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Stag weekend fun

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At last, a bit a male action again provided relief...
I was recently on a Stag weekend where I finally had anotherguy on guy experience. Thought I’d share this with you. It’s not a quickie, but it is pretty much what happened.

I’ll call him Jack. Years ago, I was at a party hosted by the groom where there included a group of three girls, one of which was called Jo. She was with her then boyfriend and to some extent she become part of our circle of friends. Jo has always had that really cute, if not stunningly beautiful, look, and frankly I’ve always rather fancied her, but. To cut a long story short, it was at another get together where she and Jack met up and subsequently married. For one reason and another, I have never really got to know either of them very well.

The stag weekend was in the West Country and we all met up at the hotel on the Friday. We were all sharing rooms and I was next to Jack when we were checking in. For the record, we are both active, fit, normal guys.

The Friday night was (as usual) over the top. I think we got back wasted around 3am from clubbing. Thankfully I had already put on the paracetemol – I’d be needing its effect later. I stripped off to my trunks and went to the bathroom to do my teeth. As came out, Jack was struggling to get out of his other trouser leg in his drunken state. We were both pissing ourselves in laughter and in the end I just reached down and pulled them off. I remember having a quick check out of his bulge in his briefs and wondering what it was like. I got a brief eyeful when he then stood up, pulled down his briefs and wandered into the bathroom. 

He shouted if I wanted a glass of water and brought one back for me. I was lying under the duvet by then and he just walked straight over, put it down on the side and then got into his bed. That time I got a better view of his cock. A nice one, uncut with full balls and shaved like me. I was left there thinking, whatever, he obviously doesn’t mind being naked.

Preferring that myself, I pulled my own trunks off and fell asleep.

Waking up for the Saturday activities was a tough one. Nothing happened sexually though. I got up, wandered past his bed and into the bathroom. By the time I was showered, Jack was emerging from bed and staggered to the bathroom. Eventually we made breakfast and had a blast during the day. Then in the evening, it was a good meal, more drinking and finally the lapdancing club.

I’ve been to a few and this one was ok, if expensive. Dances started at £20 but for double you get the naughty forty. Well I was feeling flush and the girls did look good and had my fill. There was one girl who frankly had me totally. She had the most luscious tanned skin, was tall and very nubile. What was best of all, was that she really knew it and was clearly proud to make a fantastically good living from using the gift which was her body.

By the end of the night all of us had let any inhibitions go and around 2am, we had all had enough though and we made a move back to the hotel. In the room, the conversation felt pretty free and easy with Jack, which of the girls we preferred and that it would be great if they did proper ‘extras’. Both of us admitted to having been left feeling really horny.

I thought I had got my money’s worth but then he then told me about one girl who had let him tongue her bum. I told him he had been a lucky bastard and jokingly asked what Jo, his wife, would have said. He laughed and after a pause said she would probably have been jealous.

“Yeah yeah mate!” Only his confident smile was suggesting he was serious. “Hang on, you aren’t serious… are you?”

He just smiled, and then, “Haha… who knows…” and just let it hang there with that knowing smirk. I was about to leave it too but was curious and wanted to dig for more.

“Well, well… So the lovely Jo is a bit of a sneaky on eh! You know I always did think you hit the jackpot with her, she’s seriously sexy. What’s she like in bed?” I immediately wondered if I had overstepped the mark and put my hands up. “Sorry mate, didn’t mean that, I must be a bit pissed.”

“Hey, no problem. And to answer the question – she’s top drawer. She’s the kinky one actually!”

“Oh yeah…!” I didn’t know what else to say and I really just wanted to tell him that I had always wanted to fuck her. Eventually I just asked him again, “So does she… you know… go both ways?”

Jack was squirming a bit. “Haha… Well… Are you cool? I mean this doesn’t go any further”

“Yeah sure mate.” We were sat opposite one another on the bedroom chairs.

He seemed half wanting to spill the beans, half reluctant, so I just shut up and let him come out with it. He said it was a bit far out and again said it doesn’t go further. By this time my curiosity was overflowing wondering what the truth was.

