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Sodom Eyes ( Part 2 ) -- Trucker Trade Off

Uncle Jake trades me to another trucker
That big, black cock hit my tonsils, as it sought the entrance to my gullet. My eyes grew big as saucers as I took six, seven, eight inches into my mouth and still was looking at least three more extending from my lips. The man paused, letting my throat get used to the girth, as tears welled up in my eyes. I grabbed his butt cheeks with both hands and pulled him closer; I figured if I was going to choke to death, it might as well be worth it.

My nose was buried in his stiff and wiry pubes, my Adam's Apple bobbing up and down, massaging the horny invader. I started humming, letting my vocal cords vibrate against the smooth head of his cock. The man moaned: this was a new feeling for him. He whispered, "Oh, baby . . ."

Having arrived in Baltimore and unloaded (the truck, that is), we wound up with a cargo of carpeting bound for Louisville, Kentucky. Leaving the trailer with the trucking company, we drove off in the cab to get sleeping quarters. We found a small motel on the outskirts of town with a small diner across the highway. Sitting at the counter eating our meal, we struck up a conversation with another trucker.

His name was Hal, and he was a broad shouldered guy with long, wavy strawberry blond hair tucked under his Peterbilt ball cap, red and black flannel shirt, and blue jeans that could barely contain a fine looking ass and prominent bulge in the crotch. He was about 40 years old, give or take. We sat at the counter, me, Uncle Jake, Hal and a brown haired kid of about 25 sitting on the stool on the other side of Hal, but not with our little conversing group. But, it was obvious he was listening in on our conversation, and my uncle was leering at him frequently.

Over apple pie a la mode and coffee, Hal mentioned that he was staying at that same motel. He also flipped his thumb in my direction and asked Jake if I was a trucker, and Jake's driving partner. ( At that time, I was only nineteen and a half. ) Uncle Jake said no, not a driver, but "He's here to take care of my needs after shutting down the road at night."

"Ooooweee!" Hal said with a grin. "I shore wish I had someone to take o' my needs. Yes, sir!"

I could feel my cheeks burning with my blush as I looked down shyly and smiled.

After the pie and coffee and the bill laid down by the waitress, Hal discovered that he had forgotten his wallet, and no money to pay.

Uncle Jake said, "Hey, no problem, we're staying at the same place, right? I'll pay for all, and you can pay me when we get back to the room."

So, it was decided, that I would go with Hal back to get the money, and meet up with my uncle in our room, later.

Only that's not quite what happened.

As Hal and I were leaving, I saw Uncle Jake scoot over to the dark haired kid and strike up a conversation with him. I figured that maybe I wouldn't be going back to our room after all, and wondered if Hal would mind if I slept in his room.

So, I'm in Hal's room. He's in the shower, and I'm sitting on the foot of the bed, watching another porno on closed circuit television. ( Christ, is that all they had in those days?? )
It's black and white, and grainy, but I can see that it's a Caballero video with Seka and John Holmes. Wow! It's my first time seeing Johnny Wadd, and that super hung dick he had. He was plowing Seka's pussy, and I wished I were her.

I was so mesmerized, I didn't even hear Hal come out of the bathroom. I first became aware of his presence when I felt his cock rubbing on my neck. It felt warm and slightly damp from the shower. He dragged it across the nape, just below my hairline, then back to the side and up to my jaw.

He slapped his dick gently against my cheek, and then brought it up to my ear and rubbed it there. I was still staring at the TV, my breathing shallow, my cock growing in my jeans.
Hal brought his dick back to my left cheek, and held it there pressed against my skin. I could feel the heat of his cock, the hardness of it, the bulging veins as it filled with blood, as my cheeks filled with blood, blushing like I'd done in the restaurant.

He placed his calloused hand on my right cheek and turned my head just a little, rubbing his rod under my nose, I could smell it, smell the hot flesh, feel the foreskin bunch under my nose, above my upper lip, peeling back from his glistening, purplish, pink cock-head, where a dollop of pre-cum appeared, like a pearl drop of dew on a soft flower.

Only this wasn't a flower. This was a raging tube of man-flesh, just as big and as long as the tube-steak I was still transfixed in watching on the flickering screen.

He pressed on my cheek more with his hand, turning it and forcing it back, so I was looking up at him. He was completely naked, his hairy pecs curving up from his flat stomach, almost covering his face, as he gazed at me with unholy eyes.

He turned his body slightly and still with my head cocked to the side, started forcing his massive dick into my mouth, past my lips, pressing down on my tongue, seeking the warm wetness of my drool, to slime his cock to make it easier to slide down my throat.

With both hands locked in my hair now, he began to thrust, swinging his mighty hips forward and back. There was no place for his cock to go but down my throat, and back out again, then back down and back out, over and over and over again.

Again, I was just a hole to a big beefy man, just like I was with Uncle Jake. A hole to get a man's rocks off, a tunnel of love for his fuck stick.

After ravishing my mouth for a few minutes, he slid me off of the bed, and sat me down onto the floor. He turned around, facing away, showing me his great ass, the one in the tight jeans in the diner.

There I was, sitting on the floor, leaning back against the bed, my head tilted back on the mattress. The trucker's butt swayed above me, as he slowly bent his knees, decending his meaty globes down to my face. His ass grew larger in my field of view, and then . . . contact! My nose was in his trench, my tongue slithering from my mouth to tickle his anal eye, his sweaty balls resting on my chin. I reached up to feel his firm, supple glutes, spreading them apart, letting him decend another inch or two, as my tongue went wild on his asshole. I wondered what my uncle was doing . . . was the kid licking Jake's ass right now, like I was licking Hal's?

Hal groaned and ground his butt harder into my face.

"Yeah, lick it, little pig-boy! Get that tongue up in there! Lick it like the pig you are!"

Yeah, I was his little pig, his burrowing little ass licker. I snorted into his asscrack.

"Yeah! Scarf that up! Oink it out you pig! You pig! Lick it!"

It was getting hard to breathe, but I didn't want to stop. I snorted and snuffed and slobbered all over that fine ass. I could tell he was jacking his cock as his balls were bouncing on my chin.

Suddenly he stood up, and spun around, and leaning over me and the bed, he slammed that thick rod in my mouth again and held it there as he shot off. Face grimacing, chest heaving, he reared up on his tip toes, and with his rump quivering, he splattered a week's worth of hot man butter down my throat.

I pulled my own dick out of my pants and whacked off in about two strokes, covering my belly with my own cream while I held his cock in my mouth, feeling the last droplets of pearly dew escape from his soft flower.

To be continued . . .

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