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Jack gets surprised by his boyfried Joe and Joe's friend Blake.
"Whose coming over?" green-eyed Jack asked his boyfriend, Joe.

"A friend of mine from college." Joe said, changing the channel on the tv then putting his hand back behind his head.

Jack raised a eyebrow and pushed his blond bangs out of his eyes. He never really knew other friends of Jack's, except that one chick that was a hooker, but that was it.

He grabbed his green mug, and went over to Jack, holding his coffee and curling up to him. The TV program Joe was watching was about logging, something that didn't shock Jack in the least bit. Sighing, he wrapped his arms around Joe's large one, and smiled.

Shortly after, a knock sounded through the sound log cabin, and Joe smiled.

"He's here." Joe said, getting up.

Jack was annoyed that he had to move, and laid on the couch. He could hear voices as he tucked a arm under his head and put the other over his stomach. He drowned out the two men laughing in the kitchen and watched the rest of the episode, slowly falling asleep.

"He's sleeping..."

"He's cute, though."

Joe stood above Jack with his friend Blake. Blake was a heavily tattooed man, with black, red, green, blue and every other color under the sun lining his muscled body. Not only did he have tattoos, but he had piercings left and right. His lip, eyebrows, nose, ears, even his cock had a Prince Albert.

"Wake him up," he said, nodding towards the smaller one.

Joe laughed, his brown orbs twinkeling as he bent over the other. He shook the blond gently, whispering, "Jack, wake up, there's someone I want you to meet."

Jack groaned and moved his head, falling back to sleep. The other two gave bored faces, and Blake reached down, his tanned and tattooed hand shook the other right off the couch.


Jack hit the ground on all fours.

"Nice position," someone whose voice he didn't know said.

He looked up, and found himself staring into a pair of grey eyes under black hair. The man behind those eyes was colorful and he had to double take to make sure those weren't second eyeballs above his eyes.

"Do you effing mind?!"

"Effing? Oh come on boy, you can do better then that. The word is Fucking."

Jack blushed a deep red.

"Oh, you got a shy boy!"

Joe laughed and patted Jack a little too hard on the back, sending him stumbling into Blake's hardened stomach. When jumped away, blushing, Blake laughed.

"Oh come on, don't be a pussy."

Joe picked him up.

"Oh stop it Blake," he chuckled, "Don't worry Jack, Blake's pretty harmless... Sometimes."

The brunette glared at him, and the darker haired one backed off.

That night, laying on the bed, Jack could hear the two talking again, but not very well. He heard laughter and joking around, but that was pretty much it as he turned up the TV in the bedroom. He snuggled into the blankets, propping himself up on one elbow on his side.

"Hey," Joe said coming into the room.

"Hey hey," Jack said, not removing his gaze from the TV.

He didn't see Blake, naked, behind his lover. He lowered himself onto the bed and shut the lights off, making sure Jack wouldn't see the other. He surrounded the smaller man with his arms, pulling him in tight. The green eyed one smiled, and nuzzled against him. When the bed shifted, he suspected it was Joe, moving his legs. It wasn't until after he rested his head against a chest, and looked to his front, where he saw the faintest outline.


Laughter rang in his ears, and he cried out.


His shorts were yanked off his body, and his legs grabbed, being forced apart. He struggled, but to no avail. The man in front of him grabbed his cock, and squeezed. Jack cried out, his eyes wide as the other started to pump.

Eyes shut tight as he could, Jack gritted his teeth, and tried to figure out which one was Joe. When he heard a little cough from behind him, he knew.

"Joe! What are you...."

"Shut him up!"

Joe reached up to the headpost, where he had last placed the gag he used on Jack, and grabbed it, clasping it behind the blonds head. Jack tried to gasp through the ball, and couldn't, the rubber made it nearly impossible to get a breath out, so he breathed heavy through his nose.

It suddenly came to him that Blake was the one touching him. He knew he was going to give in if Blake didn't stop touching him. He panted, his skin beginning to get sweaty. His head lolled to the left, resting on Joe's shoulder, eyes closed.

It was too much, and he caved in, coming onto his fist.

