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The adventures of Hubby and Hubby (chapter 20)

Yanni and Ray, being subcontracted out . . . .
The adventures of hubby and hubby. . . . . (chapter 20)

On several occasions I have said that, our mistresses, in order to make a bit more money would contract Yanni and I out. The different ideas of our contracts would be in accordance with our mistresses imagination. They had a couple of girls that they contracted out also. My impression is that since the contracting out business was small and with very restricted individuals we never got into legal problems.

I will relate, here, a couple of our contracts, Yanni and I. Of course the same safe practices that we followed at the basement were going to be followed during the contracts. BDSM, mild, without pain or breaking of skin in any way shape or form. I used BDSM (mild) at the basement because for my sexual satisfaction being tied gave me an additional sense of sexual expectations that made my sex more pleasurable. Not knowing who was doing me nor when my pleasure would start, nor the understanding that I am committed without the possibility of escaping, gave me a tremendous sense of "I am at the mercy of my captor". And I love that. I also made my own fantasy that maybe some hot actor had come to the basement and was doing me.

When Yanni and I became a couple, many times it was Yanni doing me. He would tell me later on that it was him fucking me and we would jump at each other, again to have more sex. The idea of Yanni doing me is that I felt his hot semen being dropped on my "G" (prostate) and that certainly was a huge turn on causing greater sex pleasure.

But I digress. Let’s get back to the contracts. One of the contracts was with a couple of gay men that had a similar relationship to Yanni and I. The mistresses would later on tell us that they had requested us because they thought we could show them a thing or two.

Well we get to their house and they received us in their birth clothing. They were naked and one of them had a hard on. We were a bit surprised, but surprises many times bring great sex. So, they took us to their family room. A place that was very tasteful decorated. It had a big sofa/couch and two sitter couch, same material, a large (I guess) CPT chair that appeared to be very conformable for reading or watching TV. A big TV set, several tables (center, end, etc.) with lamps. The place was very much lit but the good part about the lamps is that you could turn them on strategically and make the room appropriate for some privacy while fucking. That part was not that important for Yanni and I. We have had much sex with lighting similar to a baseball park. But the two hosts, Michael and Julian, said that they liked their sex better when there was small lighting.

Right then Julian "attacked" me. He was the one with the hard on. He went for exploring the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I responded and our tongues danced away for a few minutes. Trying to know each other . . . . .

As soon as Julian thought he had enough dancing he began undressing me. I had not had a passionate sex where my partner, out of sexual passion, did not waste any time in undressing me. Julian certainly appeared desperately passionate. He undressed me and went for my cock. His mouth surrounding the bulb of my cock and his tongue circling the bulb. He did that for a while and now he wanted to fuck me. (The mistresses checked with them first that they did not have AIDS or any other STD). I looked around and saw Yanni already fucking Michael. I mean, Yanni’s cock was inside Michael’s love canal (Inner rectum).

Julian brought some lube-bing and used two fingers to spread the lube in my pussy. Once he was satisfied he moved on my back and he basically mounted me. First I felt the bulb and Julian waited a few seconds before continuing with the impaling. He knew that gay men like to be penetrated slowly. We like the cock to slide all the way as far as they could. As far as how many inches they had on that cock. I am accustomed already to mistress Nancy’s strap on dildo that is 10 inches long and 9 ½ of them are completely insertable. Same with girth, my pussy is used and stretched out to take about 3 inches in diameter distance. Julian’s cock, I am guessing, that it was about 7 inches long and about 2 inches girth. So he slid in easy for him and very pleasurable for me. Yanni has asked me if I may be too stretched out and missing some sexual feelings. I have told Yanni many times that so far my pussy outer lips are elastic enough to accommodate good sizes and when the sizes are smaller I still feel the impaling.

Once the fucking is over I begin walking and the aperture of my hole goes back and closes up.

So Julian is now deep inside my love canal. I ask him to go slow, and as he feels, to speed up his rhythm. I tell him also to hit my ass cheeks hard, I like to feel his balls hitting me there, hitting my own balls and finally hitting my thighs. That is exactly how he did it. Of course, Michael and Julian have done this to themselves on many, many, occasions. So, I am impaled, Julian is picking up speed as the seconds pass and eventually he begins to hit me hard. Since I am not gagged tonight, I tell Julian to go fast and hard. "Oh yes lover, impale me, do it hard . . .."

I hear Michael telling Yanni about the same thing. Knowing how well is Yanni when he fucks me, I can only imagine how much pleasure Michael is having.

Julian is almost cum-ing. I sense his cock vibrating inside me, his veins throbbing and his respiration now being difficult. I feel his cock when it actually starts cumming and I feel all that warm semen hitting my "G" and causing much pleasure. He dumps. I am guessing that about 4 big releases and feel my insides wet with semen. I ask him to stay inside as long as he feels that he has more semen. He finally tells me that he is "spent". He pulls out. I feel a little bit of leaking when he pulls out. I turn around and begin sucking his cock with some of his cum still in his shaft. I loved it.

