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Sucking My Neighbors at an Adult Book Store

I fantaszie about sucking cock and end up sucking my neighbors at a glory hole and in our homes.
Our nearly twenty-six years of marriage in Tulsa had been good to my wife Brenda and me, but now that we are in our late fortiess, she has lost all interest in sex. I tried everything to help her regain her interest, all to no avail. Then I started going to porn sites for the first time in my life, and even visited a nearby adult book store (ABS), and I felt guilty about it at first. But the longer I went without pussy, the more I knew I had to do something to experience the thrill of a sexual encounter.

The pictures and movies on those websites only provided temporary excitement, and I soon found that I enjoyed reading the stories even more. I could take my time reading them, and fantasize that I was one of the characters in the stories. After a while I gravitated to the cuckold and bisexual cock sucking stories. I never had any interest in the cocks and cum of other men until I read those stories, but realized that I was actually visualizing myself sucking another man’s cum from Brenda’s cunt, and then sucking the guy’s cock clean. But since Brenda has no interest in sex, I pretty soon evolved to just thinking about sucking cock and taking the cum into my mouth. It was surprising to me that I began to recognize my rather submissive, sexual tendencies, just from reading those stories. I seemed to have much more interest in sucking other men, than being sucked myself. I didn’t know if I could really do it, but I knew that I had to find out.

I started researching online to find the best way to find a cock to suck, and ended up scaring myself about the potential for catching diseases from other men. The problem was that I didn’t want to have them wear a condom, because a big part of my fantasies involved tasting and swallowing their cum. So I started making rules for myself, the first of which was to only meet with other married men. I reasoned that another married man had as much to lose as I did, whether it be from diseases or being caught by the wives or law enforcement. It seemed that the best solution was to find someone I already knew, but the risk of exposing my intentions to someone and being found out was a risk I couldn’t take. I needed to find a way for me to be sure that they had an interest in porn and having sex with other men before approaching them. Then I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea.

We live in a small, close-knit neighborhood of only ninety homes in a mostly-rural area near Tulsa. I probably knew seventy percent of the families from the homeowner’s association meetings and community barbeques. Because of our location and the liberal zoning in the area, there was an ABS just three miles from the subdivision on a side road. It seemed logical that because it was in an isolated area, there were better odds that some of my neighbors would go there. I had been there a few times since I started reading porn, and knew that some of the video booths had glory holes. All I had to do was park in an inconspicuous place and watch to see if any of the men I knew from the neighborhood frequented the store. If I did see someone familiar, I could just follow them in there and observe what their interests were, and then decide whether to engage them.

I started going to the ABS on the way home from work every day, and parking behind the trash dumpster to observe the other patrons. It seemed like that would also be best time for the other married men to stop there, since it would be hard to make up excuses to get out of the house to go there later in the evening. I could only hang around there for about a half hour each day, since I didn’t want to make Brenda suspicious about me coming home so late every day.

The first few days waiting there were not fruitful, but then on a Thursday I saw a guy that I knew from the neighborhood pull in and park. Hi name is Jeff and he lives on my street, just two doors away. He’s in his mid-40s, a little younger than me, and a pretty normal, average guy that I knew pretty well and got along with. I was embarrassed and felt a little bit like a stalker following him into the store like that; especially since he was a nice guy and I previously had no reason to suspect him of coming to a place like this. I put on a baseball cap pulled down over my eyes and wore sunglasses to help disguise myself and followed him in.

Jeff first went to the counter to buy a video card for the videos, and then he lingered at the straight-magazine section for a few minutes, and nervously looked around while flipping pages. It looked like he was trying to be sure that no one recognized him or knew what his sexual inclinations might be. When he thought no one was paying any attention to him he headed downstairs to the video booths. I went to the counter to buy a card and followed as close behind as I could without risking being spotted. There weren’t any other guys in the booths at that time, and when I turned the corner into the dimly-lit hallway, I saw him go into a booth and lock the door.

It was nerve wracking thinking about what I was about to do. I waited a couple of minutes before walking into the booth next to his, and then stood still for another minute to gather my courage. Some of the stories I read included information about how men signal their intentions to other men at glory holes. I knew that I only had to sit down and stick my finger in the hole and rub it on the bottom rim to signal my interest in sucking his cock. Some men liked to use their wedding ring finger, so the other guy would know their status. Usually the one who wanted to be sucked would be standing and stroking his cock where he could be seen in front of the hole.

