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Shower Time

Aaron and Sam enjoy their afternoon shower
“Do you think anyone on the team knows about us?” Sam asked his best friend.

“No way. How could they know?” Aaron asked.

“I don’t know, things have a way of getting out,” Sam said.

“Will you just be quiet and take your shorts off?” Aaron ordered Sam.

“Not even in the shower and you are ordering me around,” Sam said with a smile.

“That’s right, now get in there before I have to punish you,” Aaron said, as he removed his shirt.

Aaron and Sam had been friends since junior high and were now in their last year of high school. The friends had come out to each other last year and a beautiful relationship had followed. Sam was about six feet tall and had a very toned body. Aaron was a little taller, around six feet two inches and more muscular. Both guys ran for their high school cross-country team. Sam had been pretty white before joining the team and had developed a nice tan from running outside so much. Aaron, being black, had always had darker skin, but had darkened even more from running outside. Sam had started telling Aaron he had always loved his darker skin and that he was so jealous.

Sam walked into Aaron’s shower, which was separate from the bathtub, shaking his butt a little as he did.

“Might have to punish me anyway,” Sam said, turning back and smiling.

“Oh you are in for it now,” Aaron said as he finished undressing and followed Sam into the shower.

The two friends often did everything sexual at Aaron’s house, as his dad was single and often travelled for work. Aaron’s mom and dad had separated a few years ago. They didn’t fight or anything, from what Aaron saw, but they must have been unhappy.

Aaron grabbed both of Sam’s wrists and pinned him to the shower wall, kissing him deeply as their bodies pressed together. Sam returned the rough kiss and after putting both of Sam’s wrists in one hand, Aaron let his other hand grab hold of Sam’s semi-hard cock and began stroking it. Sam began to moan into Aaron’s mouth as his cock was being stroked.

“Oh you like that?” Aaron asked, already knowing the answer.

“Mmm yes,” Sam replied.

Aaron stopped and gave Sam’s cock a smack.

“In here, what do you call me?” Aaron asked.

“Sorry, Sir. Yes, Sir, I like that,” Sam corrected himself.

“Too bad now,” Aaron said. “Turn around, face the wall and get that ass out!” Aaron ordered.

Sam did as he was told, pressing his hands against the wall and sticking his butt out for Aaron.

“I love that white ass,” Aaron said, giving Sam’s ass a slap.

Sam closed his eyes, enjoying the way Aaron spoke to and about his body. Aaron spanked Sam’s ass again, causing both their cocks to get harder.

“You enjoy your spanking?” Aaron asked.

“Yes Sir,” Sam replied.

“Do you deserve this spanking?” Aaron asked.

“Yes Sir,” Sam replied, his cock getting harder.

“That’s right, you do,” Aaron said, smacking Sam’s ass again.

After a few more smacks, Aaron turned Sam around and said in a commanding voice, “On your knees.”

Sam was quick to obey, his face level with Aaron’s cock.

“Open,” Aaron commanded.

Sam opened his mouth and felt Aaron’s hand on his head. Aaron gripped the hair on Sam’s head as he pushed his cock into his mouth.

“Suck my cock,” Aaron ordered.

Sam began doing just that, his lips sliding over the large black cock in his mouth. Sam always enjoyed sucking Aaron’s large cock, and had become quite good at it, much to Aaron’s enjoyment.

“Mmm your mouth feels so good on my cock,” Aaron moaned to Sam.

Sam enjoyed the encouragement and began to slowly take Aaron’s cock deeper, and slide his tongue along the underside of his cock.

“Mmm you must have been hungry for my cock,” Aaron said to Sam.

“Mmhmm,” was all Sam could muster, as he had a mouth full of cock.

Aaron’s grip tightened as he said, “I didn’t tell you to respond.”

With that Aaron forced his cock deeper into Sam’s mouth, entering his throat. Sam relaxed his throat and took the forced cock. Sam took the liberty to learn how to deep-throat early, as he knew Aaron would get more dominant with him. Aaron loved the fact that Sam was so willing to please him, and slowly began to face fuck him. Sam gagged a little, as he was face fucked, but never for a second wanted Aaron’s hard cock out of his mouth.

“Mmm, oh yes take my big cock,” Aaron moaned out, as he face fucked Sam.

Sam remained where he was, the cock in his mouth and throat feeling so right. Aaron slowly withdrew his bulging hard cock and looked down at Sam.

“On your feet,” Aaron ordered.