On the other couch Yanni is now cum-ing inside Michael and Michael is yelling that the fucking was fantastic. All of us are now resting with a bit of after shocks and with some refreshments that Julian brought. I want to make some time so that all 4 of us rest some for the next sexual act. After some small conversation I say, -"I have an idea. Something I have been trying to do for some time."

"What is it?" asks Michael.

I respond that I want to imitate "centipedes". I fuck Michael, Julian fucks me and Yanni fucks Michael. This leaves Yanni without a cock to fuck him, but we brought some dildos and Yanni can fuck himself with a dildo. This way all 4 pussy's have a cock inside. There are some logistics we have to attempt but it is doable.

So now we go with the impaling. A bit difficult but we are doing it. Finally Yanni says that he is impaled and the centipede is formed. Please readers imagine, 4 men fucking each other at the same time and the last boi has a dildo inside him. We start moving to have the in and out and to produce pleasure. Oh, yes we are getting hot and sexually charged. We are moving in/out, in/out, in/out. And the pleasure I am getting is formidable. I have to assume that all are having a great sexual time because every body is encouraging every body. The centipede is working. I wonder how big a centipede we can have. Including getting some girls with their strap on dildoes. So fucking we go. I hear Yanni saying that he is cumming, then Michael, then I and finally Julian. We all cum. And we all had many sexual yells. Now we are spent. We rest a bit and Julian comes out and says, how about a centipede sucking cock. If we can do it with 4 maybe one day we can attempt 8 and close the circle . . . . . We have some soda and we rest a bit. The centipede was a bit more physical so our rest was somewhat longer than the first rest. We now tried to explore how good were we doing it. Julian jumped that so far it has been worth the expense. Oh GOOD!!

So we start positioning for the new centipede. I tell Julian to go on his fours. Then I come face up, slid between Julian’s legs and suck his cock. Michael comes now on his fours and he sucks my cock. Then finally, Yanni comes, mounts Michael and gives Michael a fantastic penetration to his pussy. And that is the end of the centipede. Now comes the actual moving part. Yanni goes out/in, out/in, Michael tries his best to fuck my mouth and I try to suck Julian. After a short while of all the moving, I cum first filling Michael’s mouth and he swallows. Then I feel Yanni cumming and he fills my insides which make my orgasm kind of shoot more on Michaels mouth And finally Julian allows me to drink all his cum. We are all in fuck heaven.

We still did a great centipede and one way or another we had great sex. We all cum and I believe it was Michael that said to have some sodas and rest for the final sex of the night. Julian and Michael had an idea of a 3P that they wanted to accomplish tonight that there were 4 people of like sexual satisfaction. This is Michael’s explanation. -"Ok, we get one guy on his fours, we call this guy the central piece of sex. Then we get somebody to slide under and suck the cock of the central piece in the plan. Somebody mounts the central piece and fucks his boi pussy. For the final 3P we get the free guy to fuck the central piece in the mouth. And we have a 3P on a gay fulfilling the fantasy."

So we selected me as the central piece. I got on my fours, Michael came after my cock, Yanni mounts me and fucks my boi pussy. And I feel every centimeter that Yanni has in his cock when they go (the centimeters of Yanni’s cock) through the outer lips of my pussy. I feel his penetration as if it was the first time he fucked me. How sexually sweet it was. Finally Julian feeds me his cock and I am in sex heaven. My mouth is now ready to suck Julian’s semen from every corner of his testicles. So picture this, a gay man with a cock inside his pussy, another inside his mouth and another man sucking his balls to extract every drop of semen from his balls. . . And empty them of all semen inside his balls.

The ultimate sexual pleasure of gays. Being the central piece in a male 3P. I am sure that many of you could not have an idea that we could get this done. Yanni and Julian had to get a good rhythm going so that nobody could get "displaced" from their position. Yanni started with his in/out, in/out, then Julian tried to get that rhythm so that he would never loose my cock. Michael in the bottom with my cock in his mouth had to get on a rhythm so that we all would be playing a symphonic sexual piece of music. The violins, in my pussy and in my mouth, were playing in rhythm. The trumpet was making my cock to drop all my semen in his mouth and that part of symphonic music was in perfect harmonic fashion. It was a great orchestra performing. Three cocks, in one way or another, giving me pleasure. Myself the center of attention in this case made me feel really satisfied - until the next day, when Yanni and I began with our private fuck.

Our adventure in symphonic music is a tremendous success. We reach the end with everybody having a huge orgasm.

We had some rest, drank some soda pop and prepared to leave. Michael and Julian took us to the door and said that they wanted to repeat this performance. We tell them that it is OK with us but they have to speak with our mistresses.

With that we said goodbye and we left . . . . . .

Until next sexual adventure . . . . . . .

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