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Swedish meat and balls (part 1)

Fisrt time love with student exchange
I was 17. School had been out for some time and I had been travelling with friends. Four of us Island hopping round Greece. All hoping to score with some tanned temptress but none of us getting anywhere near it. I was a seventeen year old virgin. Worse, I’d never been kissed. In fact I’d never really got past awkward conversation with girls. God I’d fancied a few. I’d rubbed myself raw on a few nights thinking about girls I’d seen but never had the courage to make a move. Greece was going to be my summer of love and virginity loss. It wasn’t.

It wasn’t just girls. I’d had the odd crush on friends. Often wondered what it would be like to hold a cock. Wondered if a blowjob from a guy would be as good. Wondered what it would be like to feel a cock in my arse. But Island hopping had offered no real life experience of sex, male or female. I was, to all intents and purposes, a wanker.

When I got home, rucksack full of smelly clothes, I was picked up from the station by my Mum. During the summer she regularly rented out our spare room to language students - mostly teenagers over for a two or three week course in conversational English. They were housed with families who could make a few pounds giving them a spare bed and a meal.

“We’ve got a student exchange boy staying with us so I’ve put you in the spare room.”

Terrific. Thrown out of my bed for some geeky European kid.

His name was Johann. He was Swedish.. He was staying for three weeks. I’d better get used to the spare room.

We hit it off instantly. He was about my height, about my build, with classic Swedish blond hair. I have to say my first impression was that I fancied him. My next thought was did he have blond pubic hair?

That night I lay awake, playing with myself as usual but I couldn’t get his face out of my head. Every time I closed my eyes and tried to fantasise he would appear. I found myself wondering about his cock. Was it big? What would it feel like in my hand?

I usually avoided students staying at our house. They were never normally my age and they were always invading my space, taking up the bathroom. But Johann and I just clicked. His English was fluent on account of having a South African mother and Swedish father. We would chat in the evenings while my Mother made dinner. We were both into computers and music. I’d go into his (my) room and play him records. It was very comfortable. My room (now his) had a double bed and sink in it so my mother felt the guest should have the en suite luxury. The spare room was a box room with a single.

We grew more friendly. After his English school classes we would meet up and head to the beach. Once there we’d spend the afternoon checking out the girls and laughing about our inability to do more than lust from afar. Sometimes when we were changing into shorts behind towels I would look over and try to catch a glimpse of his bum. It was firm and...well it was I suppose a little bit sexy and at night my dreams went from feeling his cock in my hand to the touch of it elsewhere. In my mouth. Or even in my hole.

When we got home we’d just play more records. Sometimes we’d wrestle like all boys did. A couple of times I felt myself getting excited. We were wrestling like that one evening, about 3 days before he was due to leave when I was sure I felt a hardness in his crotch as we played around. For a while we stayed motionless. He cock was pushed into my thigh. It was semi-hard. I wanted to push into it. To see if it would...I don’t know, but something was stirring in me and obviously in him. We caught a look in each other’s eyes and for a moment I wanted to kiss him. We were both breathing quite heavily. His stiffening cock was pushing against my thigh. I was getting hard. Wow.

“Dinner's ready,” came the voice of my mother. The moment passed.

Two days before his last night my Mother came home in a state. There was a double booking of students. A girl from Germany was due the night before Johann was due to leave. It was a mistake by the company that booked the family stays. She said she’d sort it out.

The following morning Johann came into my room completely uninvited. I was barely awake. I had a morning glory and was stroking myself. In my half sleep I’d pulled my boxer shorts over my arse so I could play with my cock. Then suddenly I became aware of Johann sitting on my bed. He was looking at me. He was in his underpants and a t-shirt.

“Morning,” he said. “What shall we do for my last two days?” I was quite surprised at the thought that came onto my head. My cock got harder. I could see the outline of his cock in his pants. It wasn’t limp, but it wasn’t hard but it was big enough to push against the material of his boxers. It looked so gorgeous. I wanted to touch him through his pants. I wanted to hold his cock in my hand.

“Breakfast is ready boys,” shouted my Mother from downstairs. Saved by the bell, as it were.

Suddenly Johann ripped back the duvet cover revealing my boxers half way down my thighs with my hard cock in my hand. I froze. He looked at me, studying my hard cock in my hand.

“Nice cock,” he said. But then he was up and leaving the room.

Down at breakfast Mother was in a pensive mood. “I’ve spoken to the company and they have no other accommodation available...Look, I know it’s an imposition on you both, but if I put a mattress in Johann’s room (Three weeks ago it was my room) could you both just muck in for this one night?”

The mere thought of me and Johann in the same room for a night was too much. My mind was racing. Then suddenly Johann spoke up.

“Mrs. Simpson, that’s no problem for me. I tell you what. Don’t worry about mattresses and extra bedding. It’s just one night. We’ll just make do in the double. We can go top to tail. I do it all the time with my brother. If that’s alright with you Frank?”