I started one of the videos and sat in the chair in front of the hole, which was about six inches in diameter and at crotch level. I could see through the hole in the flickering light of his video that Jeff had already pulled down his pants and was stroking his cock. I was happy that he was more of a macho guy looking for a blowjob, instead of someone looking to suck cock himself. His cock looked to be about half-hard and seven inches long, very thick and was uncircumcised. He also has an egg-sized set of hairy balls hanging loosely and swinging between his legs as he stroked his meat. His cock looked huge compared to my little, four inch, circumcised dick. I felt myself getting excited, just like I did reading those cock sucking stories, when I imagined myself being the cock sucker. In my mind, it seemed like it might be more erotic to suck a man with a large cock because that would feed my submissive desires.

It felt like time stood still as I pushed my wedding ring finger into the hole and rubbed the rim. I wanted to let him know that this was my first time, hoping that he would be patient with me, so I whispered, “Just so you know mister, this is my first time.”

Jeff must have been watching for the signal because he immediately turned my way, and shoved his thick cock through the hole. I paused for a moment before licking his cock head and foreskin that were already dripping with precum. Then I heard him whisper, “Suck it man, don’t just lick it.”

I took more of his thick meat into my mouth and began sucking him, and the taste of his cock and precum and the texture of the foreskin and thick veins in my mouth were even better than described in the stories. I kept sucking him until he was fully-hard at a little more than eight inches long, and I was soon able to take seven inches of him into mouth and just pressing into my throat. The partition between us stopped me from getting any closer, but I know I would have tried to take all of his cock into my throat if it wasn’t there. I was actively sucking and tonguing his cock and not just going back and forth on it, and he was forcefully stroking in my mouth.

After only a few more minutes sucking him, I could feel his cock spasm and throb as he flooded my mouth with squirt after squirt of his cum. Jeff was still in the throes of his ejaculation when I heard him say in a soft voice, “Oh fuck buddy, you gave me a great suck job for your first time. That’s it man, keep sucking so you can get all of my semen and sperm and swallow it all down for me. I’d like to fuck your mouth again soon. Listen, my name is Jeff, and I’d like to know your name cock sucker.”

I just loved the taste and consistency of his cum in my mouth, and I continued to swirl it around and swallow it, as I sucked the remaining semen from his softening meat. I kept nursing his now-soft, but-still-thick, six inch cock while I was thinking about what name to give him. I guess he was getting sensitive because he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I then thought I would add a little humor to the situation, so I responded, “Just call me Cock Sucker. I just loved sucking your big cock, and swallowing your cum and would like to do it again and again. Someday I hope we can do this without the partition in between us.”

Jeff must have been experiencing the post-orgasm blues, because he soon opened his door and left the store without saying anything else. I was still amazed at myself for actually going through with sucking my first cock and swallowing the cum. I was hoping that it was only a matter of time before I could find a way to let Jeff know that I was Cock Sucker, and I was hoping we could find a way for me to suck his cock in the neighborhood. I still felt compelled to find other married men to suck so I kept stopping by the ABS on the way home from work.

The following Monday afternoon I was parked at the ABS behind the dumpster again, when another one of my neighbors arrived. His name is Bruce and he lives across the street from Jeff and they are the best of friends. Bruce is a tall, heavy guy about my age with a big belly, and I never even thought about him being interested in going to an ABS. I followed him inside as I had done with Jeff last week, and was able to get into the booth next to his without him recognizing me.

I was amazed when I looked through the glory hole and saw him standing and stroking a very large cock, which indicated to me that he was looking for a blowjob. He is circumcised and eight inches long and not yet even hard, and his cock is thick and has a prominent head and thick veins all over the surface. He also has large, hanging balls like Jeff’s. He is the type of mellow-looking, overweight guy that no one would even notice or suspect of having an interest in sex with other men.

He stroked his cock for a few more moments and then I placed my ring finger in the hole. He immediately turned towards me and shoved his cock through the hole and whispered, “Do a good job for me cock sucker. I haven’t cum in over a week and I have a big and tasty load saved up for you.”

