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Teenage Boys Part 2

Two sixteen year olds meet in the school bathroom
The next morning Jackson woke up with a huge hard on. It was no mystery why because he had dreamed of Owen for almost the entire night. He just couldn't get the hot blonde boy's picture out of his head. He then decided to go for a shower. He began thinking of Owen again, so he began to jack off.

His dick was long and hard and he was jerking so fast that his whole body was moving. "Oh yeah, fuck I'm hard," he moaned as he continued his masturbation session. Soon he felt his entire body tensing and he was cumming all across the floor of the shower. It was washed away quickly but he could still see that it had been one of his biggest orgasms to date and that he had shot more cum than he had ever shot before.

He got out of the shower and got ready for school.

A few hours had passed and Jackson was feeling extremely horny. He was right in the middle of a chemistry lecture when he decided that he couldn't take it anymore and that if he did not jack off immediately that he would explode. He asked the teacher if he could be excused to go to the bathroom.

As he got closer to the bathroom he noticed that his other friend Tom was also heading into the bathrooms. They quickly greeted each other, but since Jackson was in such a hurry he was practically running to get to the stall.

Once there he quickly dropped his pants and his underwear and began to stroke his cock that was longing for attention. He was jacking off full force until he heard a voice say, "Wow, you must have been really horny to miss class just to jack off."

He turned his head and saw that it was his friend Tom who was looking through the crack between the stalls.

"Sorry for scaring you," said Tom, "but I had to see if you were doing what I thought you were doing."

"It's fine," said Jackson who at this point was blushing heavily.

"So I was actually feeling a little horny, too. Would you mind if I jacked off with you?"

"Uh sure, I guess," Jackson said feeling a little bit confused and taken off guard by the question. So he let Tom into the stall after making sure there was no one else in the bathroom. It was a little bit of a tight fit but this was Tom's fantasy. He had been waiting to have some sort of sexual experience with another guy and now he was doing it with his best friend.

Slowly Tom also began to lower his pants and his underwear until he was completely naked from the waist down. "So do we just start jacking off together?" asked Jackson a little bit confused.

"Yeah, just do what you would normally do," Tom replied, so they began stroking their dicks together. Soon Jackson began moaning which was a complete turn on for Tom. As the boys continued to jack off Tom slowly moved his left hand up Jackson's legs and slowly to his crotch.

Jackson looked at Tom with a confused look but didn't protest, so Tom continued. He began to stroke Jackson's cock which made Jackson moan even louder. Soon he was yelling, "Oh, Tom, I'm gonna cum ohhhhh," and just like that Jackson was shooting his cum all over Tom's body.

"Oh, yeah baby, cum all over me," moaned Tom as he, too, began to cum. "Wow that was my biggest orgasm ever," said Tom.

"Yeah me, too," Jackson said. "We should better get back to class."

"Yeah, we should," said Tom.

"Hey, Jackson, maybe we should do this again some time."

"Yeah, maybe we should," he said.

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