Alright? My cock was bursting out of my dressing gown. Alright? What the fuck was I supposed to say?

I didn’t need to. Mother stepped in. “Oh Johann, that is so kind. Thank you. I know it’s not ideal but it would so help me out of a spot. Thank you.“

So that was it then. The day passed uneventfully. Johann was at school in the morning. I made myself busy. In the afternoon we went to the beach as usual. I was sure he let me see his arse as he changed. He seemed very curious to see the bulge in my pants as I changed. In the evening we went to the pub. We had a few beers. My mind was racing. I wanted to go home. And go to bed. Why? Why? Because I wanted to go home and hold Johann’s cock in my hand. I wanted to feel it hard and solid. I wanted to kiss it. I wanted him to kiss me, to kiss my cock. It was time to go home. We left the pub and headed home.

When we got there the house was quiet. Obviously my Mum and the other student had gone to bed. It wasn’t late but I had one thing on my mind. The problem was – did Johann? Had I mistaken the signs?

“I’m going to bed,” he suddenly said. “Coming?” he enquired as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

We climbed the stairs with me behind him. My eyes fixed on his bum. Once in my room he was casual as anything. He unzipped his jeans, pulled them off, lifted his top off and climbed into the bed in his boxer shorts. As he slipped between the sheets I could see the outline of his cock and I felt a stirring in my pants.

“I normally sleep naked but as we’re sharing I’ll be modest. Come on,” he said. “It’ll get cold.”

I wasn’t sure what would get cold but in a minute I too was climbing between the sheets in my underpants. I just lay next to him saying nothing, wondering if anything would happen. How to initiate it?

Lying in the bed I could feel my heart beating loudly. A hard on was pushing against my pants, begging to get out. Johann was lying on his front next to me on my back. He coughed and moved a little, nothing major but enough that I could feel his leg resting lightly against mine. I moved as well, a natural slight repositioning that pushed my leg against his. I lay still for ages. Was he touching me? I was sure I could feel his hand near my shorts. His fingers maybe? Just lightly touching the outside of my shorts on my thigh. Dare I? I moved my hands ever so slightly until they rested lightly against the cotton material that covered his beautiful pert bum. I was sure his fingers definitely started to caress my thigh. God I was so hard and I couldn’t control my breathing. I started to apply pressure with my fingers. Soon I was circling around his bum cheek, very gently.

He was caressing up and down my thigh. Getting firmer and firmer. We were definitely touching each other now. I nonchalantly moved my head so it was facing him. He face was centimetres from me. His pressure increased and he was rubbing my leg through the material. My cock was harder than it had ever been. I started to massage his bum quite obviously. Fear had been replaced with anticipation and desire. Then it happened. I don’t know if he leaned in or me but suddenly our lips met. Brushed against each other. Then they lingered. Then finally our lips opened and our tongues met. My first kiss ever.

My heart was pounding. My cock was throbbing and our tongues were dancing. We stopped and drew back. Then without a word we returned to the kiss. This time we embraced. My hand left his beautiful arse and we held each other close we kissed with a passion. Our tongues were exploring freely now. Pulling each other in to our bodies. I could feel his hard cock pushing against mine. I was sliding my hand down his naked back until it met the top of his boxers. I slid over them, stroking that sexy bum. All the time he was grinding his cock into me. His hand was pulling me into him. We were grinding our bodies against each other. I could feel his rock hard cock pushing into me and I just wanted to hold it.

His hand was groping my arse through my pants. I found my hand was by the elastic top of his boxers and I slipped it under them, finding my way to direct contact with his flesh, squeezing and pushing it. He rolled over and mounted me, all the time pushing his tongue into my mouth. Now I had great access to his arse and I could slip my hands under his boxers exposing his bum to both my hands that greedily groped away pushing his erect cock into my crutch. But I so wanted to hold his cock in my hand. He must have read my mind. He rolled off me and faced me. We broke off our kiss and he looked at me. Then he took my hand in his and moved it round to his front and laid it on his hard cock that was bursting to get out of his pants. I started to stroke it through the cotton material.

Aware now that his hand was reciprocating. Stroking a fingernail up the outside of my boxers...tracing the line of my hard on through my pants. I started to do the same with his cock. Only when I reached the top of his pants I found my fingers touching the head of his cock poking out of his boxers. I was surprised to find my virgin fingers on his cock. He gasped as my fingers played with his head. Gradually I took more of his beautiful erect cock in my hands, sliding my fingers further under his pants to feel his immense hard cock. I’d never seen another erect cock before let alone felt one. It was so sexy. I wanted him to do the same to me and sure enough I felt his hands pulling my boxers down over my hard on and holding my cock. We started to gently masturbate each other but underwear was in the way.

Quickly we were pulling pants off each other, moving hips and legs until we were naked with each other.

