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The Apprentice

A bicurious man falls for a gay contractor.
The Apprentice

Michael Mandrake

Copyright July 2009

All Rights Reserved

The damn alarm clock rang and I turned over to shut it off. Time is seven o’clock and I had to get up after having a long night. I wish I could stay in bed with my lovely girlfriend Sasha; light brown eyes, long black hair, elongated cocoa colored body with curves in all the rights spots. I got stiff just looking her legs poking from underneath the sheets; her candy red toenails leaning against my footboard, Jesus, I was such a lucky man. Now only if I were rich so I wouldn’t have to that wretched place McDade’s Hardware.

I leaned over and traced her cheeks with my fingertips. As I sighed, I started thinking, why was I not in love with this gorgeous woman? Why on earth would I be curious about sleeping with another man? That’s right, even with a gift from God like this one I was bi-curious. It started when I was a freshman in college, playing ball then showering with other men; I thought it was just a phase, my college counselor and pastor agreed.

However, as time wore on the thoughts didn’t leave my head. Watching “Brokeback Mountain” with Sasha last night didn’t help either. She was so happy that I was so comfortable in my sexuality and agreed to watch it with her. Little did she know I was more excited about the movie than she was. She even commented on how it would be a turn on to have a boyfriend that was bi and of course like the proud hetero Native American/black man I am, I said I would never do that but of course I would if the right man came along.

Sasha opened her eyes and pulled my face close to hers. When she kissed me, I felt a warm rush in my crotch. I could’ve made love to her all over again but I knew if I stayed I would be late. “I gotta go babe’, you are welcome to stay here and wait for me if you want.” Sasha is not only beautiful but she comes from a rich family. They set her up so that her only job is to look good, which she does quite well. She frowned when I got up off the bed. “Damn it Adrian, I told you to quit that shitty job and come live with me. Why do you feel that you need to be a breadwinner? My parents love you and so do I.”

I looked back at her while I slipped into my sandals. “Look, we already talked about this. I don’t want to depend on your parents. Besides, we have only been dating three months. What do I look like trying to be part of the family after such a short period of time?”

She got up from the bed, walked over to me, and pinched my nipples. “Adrian, I don’t understand why this matters to you. If I were you, I would jump at the chance to quit working and have my girls’ parents paying my way.”

I pushed her hands away and took her face in my hands. “Well you’re not me and we have not been seeing each other long enough to make that commitment. Love is a strong word Sasha, you shouldn’t throw it around like it doesn’t mean anything. I care for you very much but we need to slow down. Now, I need to leave. Will you be here when I get back?”

She pouted then kissed my lips. “After I go shopping I will be back here waiting for you. I’m a little tired though so I’m gonna lay back in bed a little longer.” She got back in bed and stared at me with those wanting eyes. Fuck, I wanted this woman so bad right now but I needed to be on time today. As I turned around I could hear her sigh and rustle the covers.

Within an hour and a half I made it to work. I punched in at nine o’ six, only a minute before I was considered late. I walked over to the professionals desk where I spent forty hours or more a week helping contractors with their orders or do-it-yourself er’s get supplies for there over the top rehabs. I sat down in the chair and logged in to the desktop computer. It wasn’t really busy yet so I decided to check my email. I looked around to make sure my annoying ass boss wasn’t hiding then I noticed a man talking to the Jessie, our assistant manager. Jessie usually talks to all the contractors to drum up more business for the store and I know all of them by name. This one I didn’t and I was trying to see who he was.

My co-worker Amelia walked up looking as if she was already annoyed. “Hey Amelia, how’s it going?”

Amelia rolled her eyes and put her hand on her hip. “I hate this fuckin’ job Adrian. These people are so dumb.” She turned around in the direction of Jessie then back at me. The frown she walked over here with was now a smile. “Wow, he is in here again! He is the finest thing I have seen in here, sorry to say Adrian even hotter than you.”
I looked at her and chuckled. “Thanks, Amelia.” Amelia used to ogle me quite a bit and make little comments when I started but when I told her I wasn’t interested she only talked to me when she absolutely had to or when she needed to make a snide remark. I stood up on my toes so I could see the “finest” one as well and he was quite attractive from what I could see. Tall, well built Caucasian man with blue eyes and brownish blond hair. Just as I was about to settle in to my email then I saw Jessie and mysterious man walking towards us. I looked up at Amelia checking herself in her pocket mirror then leaning against the desk posing.

