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Swedish Meat and Balls (part 2)

part two of discovering the joy of dick
We lay together and kissed and talked. The intense sex between us had freed up our conversation. Johann talked about his successes with girls. He had experience of sex with two girls. One of them had given him blowjobs (not as good as mine he said). The other was a romance that lasted for 6 months but sex had been awkward and occasional. He had rarely thought about boys except once with a friend when they had got drunk and his friend had tried to come on to him but he had freaked out and said no. Partly Johann had regretted not going for it. He had wanked every night since he met me and each time he had thought about being fucked by me.

I was surprised by how candid he was. He wanted to know all about my fantasies and experience. That would be a quick conversation I said.

As we talked it felt very natural to start playing with each others' cocks. He gave a delighted “mmm” when he found me hard and ready for action again. He was limp, but I loved playing with his limp cock. Pretty soon there was less talking and more kissing and wanking. But then we’d break off and go back to talking about sex and fantasies. That made us even more horny I think.
He pushed me on my wanking fantasies. I told him I thought about holding his cock until he came and how I thought about wanking him really slowly. I told him I wanted to see him come, wanted to see him shoot his load. I told him I wanted him to come over me.

I felt his cock grow in my hand at that thought. Soon we were concentrating on wanking each other slowly.

“Any good at massaging?” he said.

“I’ve no idea,” was my reply. “Like everything else tonight I’ve never done it.”

“Well give it a try and I’ll give you marks out of ten." He smiled as he rolled over onto his front.
I straddled his back and started to do what I thought was right. Rubbing and kneading his back. Gradually getting lower until I was massaging the top of his bum. I had to move myself further down, over his legs which allowed me to properly squeeze his butt cheeks. As I settled into a comfortable position I realised my hard cock was inches from Johann’s crack. A slight repositioning left my cock resting from bottom to top on his crack. As my hands worked his bum harder my cock slipped neatly into the gap between his cheeks. I began to slide it back and forth, using the pressure of his arse cheeks to manipulate my cock up and down. He spread his legs further apart and let a little moan out in pleasure.

“We’ll need some help if you want to go any further.”\ He leaned round and looked at me. “And I’d like you to go further.”

“Help like what?” I said.

“Like Vaseline…” he said. “…like massage oil, like…”

“There’s a pot of Vaseline in the bathroom” I replied.

“No there isn’t,” he said. “I took the liberty of bringing it in.”

From the side of the bed he produced the tub of Vaseline and handed it to me.

“Be gentle” he said. “A finger is one thing. Your throbbing cock is quiet another.”

“We don’t have to,” I knelt over and whispered in his ear. “I’m quite happy continuing with what we’re doing.”

“Yes we do have to,” he replied. “and I should warn you that I’m going to fuck you tonight as well.”

“Putting it like that,” I said “I’m going to be real careful…”

I unscrewed the pot and pushed my finger in, but there was something I wanted to do first. I repositioned myself again so my head was directly above his arse. Slowly I separated his bum cheeks then I lowered my mouth until my tongue was close enough. And then I started to explore his hole, his anus, his butt with my tongue. Licking lightly, licking aggressively, pushing my tongue inside his tight anus. I could taste the sweat. He was moaning gently. With my tongue gently licking his hole I dipped my finger into the Vaseline again and then sat up. Gently I started to caress his tight hole with my lubricated finger. Slowly I slipped it in, working my finger up and down. He was pushing his arse against my hand, forcing my finger further into him. Past the knuckle that had already invaded him. Pretty soon my whole finger was pushed deep inside him. I was fucking him with my middle finger, speeding up and slowing down as I tried to read his breathing and moans.

