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Tanning Salon Visit

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Substitute attendant at tanning salon gives personal service, leaving a very satisfied customer.
I like to keep a minimal level of tan during the summer months, both for appearance and to lower the risk of sunburn. My busy schedule provides little opportunity to lie in the sun outdoors, so I periodically visit a tanning salon. In the past I occasionally stopped by a tanning salon on my way to work, first thing in the morning. The reason I chose this particular establishment was that it was open early, unlike most. Usually, at the hour I came, there were no other patrons present.

The business was owned and staffed by a divorced guy in his fifties, who also had a jewelry-making business on the side. He normally worked in a small jewelry shop near the reception area. He was polite and friendly, but never did he give me any indication that he was open to gay pursuits. I might add here that I am a straight-acting, in-shape, 62 year old, married professional with family. No one would ever suppose that I might have interests that involved uninhibited sex with men.

When I tan in the tanning bed I always wear a thong, mainly because of the nice tan lines, but also because of the sexy feel. Sometimes, if I am feeling really horny, I will wear a tiny “torpedo” thong that features a torpedo-like tube into which I insert my penis, together with a sack-like pouch below for my balls. Other than that, it is a G-string thong. The tanning booth has a full-length mirror on the back wall, so I can see the visual effect.

On one such tanning visit, the proprietor was absent, and the salon was staffed by a trim, attractive guy of around 30 years old. He wore earrings, along with a summer shirt and very short cut-offs. He told me his name was Scott, and that he was the owner’s nephew. We interacted briefly at the counter, during which time I caught myself looking at him rather longingly. He led me back to the booth and set the time on the time switch just outside the door. I couldn’t help but stare at his tight bubble butt I as followed him back. I thanked him, entered the booth, and closed the door.

I stripped completely and donned my torpedo thong. With the lingering visual image of the young man, I completely filled the torpedo, causing it to stretch and conform to the outline of my swollen cock. I activated the switch on the tanning bed, but to my chagrin, nothing happened. I had experienced this before on rare occasions, and in such cases I had to get the attendant to come back and reset the timing switch. So, I cracked the door slightly and called out down the hallway for Scott. I really didn’t want to go to the trouble of getting dressed, so I hid myself behind the door and looked through the crack to communicate.

Scott fumbled with the outside timer, but without success. He said he would have to come in and reset the switch on the bed. I paused for a moment, thinking over the prospect of this young man seeing me in such erotic attire. But, being the closet exhibitionist that I am, and excited at the opportunity to shamelessly expose myself and my arousal to another guy, I consented.

I backed away from the door and he entered. As he did, his gaze immediately focused on my “torpedo.” Not only did he have an unobstructed frontal view, but the mirror on the back wall gave him a view of my backside as well. He smiled and knelt down by the side of the bed to access the switch.

After resetting the switch, he remained kneeling, looked up at me, and remarked with enthusiasm, “Really nice thong, man!”

“Thanks,” I replied. “I like the look, and the sexy feel it gives me.”

“If it feels half as good as it looks, it must be awesome.”

Taking my cue, I answered, “Would you like to see how it feels?”

“Sure, man!”

I stepped towards him, so I was within easy reach. He reached up and gently stroked the torpedo with one hand, as he cupped my ballsack with the other. “Mmm... it does feel good.”

By now, my growing erection had completely filled the 4-inch long torpedo, and was pushing the thong away from my waist. My flanged cockhead was clearly outlined in the fabric, and a small spot of wetness appeared on the tip.

He asked, “May I?” I didn’t have to say anything, as my arousal was all the encouragement he needed. Pulling the thong away from me, he slipped my throbbing member out of the sleeve. Upon being set free, my hard shaft sprang upward at an angle. I was, for all intents and purposes, totally naked.

Looking up at me, he leaned forward, and teasingly licked up the underside of my cock to the tip. His tongue caressed my purple knob and probed my oozing slit. I gasped aloud, closed my eyes and then rotated my head back, the universal sign of complete sexual surrender. He immediately took my entire 6-inch length into his expert mouth, all the way until his nose was pressed against my pubic hair. He followed this with powerful sucking motions. Despite his young age, he was certainly no novice at this.

Oh yes, please...” I gasped between moans.

The feeling of impending release was soon building inside me, and my legs were starting to quiver. I wanted to reward this incredible cock lover with all that I had.

“Oh god, I’m cumming...” I cried, just before I exploded in his mouth, spilling my hot male nectar down his hungry throat. Powerful, uncontrollable spasms racked me as I emptied the contents of my seminal vesicles into him. He held me in his mouth until the spasms subsided.

He stood up and said, “Thanks, man.”

As he turned to go, I grabbed his arm to stop him and asked, “May I return the favor.... please?”

He paused and turned towards me again. Our eyes locked as I began to unbutton his shirt. I then reached for the waist button on his cut-offs, admiring the noticeable bulge in the front. I couldn’t wait to get this young adonis into my mouth.

Suddenly, and unfortunately, we were interrupted by the sound of the front door chime going off. Scott immediately buttoned up his shirt, and headed out down the hallway, trying to adjust his package the best that be could. I re-positioned my thong and climbed into the bed, realizing our opportunity was gone.

When I left, he was talking with someone on the phone. I silently formed the words, “Thank you!” with my mouth as I walked by. He smiled and gave me a simple thumbs up. Unfortunately, I never encountered him again. But, I was left with a fond memory, along with my tan.

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