“Amelia, Adrian this is David Hutchence. He is a contractor working on a few new homes in the neighborhood. He’ll be in here a lot so I want the two you to make sure he gets all the things he needs. Amelia stood in front of me and shook his hand. I got up and did the same. His hands were warm and soft; very unlike a man who works with wood and tools.

“It’s nice to meet you, David.” Looking at him close up I liked what I saw a lot more. He was hotter than me and I don’t really find a lot of white men attractive.

“Nice to meet you as well, Adrian.” His eyes were more of a greenish blue and the hair looked as if he had sculpted it with gel. Trying not to stare, I looked at Jessie instead.

Jessie and I went to college together and are the best of friends. I always told her that if I ever made up my mind to be with a woman long term then it will be her; that was until she decided to be a lesbian. She’s hotter than Sasha because she’s very intelligent not to mention just as physically appealing.

She looked at me and lifted her left eyebrow. “David, if you need assistance with any designs or anything Adrian is excellent at that.” She was always looking out for me especially since she knew I went to school for architecture and still looking for my first apprenticeship.

“Really, that’s awesome. When you have some time, we should talk. My designer might go on his own in the coming year and I may have an opening.”

When his eyes met mine I bit my lip and smiled. Damn, I think I met the one I wanted to have my first time with; only thing is did he feel the same? “That’s sounds cool David, I‘ll bring you my portfolio one day and we can chat.”

He smiled back and put his hand on my shoulder. “Looking forward to it Adrian. Jessie, I need to get going. I’ll be back a little later to pick up that quote from you ok?”

She took his hand in hers, “Sure David, I’ll have it ready when you return.”

“Great, it was nice meeting you both.” As soon as he spoke the last word he walked away with his phone to his ear.

We all watched him walk away and Amelia broke the moment of silence. “Jessie, he is so cute. How could you possibly like women knowing you have someone that hot walking around?”

Jessie giggled, “Just because my preference is for women it doesn’t mean I don’t notice a hot man every once in awhile.” One of the workers was calling Amelia over to help. Thankfully, she left to go and see what he wanted.

“Jessie, damn, damn, damn you! Why on earth did you do that to me?” Jessie knew I was curious; we’d talked about it after a long night of partying during sophomore year. We were both drunk out of our minds and very horny. We’d had sex and while laying there in the afterglow, we tried to figure out what we did and why. We both knew we were curious about same sex relationships but we cared deeply for each other as well. She is the only woman I ever truly loved because we had so much in common.

“Oh Adrian, you need to get away from this shit hole and find a real job. Not to mention a man to get away from the rich bitch you’re with.” She put her hand around my waist and pulled me closer to her.

I laughed and put my arm around her as well. “How do you know that he’s…”

She stopped me and smiled. “I dunno if he is or isn’t but when he put his hand on your shoulder I think that might’ve been a signal.”

“I appreciate you looking out for me but that was really embarrassing.”

We turned to each other and she put her hands atop mine. “Adrian, I only want the best for you. I want you to experience that first time more than anything now. I’ve had my turn, now it’s yours. Besides, you are still in denial: dating Sasha, playing the role of a totally straight man. You aren’t doing a thing to figure out what side of the fence you want to be on. Straddling it is not fun.” I knew she was right but I wanted to find out more about Mr. Hutchence on my own. Was he straight or gay?

While Jessie rambled on, I thought about him. I guess I found the man that I wanted to get to know better. Jessie did have a point about him putting his hand on my shoulder. Was he just one of those people that liked to touch other people? I was determined to find out.