I took his cock into my mouth and starting sucking and licking him. This was only the second cock I had ever sucked, but my experience from sucking Jeff gave me confidence in sucking Bruce. He was right about not having cum in a while, because after sucking him for only about 10 minutes he began to ejaculate. I could feel his now-nine inch long, hard cock stiffen a little more, and begin to throb and pulse with his cum. His cock must have jerked 10 times as his thick semen and sperm flooded my mouth. I swallowed as I continued sucking him and soon his cock began to soften as I got the remaining ooze of his slime in my mouth. He might have been a little disgusting to look at, with his big belly and all, but his big cock and massive load of cum made me see him in a different light, as strong and masculine.

After he pulled his cock back through the hole, he leaned down and whispered, “Damn, you must be the Cock Sucker guy that my friend Jeff told me about. He was right about you being very good with a cock for being so new at it. Fuck, I’ll be back for more of your sweet, cunt mouth.”

He left and I just sat in the booth for a few minutes thinking about my good fortune. I had not only found two men in my neighborhood that liked to have other men suck their cocks, but they lived on my street and were good friends. And better yet, they must be into porn since they talked about getting blowjobs from other men at the ABS, and since Jeff told Bruce about me, as Cock Sucker, sucking his cock. I intended to keep going to the ABS to potentially find other neighbor’s cocks to suck, but I also was going to try to become better friends with Jeff and Bruce to see if I could find a way for us to get together in our homes.

On Saturday I was out front in my yard mowing and trimming, when I saw Jeff in his yard. I grabbed a couple of beers and walked the short distance down to his house, just to get closer to him and see where it would lead. He was friendly as I expected him to be as we drank our beers and talked about the weather and our families. Then he said, “Look Ed, Bruce and I are going to be watching the football game down in my basement game room on Sunday, and you’re sure welcome to join us if you like. My wife and kids will be gone shopping at the mall, so it will be just us guys. You can come over at around noon.”

This situation was evolving much more quickly that I thought possible, and I could hardly believe my luck. I went over to Jeff’s on Sunday; just as his family was backing out of the driveway, and we went down to watch the game. We were all comfortable wearing gym shorts and t-shirts and each had several beers during the first half. But the game was actually a little boring, and Jeff asked, “Hey guys, would anyone mind if I put a little different kind of entertainment on the TV? I have some new videos that I know Bruce will like, and Ed I hope that you will too.”

Neither Bruce nor I objected, and Jeff walked over to a locked cabinet to get some videos. We were all sitting on the cushy couch with and cushioned table in front of it, and I was between them. The first video was a cuckold theme that had some very graphic scenes. The husband was sucking the other guy’s cum out of his wife’s pussy and also sucking the man’s big cock and balls. Both the wife and her lover were teasing the husband about his little dick, and the whole theme was that he was their submissive cock sucker and cum slut. That video had two other cuckold movies with different actors, and we only spent a half hour on them since Jeff was fast-forwarding through the slow parts. Both Jeff and Bruce were openly rubbing their cocks over their shorts during those movies, and it was obvious that they had watched these types of videos together before. Then Jeff said, “I’ve got a little different kind of video now, so let me know if you guys don’t like it.”

The first scene in the new video showed a middle-aged man on his couch and then another man about his age showed up. One thing led to another, and soon the first guy was on his knees and between the man’s legs, sucking his big cock and balls. He spent a lot of time on the guy’s balls. I was so turned on seeing the man’s egg-sized testicles move in his hairy scrotum, and it made me think back to the glory hole when I could see Jeff’s and Bruce’s balls swinging between their legs. So now I also had a strong desire to suck their balls, and it turned me on even more since it is a submissive thing to do. The man in the video was soon ejaculating into the cock sucker’s mouth, and the video showed him swallowing hard to get all of the juices down.

The next segment began with another middle-aged man on a couch, and two other men showed up. The cock sucker spent a little time stripping the other men, and as the video showed him taking turns sucking the two men’s cock and balls, I could see that Jeff and Bruce were even more-blatantly rubbing their cocks. I was looking back and forth at them and could see their very large cock bulges pressing against their shorts. Then Bruce said, “I hope you don’t mind if we get a little more comfortable Ed, but this video is really getting to me. I just wish I could have my cock sucked and balls worshiped the way they are doing in the video.”