“Well, yeah. She’s pretty good. And yeah, she goes both ways.” It took him a while, but eventually he told me everything. Friends of theirs were pretty open minded and it was Jo who first suggested they have some fun together. Back at Uni, she had done the ‘lesbian thing’ on the basis that you’ve got to try everything once and had always wanted to have another go but thought Jack wouldn’t be cool about it. She had a thing for this other woman too. First time round, the two couples kept it to just sex with spouses in front of each other, but then it was the girls who made the move and went for it together. Thereafter, they had fully swapped and got together on a fairly regular basis.

I asked him if it was really that good. “Well we did take it really slowly at first. Confidence is a big thing, but now… if the rules are all set out… fucking amazing mate!”

I was a bit gobsmacked and asked him stuff about Jo getting it on with another girl, seeing her fuck another guy and stuff. He was just sat there chilled out enjoying telling me. “You can’t believe the thrill of seeing your wife begging to be fucked by another guy and then cum hard.” I was getting pretty horny and had a full on hard on which I was trying to hide by crossing my legs.

Jack told me so too. I said, “Yeah… it’s been difficult to stay down all night!” He told me not to worry and that once you’ve seen another guy’s cock, one gets a bit more chilled out about things. Then I thought if he’s looking at my hard on, I can have a look at his and there is was, filling out his trousers.

By that time it was getting pretty late and when we got to the end of the details, I said I was going to grab a shower as it had been a long day. I think in the back of my mind I was thinking about having a wank as well as I was really needing it. So I started to undress.

Jack said, “Arh right… needing a wank mate! Make sure you rinse the tiles down. I don’t want to be finding dodgy leftovers!”

We both cracked up. “Nah… sorry mate… you’re just not cute enough for me to knock one out,” or something like that. Anyway he just sat there as I got naked and as I took off my trunks, my half-masted cock sprang out. Jack said something like I was ready for it and the feeling of exposing myself in front of him was only turning me on more. I tried to appear cool and went to the bathroom, leaving the door open.

I suppose I was hoping he’d come in too. The shower cubicle was set aside from the bath and had a clear glass door. You know those fluttering nerves of sexual excitement. Well I had them big time. What if he did come into the bathroom? What if he thinks I’m just really gay? What if instead he offers to step into the cubicle? So despite everything he had said about not being worried about being naked, I wanted my hard on to subside. Trouble was I couldn’t help having a quick feel which sent waves of pleasure down my shaft and only put me back at full erection.

And it was just then that I noticed Jack had walked in. He was butt naked, was standing at the basin with a toothbrush.

When I turn round to see, he said, “Hey hey!!! Wasn’t meaning to interrupt!

“Arh.. yeah…No!... Just, no… wasn’t…”

Over the noise of the shower he told me, “Sure you were. Anyway, don’t worry about me… I’ll be needing it next.”

I didn’t know what to say and decided to finish rinsing off.

It was really weird. By now I was facing Jack and letting the water run off me. He was brushing his teeth and took the time to deliberately look me up and down. His eyes were actually looking at my hard cock. I felt like putting on a bit of a show and ran my hands over my skin one last time and this time I openly gave myself a couple of strokes as if washing the remainder of shower gel off.

After shutting off the water, I opened the door, grabbed the towel and started to dry off.

“You go for the shaved look too then,” Jack asked. “What got you into it?”

“Ages ago, I asked an ex to go bare. She said fine, but only if I would too. Haven’t stopped since. Feels good doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, sure does. Mind you it’s a bit itchy right now.” He had a feel of his balls, then stepped into the cubicle and started showering. I finished drying and rather than putting the towel around me, stayed naked to floss. I watched myself in the mirror. Again it was weird but felt great. My cock had lowered but was still heavy and engorged. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jack soaping up, his hands going all over, including his penis which was half way up.

“Seems you have my problem,” I said to him.

He turned around. “Yeah!” We both looked down at his manhood and he gave it another stroke. “Urgh… feels good…”

“Tell you what, want me to give you a couple a minutes alone?” I said.


