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Sex with My Teacher

First time gay sex with my teacher!
I was in high school at age 16, and I had known for a while that I was bi. I was about 6 foot 150 lbs with brown hair, I was also slightly athletic. I always had the biggest crush on my teacher, he was dark haired and had a wonderful beard. He was shorter than me, probably 5'8" and 150lbs. He had just a wonderful build to him that drove me nuts. I always fantasized what his dick looked like.

Anyway I was pretty sure he was gay because of the way he acted and he never had a girlfriend. He was 24 at the time. He was quite muscular and was part middle eastern. He had a thick black beard that I always wanted to feel and rub my balls and dick against. His muscular butt drove me nuts and I wondered what it would feel like to penetrate his ass with my dick. I myself was as white as they come with a six pack and quite muscular legs and arms from skiing and running. Although I was practically hairless except my ass and dick.

One day I was driving to school and I was extremely late for his class, and had been late for his class for quite some time. I arrived 25 minutes after class started. I entered the room and he started to lecture us on how it's important to be on time for class. He said that I needed to come talk to him after school. After school I walked down the hallway and entered his room and then into his office. As he was sitting down and asked me to close the door and take a seat. I did so and we sat there for a second.

"Look I need you on time for class, I can't have you or anyone else late."

"Well I'm sorry but I live 30 minutes away while everyone else is right near school."

We chatted for a while, talking about my class and the future activities. He then asked me something quite peculiar.

"So which babes are you into now?"

"Well I'm not really sure."

"Are you gay?" this caught me off guard and it took me a second to respond.

"Uhm... No... Why?"

"Just trying to keep up on my student's lives," he said with an saddened tone.

"To be honest, I'm bi." He looked shocked and perked up at this statement.

"Have you slept with either a guy or girl?" I responded no and he quickly asked, "Well.....would you like to?" he said with a giant smile on his face. He moved in closer and I thought how is this happening? Is my mind playing another trick on me? I moved in and sat down on his lap.

"I'll take that as a yes."

I moved closer and could smell his old spice deodorant, Fiji. My lips touched his and I could taste his hint of chap stick. I slowly opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to intrude upon my mouth. It felt amazing, I stuck my own tongue in and enjoyed this for a few minutes. He pushed me back and said, "Are you sure?" I started to feel up his abs and his biceps while moving closer. I could feel the bulge in his skinny jeans growing bigger and bigger. He stood up locked the door and turned some of the lights off.

Next I took my hands and slid them down his arms and started to pull his sleeves up to his torso. While he continued to take his silky shirt off, I moved towards his abs and started to move my hands lower and around his back.

"Nice firm ass you got there." He finished with his shirt and we started kissing again. I then quickly took off my shirt and hugged his entire body tight with mine, the warmth I felt made me smile inside.

He asked if I wanted to go first, as he rubbed his own bulge. I said yes and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. I slid them slowly down his tan legs until they hit the ground. He stepped out of them and removed his socks and shoes. I was standing in front of my teacher with him only wearing his tight white briefs. His cock could be seen growing and emitting the slow flow of precum.

I threw him down in his leather chair and got down on my knees. My own cock grew and my bulge looked as if I was wearing a giant cup. I started to bite his cock through his briefs. His cock was huge and he wasn't even fully hard yet! I slowly pulled down his soft briefs and finally exposed his dark hairy cock, then I saw his giant bush of hair that twirled in and out, then his whole shaft followed and finally his sweet hairy balls.

I had never sucked a cock before and only seen it in porn. I took the cock head and licked around and around it, he started to moan and moan. I licked up and down his shaft as it grew bigger and bigger, it continued to grow.

"How big is this thing!"

"About 8-9 inches."

I thought to myself it was massive, with my cock barely at 7 inches. I slowly took the salty cock head in my mouth, then moved down the shaft, I got to half way and whirled my tongue around and around, precum started to flow into my mouth and the saltiness pleased my taste buds. I moved farther down until three forths, my gag reflex kicked in and I had to take it out. I looked back up at him and realized something, how sexy he looked, his strong face mellowed and his muscles relaxed, a constant flow of hair from head toe, and a huge amount right above his dick.