Then both Bruce and Jeff lifted up their asses and pulled down their shorts. They weren’t wearing underwear, and I was now staring at the cocks I had become acquainted with in the ABS, and their balls were hanging down on the seat. I wanted so much to lean over and suck them, but I was perplexed about what would make them think they could act this way in front of me. In the many years I had known them, there were never any conversations about porn or sex of any kind, and now they were displaying their big cocks to me. So I asked, “What the fuck guys, what makes you think I want to see you naked like this?”

They both laughed and Jeff responded, “Sorry Cock Sucker, but you forgot one thing when you sucked our cocks at the ABS. Your wedding ring has a very distinctive design, one that we have never seen other than yours. And when I left the store after you sucked me last week, I tried to confirm my suspicions that it was you. I found your car parked behind the dumpster, and then I knew for sure. I told Bruce about you, and that’s why he went there on Monday, and only went in after he saw your partially-concealed car. Bruce and I have known about each other’s perversions for a long time, and often watch porn together and masturbate. We’ve always been hoping to find a cock sucker in the neighborhood, but it’s hard to find out that sort of thing about a neighbor.”

I was totally blind-sided that they had discovered my secret. I thought I was being the sneaky one by following them into the store that way, but now they have found out about me. I was conflicted with both embarrassment and a strong urge to suck their cocks, and tried to explain myself saying, “Oh fuck, I thought I was being so clever, and this is so embarrassing. You have to believe me when I tell you that you two were the first cocks I’ve sucked. Brenda hasn’t wanted sex in a long time, and after reading hundreds of stories about cuckolds and bisexual encounters, I just had to try it.”

The Jeff said, “I’ve had my cock sucked and cum swallowd by several different guys at the ABS, and I’ve always wondered what motivates you guys to be cock suckers. It takes a pretty docile man to take another man’s cock into his mouth, and I have often thought it might be because you have small dicks. What else could make you identify with the submissive cuckold husbands in those stories? So since you’ve seen our cocks, let’s take a look at yours.”

It was interesting how Jeff’s including me in a group that he calls cock suckers was feeding my submissive feelings. And as embarrassing as it was to have them see my little dick, at the same time I was craving for the humiliation that I would feel. So I pulled down my shorts and showed them my hard, little dick. They both looked at me and smiled, and then Bruce said, “Damn Ed, with that little thing I can see why you are attracted to our big cocks. It must be pretty easy for you to see yourself in the role of the cuckold husband in those stories. Shit man, maybe you’ll even want us to fuck Brenda for you so she can enjoy the feeling of having her pussy stretched by our fuck meat.”

I replied, “Honestly guys, I do know that my little dick causes my feelings of inadequacy, and even though I’ve only sucked you guys one time, I love the feeling that I get from being on my knees servicing your sexual needs. I really enjoyed sucking your cocks, and especially tasting and swallowing your cum. And as far as Brenda is concerned, she lost interest in sex quite some time ago, which caused me to start reading those stories in the first place. But if a situation develops where you get a chance to fuck her, then you have my blessing, as long as I get to participate. She might renew her interest in sex if she sees your big cocks.

The Jeff continued, “Thanks for the offer on Brenda, and we’ll look for opportunities to fuck her. I’m happy that your little dick motivated you to suck our cocks, and it sure seemed to Bruce and me that you have a passion for sucking us and swallowing our cum, and you are very good at it. So now that we know you are a submissive cock sucker, we want to have you suck our cocks whenever we ask. It’s going to be nice having your mouth close by to use, and another neighbor we know will enjoy your mouth on his cock too. If you are going to be at the ABS on Monday, we’ll let him know so he can fuck your mouth. You know Carlos who lives one street over, and we won’t tell him it’s you sucking his cock until we all get a chance to meet here again next weekend. His brown, Latino cock is even bigger than ours, and it should be a big turn on for you. He likes it nasty too.”

Bruce said, “It’s really going to be a lot more comfortable doing this in our homes instead of the ABS, and you’ll be able to spend quality time on our balls. Just come get on your knees in front of me Ed, and I’ll lift my legs up on the table to give you access to my sweaty scrotum and testicles. We never get our balls sucked at the glory holes, and that video really has me worked up.”