Sam was quick to stand and Aaron spun him back towards the wall.

“Get that ass back out,” Aaron said giving Sam’s butt a smack.

Sam pushed his butt back and Aaron took hold of him by the waist.

“Now whose ass is this?” Aaron asked, smacking Sam’s ass.

“Yours, Sir,” Sam replied.

“Good boy,” Aaron smiled, as he grabbed the bottle of lube from the shelf in the shower.

Aaron lubed up his finger and began to tease Sam’s tight hole. Sam moaned gently and tried pushing back onto Aaron’s finger.

“Eager aren’t we, slut?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Sam replied.

Aaron slowly inserted his lubed finger into Sam’s hole. Sam moaned gently as Aaron began to finger him, lubing his insides. Sam always enjoyed being fingered by Aaron and knew what was coming next. Soon Sam had two lubed fingers in his ass, gently lubing and loosening his hole.

“I think that sweet ass is ready now,” Aaron said, giving Sam’s ass a slap.

Sam was more than ready, as he felt Aaron’s hard, lubed cock press against his now relaxed, loose hole. Aaron gently pressed the head of his cock against Sam’s hole and even after the loosening; it was still tight, as he pressed inside Sam’s well-lubed ass. Sam began to moan as Aaron pushed his cock slowly deeper and Aaron could not help but let out a moan, as his cock sunk deeper into his friend and lover’s tight ass. The sight of the two young, built men would have excited any bisexual or gay man. The dark skin of Aaron a beautiful contrast to the slightly tanned body of Sam. The guys’ toned muscles bulging as pleasure surged through their bodies, Aaron’s cock now slowly moving back and forth inside Sam.

“Mmm that ass feels good,” Aaron moaned, as he adjusted Sam, so his upper body was more against the wall and their bodies were pressed right together.

This adjustment sank Aaron’s cock deeper and Sam moaned hard, as Aaron was now balls-deep in him. Aaron grabbed Sam by the hair and pulled his head back, with a smile. Sam returned the smile and the couple kissed deeply, roughly.

Aaron unlocked his lips and told Sam, “Tell me you want my hard cock, fucking your ass hard.”

“I want your hard cock, fucking my ass hard,” Sam repeated.

Aaron picked up the pace a little, but not full speed.

“Beg, slut,” Aaron ordered Sam.

“Mmm, please fuck me hard, Sir,” Sam said to Aaron, loving it when he made him beg.

“Only because you said, Sir,” Aaron said right into Sam’s ear, before leaning back and beginning a hard pounding into Sam’s ass.

“Fuck, mmm fuck yes,” Sam moaned, as Aaron’s hard, black cock pounded his ass.

“Mmm take that cock,” Aaron said through a moan, as he drilled deeply into Sam’s tight ass.

The guys moaned hard together as their bodies were slick from the steam building in the bathroom. Aaron reached around Sam and started stroking his cock as he fucked him.

“You better, mmm, cum with me baby,” Aaron moaned into Sam’s ear.

“Tell me wh…when,” Sam could barely say, the pleasure causing him to stutter.

Aaron took a few more hard, deep thrusts into Sam before saying, “Mmm now!”

Aaron thrust deeply as he told Sam to cum and stroked Sam’s cock long, a little tightly, the way he liked it. Sam moaned, his cock throbbing and he could feel Aaron’s cock throbbing deep inside him, as it began to shoot cum into him. The sensations were so intense that Sam shot his load hard onto the wall of the shower. The two rode their orgasms for a few moments before resting against the wall, Aaron still buried in Sam.

Aaron wrapped his arms around his lover. Sam turned his head and the two kissed passionately. Aaron’s softening cock gently slipped from Sam’s ass and then the two showered together, helping each other rinse and wash their bodies.

“I guess it is time for homework,” Aaron said with a smile.

“Aww, can we cuddle for a bit?” Sam said to Aaron.

“You know we will fall asleep if we cuddle,” Aaron said.

“Just for a second,” Sam said, walking down the hall and getting into Aaron’s bed.

Aaron walked into his room and saw his best friend and lover, lying on his bed. He walked over to him, lay down and wrapped his arms around him.

“Only for a second,” Aaron said to Sam.

“One second, I promise.” Sam said smiling and enjoying every second he had in Aaron’s arms.

Aaron could already feel the relaxation setting in as he held Sam. Soon Sam’s eyes were closed, followed by Aaron’s.

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