As he sat there against Joe panting, Blake smirked, took the come, and smeared it over his entrance. He knew what was coming, long before they got to this point. A digit pushed in and he groaned, no longer able to fight it. The digit moved a bit, then begun to thrust. Joe was tying his wrists behind his back. The finger moved faster until he finally moaned out his pleasure. His legs seemed to spread wider on their own as Blake added a second finger.

It felt different, having another man do this to him, but he laid his head on Joe's shoulder, whos arms wrapped around him.

"Having fun?" Joe smirked.

"I think we can take the gag off now," Blake said, concentrating on the other's body.

Joe reached up, and took the gag off, earning a sigh from Jack as he gritted his teeth against the two fingers thrusting inside of him. The fingers withdrew, and something poked his ass. His eyes suddenly flew open.

Blake suddenly pushed in, causing him to cry out. He groaned, taking in deep breaths. He had never felt something that large in his body, or something that seemed to cause such pleasure.

"Don't worry young one, the Prince will take care of you," Blake said with a smirk, making Jack wonder what he ment by 'Prince'.

He soon found out when the other started to thrust. The man had a damn piercing cock between his legs!


Joe reached around, and grabbed ahold of his member, softer then what Blake had done. He stroked him gently, and made Jack cup his own genitals. He wasn't letting him get off easy.

"Dude, pull him down. I want to face fuck him."

Jack's eyes widened as Joe suddenly slid out from behind him as Blake yanked him down. He was suddenly choking on something thick and heavy, thrusting in and out of his mouth. It was all so sudden, but he found himself enjoying it.

A dick in his mouth, and one in his ass. He just didn't know if he should enjoy this threesome shock. He bucked his hips, nearly throwing Joe off, who had to grab onto the sheets.


He was shocked at how much Jack could move, and he seemed weak at first, but he was pretty strong right about now.

Blake smirked.

"He's gone fiesty on us!"

"You don't say?"

Both begun their thrusting again and Jack felt his dick hardened to an impossible rock hard. He breathed heavy through his nose as they continued to pound him, mouth and ass. He couldn't have stopped if he even tried. His hands tied behind his back and his thighs spread apart wide.

He moaned, giving the others the pleasure of the vibrations. He closed his eyes and let them have their wicked way with him.

A grunt told him one of them was close and he hoped to God it was the one in his mouth.

He was wrong.

Blake grunted again, slamming into him. Jack himself didn't feel remotely close. His walls were painted white as Blake spilled his seed in him, gripping his legs a little too hard...

"Damn," he said, and pulled out.

Blake went over to the laundry pile, pulled out a hand towel and wiped his dick with it, then turned and looked at the oral couple. One was thrusting, the other sucking. He looked around and saw a fold up chair in the corner and grabbed it, bringing it to the bed and unfolded it, sitting down.

"Go on," he said to the wide eyed boys.

Jack and Joe looked at each other, shrugged, and Joe pulled out, turning around. The larger one took Jack into his mouth and sucked as he pushed himself back down the other's mouth. Jack choked slightly, but didn't care.

He sucked hard, feeling as the other bobbed his head and thrust his hips. The ropes cut into his wrists as he bucked his hips... so close.

He needed it now. Skin red raw on his wrists, Jack decided there was no time to hold back.

He finally came for the second time, crying out.

Joe's mouth filled with enough to puff his cheeks out. His eyes widened and he swallowed the load, thrusting faster to reach his climax. He nearly sat up, rocking his hips. For once, Jack actually felt in control. Each time he nipped down, Joe would cry out or moan.

Blake liked this little turn of events. Joe was forced to have to wait for his orgasm. Everytime Jack bit down to cut the flow of sperm, Jack groaned and knew that in order for Jack to do this, something snapped.

This time, when he felt close, Jack didn't snap down on him, but sucked hard as he possibly could. He jerked as he came, trying so hard not to fall onto his stomach. Jack got the best of him this time.

Jack cleaned up the bedroom, and covered Joe, then went to see if Blaze had everything he needed.

"Got everything?"

"I think so... I have to admit. I didn't think you had it in you."

Jack only smiled.

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