With that he had a final rinse and turned off the water. As he stepped out, I had to move to one side to give him room. I was just finishing brushing my teeth by then and he was behind me drying off. When I stood up, he was pretending to be all cool, but the half hard cock rather gave things away. The head was just pushing out of his smooth foreskin and unlike me, the whole pubic area was shaved whereas I leave the bit above only trimmed.

“Was it weird being near another cock when you started… with the other couple?”

“Yeah it was. But I kind of focused on the girls and pretty soon it was ok.” There was a moment or so of awkwardness. They he said, “But you’ve got a nice one there. Not sure if I’d want to be cut though.”

“Hmm… I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be uncut.”

At that, Jack took his shaft and gently held his shaft and pulled back to revealed his knob.

“Can you feel it pulling back and forth?”

“Not really… not like it’s my hand or anything.” He let go and let it half hang down. The two of us just looked at our cocks.

“Looks kind of good…”

“Think you out do me on the size though.”

There was another quiet moment. I really wanted to touch him.

“Bit weird, but I’ve never been this close to another one.”

“I take it you’ve never had a 3 or foursome?”

“No… unfortunately.” At that, Jack took the tip of his cock in his fingers and again pulled back his foreskin. I held my own cock up for him to look at.

“Yeah… I’d love to, but I’m pretty sure Sharon’s not up for it.”

I think if I hadn’t said anything, we would both have ended up wanking, but instead, I said something like, “Bit weird, but can I try that? I’ve never pulled a foreskin back.”


He dropped his hand and turned slightly. He cock was still about halfway up, nice and full but not hard. At first I just used my finger tips on the skin behind his glans and then pulled back to revealed him. Letting it slide back and forth. Then I let all my fingers rest on the underside of his cock. From in front of him, I pushed gently down his shaft, feeling his meat in my hand. As I did, he got firm and hard. His cock rose and went rigid.

I wrapped my hand round, took hold and then deliberately and slowly stroked him. His breath became heavier. I let my fingers feel his balls and then return to his cock. Now I was gently wanking him, feeling his heat. He let out a gasp.

“Fuck that’s good”.

I just kept it up, gazing at his throbbing cock, turning my hand around so that I could get a better feel. A drop of precum oozed out. “Looks like you’ve been needing this”.


My own cock was fully erect too and he reached down. As he did, all those blissful feelings radiated from my shaft.

“Oh yeah, fucking hell that feels good.”

“You’re rock hard,” he said to me. My own precum was flooding out and he squeezed it on to the knob before massaging it in to my skin. I let out a moan to tell him what he was doing to me. For a while, we just massaged and fondled each other. He put his other hand of my shoulder, and front to front, we wanked off.

Jack said, “I need to do something.”


He then knelt down and I realised he was going to blow me. Oh wow… as his lips touched my skin and the soft wet tongue connected with my cock… he was hitting every sensation I needed at that moment. His mouth and tongue firmly sucked my knob, a hand wanked my shaft and another caressed my balls.

I leaned back on the sink and put a leg up on the side of the bath to give him access. Watching him take me was great and all the build up of the evening was throbbing in my cock. He lifted my shaft and started to tongue my balls, around and around and then taking me back in his mouth. I encouraged him, widening my legs as far as I could.

“Oh yeah, that is fucking excellent… suck me, oh fucking hell yeah…”

Jack was moaning too. Clearly he was loving every moment and began to speed up, pumping me harder and harder. I could feel my orgasm beginning to rise and was wondering whether he would take my cum.

“Shit yeah… Oh fuck yeah do me… Yeah, my cock is loving this…"

He sucked harder, trying to take more and more of me in. Then I could feel myself approaching the orgasm plateau and I let him know I was getting close. He withdrew, stood up and kept wanking me off. “Yeah… I want to make you cum really hard.”

I pushed my bum hard into the edge of the sink and leaned back, savouring the feeling of being fully exposed to him. Then he told me to turn around and face the sink. “I’ll get a better action on you”.

So there I was, looking in the mirror with my cock over the basin. Jack reached around and took hold of me again. He pressed up against my back. I could feel his hardness on my lower back and pushed into him. I leaned forward with my body as he pumped my cock, moaning at the pleasure.

“Fucking hell… this is so fucking good!” I said. “I can feel how hard you are.”

