Surprised by a friend

By russ32233

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My first story so hope you like it
Hi, my name is Pete and this is the story of how I realized that I fancied men, more specifically my friend John. Now that we were both turning 18, we went out for each other's birthdays and because my friend lived a lot closer to the bar he said I could crash at his place to save the long trip home afterwards. We had a great night and were both a little drunk as we made our way back to our beds for the night. We were trying to sneak up his stairs but probably not doing a very good job at it.

As I stumbled to my bed in the spare room I shrugged off my clothes and passed out as my head hit the pillow. I was dreaming away when I awoke with a great feeling on my cock. Looking down I was shocked and surprised to see my friend's head moving up and down as he sucked my cock hungrily. I could feel my cum boiling in my balls begging for release and it felt so good I reached down and caressed his head while quietly begging him not to stop.

He didn't look like he had any intention of stopping, which he confirmed as he hummed in agreement until I felt my balls tighten and my cock pulse and my whole body spasm as I unloaded shot after shot into his mouth.

As I calmed down from my first orgasm I finally got to see his lovely long thick cock standing proudly, looking like the nicest piece of meat I'd ever seen. I thought that he would want me to suck him off as well, but he stopped me and asked me to turn onto my front. I instantly thought about what I was about to happen. What the hell? I thought, I wanted it to happen!

I thought that he would go straight for the insertion but he surprised me as I felt a warm wet tongue between my butt cheeks and probing my anus which started my cock off again.

I was getting more and more turned on as he worked his tongue into my entrance, until he stopped tonguing me and climbed onto the bed with me. Placing his weight onto me I could feel his thick cock sliding along my leg as he moved up. He stopped briefly to apply a load of lube from a now empty bottle onto his cock like he had planned this then positioned himself at my tight entrance.

All I felt was pressure on my anus as he slowly eased himself into me, I could have screamed at the sensations I was feeling at that moment, the pain and pleasure mixing like a cocktail.

He slowly built up a rhythm moving in and out of my ass, making me grunt and groan, getting hornier by the minute. Now the pain was subsiding I was really getting into it, urging him on telling him to "fuck me harder" and "use me like a slut" while I tugged on my own cock again. He and I went for it as hard as possible until my cum came erupting out of my balls again, shortly followed by him warning me "I'm not wearing a rubber" and all I could reply was "I don't care". At that he exploded in my ass, grunting loudly until he was done.

We lay there for a few moments until he started to get up. I stopped him, asking where he was going, only to get a kiss on the lips and the reply, "To get more lube".


Only my first story so I hope that it's not too bad, constructive criticism welcome, as well as positive feed back. Thanks guys