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Taking a Midnight Stroll

Tags: short
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I was sitting around my house smoking a blunt when I decided I would go for a walk, the way I saw it was, why not? It's not TOO late. At around 12 o'clock I finally decided that I should get up and go. As I was walking I saw my neighbour going for a jog. Even though I was high I decided it would be fun to go and catch up with him, it wasn't until I had caught up with him that I realized he was high as well. "Hey Tom" he said when he noticed me. "Hey Anthony, how your night been." I replied. "Oh it's been all right... well actually, no it hasn't, not at all, Jim ran out on me after a fight today. I know he'll be back, but I'm really horny, this weed has just gotten me so ready to fuck." "Oh well that's too bad, I hope you can find someone, I'm sorry I can't help, but you know I have a wife. Hah and I'm not gay."

A stony silence settled as we ran side by side, when all of a sudden, "AH" Anthony screamed as he tripped. "Ah I think I twisted my ankle, can you help me get home?" "Yea of course bud." As we were walking home his leg gave out and he fell right on me. Anthony was a big guy, about 6"3, 280 pounds, and black. As he fell over I felt his erection against my leg. Oh my god was I surprised his cock was at least 9 inches, if not even more. I wasn't gay or anything, at least I had never supposed that I was, but I just had to see this, I was a respectable 7 inches long, but this was just unnatural. I finally managed to get him to roll off of me, I "pretended" to trip as I helped him up and pulled down his sweat pants. "Oh sorry, dude me-" I started choking and next thing I felt was his hand on my head shoving his hard 10 inch vascular, huge mushroom tipped ebony cock deep into my throat. "Come on Tom, I won't tell anyone, please, just help me out here, you see how horny I am." I figured what the hell, I wanted it anyways. I started to move my head taking his cock deeper into my mouth and rocking back and forth slightly squeezing his balls like I knew I liked it. "OH yes, yes... Oh yes! Come on, are you sure this is your first time? you’re so good, oh I'm going to cum, swallow it all bitch!" he exclaimed as he shot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 shots of his hot, salty cum deep into my throat, I swallowed but his load was too big, I couldn't hold it all in my mouth I just had to let some spill out. I pulled back when I was done, I as I went to stand up he said "hey, were not done yet, get on your hands and knees" I complied without any complaint, he pulled out a small bottle of baby oil and said "you’re going to love this, I'm going to make you my cock sucking and dick riding bitch of a whore" he squeezed his bottle of baby oil all over my ass and on his cock he then took his dick and started to rub to rub it against my oiled up ass. After about a minute of this he shoved his cock in my ass, "AHHHHHHHHH" I cried, "Don't fucking move! OH MY GOD! AHHH how much is in?! I can't take it, pull it out, AHHHH!" "Calm down Tom, just relax, tell me when you’re ready, stop flexing your ass muscles it just makes it hurt more.”OK" a few minutes later I decided what the hell, I’m starting to enjoy this, I jumped backwards, taking the full 10 inches into my ass! "Uh" he moaned in pleasure as he started thrusting harder and harder. I was slowly getting a boner. I rubbed my hand on my cock as he trusted fast and hard into my ass. "Oh I’m going to cum!" he yelled as his warm cum shot in my ass, the feeling was so nice I started coming uncontrollably, I’d never climaxed like this before! "Yea you liked that, I could tell, from now on, whenever you're free you come to my house, and you'll ride my cock until I tell you to leave, your my bitch now, when I call on you, you come." "Mhm" I nodded as he pulled out, "well I better get home, Sherry's expecting me, goodnight Anthony."

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