“Yeah… fucking unreal.”

I saw some moisturiser on the side and had a thought. Grabbing it, I emptied a handful and reached round. “Here, I want your cock rubbing against me.” With that I lubed his cock and put it between my cheeks. Immediately, he started thrusting and I could feel his meat sliding against my bum hole as he wanked me off.

Within seconds I could feel myself back on the brink of orgasm and then at the moment of peak, my balls emptied and spurted cum again and again. Jack kept thrusting and pumping my cock. I groaned with each spasm and pushed against him. It was like several surges as the monster orgasm completely relieved the hours of pent up desire.

As I then came down from the high, I leaned forward in that bliss. Jack slowly rubbed his cock up and down my bum and I could feel his need. At that moment, I had that deflated come down feeling and would liked to have just fallen asleep, but as I felt his knob rub up and down and around my hole, I knew I wanted him inside me too.

I said, “Jezz that was a cum…” I stuck my arse out further to give him access. “Mmm… that’s good… you like my cock on my arse?”

“Fucking yeah…”

“Arh…” as he kept rubbing himself on me. “Do you want to fuck me?” I further pushed my bum out.

“Yeah.” I felt him press the head of his penis against my bum hole and sighed.

“Cool… fuck me mate… I need your cock. I want you to fuck me.”

I’d never had a guy take me although my girlfriend has used her vibe on me a few times and the orgasms have been unreal. I passed Jack the moisturiser and told him to ladle it on, then I bent right over and as he pressed into my butt hole, I pushed out my bowels.

“Oh my God yeah,” I uttered as I felt his hardness part my sphincter. His hands were on my hips now and he took a second thrust. This time there was a twinge of pain as he went too fast and I hadn’t been ready.

“Easy… more lotion… yeah… nice and slow…You ever done this before?”

“Nah… first time… You?”

“First with a guy… done it with my girlfriend though. I kind of like it.”

Bit by bit, his shaft was swallowed by my bum and I felt him filling me up. Oh wow, that glorious sensation of your bum taking it all in and being fucked. God I was in heaven. Jack took me all the way to the hilt and I felt his hips up against me. We both looked at one another in the mirror and smiled. I think this was the bit we admitted to one another that it was more than two guys just getting rid of sexual frustration. We were fucking and loving it.

“Give it to me,” I said. Normally it would have taken me half an hour or so to recover from an orgasm, but then I was already feeling aroused again and had that longing for the build up. “Fuck me…”

And with that, Jack started to do just that. Lubing up every now and then, I got properly taken. Jack went into the zone and I could see he was living out a fantasy of his, looking at me getting it, his cock being thrust into a guys arse and his own orgasm building as a result.

“I’m getting close mate.”

“Do it. Cum inside. I want to know what it’s like.”

And so he did. We looked at one another as he went up to the peak. I could see for the first time what a guy really looked like as he found that peak. He closed his eyes and pounded me in between holding it and prolonging the pleasure. Then he let it go, pumping me as his cum flowed deep inside my bum. I couldn’t feel it, but loved the sensations of his shaft pulling in and out and by this time I was semi erect again.

Gradually he slowed down as each spurt spent itself inside, until satiated; he rested with his softening cock buried. He ran his hands over my back and arse.

“Fucking hell… that was what I needed,” he said.

“Good eh?”


I wanted to know what Jo would be thinking but didn’t ask. Would she be turned on or horrified? Would she want me to bury my face in her cunt whilst she watched her husband fuck me… I hoped so.

After a short while, Jack pulled out leaving that weird fulfilled sensation in my bum. He sat on the loo whilst I sat against the bath.

We both smiled. “Fucking hell… wasn’t expecting that this weekend! You’ve just taken my virginity mate!” I said.

“Me too.”

“Cool… I kind of enjoyed it… Didn’t think I’d ever go that far.”

We continued chatting for a while. We cleaned up and by the time we crashed to bed, dawn was on its way. After too little sleep, the alarm went off.

I heard Jack say, “Hey mate, you cool about last night?”

I threw off the duvet to reveal my hard on. He smiled and got to work.

Still hoping for a visit to theirs to fuck Jo. Will keep you posted.

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