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Swimmer Boy

The blossoming of a summer romance...
I and eleven other teen boys walked into the locker room, dripping wet, and towels draped over our shoulders. We’d just finished the last practice of our training camp, and all the guys were joking with each other and horsing around, relieved that we had three months before swim season started.

Even though I was a sophomore, and in my second year on the team, I didn’t really join in on the joking. Most of my friends were girls; the only boys that I was close to were boys I had a crush on. Even now, as we were all stripping out of our caps and swimmers, I was looking around at all the naked flesh. All of these boys were my type: slim, shaved, and with just a hint of muscle tone. Most of the boys were circumcised, so it was surprising to me to see a boy with an uncut cock, swinging low. What surprised me the most was the bush surrounding it; clearly, it was the new junior.

I followed him to the shower, and took the shower right next to the uncut boy, trying not to stare at his crotch—I was already getting semi-hard—and focused on soaping up my lean body.

As I dipped my hair in the water, he caught my eye. “I’m Derek,” he said. “What’s your name?”

“Bruce,” I said, extending my hand to him. He shook it firmly, a grin crossing his face. “You got any plans for the rest of the summer?”

He shook his head. “Nah, not really, just going to hang around the house.”

“Where do you live?”

“You know the Ridge Heights neighborhood? My family and I just moved out there.”

“Ridge Heights? My family actually lives in the next neighborhood over. You should come visit sometime.”

Derek got a puddle of body wash and started massaging it into his scalp. “Do you have a pool? I think I might need to brush up on my swimming, and we don’t have a pool at my house.”

“Yeah, come over anytime. I actually do some laps around eleven, if you want to join me.”

When we were dressed, we exchanged addresses just before heading outside to our waiting cars.

The next week went by uneventfully. I thought I might see Derek when I went to finalize my classes, but he wasn’t there. Other than that, I did my eleven o’clock rounds, before spending the rest of the time weighing down the furniture. Occasionally, I did some trivial work around the house, like vacuum the upstairs, or catch up the dishes, but I watched a lot of TV and jerked to a lot of free porn (All I can say to that last bit is thank God for InPrivate browsing.)

Next Wednesday, around ten o’clock, the doorbell rang as I was eating breakfast. I thought about putting something other than my boxer briefs, but decided against it when I saw who it was.

“‘Sup” Derek said when I opened the door.

“‘S going on?”

“Not much, here to swim. You?”

“Nothin’, just eating. You want something?”

“Nah, I just ate. You mind if I change into my swim gear?”

“Nah.” I shut the door and was surprised to see Derek dropping his pants the instant the door hit home. “So, I see you’ve been trimming yourself.”

He looked down at his shortened pubes. “Yeah, I need to get to shaving ‘em,” he said. “I never really had to before.”

I shrugged. “It probably doesn’t matter as much as you’d think. I mean, if you keep ‘em closely trimmed, you should be good.”

“So, why do you shave yours?”

I grinned. “ ‘Cause I can.”

An hour later, I stepped out into the backyard, wearing my swim gear and ready to dive into the deep end. I hopped on the board and tried to find Derek; he wasn’t in the pool. After about five seconds of looking, I saw a bush near the shallow end moving, even though there was no wind. I hopped off the diving board and walked over there, when I heard Derek’s voice: “Oh, yeah, just like that.”

I padded over to the other end of the hedge and peeked inside, shocked to see Derek, swim cap and Speedo dropped in the wood chips, jerking that uncut cock like there was no tomorrow. The sheer size of it almost made me gasp; it was easily eight inches, a meaty, thick, monster with a purple head exposed and covered in time with the strokes of his spit-covered right hand.

I almost backed out when he said my name. “Oh, Bruce, you know how to blow me. Yeah, keep it up, I’m almost there.”

My cock started to grow in my own briefs, the hardness pushing my waistband away from my body, the warm air bathing my exposed crotch. I reached my hand down to start stroking when I saw the ropey white strands of Derek’s semen splashing on the rocks. Hastily, I shoved my cock in my swimmers and jumped into the shallow end.

I must have missed Derek entering the house again, because he came back out the French doors, adjusting his swim cap, his monster cock shoved into his Speedo. As I watched him dive into the pool, I knew I was going to get some of that.