I moved down in front of Bruce and he held his hairy scrotum and big balls up, as I took one ball into my mouth. I enjoyed sucking his sweaty crotch like that, and he pulled his heavy legs over my back to pull me farther into him. I sucked his big balls for another 10 minutes until he pulled me back up to his cock. He didn’t have to say a word as I covered the head of his nine inch cock with my mouth and started sucking. This was much better than the glory hole because my face right up close to him and I could smell his musky and sweaty aroma.

Bruce held my head in place as he thrust his cock into my mouth and I could feel his belly slapping against my head. I sucked and licked his cock for another 10 minutes, and then he held me in place as he filled my mouth with his big load of seed. I continued to suck and swallow as his cock softened, and I made sure that I got all of his semen as it oozed out of his cock head. Bruce said, “Oh fuck, that was a great suck job Ed. Now get over there and work on Jeff’s cock while I rest up for another round.”

As Jeff’s cock slid into my mouth, I just loved the tangy foreskin that was dripping with precum. I enjoyed sucking both of their cocks, but I liked the extra skin and the feeling of it sliding back and forth over his cock head the best. It somehow just seemed nastier sucking an uncut cock. I sucked him on my knees for a few minutes until he said, “Let’s try another position Ed. Come lay on your back with your head over the end of the couch, so I can fuck your mouth. I’ve always wanted to try this with a cock sucker, but obviously never had the chance at the ABS.”

I got into position and he moved in and pressed his cock into my mouth until his heavy, hairy balls were pressing on my face. Then he started fucking me like a cunt, until I could feel his big cock bottom out in my throat. It was hard to believe that I could take all of his long, thick cock in my mouth and throat. He aggressively fucked my that way until he took a few final short strokes, and then I could feel with my lips the base of his cock throbbing as he filled me with his thick cum. After the first two spasms he pulled back a little so I could take his cum in my mouth instead of spraying it down my throat.

After their first cum, they continued watching the videos as I alternated sucking their balls as they recharged for another ejaculation. They also tried some other positions that they had seen in other videos, with me lying on my back as they sat on my face and fed me their testicles and tangy perineums. They even pressed my face into their ass cracks so I could suck them there. Bruce’s fat ass completely enveloped my face, and I struggled to breathe when he was on top of me. This all started with me just sucking their cocks in the ABS, but it seemed like they were having fun making things as nasty as they could. They were playing on the submissive feelings that I expressed to them, and I think they enjoyed abusing me as much as they liked the actual cock sucking.

I was at the ABS on Monday after work, and Carlos showed up as Jeff said he would. I watched him stop for a video card and at the restroom before he headed downstairs. He obviously knew the etiquette at the glory holes, because he was standing there stroking his big, uncircumcised cock as I put my finger in the hole. Then he leaned down and whispered, “You’re going to like my big, wet cock gringo. I took a piss just before I came down here and left the foreskin soaking wet for you, so enjoy the taste of my tangy piss.”

Jeff was right that Carlos could be a little nasty, and I would find out that weekend in Jeff’s basement that he set the tone for how nasty the other guys would be. But for now Carlos shoved his big cock into my mouth, and I actually enjoyed the taste of his wet, thick and chewy foreskin. His cock was definitely bigger than Jeff’s or Bruce’s, and I’m guessing he was 10 inches long, and so thick that I could only get about six inches of his meat into my mouth. I liked the contrast in skin color, and his cock was medium-brown, and his hairy scrotum containing those huge balls was dark-brown. It almost seemed like he tasted different than the others, and maybe that was just a factor of a different diet that day or something causing his precum to have a different flavor. But I did enjoy sucking him, and he shot a bigger load of semen and sperm for me to eat than the other guys.

I met with Jeff, Bruce and Carlos in Jeff’s basement the following Sunday, and Carlos was surprised to see that a neighbor of his was also a cock sucker. I sucked off each of the men twice that afternoon, and also had time to worship their balls and asses while they relaxed between ejaculations. I loved the feeling of their genitals in my mouth, but my favorite thing was tasting and swallowing their thick semen as it shot into my mouth.

In the course of less than three weeks I had gone from a man with just the fantasy of sucking other men’s cocks, to this Sunday when I was sucking three men and eating all of their juices. I was now a committed, submissive cock sucker, and I was willing to do almost anything with my mouth that those men demanded, to satisfy their lust. I did continue going to the ABS for a few more weeks, and only found one other man from my subdivision to suck. From that point on I was happy to take care of my neighbor’s sexual needs anytime they wanted it.

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