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St Mary's - Part One

The secretive school for boys
Alexander James paced the corridor outside the headmaster's office, waiting to be seen. It was an ashen-faced Mr. Norris, his form teacher, who'd silently passed the meeting note to him in class that said Mr. Hampton wanted to see him.

St. Mary's was unique among English all-boys sixth forms in its selection process. All young men must be, as well as hard workers, in the very best physical condition. As well as an entrance exam, there was an aptitude test - the source of much newspaper gossip - and a physical. You didn't have to be a genius to attend, but every boy had to do his best and be co-operative. Hence the school motto: pueri in unione , which depending on who you asked, meant "boys, work as one", or "all boys in union". Sniggering at the motto landed you a meeting note with the headmaster.

It was not for sniggering at the ill-understood motto that Alex was waiting at Mr. Hampton's pleasure, however. It was his first day and he was nervous as to why he had been summoned. 

The school was considered unusual in academic circles for its approach to life. It was a boarding school with no day-pupil option, particularly long terms and an isolated campus. The campus did, however, come with everything a boy could need, including a pub, disco, and various shops. It was more of a village or small town. Young men, or as they were described at the school, boys, spent two years there in preparation, ostensibly, for university, but St. Mary's boasted it prepared a boy to be a well-rounded individual, who "really understood what the pleasures of life could be." There was much speculation about how the school got away with employing not one single woman and not one single man above the age of 45, with the sole exception of the headmaster.

It was dead on 3 in the afternoon, the time the note said to attend, so Alex knocked on the door.

"Come," said Hampton, his voice a cement-mixer of whisky and cigar.

"Sir," said Alex, as he sidled in. The head's office was not an especially grand one, but it was spacious. There was a three-seater sofa as well as his desk and chair. No filing cabinets, everything computerised, and nothing but lesson plans to adorn the wall. No-one knew Hampton's past career, if indeed he had one, and there were no parents within 30 miles to pass on any gossip. His impeccable but conservative dress and fine moustache might suggest a past military career, yet he was just far too handsome for that, Alex thought. He looked for all the world like one of the statues at the British Museum from ancient Greece had got off its pedestal and decided to run a school. Alex couldn't imagine the army insisting on naked swimming in the school pool followed each boy toweling-off their best friend, as he had experienced this morning, although he couldn't rule it out.

"Good," said Hampton, as he sat back in his chair. "Word has reached my ear of a grave and unsettling matter. As you know, St. Mary's is a very tolerant institution and has prided itself on this tolerance throughout its 500-year history, from when monks ran the school, teaching their young novices the ways of the world. But as an all-boys school, we must be vigilant on improper relationships. You know what I'm getting at, dear boy. I'm going to have to investigate you."

There was a well-understood, yet unspoken agreement at the school. Not the sort of thing you could have in the rules or tell the inspectorate. The school would quickly be shut down if it were known to be such a liberal haven for young men who'd passed the aptitude test, so there had to be regular witch-hunts. This kept the boys on their toes so they could quickly deny their fun when asked by the external authorities. It stopped anyone getting complacent. Alex hadn't been told about this. You weren't on your first day.

"Now come here to my side," said Hampton. "This is a very simple test, and I want you to act and react naturally." 

Hampton, with a fluency suggesting much practice, flicked open Alex's belt and dropped his trousers and boxer-briefs. "Lift the front of your shirt," he said, not looking up. The startled Alex complied. Normally it was the prefects or the school surgeon who did the weekly testicular exam, although the lad was yet to learn this.

Hampton, his hands warm and rough, took his student's testes in his palm, and began a slow massage, while peeling back the foreskin of his member. "Relationships in the school are banned, boy, as you know. We have to make sure there aren't any boys here who are faggots and will bring the school into disrepute. You'd best stay soft as I test you." 

Alex's trousers and pants were in a heap on the floor around his ankles and he held his shirt above his nipples as Sir tested him. He could already feel a reaction.

Hampton slipped the student's soft penis in his mouth and gave it a suck from base to tip, his course lip-hairs brushing Alex's pelvic flesh before letting the cock drop from his lips with a smack. "We must be thorough." 

The young man tried his best, but it was no good, as the blood began to pump.

"This is no good. No good at all." He slipped a moistened finger between Alex's cheeks and pressed against his hole, massaging gently in a circle.

"It is as I feared,'' he said, as Alex's cock saluted him. "You must be punished, but we must also make sure this isn't a problem for the school." 

Alex's chest thumped in panic. Was he to be expelled? He flushed.

"You needn't worry. I will mentor you closely, boy. This,'' he said, grasping his hard dick more roughly than was perhaps necessary, "is a natural reaction for some boys.We simply must make sure it doesn't hold you back. Now, you sort it out, first boy. I will help. Don't be shy." 

The school surgeon had done a good job of shaving between Alex's legs yesterday, leaving no stubble. He was tall, slim, and his member was proportionate and sturdy, with a delightfully gentle curve. Sir stood behind him, cupped his balls with his left hand and began pumping him with his right. "Like this. Carry on, boy." 

The lad frigged himself before splashing on the floor. "Good. Now, over my knee.''

The head looped forefinger and thumb round the boy's cock and balls, while he eased him over his knee for a hand-spanking. After each blow, enough to bring colour to the cheeks but not really hurt, he rubbed Alex's young flesh with his palm. A couple of dozen blows later and he eased him up.

"Now, to show the other boys you are to be left alone, I have a special gift for you, young Alex,'' said Hampton. He opened his desk drawer and produced what looked a lot like a jewelry box. Out came a gold ring, too big for a finger or thumb, and with an odd-looking screw on the side.

Alex was still naked from the waist down, and Hampton, with a smile he couldn't quite work out, motioned him to lift his shirt again and slipped it over his penis and balls. He tightened the screw so it didn't slip off, but was comfortable, like a collar.

"Good. Make sure you keep that on. You and I are going to have a very close relationship, young man," said Hampton, with that smile again. "Now, off you go." 

To be continued...

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