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Sex for notes

I got fucked for English notes.
When I was in college, specifically a junior, I was sick and missed class for the whole week. The day after I got better I had an English test. I needed to get the notes I'd missed, but the problem was no one in my class really took good notes. Except for one kid, Trent. He stood at about 5 foot 11 inches, with dark black hair, green eyes, and completely jacked. He also had huge arms and six pack that you could always see through his shirt. I never really spoke to him before he was a quiet guy and also gay. Don't get me wrong I love gay sex, but I don't usually find guys attractive, with the exception of Trent.

I knew Trent had the notes, but he's not very friendly. He's the kind of guy who you need to do a favor for to get something in return. I waited for him to walk into the shower room, and then I followed him. In the college we had a communal shower, basically there were four smaller sections in the shower room. The first was a private shower with a door, which was usually occupied by someone who brought there girl friend to have shower sex. Then there were three other sections with about five shower heads in each. Trent walked into the furthest shower section from the door.

I walked in and turned the shower head adjacent to him on. He was completely shaven everywhere, I was too but I never shaved my pubes. A couple seconds after I turned on the shower I pushed him against the wall and started making out with him. He was soft before, but as I kissed him I felt his erection grow against my stomach; this made me hard. He had a five inch dick, which was smaller then my seven inches, but his dick was a lot wider.

I turned around and started to bend down, while letting my nice butt brush against his stomach. I did this untill I reached his nice thick cock. I was in doggy style position and he knew what to do. He inserted his cock into my ass and started fucking. I have fucked, jacked off, blew, and been fucked, but this guy was louder moaner then any other guy I've been with. He even moaned louder than some of the girls I have been with, and I've fucked some real screechers.

Another guy heard us and walked in. I looked him in the eyes and winked at him which he responded with a smile. he walked up to me and put is dick on my face. He was about 5 foot 8 inches, non shaven, and had a dick about the same size as me. I wrapped my hands around his butt and started sucking him.

I was so turned on having a guy in both my holes. At that point I envied girls for having an extra hole to be fucked in. I then did something I have only done once; I came. Now, I came plenty of time in my life, but only once without anyone touching my penis. My sperm didn't even squirt out though it just started to drip. It felt so good as the long string oozed out.

Then when the guy, who's name I don't recall, came in my mouth. I have a feeling he was masturbating his dick for a little while before he came into the shower, which is why a came so fast. He had very tasty cum, most guys sperm tastes salty, but his was sweet. As the guy pulled out of my mouth I couldn't help but make a hmmmm sound, because his cum tasted so good. As I mad that noise Trent blasted in my ass. I love the feeling of warm cum in my ass. After he came we washed each other in the shower.

As we left I asked for my well deserved notes, which he happily let my copy. I got a C+ on the test. From that day forward when ever I need notes we would fuck each other for me to earn them.

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