I looked him up and down again. Strong face with his thick black beard, moving down he had some very well defined shoulders and some hard pecs. A huge amount of hair covered his chest and his rock hard abs were covered too. I moved down again and right above the pulsing sensation of his cock, was a huge bush of hair that intertwined in and out all over. His cock had long stems of hair climbing up like a vines growing on a tree. His balls also had a nice bush placed right under them. The flow of hair could be seen moving back to his rectum. His muscular legs were also fully covered in hair. This was the sexiest man I had ever seen.

I took his cock again and went from head to half way several times. I then rubbed his cock many times, he told me to go faster, I did. Suddenly a huge a gigantic cumshot flew onto my cheeks and my hair. It tasted so salty and amazing. I wished it around in my mouth like mouthwash and then kissed him and shared his own seed.

"My turn," he said in a soft tone. he stood up and felt my package through my shorts. I almost came from him barely touching my hard pulsing cock. He unbuttoned my shorts and removed them slowly while rubbing my legs, suddenly they dropped. I removed my shoes and socks then sat in the chair with only my boxers. I could feel the remnants of his hot seed against my tense ass.

He could see my cock had reached its maximum as it was ready to jump out of my boxers with no help. He reached down and massaged my cock between my boxers, then he reached in then slowly dropped my boxers to the floor. My cock stood straight up and he first took my balls in and licked under them reaching my hole. He then teased my cock and licked up and down the shaft then swirled his tongue around my cocks head for a moment, this drove me nuts.

His beard slowly filled will precum, it looked as if he had washed his beard. He then took my entire cock in his mouth and this made me moan in pleasure. He must have had quite the college experience to pull that off. He moved back and forth for quite some time ,i could feel his tongue under my cock, my head hit the back f his throat several times yet he didn't gag, after some time I exclaimed I was going to cum. He set my cock right near his mouth wide open and began to jerk me off vigorously. He took about half the cum in his mouth then let my cock go wild through his hair and beard. He looked like he was ready to shave . He swirled the cum around in his mouth then took his finger covered it in cum then jabbed it up his rectum with three fingers and then my own. I squealed in pain but he got up close to me and said I would enjoy it soon.

He pulled me up and took me over to a table. He grabbed a bottle out of his desk and opened it then rubbed his cock with the lube, cum, and spit. He took the shaft of his massive cock and rubbed in between my cheeks. He then bent over and sucked the my cum out of my rectum. He stuck his tongue as far as he could in my rectum, it felt so good. He finally sucked out the fluids whirled it around in his mouth then spit it on his own cock. He then slowly inserted the head of his cock and moved it in and out. I said to go deeper and he did, the pain at first killed me, but I started to enjoy it.

I then told him to insert his entire dick. He pushed very hard and eventually his cock was submerged within me. I could feel his blood vessels pumping in his cock and feel the slow ooze of cum. He then rapidly went head to about 3/4, he was about to cum and I told him to insert his dick as far in as possible. He slammed it in and I could feel the vessels pumping out a huge amount of cum into my rectum. He removed his cock then quickly covered my hole with his mouth and took in all the fluids. He slowly dripped it up my body until he reached my mouth where he re inserted his dick into my rectum then made out with me again. The fluids alternating between out mouths tasted very salty and was very warm.

Finally it was my turn, I turned him around on his back and sucked his cock for a few moments. I licked his anus out and got it nice and lubed. I then took the bottle and covered my cock in lube, rubbing it for a short amount of time. I gave no warning and entered his rectum. All the way to the point where my cock was no longer visible. Fucking him felt amazing, the inside of his anus warm and slimy.

I moved faster and faster to the point where he moaned in pain but then moaned in pleasure. He got hard again and soon after I shoved my cock as hard as I could in and let go my biggest cum ever, at the same time he was jerking his cock which then exploded in my face and I licked it up. I took my cock out and let the cum run into my mouth. I sucked his soft cock for a moment with the hot liquid then rose up his body licking his abs and hairy chest until I reached his mouth. I let loose quite a lot in his beard and he again looked as if ready to shave.

I then made out with him, swishing the cum in between our mouths. I climbed on top of him and we made out for a few minutes.

"You enjoy that?" he asked.

"I think we need to talk about this class weekly, maybe even more than weekly," I said as I looked in his eyes and winked. Our cocks returned to their flaccid forms and we briefly fell asleep in each others arms. I love this class.

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