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Sgt Homo shows me the way

I am a heavy munitions specialist in the U.S. Army assigned to Ft. Hood, Texas. I was back in the States after my second tour in Iraq and looking forward to going home for a little R&R. I had been approved for a leave to start in three weeks. My hometown is near Chicago and I hadn’t been back in nearly fifteen months. The Army doesn’t like idle time so I would be drilling and training for the next three weeks.

On day two of my twenty-one day countdown I was in the mess hall for morning chow. Sitting at my table was Sgt. Holmes. I knew that he was from the Chicago area but knew little else about the man. I had heard a few of the troops call him Sgt Homo. I didn’t know what his sexual orientation was, nor did I care. I follow the Don’t ask, don’t tell policy. We were both Cubs fans and talked a little about that. He said that he wanted to catch a game or two when he went home in a couple weeks. I said that I too was going home soon. He suggested that we coordinate our leave dates so that we could drive up together. That way we could share the driving and travel expenses. That sounded good to me. I double timed it to see my First Sergeant and request a change in my leave orders. When I told him that I would be riding with Sgt. Holmes he chuckled.

What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You’re riding with Sgt. Homo?”

I said that I didn’t believe that crap. And if he tried anything, I would kick the dog shit out of him.

Top chuckled again as he studied his computer screen for a minute. He made some key strokes. “Your new orders are in the printer” as he pointed to the machine.

Two weeks later at 0600 hours we were loading the back of his minivan with our duffle bags. I hung my Class-A uniform behind the driver’s seat. He asked why I was bringing my Class-A. I explained that my grandfather was a Korean Conflict vet and living in an assisted living facility. My mother wanted me to wear it when I visited him, as he would want to show me off to the other residents.

Sgt. Holmes gave me a knowing nod. Then he shocked me when he said that a good looking guy like me in uniform would have to beat off the nurses at the home.

Uh oh. Sgt Homo thinks I’m a good looking guy. What if he was gay? What if he did make a move on me? Would I really have to kick the dog shit out of him?

Later as we rode along in silence I began to think about what he had said. I’m not gay. There were times when I wondered what it would be like to lie down with another man. Often in the showers I would check out the penises of the other men. I only did this to reassure myself that my penis was slightly bigger than most. At least that was what I kept telling myself. Besides, I had always enjoyed sex with women. But still I wondered. I also wondered if I was being silly having these thoughts just because Sgt. Holmes thought that I was a good looking guy. I tried to put this out of my head be paying attention to the country music playing on the radio.

Around dinner time we got off the highway and looked for a motel for the night. There were a few to choose from. We selected the one with a swimming pool. We parked and entered the registration lobby. The hottie behind the desk gave us bright smile as we walk in. “You guys military?” she asked. She answered her own question by pointing to our heads and said that our haircuts were her first clue. She apologized that there was only one room left. It only had one king-size bed but she could have a cot brought in. Good news followed. She said that her daddy owned the place. Her daddy always said that they should do whatever they could for our brave men and women in uniform. Therefore the room would be free. Her name was Brittany. She let us know that she would be available if we wanted anything, anything at all. The message was clear. The cot would be in our room by the time we got back from dinner.

The dining room was small with a modest menu. The lone server was Ashley and we learned that she was Brittany’s sister. Ashley, too, wanted very much to make our stay a pleasant one. Sgt. Holmes seemed not to notice what the sisters were implying. He did ask if there was a place to run nearby. There was. Ashley gave us the simple directions to get there.

After dinner we went back to the room to change into running clothes. I tried to get a peek at his cock when he dropped his boxers but he was wearing a cup. I let out a slight moan of disappointed. If he heard the moan he gave no indication.

Outside, we jogged off in the direction Ashley had given us. Down the road a hundred clicks, right turn, another hundred clicks, another right. We came upon a fitness park and jogging trail. Max took the lead on the trail. I was calling him Max now. He was calling me Daniel. He took off on a strong pace as I trailed behind. His stride was effortless. I admired his toned body from behind. He had to be about ten years older than I but in much better condition. We did the full three miles on the trail. When we got back the starting point he set a much faster pace back to the hotel. We headed right for the swimming pool, removed our running shoes and dove into the water. After about ten laps of the pool I had to stop. Max swam another six laps.

I knew that if he tried anything, kicking the dog shit out of this guy would not be an option. I would have to succumb. I began to think that maybe I might welcome his advances. I kept telling myself that I was straight. But that didn’t stop me from wondering, what if.