And finally I was actually holding his cock in my hand and it felt so good and horny. We were free to play with each other’s cocks slowly and god it made me so sexy. He took both our cocks in his hand and started to wank us off together. Slowly sliding his hand over both our cocks. We were kissing deeply as he massaged our hard cocks together. He was bigger than me but only a little, a bit thicker as well but the feel of our hard cocks rubbing together was making me want to come.

Then he released them from his hand and guided mine to take over. The feel of both cocks in my hand was almost too much. Slowly moving them together in rhythm was so horny. Then he broke off the kiss and started kissing his way down my body. I knew where he was going and couldn’t wait. My hand let go of our cocoks as his head moved south leaving light kisses on my chest and belly as he made his way towards his goal. I rolled over on my back as his mouth came level to my cock. Then I watched as slowly he took my throbbing head in his mouth. His tongue was licking and flicking the head as he took more and more in his mouth. Then he was sliding his lips over and down the shaft making me squirm with delight.

I’d never felt anything so warm and so good. He started picking up pace, sliding me in and out of his mouth taking as much of my 6 inches in as he could. I was breathing heavily and trying to stifle my groans. I knew I would come soon. There was no way this virgin cock would hold out. Then he started to use his hand to play gently with my balls.

“I’m going to come,” I whispered as softly as I could.

To my surprise he carried on but picked up his pace. I felt my balls tighten as he played with them and then I was coming. The feeling of his hot breath n my cock was just too much. I was unloading three weeks of fantasies into his mouth. He didn’t pull away. Just slowed down still taking me in his mouth, sucking up every last drop. He held me in his mouth for ages, licking the last drops from me.

Then he was travelling back up my body until our mouths met again. I could taste the salty taste of my come on his lips.

“I told you I like your cock,” he said.

I let my hand slip round to his hard on and started to play with him gently.

“I think I’d like to see if I like your cock as much,” I said.

“Take your time,” he sad and started kissing me again. I broke off the kiss.

“You’ve done this before haven’t you. You know what to do,” I said.

“I’m afraid not,” he said. “It’s all been guess work. But every night since we met I’ve been imagining what it would be like to suck you until you come and now I know so I’ve been practising this in my mind for a while. And I wasn’t disappointed. What about you? What have you been thinking about at night in the room next door to me.”

My mouth was dry and the anticipation in my voice was obvious. “I’ve been wondering if you’re cock is bigger than mine,” I said. “And if feeling your arse in real life would be as horny as in my dreams. And if feeling your lips around me would make me come as hard as I thought it would. But I’ve also been wondering what you taste like…and now I’d like to find out.”

“Be my guest,” he whispered into my ear.

With that I kissed him once and then made my way down his body, pausing at his nipples to nibble them. My heart was beating like anything and as I made my way down to feast on his cock I felt his hands rest on my head as they guided me towards his cock. And then I was holding his cock in my hand just a whisper away from my mouth. I remember thinking that yes, he did have blond pubes as slowly I parted my lips and began to take his beautiful cock into my mouth. I heard a moan from him and he was pushing my head down further over his cock. My tongue started to play with his head and could taste pre-come oozing from his tip. Slowly I took more of him into my mouth.

Copying how he had slid his lips up and down me, loving how it tasted and felt - loving even more the sounds he was making. Little groans of appreciation. Every time I slid it deeper in to my mouth he moaned a little. It was enough to stir my cock again. I started to pick up pace but gently. Bobbing my head up and down over his gorgeous cock. I was aware of my teeth scraping against him as he entered my mouth deeper and deeper but he didn’t seem to mind. His hands were starting to move my head up and down faster and faster. I slipped my hand under his balls and started to play with them just as he had done. Then he spread his legs a little and lifted his arse in the air so I started to explore with my finger, probing between his cheeks into his warm crack. That seemed to do the trick and he spread his legs further while thrusting his cock up to meet my lips. I had to spread his arse cheeks to get what I knew he wanted. My finger slipped over his hole. Lightly. Then I pushed it harder.

He was groaning now. I tried to push my finger in but it was too dry and tight. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and replaced it with my finger and licked it until it was wet and glistening then got back to work. My finger slipped more easily into his hole and I worked it all the way up to my knuckle. I took his cock as deep as it would go in my mouth as I tried to push my finger deeper into his tight hole and suddenly I felt him arch his back. I was going to pull his cock out. I wanted to see him come but he had other ideas and held me firm. I gave up the fight and picked up the pace as quick as I could. Sliding his cock in and out as I slid my finger in and out of his arse. He came spectacularly, shooting his load deep into my throat. I could feel his muscles in his hole tense around my finger as he kept coming.

I kept swallowing as fast as his cum filled my mouth. It was too many sensations at once. I continued to suck his cock until it started to go limp in my mouth. The one thing I knew was my cock was hard and throbbing for him again. As I kissed my way back up to his chest I was already wondering what else the night had in store.

“Nice cock,” I said.

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