A month passed before the perfect opportunity came up. In that period of time, we had our fair share of time together. He came over every weekday and spent at least eight hours a day here. We had some time during the weekends to hang out as well; he even invited me to his birthday dinner; I promised to reciprocate next February when I turned twenty-one.

I waited for a day when my mother was away on a business trip; I didn’t want her nosing in on my plan. I didn’t have to worry about my dad so much; he was off in Nebraska somewhere. I hadn’t seen him in at least ten years, and it was exceedingly unlikely that I would.

My mom went off to Florida on a Wednesday, going to an insurance conference or something; she was planning to return on Friday. As had become his habit, Derek came by about ten o’clock and dropped his clothes. We had taken to swimming nude when no one was home. After all, the pool was fenced in, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen in the showers, and it was another way to see that suckable, fuckable, cock.

We ran through our routines as usual until lunch, when I offered to get some burgers. I nuked the burgers and came back out, just in time to see Derek stroking himself on a deckchair. This wasn’t unusual either. We had seen each other hard a number of times and agreed to just jerk ourselves when it was just us.

I put the plates on the table and crouched by Derek. “You mind if I finish you off today?”

Derek shook his head, a look of pleasant surprise coming to his face. I licked my right hand and started stroking him again. As my hand went down to his now-bare pubes, his head peeked out from his foreskin, disappearing again when I brought my hand up his length.

I looked at his face as I stroked him; his face was furrowed, and he was gasping. “Oh God…oh God…that is…so fucking good…”

I took a breath myself, steeling myself for one of my most daring moves ever. I lowered my mouth over his erection, feeling his penis moving against my tongue. As my mouth closed over him, he let out another gasp. He didn’t stop me from blowing him, but I felt his left hand blindly reaching out for me, before running up and down my back in a slow, hypnotic motion.

His breathing became rapid, and he started clenching his face, and suddenly my mouth was flooded with a salty sweet taste. I swallowed his load as fast as I could, but semen still dribbled down my chin, forming a puddle around the base of his dick. I looked at him, letting his cock fall from my mouth; his face reflected amazement. I stood as he did, and we stared at each other. It occurred to me then how weird this must’ve looked from the outside. We were two naked college boys, one harder than Chinese algebra with semen dribbling down his face, each staring at the other as if we had grown two heads.

Derek moved first, taking two steps to wrap his arms around my chest, shoving his tongue into my mouth. After a moment, I started returning the kiss, my hands clutching at his back, running them to his firm butt.

When we broke the kiss, matching grins spread across our faces. This was even matched by Derek’s semen on his own face.

“I’ve wanted that for so long,” he said. “Ever since I saw you swim last year.”

“You’ve wanted me for that long?” I asked. “Why did you wait so long?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t think you would like me. Or that you liked boys.”

“Well, I don’t like all boys,” I replied. “But you are definitely my favorite.”

“Even though I haven’t helped you out?” he asked.

“I was wondering when that was going to happen,” I replied, as he lowered himself to my stiff member.

We played around as much as horny college kids who have to practice are able to. At about six, when we had been stopping, we lounged on towels by the pool and made out for a bit. That’s when I revealed a little more about the plan I had.

To be sure, we had moved faster than I could’ve imagined; I had thought it would take me at least a day to even get him in a romantic mood. But we managed to be close that first day.

I wanted to invite him to stay a couple of days. I told him to tell his parents that my mom was okay with it. I told him he didn’t need a sleeping bag or a lot of clothes, but when he showed up again at seven, he brought in a duffel bag and sleeping bag.

“Mom insisted,” he said. “Doesn’t mean I have to use them. Besides, I was able to smuggle in a surprise or two.” He grinned as he dropped his pants again.

I gave him a couple of strokes and a quick kiss. “Well, the surprises can wait until we eat. My mom made lasagna we can share. Wanna eat outside?”

We took our time with dinner; the cool air was a refreshing change over the smothering afternoon heat. We talked about the upcoming term, who we could be “out” around, and all sorts of other things.

Finally, I asked him inside to see one of his surprises. I told him to pick a good one. I took the dishes to the kitchen while he dug something out of his duffel. When I came back, he held a handful of DVDs. Each one had a partially-clothed person on the cover, and most of them were men. Some of the DVDs were animated, while others weren’t.