It was time. He raised himself up onto all fours in front of me. I knelt up behind him. My cock was so hard and ready. I spread his cheeks and moved my cock towards his hole. Pretty soon I could feel it pushing into him. Just slightly, maybe a centimetre. Johann pushed back as I pushed forward and suddenly I seemed to be a couple of inches into him. His arse gripped my cock so tight. I moaned at the pleasure of it. There was a sharp intake of breath form Joahann then I felt his muscles relax. I gripped the front of his thighs and pulled him towards me as I pushed into him.

“Oh God, that hurts so good,” Johann said.

Suddenly I could feel my bollocks pushing against his arse. I was in him. I began to move in and out. I was fucking him. I was loosing my virginity, not to some girl’s pussy but to some gorgeous Swedish arse. It was so tight and warm. I moved in and out with deeper strokes. Still being slow and gentle, but taking longer, deeper strokes. I could hear Johann breathing deeply, moaning as I entered him fully. I began to pick up pace. Half pulling his arse to me and half pushing my cock into him. God, I was so turned on. I was so hard as I picked up the pace. Now I was properly fucking him. I stopped the slow gentle approach and started to fuck him more frantically.

“Oh my god, I’m going to come inside you,” I said

“Don’t come yet,” he said “I’m enjoying it too much. I want you to fuck me more.”

I slowed down. Willing myself to be controlled. It was my first fuck. That was asking a lot.

“Let’s change position,” he said. “Lie down. I’m going to sit on your cock”

I pulled out slowly. My cock was hard and greasy with Vaseline.

I lay down and Johann straddled me. He started to kiss me as he held my cock and lowered himself onto it. My cock slipped into his Vaselined hole. It was more relaxed this time. He was trying to stifle his moans but as he sat back, completely taking my whole length in his arse he could barely suppress them. Soon he was rocking up and down as he kissed me, moving my cock in and out of his hole. He was kissing me as deeply as my cock was in him.

Then he sat upright. My hands automatically moved to his cock, now standing hard to attention over my chest. I held it and started to very slowly wank him off. He slowed down his rock until we were in perfect motion together. As I slipped deep inside him my hand slid down his ample shaft. As he rose up my cock slipped up its full length and my hand rode up to his head, dripping in pre-cum. And then he would lower himself back onto my full length as I slid my hand back down the full length of him.

In this position I could appreciate just how fantastic his cock was. In this position it seemed so much bigger and thicker than mine, so straight and so fucking hard. We started to move quicker. As his arse bobbed faster so I began to wank him off quicker. Pretty soon we were moaning heavily as we headed towards orgasm. I felt my self losing control and my cum shooting up my cock and filling his arse. As I came he smiled. I was filling his arse. Then as my hand sped up on his cock he suddenly gasped and I saw his spunk shooting out of his cock. Flying out and landing on my chest. One spurt hit my chin and I slid my tongue over it, tasting his come and enjoying it. Still he kept coming. I could see it coming from his unbelievable cock. We slowed down. My cock was already getting limp as Johann pulled his arse free from it. He flopped down next to me. I grabbed a towel from beside the bed and rubbed his cum off my chest. My heart returned to normal.

We lay together waiting for our breathing to slow down.

“This is the best night's sex I’ve ever had,” ventured Johann.

“It’s the only night's sex I ever had,” I replied.

“So did you like seeing me come?”

I nodded.

“What was your favourite bit?” Johann clearly wasn’t tired “Was it as good as you dreamt?”

“It was all good. I’m still trying to get my head round it to be honest.”

“I want to do it again tonight. Can I fuck you?”

“Your cock's big” I said “It looks like it’ll hurt. Besides I think I need a little break now.”

“Turn over. I’ll give you a nice massage.”

“Let's talk for a while” I said. “I like hearing about what turns you on. What did we do when you first fantasized about me?”

“My first fantasy about you?” Johann thought for a while. “When I met you, if you remember, was after your trip. You had just got out of the shower. I knew you had been with friends abroad. I wondered if you had been fucking your friends. And that made me jealous and turned me on at the same time. Does that make sense?”

I nodded.

