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Teenage Boys Part 3

Two 16 year olds in the shower together...
The bell just rang and Jackson was excited about lacrosse practice. Not only did he love playing the game but he also got to see Owen in the locker room.

After his interesting encounter with his friend Tom, he was even more excited to see if he could experience something like that with Owen.

He packed his things and after saying good bye to his friends he went down to the locker rooms to get changed. He was hoping that he would happen to see Owen in there since he wanted to see his hot body unclothed but unfortunately Owen had already changed.

Disappointed, Jackson left the locker rooms to head down to the field. Lacrosse practice was good and he enjoyed stealing glances at Owen and seeing how he looked. How his hair blew in the wind and how his legs looked when he was running. Most of all he enjoyed looking at Owen's package through his shorts. His mouth practically watered at the thought of maybe getting to see it. He wanted Owen so bad that he was actually debating whether or not he should tell him. Jackson decided against it, thinking that it would ruin their friendship.

Later, after practice was done, Jackson ran into Owen on the way to the showers. "Hey Jackson," he said. "That was a really good practice, huh."

"Yeah it sure was," said Jackson.

They both walked into the shower area together. They took of their towels and went under opposite showers so that they could talk. As soon as the water started running Jackson's eyes were glued to Owen. His hair, his face, his incredible body. Jackson could stare at it all day. He probably would have until Owen asked him about try outs for next year.

Jackson replied saying that he was hoping that he was good enough to make it on the varsity team. Without him realizing it, he'd begun to grow a raging hard on, just because he was in the presence of Owen who was naked taking a shower.

Owen saw his cock, smiled and said, "Wow, looks like you've got something growing down south."

Jackson smiled, blushing slightly and said, "Yeah I see you have, too."

It was true, Owen's cock had grown since they had gotten in the shower. "Yeah I have been pretty horny lately since I don't have as much time as I used to to jack off."

"Would you mind if I jacked off now?"

"Sure!" Jackson almost shouted. "In fact I think I'll join you," he said.

"All right," Owen mumbled.

Both the boys began to jack off. Owen's strokes were faster and more intense while Jackson's were slow and steady because he was more focused on watching Owen. Watching Owen masturbate was probably the biggest turn on that Jackson had ever had.

As they got closer to cumming both the boys began to moan. Jackson hoped that there was no one else in the locker room close enough to hear them but at that point he didn't really care.

As Owen got even closer to orgasming Jackson slowly walked toward him. He then gently placed his hand over Owen's on his cock. Owen gave him a slightly confused look but he didn't protest so Jackson proceeded.

He continued to jerk off Owen until he finally came. "Oh, fuck!" Owen screamed as jets of cum came shooting out of his penis.

Jackson held on to his cock until it became limp and soft again. He then let go and looked at Owen who was looking at him back. Jackson didn't know how Owen would react to the masturbation session. Did he like it? Did he hate it? Did he want more? What if he never talks to me again? he thought.

Well, there was only one way to find out...

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