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Thankful for gay 3-ways

A sexual encounter at a gay bar
The night before Thanksgiving I went out to one of the local gay bars. As I walked in around 10:00PM the first thing I noticed was how many people were in there. It was a nice combination of men and women. Most of the men seemed to be of what I was looking for (gay).

I went to the bar, ordered a beer and looked around for prospects. I noticed a nicely dressed man checking me out, so I walked over to him and introduced myself. His name was Dave and he told me he thought that I looked good. I thanked him and said I thought he looked really hot. He asked if I had ever been here before and I told him no but I heard that it was a nice place. Dave and I talked and drank beer for a couple of hours when we both noticed a nicely built guy walking towards us. He said his name was Fred and asked if he could join us.

We both agreed and asked him if he was alone. Fred said regrettably yes, his friend left with someone else. We told him that he could hang with us if he wanted. I got up to use the bathroom. When I returned Dave and Fred were laughing. I asked them what's so funny. They admitted that they were lovers and that they like to watch each other hook-up with others. I told them that I would like to hook-up with the both of them.

They looked at each other, smiled, stood up with Dave on my left and Fred on my right started to rub their hands over my chest. I stood up facing Dave and proceeded to kiss Dave. His lips parted and our tongues met giving me a raging erection which Fred was rubbing through my jeans. I stopped kissing Dave, turned and proceeded to kiss Fred while Dave was rubbing my ass and cock at the same time.

Fred said that why don't we go back to his apartment and finish this off. I wholeheartedly agreed. We left the bar, went to Fred's place. As we walked into the door, Dave was already taking off his clothes and so was I. Fred turned around to find to hard cocks pointing at him. He smiled while licking his lips and proceeded to undress. I’ve seen some big cocks in my time but Fred was huge. He was almost 9" and wasn't even hard yet. I looked at Dave and asked how does he feel in his ass. Dave smiled, kissed me passionately on the lips and said you'll find out soon enough.

I dropped to my knees, started licking his balls and shaft while he sat down on the sofa. As I was licking his balls his cock grew to 12" long and so thick I could barely get me hands around it. I did the best I could to suck his huge cock while Dave went and got some lube for my ass. Dave returned and started licking and lubing my ass while I alternated between sucking and jacking off Fred.

Soon Dave said that I was ready. I proceeded to get on all fours while Fred move behind me. He started to rub his huge cock up and down my ass crack. Soon I felt his cock slowly inserting into my hole which made my cock even harder. I told Dave to lay below me so I could suck his cock while he sucked mine. Dave lay down below me and proceeded to suck my cock.

I told Fred to quit playing and to just fuck me hard as I've been a bad boy and need to be treated that way. All of a sudden, Dave stopped sucking and bit my cock to remind me to suck his cock. Fred started to insert his cock into my ass. It hurt and felt great at the same time. Fred was ecstatic that he found another ass that could and would take his cock into it. As Fred was pounding my ass, I was sucking Dave's cock while he was sucking mine. Soon we all exploded into each other. Dave sucked Fred's cum out of my ass while Fred and I shared Dave's cum out of my mouth. Dave then kissed me sharing Fred's cum. We changed positions many times that night and early the next day.
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