Back in the room, Max, having earlier removed his shirt and shoes poolside, had only to drop his running shorts and jock strap for me to get a look at his cock. He lost these items with his back to me before heading for the shower. I would have to wait a bit longer. I was becoming obsessed. I just had to see his cock. In what seemed like an hour but actually only a few minutes Max came out of the bathroom. He was totally naked with only a towel around his neck. The view was worth the wait. His athletic body was slim, toned and muscular. I had never admired a cock before but I admired this one. I just wanted to touch it. Max turned his back to me for a moment to get a pair of clean boxers from his bag. He turned back and faced me again and stepped into his shorts. When the waistband was at mid-thigh he stopped and looked right at me. I was transfixed. I could not take my eyes away. He smiled slightly and finished pulling at the waistband. He grabbed the TV remote and plopped on the king-size. I had been sitting on the cot through all of this, ceding the larger bed to the senior NCO. Since I was now sporting a slight erection, I thought it best to undress out of sight.

I returned from the bathroom in a fresh pair of boxers. Max was spread on the king-size with his hands behind his head watching the TV. I walked in front of the TV to get to the cot and at first didn’t see what he was watching. He was watching porn. It was hard for me to see the TV from my position. The bed was between me and the TV. Also, the cot was a few inches lower than the bed. I had to get up on one elbow to see the see the TV.

“You can’t see from there, come on up here” Max said as he patted the bed beside him. I couldn’t move. “Come on” again he said. “I’m not going to bite you.”

As I got off the cot, Max moved to the far side of the bed. I lay down as far away from him as I could, leaving as much space as possible between us.

The porn was not hard core. The film showed bare breasted women having simulated sex with men and other women. No hard cocks. No penetration. An occasional peek at a shaved pussy. Not very stimulating. Nevertheless, Max soon had a hand inside his boxers stroking his cock. I was more turned on by what he was doing than by what was on the TV screen. Soon I too had a hand in my shorts touching my own cock. After about a minute of this, Max turned toward me and said, “You want some help with that?”

“What?” I said.

“You know what” he said, “Now, again, do you want some help?”

“Sure” I said as I removed the hand from my cock.

He rolled closer and put a hand on my cock. He stroked me slowly through the fabric of my boxers. He then asked if I had ever done this before.

“No” I said.

I didn’t know what was happening.

“Do you want me to stop?”

My heart was about to pound out of my chest. I couldn’t speak, I just shook my head.

“Then take these off” he said as he tugged at my shorts.

With shaking hands, I complied.

I was now laying naked in a bed with another man for the first time in my life. My body jerked when he took hold of my raging cock. I tried to relax as his fingers and lips explored my body. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Until now I had wanted to see and touch his cock. At last I was about to do just that. I put my hand on the front of his boxers and slowly rubbed his hardness. With that Max quickly joined me in nakedness. He got on his knees with his rock hard cock just inches from my face. My fingers stroked his cock as a drop of precum appeared. I rubbed the glistening droplet all around the tip of his cock. Then without thinking I took the head of his cock into my mouth. The move was strictly impulsive. I held the head of his cock between my lips for a few seconds. He pulled away and straddled my left leg. He put me in a spread eagle position by holding my hands above my head. Then his lips and fingers began to play with my nipples. I arched my back hoping to get more of my tits into his mouth. Then his lips began to move down. I waited in anticipation. My eyes were closed when I felt his warm breath on my cock. Suddenly my entire cock was in his mouth. I watched as his head bobbed up and down on my cock. When I said that I was about to cum, Max looked up and said, “Yes, do it, cum in my mouth.” Then went back to the chore at hand. With the fingers of one hand tweaking a nipple the other hand gently massaged my balls. All the while his lips and tongue were working their magic on my engorged cock. I had had blowjobs before from women. Those women, God bless them, tried but none had the cocksucking talent of Max. I felt him swallow as the first spurt of cum shot into his mouth. Then a second spurt of cum and again he swallowed. He kept my cock in his mouth until I was totally spent.

We were not finished. I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience. I wanted to return the favor. Thus, I became the aggressor. I was anxious to do the things that I had just learned. I wanted his cock in my mouth again, only deeper this time. I pumped his cock with my mouth as I tweaked his nipples and caressed his balls. When Max announced that he was going to cum, I pulled away and watched his cum shoot onto his stomach. A small drop of cum remained on the tip of his member. I licked it away. To my surprise, it didn’t have much of a taste. I took his cock into my mouth one more time. I held it there until he began to soften. I saw the cum on his stomach. I thought, what the fuck? I licked it away.

On my back, I didn’t know what to do or say next. That’s when Max rolled over and kissed me full on the lips. When he pulled away from the kiss, I put a hand on the back of his head and pulled his lips back to mine.

We watched the 10 o’clock news then drifted off to sleep.

Before falling asleep, I wondered. Am I gay now? I enjoyed the experience and wanted to do it again. Still I wondered. Will I ever fuck a woman agaia?

That night I dreamed of fucking a woman. So, I’m not gay. Not totally anyway.

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