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The last night of this life.

Scott was on the dancefloor, particularly handsome tonight. The grey suit he was wearing made him look older and wiser. But he was also very, very drunk, dancing with a friend of ours; a beautiful girl who, unfortunately, had a terrible reputation. I saw their bodies get closer, his crotch rubbing against hers. As usual, he got hard very fast. I laughed to myself. Will he ever change?

I hope not.

I have known Scott all my life. We were neighbours, best friends, schoolmates. Now, we were men. He had grown up beautifully - an artist's fantasy. His eyes told stories when he was quiet, his lips were heaven, magical. When we kissed, I found it hard to let go. He worked out, and it showed, just enough. His penis, when hard, was long and thick. I saw it many times, felt it when he was lying on me, but nothing more - the rules we set up made it clear we would never take it anywhere further than making out.

On the dancefloor, I saw him take the girl's hand and leave. A quick blowjob, perhaps? I decided to follow them, like I always do. I walked quietly until I found them on the stairs leading to the floor below. She was on her knees, jerking him off while licking his balls. Scott was moaning. I love it when he moans. She opened her mouth and took it all in. Impressive. But there was nothing there I hadn't seen many times before. After a few minutes, his breathing got faster. He put his hands around her head and began fucking her mouth. I watched, mesmerized, as his balls tightened up, and he came, inside.

Her phone rang. I saw her answer it, Scott had nearly passed out. He was never good with alcohol. She hung up, gave him a kiss and started walking up the stairs, where I was. She was in a hurry, probably going home. When she saw me in front of her, she smiled, embarrassed. I smiled back, and improvised. I made a step forward, and kissed her. It was just a few seconds, our tongues swirling, fighting for the few remains of Scott's cum. She broke the kiss, slapped me in the face, hard, and walked away.

I sat down and closed my eyes. It was creamy, sweet, so warm. I savoured all I could taste, until there was nothing left. I imagined his cock in my mouth instead of hers, feeling his cum hit the back of my throat, filling my mouth with so much juice some would dribble down my chin, my chest, my cock.

I needed more.

I opened my eyes and saw he had fallen asleep. His pants were still down to his knees and his soft cock was peacefully resting on his leg. I made my way to him, in a trance. One stair at a time. Soon, I was standing above him. He looked peaceful, satisfied. I saw myself put a hand on his cock. It was just as I had imagined it to be. I let my finger slide on its length, it was so smooth. There was a drying drop of cum on his balls. I picked it up with a finger and brought it to my mouth. I had dreamt of this for so long.

I took my own hard, wet cock out. I put my legs on both sides of his body, moved forward, and began rubbing our naked cocks together. Soon, he was also hard. For the first time, I was feeling his cock against mine, not separated by any kinds of clothing. And it felt perfect. I moved slowly, making circular movements with my hips, enjoying every touch.

"What are you doing?" His beautiful blue eyes were locked into mine.

"Breaking the rules."

"We can't....." I interrupted him with a kiss. A long, sensual kiss. This is how it all began anyway. A warm summer morning two years ago, and a couple of morning woods. I told him I loved him. He said "I don't know". I kissed him, he kissed me back. I touched his penis, he said no. I offered myself to him. He said no. He told me he loved me too. But we were both too scared.

But time had passed and we were men now. We broke the kiss and looked in each other's eyes. Sure, we were drunk, but we were ready. It was time. 

"I love you," I said.

He smiled, and I kissed him. His lips, his neck, his nipples, his armpits, his hands, his navel. I felt his cock on my chin. I kissed the tip of it, licked it, opened my mouth and took it all in. I went as far as I could, passing my tongue on every accessible part. I went up, back to the gorgeous, fat, pink head, a drop of precum leaking in my mouth, and down, until my nose was tickled by his trimmed pubes. We were moaning. He placed his hands on the back of my head. The next time I went down, he pushed a little, keeping me in that position. His cock was in my throat now, it was part of me.

We kissed again, my hands on his chest, and his on my naked ass. I felt him spread my cheeks apart, and a finger teasing my hole. I was relaxed and excited, it had no trouble getting in. We kissed more passionately, violently, as he began finger fucking me, always deeper, always stronger. He added another finger. I felt him trying to spread them apart inside me. I had never known so much pleasure before in my life.

I went on all fours, not knowing what to expect, yet dying to know. For a few minutes, I felt his tongue entering me. He told me to spit in his hands, and used it to lube both of us. He fingered me again, this time adding a third finger, nearly sending me over the edge. We were breathing loudly, consumed by desire. Soon, I felt pressure against my hole as he began entering me. He was being careful, slow, a little too much. He pushed a little harder, and his head finally went through. Almost immediately, I screamed. He froze, kissed my neck, put his arms around my body. He was so warm. I felt so safe.

I turned my head and we kissed. I felt his whole length enter me. He moaned loudly, I loved it. He began, slowly. But the animal in him came fast enough. He fucked me hard, I begged him to. Everything smelled and tasted of sex, it was all I could hear and feel. And it was heaven. We were one. I closed my eyes and felt every penetration, his cock sliding in and out of me. The slight pain, the incomparable pleasure. When he was tired, I'd move my hips onto his cock, I wanted it, I needed it.

He fucked faster, each push trying to get his cock the farthest it could go. He grunted and screamed, louder every second. I felt his hand reach my cock and jerk it off quickly. A few strokes, and I was shooting. My ass tightened around him, he gave a couple more pushes, and came. I felt my insides being flooded with his juice. I wanted to keep it all inside me, forever. I wanted this moment to last until the end of time.

We kissed as he pulled out, cum dripping down my legs. He let his body rest on mine, we hugged, it was beautiful.

"I love you," he said.

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