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Surprise Visit

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The night did not turn out the way I'd planned!
I was just returning from a drive one late afternoon and as I came into town I saw the shop of my friend, Dick. Perhaps ‘friend’ is not really the right word. A year or so ago he was my mentor, teaching me about cars and engines, but also teaching me much more than that. He had also seduced me, at first only masturbating but each time something more.

His was the first cock I’d sucked, the first cum I’d swallowed and later it was his cock that first entered my virgin ass. Yes, Dick had been much more than my friend and he had fucked me every chance he could. He had also taught me just how much I enjoyed it all … tasting his cum squirt into my mouth with its thick saltiness, feeling his stiff prick enter me and slide in and out, feeling him stiffen and spasm inside me when his cum shot into my ass. He taught me to want things I’d never have known I wanted.

As I neared his shop, I was thinking about all of these things and thinking about how long it had been since I’d seen him and how long it had been since I’d … well ….

I turned into the lot in front of his shop and went inside. Dick was a little surprised and we started to make small talk. He told me he’d bought a house and asked if I’d like to see it. It was closing time so we locked up and I followed him there. My anticipation was making me almost shake as I drove.

We parked our cars and went into the house. I knew the plan … pleasantries, small talk, a little alcohol and soon we’d be naked in his bed! We talked. He asked if I wanted a drink and I did. He showed me around the first floor … living room, kitchen, spare bedroom … but not upstairs.

When I inquired about the upstairs he said, “Oh that’s just my bedroom up there.”

A few drinks later I’m starting to wonder what’s going on then he asks me if I’d like to spend the night.

“You can sleep down here in the spare room,” he says.

I look at him puzzled. “I’m not into that anymore,” Dick tells me.

A little shocked, and more than a little disappointed, I’m speechless.

“That’s okay,” I eventually manage.

We go into the spare room and Dick finds a blanket for me as there is just a sheet on the spare bed.

“You can just sleep in your underwear if you’d like,” he says.

“I don’t wear any,” I replied as my jeans fell to the floor and I bent to step out of them.

Dick paused a moment, watching.

“Okay, I’ll see you n the morning.” Dick left the room closing the door behind him.

Naked and disappointed but also tired I climbed into bed, turned onto my side and drifted off to sleep.

It was very dark in the room when I awoke still on my side. I felt the covers rising behind me and someone easing their body into the bed behind me. I stayed quiet as though still asleep but my quickening breathing couldn’t be disguised. The warmth of the body behind me and especially the hard cock which pressed into the crack of my ass made my heart race! I felt a familiar wetness as saliva covered fingers slid up my crack and then felt him guiding his cock to my waiting ass. I lifted one leg to make my ass cheeks spread for him and his cock slipped easily inside me. I cooed to feel his hardness inside me again, rocking with each of his thrusts.

“Yes! Yes! God that feels so good!” I half whispered.

He thrust easily into me, first slowly but increasing to a fast fevered pace. He gave a few more hard pushes before I felt him stiffen and push as deeply as he could into me. He lay quiet for a minute, letting his breathing become more natural, and then pulled out of me. As quietly as he’d come in he got up and left, slowly pulling the door closed behind him.

The next morning Dick woke me early saying he had things to do and I had to go. I got dressed and with barely a word got into my car and drove away. I never saw him again.

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