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See Thru Shorts

See Thru Shorts

Shorts become see-thru when wet.

I had been surfing on ebay one day, when I found some interesting shorts. They were white and made of a very shiny material that became almost totally transparent when wet. This intrigued me, so I immediately bought a pair which were two sizes too small.

When they arrived, I could hardly wait to open the package. They were made of what looks like a white nylon material. I slipped them on and they were nice and tight since they were a “little” small and quite short. The material felt wonderful. With every move, the shiny material would slide and rub my skin. The material was almost translucent. You could barely make out my hardening cock in them. I then lightly sprayed a little water on them. Oh my God! The material became almost like glass. Wherever it touched the skin, you could clearly see through it. I knew these shorts were going to be fun.

The only thing they needed was a little opening in the back. In just the right spot, I carefully split the seam in the back and made a little opening. I then hemmed it into a nice little circle. I do not claim to have any sewing skills, but it came out quite professional looking.

As you know from my previous story, I have a dildo that straps to the seat of my jeep. I could not wait to go out for a drive while wearing my new little “cum fuck me” shorts. I put the shorts on, went out in the garage and slowly eased myself onto the dildo. As the shorts were two sizes smaller than what I'd normally wear, my cheeks tightly squeezed the silicone cock as I eased down on it. The shorts were so short and tight when I was in the sitting position. The lovely feeling of being impaled on the dildo felt great.

I could not wait any longer, so I pressed the button for the garage door to open and I drove out into the night. I had the doors and top off the jeep. It was a nice warm summer night. There was still a good bit of traffic on the road as it was only 10:00 pm. As I pressed the clutch and shifted, the feeling of the shiny material sliding over me made me so very hard. The outline of my cock was very obvious. While waiting at a red light, I had cars stopped all around me. My mind immediately fantasized of being gangbanged on the spot by a bunch of hunky guys. It was not long until a wet spot formed on the front of my shorts. As I shifted, the tip slid around a little under the sexy fabric and soon the helmet of my cock was clearly visible through the transparent material that was soaked with pre-cum.

It was only a very short time later that, while leaving another red light and shifting, I came! The cum filled shorts immediately became see thru. The cum soaked shiny material really felt great now as I slipped and slid around under the tight material. It was then I realized that I hat not brought anything else to wear. But it felt so good, I did not care if I was discovered. I purposely took the long way home. I even drove on a short stretch of dirt road. The bouncing along made me cum again. What a wonderful feeling it was to be impaled on the silicone cock and have my shorts filled with cum.

When I got home, I washed and dried them so they would be ready for the next night. I started thinking what I would do the following evening. During the next day, I logged onto a couple of chat rooms and described my new shorts. There were a bunch of people interested. I then took a chance and posted that around 1 o’clock in the morning, that night, I was going to take my jeep to a particular car wash and wear my new shorts.

That evening, I was going crazy as I waited. I did not dare put on those shorts as I would probably come instantly and I was so aroused with anticipation. As the time drew near, I took a nice long shower and cleaned myself properly for what I hoped would be a fun night. I dressed in the shorts and a tight t-shirt which was also too small. I then went out to the garage and sat on the silicone cock. I had to do it slowly and carefully. I struggled not to go too fast and cum. I was finally sitting all the way down. I opened the garage door and drove out. At the first stoplight, the street light provided plenty of light. I immediately noticed that a large wet spot had already formed. It took all my will power not to touch myself and cum right there. There was hardly any traffic on the road as I drove to the carwash.

When I arrived, I was surprised at how brightly lit it was. I guess it was a surprise after the dim illumination from the street lights. The place was empty so I daringly picked one of the central stalls. I inserted the quarters and began with the high pressure soap. It was only moments until the mist of the spray soaked the front of my shorts. Gawd it made me sooo hard. The danger of being caught, especially knowing that I'd announced where I would be at this particular time. As I washed, I had to be careful not to get too much water on the interior. The silicone cock on the driver’s seat was nice and shiny from the mist. After I soaped the jeep up, I switched to the brush that had the soap that comes out the center of it. I proceeded to start scrubbing the hood with it. I let the front of my shorts touch the fender as I did so, letting it rub a little.

As I was in my own little world, I suddenly felt a couple of hands firmly grip my hips. I heard a quiet voice tell me, “don’t turn around, just keep facing forward and get all those hard to reach spots."

Oh my God! It was really happening. I leaned forward over the hood a little more then suddenly felt the warm tip of a cock touching my bare ass through the opening in the back of my shorts. I could feel my own cock dripping in anticipation of what was coming. The cock pressed a little harder against my cheeks which were squeezed together by the tight shorts. It felt wonderful to feel the snugness of the cock slipping between them.

Soon the tip was at my opening. I could not help myself from squirming a little. He withdrew a little and slipped forward again. He did this a few times. Fucking the tight cleavage of my cheeks. After a few moments of this he pressed a little harder as it touched my opening. Each time I felt it touch me there, I would press back a little. He would always pull back just before entering me. Such wonderful teasing was driving me absolutely nuts. Then suddenly I felt his grip tighten and he plowed into me.

The moment I felt his tip violently enter me, I flooded the front for my shorts with cum. I pumped rope after rope of hot seed into my already soaked shorts. Unlike the water, the cum did not quickly run out. He stayed buried in me for a few moments before withdrawing all the way out to where his tip was barely touching my cheeks. The he plowed into me again. He repeated this several times before quickening the pace. This was a good hard fucking. This was not making love, this was pure lust filled fucking. It was only a few seconds and I was cumming again. I had never cum so soon after the first. This was heaven. Being used. Knowing your body was making someone else so hot and aroused. After a few more thrusts he stopped deep in me and I could feel every pulse as he filled me with his hot seed.

After he emptied his cum into me, he slowly withdrew. When his tip was barely between my cheeks, he paused for the longest time, simply enjoying the feeling of being squeezed by my cum soaked cheeks. He then thanked me and disappeared before I had a chance to turn around. When I did, I did not see a car, so he had to have walked there and was able to sneak up on me.

I then rinsed the soap off the jeep. As I did, I felt the sticky cum leaking out of my well stretched hole and from the front of my shorts. I felt so used, so sexy, so hot! I sat back down in the driver seat, the dildo easily slipping in me, and drove home. Every time I pumped the clutch, I felt the cum soaked fabric deliciously sliding over my skin. I could not wait for the next adventure in these shorts.

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