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Studs Breeding My Ass

It started with an ad on CL.....
Well it all started with an ad that I did not think would ever be fulfilled, much less by six magnificent cocks:

"33, bi, wm, total bottom cum slut, looking for multiple tops to breed my ass."

The only time I could get the most participation was on a Tuesday evening. I was nervous all day; could barely focus on my work, semi hard all day long. After getting home from work I shaved and trimmed all pertinent areas and showered with a nice long enema cleaning out my hole wanting the most pleasure.

7:00pm could not get here soon enough, then finally there was the knock. I opened the door, standing there naked except for the leather cock strap around my cock and balls. I am considered tall, 6'4" about 240lbs, not fat but with a little bit of a tummy, moderate body hair, with my pubic area trimmed but cock, balls, taint and asshole shaved smooth. Six studs walked in, I shut the door as they surrounded me. Hands exploring different parts of my body, tweaking my nipples, pulling my cock and or balls, a finger in my already wet asshole and a couple of firm slaps to my ass cheeks. While it lasted maybe 20 seconds, it seemed like an eternity.

All of a sudden they all stopped and started to take off their clothes, I took my cue and moved over to the couch. Soon the youngest of the six was in front of me; about 6' tall, swimmers build and with a body almost completely shaved of hair except for a small tuft of pubic hair right above a nice young, cut cock. I take it in my mouth, slowly working it as it grows harder by each stroke. I release his meat from my lips and spit a good amount of saliva on his hard shaft. It is now a good 6 and a half inches, a nice torpedo shape. I work the cock with my hand while sucking and licking each of his nuts that I can feel are heavy with at least a weeks worth of cum. That is when I get the tap on my head letting me know he is ready to mount my ass.

I turn around on the couch; facing the back doggy style, spreading my legs while kneeling on the cushions. I feel a couple fingers probing my brown eye, then the head of his cock rubbing up and down against it. A firm push and I have a nice 20 year-old cock in my ass. A wave of satisfaction starts to over come me, I lean over the back of the couch and am greeted by 5 cocks slapping me in the face. I pick out an uncut one, looks like a 7" mulatto cock, to start sucking. This will be # 2 once the first stud has deposited his load in my ass. As I work this cock in my mouth, I start pushing back in rhythm against the dick in my ass. Stud one quickens his pace, slamming his meat in my ass . All of a sudden there is one final deep push and a primitive grunt. I can feel hot streams of man juice coating the inside of my hole. He dismounts, walks around the couch as the others part letting him put his spent cock in my mouth.

As I suck the last few drops of semen from the first stud, the uncut cock of #2 is slid into my waiting hole. As I get the last little drop from the first and lick his cock clean of my ass juices, the second really starts pounding away. I feel his pubic hair brushing my ass and balls slapping against my taint as my semi-hard cock bobs up and down with each thrust. A black cock is put to my lips, another good 7 inches but thicker than the hispanic stud breeding me at the moment. As I am working the fine black dick to its full stiffness, the uncut tool in my ass is picking up the pace. He then grabs my hips and starts thrusting a little more forcefully. I start pushing back in rhythm, my hole needing his seed. With one final push, what seems like a pint of cum is unloaded in my ass. I close my eyes and am in heaven.

As I open my eyes, the sloppy uncut tool that was in my ass slaps my cheek needing cleaned. Stud number three is pushing his black cock in my ass as I start to lick stud number two clean. I push back his foreskin and take his head in my mouth, sucking all the stud and ass juices from all folds. The black buck is taking my ass, using it as he pleases. A stocky but firm tattooed white biker dude will be fourth and I start sucking his cock and balls getting him prepared, the black stud is still hammering away at my hole. With one final slam the buck is unloading his balls deep in my ass. I have never felt so much pleasure, my legs were getting week.

I have get a little lower for the biker stud, he is more primal than the others so far. His whole weight is on my back, I feel his hard cock probing for its home like I had seen so many animals do. Then his thick veiny member finds my wet and waiting man pussy forcing his way inside. As he begins humping, I lick clean the black cock and balls that had previously been in my ass. The biker animal is getting more aggressive; I hear some low growls and his pierced nips are rubbing on my back. The I feel his teeth biting at the base of my neck letting me know he is in charge at the moment, forceful thrusts taking my hole for his animalistic needs. He releases his bite enough so I can start licking and sucking the shaven smooth cock and balls of number five. Five is a white stud about my age his eight inch tool becoming rigid in my mouth. I release it from my lips when I feel the pace quicken of the biker. Up on his tip toes with one last push as far in as he can go, the animal biker holds his cock deep inside as he releases his big load of sperm.

His desires met, the biker dismounts and Five takes his position behind me. Five is taller than the biker so he takes his thick eight inch tool his hand and gives my balls a couple quick whacks with the head letting me know to raise my ass up some. Then I feel the head rubbing my used hole, he slowly pushes in. This cock is the biggest so far and stretches my anal ring a little wider than the previous breeders bringing a little pain. Five takes slow small strokes letting my hole get used to his girth and length. Biker dude slaps his wet sloppy cock against my cheek letting me know I am not totally finished with him yet. As I finish sucking the juices from bikers cock, Five is starting to pick up his pace.

Short slow strokes become longer thrusts; to the hilt every time, balls slamming my taint. At this point I finally get a good look at the sixth and final man who I need to get hard and just seeing him flaccid realize that this is going to be a monster cock. Six was a light skinned black man, very defined muscles, washboard abs with a V cut at the hips. He had some serious low hanging big balls, I liked and sucked at them barely able to get half of one in my mouth. I started working on his semi-hard cock. As Six grew bigger, Five was thrusting faster. Soon Six was a full 9 inches long with a giant mushroom head that I could barely fit in mouth. Finally Five reached his limit and dumped an enormous amount of seed in my ass. Wave after wave of cum. He pulled out and I could feel my ass gaping, some of the five loads of sperm leaking out down my taint and balls.

Stud Six moves around behind me and I am filled with fear of what the huge member is going to do to me. I felt another blob of seed come from my ass and Six presses his giant mushroom head against my balls, catching all that leaked out. He then rubs the head up my taint and pushes the cum back into my hole. His giant head is now pressing inside, stretching my outer ring as much as ever. Five had stretched me but not quite enough. Finally Six did not care to be gentle any longer and shoved his entire nine inch length inside me. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Somehow I managed to clean up Five while getting rough thrusts from the final stud.

The pain was excruciating and he kept pounding away, determined to plant his seed in this bitch; his giant mushroom head hitting my prostate on each thrust. Soon my cock was getting harder, bobbing up and down with each trust betraying the pain. I felt his big low hanging balls slapping my tightened sac each time he pistoned in and out of me. I was in pure bliss being used by this hung stud. After what seemed like hours I heard his breathing quicken and the powerful strokes shortened and quickened. Stud Six then grabbed my hips and with one last push was flooding my insides with his sperm. He held on tightly, fully inside me making sure his seed was planted deeply.

Six finally softened some and withdrew from my hole. I turned and sucked the remaining few drops of cum from his magnificent head, licking all juices from his shaft and recently drained balls. I stood and noticed the five other studs had dressed and left with out a word. My apartment door was left wide open so I do not know how many neighbors had wandered past to see me being bred like a bitch but I did not care. Six had dressed and left shutting the door while I stood there, asshole still slightly gaping and remnants of the six loads of seed running down the insides of my legs. I scooped up what I could and licked it from my fingers, savoring the taste of being used like a bitch in heat and craving the chance to do it again.

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