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Sodom Eyes ( Part 4 ) -- Glass Dance

I squatted over that huge monster, my sore hole resting on the smooth head. I tried to sit down--couldn't. That cockhead was too big. You'd think that with what my ass had just been through, it would go right in, but it just wouldn't fit. I gritted my teeth, and tried again. Hal just smiled, reached down and grabbed my ankles. With a quick yank, he pulled my legs out from under me, and down I went, and up the cock went, up into my searing hole.



After sucking William's big black dick, he sat down on the bed beside me. He said, "Take your clothes off."

I stood up, pulled my T-shirt over my head, kicked off my shoes, and unsnapped the buttons of my 501 jeans, all the way down. I had on a pair of tighty whities, and William had me stop there.
"Just let me feel you up a little, baby."

His hands roamed all over my pecs, pinching and pulling my nipples, stroking my armpit hair, running his hands down my smooth chest, reaching around my back, pulling me close to him, while he planted a kiss on my flat belly. He spun me around, started at my shoulders, ran his fingers down my back, down my glutes, down to my ankles, then back up my calves, and back up to my waist. I had a little bit of love handles around my waist, but I was fit and taut.

He used his feet to spread my legs a little, and then reached his hand up between my legs, through the leg of my undies, feeling my nut-sack and the soft silky hair of my crotch. William reached up with his other hand and it probed beneath the fabric, searching for my now rock-hard cock. He found it, straining against the cloth, and wrapped his hand around it, cupping my balls with his other hand, and just paused, with my flesh in his soft, warm hands. It felt really good.

"Oh, baby," he hissed, "I like your dick."

"I'm glad. I like yours, too."

"You're going to make some girl real happy with this."

"Thanks," I said. "But I've never had sex with a girl--only my brothers and my uncle."

"And me. And that trucker you came in with."

"Well, yeah, but that was just blow jobs. I meant getting fucked up my butt."

He released my jewels, and placed his hands on my cotton covered ass cheeks. He rubbed them gently. "Well, you got a nice one," William said as his fingers dug a little harder into my flesh.

This went on for a few minutes, while William's breath got faster and faster, and beads of sweat began forming on my forehead, in anticipation of what was to come. Suddenly he pulled away, saying, "Damn! I need to stop this! I'm going to shoot!

I looked back over my shoulder, and saw him leaning back on the bed, leaning on his elbows while his massive prick stood straight up in the air. I smiled, and leaning forward,wiggled my butt at him. He said, "Damn, baby! You're turning me on again!"

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my undies, and pulled them down, juuuust a little, juuuust to show the top of my ass crack. I had gotten a tan over the summer, and although it was beginng to fade a little, I still had a bronze body with a snowy white groin, and a perfectly straight tan line around my waist.

Well, William took the hint, and reached up and slowly pulled my underwear completely down to my knees. I heard him gasp, and I knew what he was looking at--the alabaster globes of my ass, almost glowing in the dim light from the drawn curtains on the windows. That perfectly proportioned ass, that had driven so many men wild and now was driving this man wild, his hands feeling the flesh, squeezing the firm, round melons of my tight, muscled buttcheeks, with the white skin split down the middle by a deep fissure.

I reached behind and, grabbing the soft flesh with my own hands, I pulled the cheeks wide, revelaing the tiny pink secret that could give pleasure to all men. That warm, inviting hole that could grip a cock in its passion and hold on, caressing the hardness, sending waves of delight through a man's groin.

"Ooohh, baby," William growled, "I want in that!" He started kneading my butt again, running his fingers up and down my anal trench, pausing to press a thumb on my asshole, then moving back up and down again. Suddenly, he gave my ass a good slap. "Ow!" I yelled. "Oh, Daddy!"

He rubbed the flesh again, then slapped the other cheek. My ass quivered. "Oh, man!" I cried out. He quick gave two smacks on the right and one good one on the left. I could feel the welts rising on the lily white skin, feel the heat collecting in my glutes, knowing that my globes were turning red as another blow from his strong black hand landed with a swat. "Oh! Daddy! Watch it!"

Well, I guess the yelling made him a little dominant, cause the spanking lasted for a good five minutes. Up, down, sideways, slapping, smacking, smiting my butt, his black hands coming from all directions as my ass grew redder and redder, and hotter and hotter.

What's black and white and red all over? MY ASS!

I was gasping for breath, tears welling up in my eyes, but I loved it! Finally he stopped, he was gasping for air just as I was. I rolled over onto my back, the cool sheets soothing my battered ass a little.

"Got some lotion for ya," he said as he crossed the room to his sample case. He said that he was a pharmaceutical salesman, as he dug through the case, unpacking it, setting various items on the table looking for the lotion. One of the things he had removed caught my eye, and I sat up. It was a mortar and pestle, the things the old druggists used to grind their powders with. This one was made of glass, and it was a pretty big size; I doubted it if was ever meant to be used, but was probably meant for a display case or something.

I got up and crossed over to the table, and picked up the pestle. It was almost as big as my forearm, with a knob on the end like a . . .well . . .I'm sure you get the picture.

William had found the lotion and when he saw that I had the pestle in my hand, he just smiled, took the pestle from me, and motioned me over to the bed. I got back on the bed, face down, my face into the pillow, my back sweeping up, my ass at the apex of my legs, my rosy red buttcheeks still hot, still burning with his assault of a few minutes ago, as I knew I was going to get fucked. Get fucked good. Get fucked good by a big glass phallus.

William climbed onto the bed beside me, the mattress creaking from his weight, as he
maneuvered into position. I heard him squirt some lotion into his hand, then felt the creamy coolness caressing my caboose. All around my butt he rubbed, easing the fire on my skin,
then slipping a finger into my crack, sliding it up and down, getting it all slippery for the glass probe. His thumb eased into my hole, lubing it up, getting it prepped. Then setting the bottle down, he picked up the pestle.

William held the pestle against my butthole. I could feel how cold it was. He told me to take a deep breath, and slowly pushed it in. My ass spread wide, wider than ever before, wider than my brothers or Uncle Jake ever made it wide. It popped past my anal ring and the muscles closed over the glass shaft, as the head decended into the depths of my rectum, spreading those walls, seeking out new life, and new pleasure, boldly going where no man had gone before.

Long, long, long trip down, the glass disappeared into my tiny, pink, quivering hole, then slowly back up, then back down, then up, down and up and down, again and again and again hitting new spots, reaching new depths, tracing new paths to ecstacy, as I moaned and whimpered into the pillow.

Then William began rotating the pestle, rotating and pulling out, then pushing in, rotating, smoothing out every inch of my poor, battered ass, pulling, pushing, rotating, dancing that glass shaft over my prostate, pulling out til the bulbous knob was stretching my ass lips apart, then plunging back to my love button, then back out again, straining against the anal muscles, then having them relax as it dove back to continue the dance of love in the dark room of my butt.

My cock was so hard, I knew if I touched it, it would go off, but the pleasure that was building up in my hole was so intense, I just had to unload. William must have known that I needed release, because he took my dick in his hand and with two or three strokes I was shooting my jism all onto the sheets, and screaming at the top of my lungs, and my ass clenched down on the glass invader, and tried to force it out of my ass, but because the knob was so big, it wouldn't just come out, and I knew if it did, it would shoot clear across the room, so while in the throes of the most powerful orgasm of my life, that glass head just strained against my ass lips, while the muscles strained back.

When it was all over, William pulled the pestle out of my butt with a pop that actually echoed off the walls. "Whew, baby. You got one hot ass. Can I fuck you?"

I looked at the clock. It was ten after twelve. Time to wake up Hal.

To be continued.
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