“I wondered if you had a wank in the shower when you got home.”

“I did actually. But you weren’t in my thoughts. I’d never met you.”

“Well, when I lay in bed that night I thought about you in the shower. And that made me hard so I started paying with myself. I thought about what you would look like. What your cock was like. I imagined stepping into the shower with you.”

As he talked I could feel a stirring in my groin. Here we go again I thought.

“Then I imagined kissing you under the water.”

As he talked I turned over onto my front.

“As we kissed you reached out and started to touch my hard on. Very gently. Remember I thought you’d been fucking your friends. I thought you would be the expert!”

His hands started to massage my back. Kneading the muscles gently.

“I started to touch your cock” he continued. “It was so hard and thick and sexy.”

He moved into position and straddled my back as he spoke. All the time he continued to massage my back.

“Pretty soon we were gently playing with each others cocks. Then I got on my knees and started to suck you off. Your cock felt great in my mouth.”

His hands were now exploring my bum as he kissed my back.

“Then I started to finger your arse, all the time keeping your cock deep in my mouth.”

I felt his fingers moving between my crack. I spread my legs a little. I was unsure of what to expect but once again I was hard and feeling horny as hell. His finger began to probe my hole. It was already well Vaselined and slipped quite easily into the opening. I gasped.

“And my finger started to enter your arse making you groan. Then I turned you round and as you lent against the shower wall I started to explore your hot arse with my tongue.”

Johann went quiet for a moment. He withdrew his finger which disappointed me. Then I felt the most fantastic sensation as he parted my legs, opened my crack and started to lick my arse.

“Oh Johann. That’s amazing.”

He carried on, licking me, forcing his tongue deep in me, then licking my hole like it was an ice-cream. I was so turned on. I was groaning with the pleasure as he tongue fucked me for ages. Then he must have lifted his head and I felt his finger re-enter me. This time it pushed all the way in and he started to fuck me with his finger hard and fast. I was pushing my arse back into his hand trying to get more of his finger inside me. Then I felt his finger pull out.

“Then I stood up and with you leaning against the shower wall I started to rub my cock against your hole. You were pushing back against me, forcing my cock into you.”

As he spoke he spread my legs completely apart. I felt his weight lowered onto me and I felt the sensation of his cock rubbing against my hole. Then I felt him begin to enter me. The pain was intense and my muscles were squeezing hard trying to reject his huge cock from my virgin hole but he kept pushing his swollen gorgeous head slowly in and out. Each time he got deeper and each time it felt better. Each time I wanted it deeper in me but each time he would slide just a bit more in me. Pretty soon I could feel him pushing against my arse with his thighs. Pretty soon he was starting to fuck me in long, deep thrusts. Pretty soon I could feel him all the way in me. The uncomfortable full sensation gave way to ecstasy as he rode me. His cock felt so big inside of me, but the feel of his balls against my arse was the best ever.

Then he pulled out. He turned me over and pulled me to the side of the bed. He climbed out of bed and knelt at the side. I positioned my legs either side of him. He lifted them in the air and then he manoeuvred his cock into place and entered me. Then he started to fuck me hard and fast. He was pulling me by my arse to bury his hard cock deeper inside me. My legs were in the air up by his shoulders. He was fucking me hard now. And every time he buried his cock to the base inside me I groaned. I felt his head pushing so deep in my arse I thought I’d explode. Then he started to moan and his cock seemed to get bigger then he slowed down and drove even deeper into me. He grabbed my cock and started to stroke it at the same pace as he slowly fucked me. Within seconds I was coming. Shooting my load across my chest. He gave one last push into me then emptied his spunk into my arse. He flopped forward into me and our mouths met and our tongues met, his cock still buried in me. Gradually we disengaged and made our way back under the quilt, breathless and spent.

“Would you like to visit me in Sweden?” he said. “You’d have to share a room with me though.”

“You’d better buy some Vaseline then,” I said.

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