“Now THAT is a surprise,” I said. “What other surprises are you hiding in there?”

Derek grinned. “You’ll just have to wait and see. Now, which one do you want to see?”

I picked out a jewel case with an animated picture of three boys on it. It turned out to be a Japanese porno that Derek had downloaded on his family computer (once again, thank God for InPrivate) and burned to DVD. He wanted to put it on mute, but I told him I wanted to hear it. The porno was in Japanese, but had English subtitles; we left the audio on anyway.

As the three boys started having sex in Tokyo Tower, Derek and I were already going hot and heavy on the couch. We had been blowing each other when he suddenly got up and went back to his duffel. He came back with a tub of Boy Butter.

“Another quality surprise,” I said, kissing him.

We paused the movie long enough to lay towels on the floor. Then he scooped enough cream into both of our hands. “You want first or second?”

“I wanna go first,” I said, running my hand on my cock, lubing it up good. He took his hand and lubed up his ass, before throwing his legs up to his arms. I entered him gently, moving slowly as I humped him. He began moaning in pleasure as I began fucking him in earnest.

“Fun, isn’t it?” I asked. He grinned, his breath coming out in gasps.

“Can’t wait for my turn,” he said.

“It feels amazing,” I said. “You’re gonna love it.” I paused for a second and started kissing him, before starting back up with new intensity.

Derek was wonderfully tight, and every thrust sent waves of ecstasy up from my cock all the way up my spine. As Derek’s moans increased, I knew he was feeling the same thing, his hand pumping furiously on his own cock.

Derek came first, his cum spurting between the both of us, getting on our chests. A spurt hit my lips, and we kissed, sharing that streak of semen between the both of us.

It wasn’t very long before I felt the familiar tightening in my balls that told me it was time to cum. I slammed into him twice more and held it in him, letting my semen flood his ass as I kissed him.

We lay there for a little while, gently running our tongues along our bodies, getting all of Derek’s cum lapped up. By the time we had finished, Derek was hard again—thank God for the resilience of youth—and I was still semi-hard.

“Back in a flush,” I said after a while. “Get ready to ride the Bruce.”

As I cleaned up, I looked in the mirror. I was covered with a sheen of sweat, and my hair was all tousled and matted to my scalp in places. It had been a little over five months since I’d been thoroughly fucking anyone, and I was feeling it.

It wasn’t a bad feeling, I had to admit. I tossed my hair back and straightened it out, before stepping back out of the bathroom. I saw that Derek had reversed the DVD and was gently fapping to the threesome on Tokyo Tower.

“Bored much?” I asked. He turned and grinned.

“I was wondering what was taking you. Ready to go now?”


I crouched down in front of the TV as he lubed his cock. I felt his fingers sliding in my ass a couple of times, before he started sliding his cock in me. He buried his face in my neck as he massaged my nipples, tweaking the erect peaks almost in sync with his fucking.

In the five months that I had been without sex, I’d tried to replicate the feeling with a dildo and with my fingers. But nothing compared to the pleasure I felt from Derek’s cock, sliding in and out of my ass. I could feel the soft, warm skin of his shaved pubis as it slapped against my cheeks again and again.

It wasn’t long before his breath started to go ragged again. He stopped his thrusts into me; I waited on the inevitable warm flood as he flicked his tongue on my ear, but it didn’t come.

“You are amazing,” he whispered. “I love fucking this ass.”

“I love it when you fuck me,” I replied, twisting around to face him. We moved in for a kiss, our tongues swimming in a ballet of pleasure. When we broke the kiss, he had started moving in me again.

When he came, I felt the warmth of his cum inside my backside, and turned at my waist to kiss him again. I felt his dick fall out of my ass as he pushed me to the floor.

As we lay naked in my bed that night, I gazed at his resting form. It hadn’t taken nearly as long as I’d thought. But now Derek was mine. I kissed him on the forehead before I settled down next to him, my semi-hard dick pressed into the crack of his ass. He clutched my forearms, and I saw a smile tugging on the ends of his mouth. And we both knew that practice would have to wait tomorrow.

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