon as I walked in and I could tell that he liked what he saw. I caught him watching me a few times, and when it was time to lock up he put his hand on my ass and said he could show me why I had that girls build. It embarrassed me because I'd heard the older kids at school say the same thing, and a few times after they'd pulled my jeans and shorts down they pulled out their dicks and made you stroke them.

 So I knew how a dick felt in my hands, and I had wondered how it would feel to let them do what they said they would like to do.  But this was old man Wiggins and I'd known him since I could remember, but this was the first time I'd ever heard him say anything like that. Nothing happened that day, or for about a month, but almost every day he said some sexy things, and now and then he'd show me some pictures of two guys having sex.

 At first I'd only look at them when he showed them to me, but after awhile I would slip into the back room and get a boner looking at them. He kept working on me, he got me to jack him off, then one night I took his dick in my mouth, I didn't really like it at first, but after a few times I really got to like doing it. About a month after Christmas my parents had to be gone for the weekend, so I had the house to myself.

 That Saturday after closing time mr. Wiggins and I went into the back room, and that night he showed me how good my girls build went with his nuts and dick. He got undressed and lay down on the old cot on his back, had me get undressed and lay belly down on top of him. I felt his dick come up between my legs, he had me move forward, then he reached down and I felt his fingers between my cheeks, his fingers felt slick, and then he was fingering me.

I felt a wave of embarrassment, but at the same time I liked what he was doing, I'd seen pictures of two guys doing the same thing, and I knew what was going to happen next. And I thought what if it hurts, but then he moved his fingers and it was his dick that was pressing against my ass, and it felt warm and different, and then he was helping me to move backwards while he thrust forward, and in a few seconds I was impaled on his dick.

 It felt like it was at least a foot long, but I knew it wasn't, and it didn't hurt, in fact it felt great, and when he thrust into me it made me gasp. After a little while he said, you like that don't you, all I could manage was a raspy, yeah, he said well now you know why you've got a girls ass. He fucked me slow and easy, but at the same time in a way that told me that he was the one in charge, and when he started thrusting into me harder and faster I knew what was going to happen and didn't even feel embarrassed knowing that I'd just let old man Wiggins fuck me, in fact I loved it.

 I kept working for him through the school year and quit just before school started again, and sometimes he'd fuck me three times a week. Dad got a job in a neighboring town and we had to move, so I started second year high school in a new town. Different school, different kids, but the same razzing when they found out that I was built like a girl. As often as I could I'd spend the weekend with mr.. Wiggins, and then one weekend a friend of his, and mine, mr. Thompson, who had cut my hair since I was two years old walked in and watched mr. Wiggins fuck me.

 He said he'd heard that I liked how a hard dick could make me feel, and wanted me to feel his. first I didn't want to, but I didn't have a way out of town till Sunday afternoon, and he was a friend, so I let him fuck me, while mr. Wiggins watched, and  to tell the truth, I liked how he talked dirty to me while doing it. Fast forward to me senior year, a week after school started a new kid transferred from another town, he was a senior also, and he was black, there were other blacks in the class, but they didn't except him for some reason.

 I made friends with him during first hour class, and found out that he'd moved into the house on the corner across the street. After school he and I were walking home, he said his parents wouldn't be there till at least 6:pm and invited me to his house. I said sure, not even thinking about starting anything with him, but he must have known or heard something, because not over 15 minutes after we got there I was on all fours on the floor, he was over me, his hands on the floor with his arms in front of my shoulders holding me back toward him and his black cock was in my ass to the hilt.

 I squeezed his shaft a few times to show him I liked it,  and then with his hot breath on the side of my face I got fucked better and longer than I'd ever been. When he got done he said, I've known since we met this morning that I was going to do this, and you must have known it too and wanted it because you never did object. I had never been with a black, but had wondered how it would be, and had even thought about him and I, but figured on getting to know him better before starting anything. I knew his cum was in me, I knew when he put it there, and I was squeezing his still rock hard shaft to show him that I  liked what he'd done. When I did that to mr. Thompson he always said, yeah bitch milk that dick.

 My new friends name was Raymond, he was 19, I was still 17 and would be till April.  I had only know him for a few hours, and here we were on the floor in his room, he'd just fucked me dog fashion, and his dick was just starting to go soft.  A few seconds later we heard a car pull into the drive, and he said oh hell my folks are back already, he quickly got off, we got up and dressed, I met his parents, and headed across the street for home, thinking about that hard black cock. At least three times a week, and some times more I got fucked at his house, the first time he fucked me at my house dad walked in just as he was pumping his second load of cum in me.

 I was on my back on the table with my legs pulled up, he quickly pulled out and I could feel his cum running down the crack of my ass, dad was standing where he could see it, for a few seconds he didn't say anything. Then he said to me, I've had an idea that when you're at Raymond house he fucks you, now I know that he does, I didn't just walk in at the last second, I cracked the door and watched the whole show, I saw it all and I could tell that you liked what he was doing.

 I thought he got you twice, and by the amount of cum that ran out I'd say he did, so if that's what you like, it looks like Raymond can take good care of you. He never said another word about it, for almost a month, when he asked me if I was still slicking that black cock, I looked down and said yeah. One day he told me his parents would be home when we got there, so he fucked me in the old abandoned house on the other corner.

 We stopped at his house anyway, and while there he asked me if I wanted to come back later, his room was in the basement, so his parents wouldn't know what was going on.  I went back about 8:pm, greeted his folks, and then we headed down stairs, shortly after we got there his dad came down, gave him some money, and the keys to the car and told him to drive over to the get and go on the other side of town and pick up an order for him. Raymond said we both can go, but his dad said no, you go ahead, I've got something I want to show mark.

 Raymond headed up the stairs and his dad said take you time, I could tell by the way his dad had been looking at me that he liked what he saw, and I had a suspicion that like my dad,  he knew what was going on. A very short time later I found out what I was thinking was true, he said I've thought from the very first time you were here that my son was fucking you. Then some time back I after you and him were going at it I slipped down here, cracked the door and watched.

 Since then I've watched you and him lots of times, and every time when I leave I've got cum running down my leg. I can tell that you like what junior does, but tonight you're going to get a real man size cock. He was a lot bigger than Raymond, taller, heavier, just bigger all over, and when we got undressed I could see what he was calling a man sized cock, much longer, thicker and blacker than Raymond. Shortly afterwards I was on my back on the floor, my legs over his shoulders, his hands on the floor on each side of me, and his massive black cock was to the nuts in my ass.

 He took his time, he made me want him, his hot breath on my ears and neck made goose bumps on my whole body. He stroked me slow, his lips found mine, he was thrusting slow and steady, I tried to push up to him,  then his toughen parted my lips, and just as it slipped between my teeth he buried that rock hard throbbing cock and thrusting hard, and then I was feeling his thick white spunk being pumped deep between my legs.

I milked him, thanking him, wanting every drop he had, he never took his mouth from mine, his cock started going soft, then all of a sudden it was rock hard again. His massive rigid member was like no other cock I'd ever had, he was mid 40s, I was 17, but the age and size made no difference, he had what I needed, and I had what he wanted, and twice more I felt his toughen slip between my teeth, and each time as I tried to suck it out of his mouth I again felt the throbs  and the thrusts of that massive black cock as it pumped its loads of thick hot cum in me. We were soaked in sweat, and spent when the door opened and there stood Raymond, he just stood then with a grin said, will you be back tomorrow?