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Starting the Day Right

My boyfriend wakes me up and starts my day out on a sensual note.
I moaned as I woke up, feeling a single feathery touch tracing a line along my spine. I was lying on my stomach and I glanced over at Drew, who skillfully sent shivers of pleasure through my skin as he brushed his finger from between shoulder blades to the small of my back.

I moaned again and smiled. “I could get used to getting woken up like this. That feels incredible.”

Drew patted my left butt cheek and chuckled. “I think you already have,” he replied as he leaned over and brushed his thick lips across my own. I shifted so I could free my right hand and caress the dark skin of his cheek.

“No, not yet. We’ve only been sharing a bed for a week. I need at least another three to really get used to it.”

He slapped by butt lightly, the contact making a soft popping sound.

“Oh, very well.”

I rolled onto my right side so that I was facing him and began to massage his chest. He continued to stroke my thigh and we kissed again, this time our lips parting and our tongues duelling playfully. My body began to respond to the sensations and Drew encouraged this as he lightly grasped my hardening member and began to stroke it. I winced at first but quickly melted as Drew encouraged me to full erection. I laid on my back as Drew worked on my shaft with one hand and used the other to caress my chest and abdomen to send jolts of electricity through my whole body. Soon, I was panting.

“Oh God, Drew, the things you do to me.....”

Drew smiled. “Which things, Babe?”

“Everything.” I moaned. “So are you going to do it?”

A mischievous smile crossed his face, “You sure you want me to?”

I was reaching the point of overstimulation and whimpered. “You know I do.”

Drew guided me as I rolled back onto my side so that I was facing away from him. He laid behind me, pressing his chest into my back. With one hand, he continued to play with my genitals as he used the other to apply a condom and lube to his own massive shaft. He also spread some lubricant on my ass, then began to line his head up with my entrance.

I tried to calm my heart as he slowly began to push his way inside of me. He thick shaft began to slowly make way, giving me a sense of being both filled and possessed. I moaned in pleasure as my body worked to accept my lover’s invasion of my most private space. After several seconds, I could feel Drew’s pubic bone pressed against my bottom. He lay there behind me just barely rocking his hips. His erection moved around inside me, assailing my prostate. I gasped, then mewled at the increased pleasure.

After a few moment, Drew began to slowly thrust in and out of my. He set out a steady, yet slow rhythm, making sure to grind his hips into me each time he pushed all the way back in. I laid there, moaning and enjoying the assault on my body. My passions continued to rise as he made love to me, being sure to stimulate my own member in the process. After several minutes, my passions exploded. My love passage spasmed around Drew’s member, milking him to climax as well. He buried his throbbing erection deep inside as me as his seed spewed into the latex barrier. We lay there panting, Drew still inside of me. He stroked my shaft a few more times before I restrained my hand. He kissed my neck and cheek as I panted and tried to regain my senses.

After a few minutes, Drew pulled his erection from inside me. We turned to face each other, kissing and cuddling. I smiled as I stroked his thigh. “Best start to my day ever.”

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