When I got home, I hoped that Sasha wasn’t there. She had spent the last three nights here with me and I was ready for her to go home. I walked into my bedroom and there was a note amiss the covers. I read it and fell down on my bed. I was relieved that she listened to me and went home for the night. As I looked at the ceiling I thought about David. I had seen other men that I might have wanted but there was something about him besides his looks that drew me to him. Was it that he was a contractor? How he put his hand on my shoulder? I sat up and laughed to myself thinking why was I acting like a schoolgirl gushing over her first crush? “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I got up and decided to take a shower to cool off or maybe make myself hot and happy. I shook my head and walked over to my dresser to look for a clean towel. The moment I stepped into my bathroom, my ring tone told me Sasha was calling. “Oh God Sasha, leave me alone tonight ok?” I ignored it and retreated to the bathroom to lather myself up in more ways than one.

When morning came I felt well rested. Once I got myself off thinking about David’s body next to mine I got the best sleep I’d had in days. I trotted in to work ready to tackle anything and everything that came at me. Not to mention, I was excited to see if David would stop in. I walked over to the desk to find Jessie there looking at her email. “Hello gorgeous, my do you look hot today.”

I laughed and put my hand on her shoulder. “Hi, lovely, has he been in here yet?”

“No he has not. He came in here after you left to pick up that quote. I asked him if he was single and he said yes.”

“Jessie, I hope you didn’t ask him if he was gay.” She stood up and smirked at me.

“Well I was going to ask him but I decided to leave that up to you.”
I put my hand on the back of my neck and smiled back at her. “Oh so you think I’m just going to say, hey Dave I really like you are you gay?”

She laughed and took my other hand into hers,” No, but I know you will figure a way to find out.”

I looked into her eyes and sighed. Why did everything need to be so difficult? Why did I have to be curious? I smiled at her and held both her hands. Damn, I loved Jessie so much. I swear if she wavered just a little bit I would be all over her and probably let go of my man crush. “Don’t stress…” Jessie looked over my shoulder and smiled. I turned around and there was David. He caught both of us watching him and smiled back.

“Hello Jessie, hi Adrian, how is everything?” I greeted him with a handshake.

“Good, David.”

“David, I hope the quote was to your liking.”

He flashed that winning smile and uttered, “It was thank you.”

Jessie’s radio was buzzing meaning someone needed her help. “Excuse me gentlemen.” She walked away with the radio close to her ear.

Now, here I was alone with him. I wanted so bad to ask him that moment what his preference was. Instead, I decided to make small talk. “So, David, how long have you been a contractor?”

He smiled at me and leaned against the desk. I looked down just so I wouldn’t stare that hard. “A long time Adrian, I really enjoy working with my hands.”

Once he said that I looked up at him again. I bit my lip and rubbed the back of my neck. God I really wanted to know what else he liked. How could I ask him this especially since we just met. “Really? I know what you mean, it’s great when you can do what you love and make money doing it.” I sighed and waited for him to respond.

“Yes it is.”

When Jessie walked back over to us, she put her hand on my shoulder which startled me a bit. David’s eyes and mine were locked. Nervous, I broke the silence with more small talk. “That’s cool, so how many houses are you working on?”

David smiled without breaking our stare. “About twenty, there might be more if the realty company is able to sell them in a timely fashion. Right now they are about forty percent sold, he says he needs that to get to at least sixty before purchasing more land.” Our stare started getting uncomfortable in more ways than one so I looked down however, I didn’t do it quickly. I let my eyes wander down his body paying special attention to the bulge in his pants.

Seemingly, Jessie felt the heat and tension in the air and added, “Well, I hope that they find more houses to build, I mean that will determine how long you work close to our store won’t it David?”

I closed my eyes once Jessie spoke those words. God this gal is something else.

I looked back up at David to wait for his answer. He smiled lightly and crossed his arms, “Yes it does but even if that doesn’t happen, my office isn’t that far from here and I work in this area a lot because the word has gotten out about the work I do.” Once again he flashed those pearly whites and licked them as he looked at me. I think that was the signal. Damn David, I swear I could take you right now.

Again, Jessie broke the silence, “That’s wonderful David. I definitely want us to stay in touch so we can help each other. That’s still the best way to run a business.”

He unfolded his arms and nodded, “It certainly is.” God those eyes, this is an unlikely sexual moment here and I am loving it. Just as I was letting my eyes caress his body again we heard a buzz. David reached in his pocket for his Blackberry. “Excuse me Adrian and Jessie, I need to take this.”

When David turned to walk away, Jessie got in front of me and pushed me back a little. I put my hands on top of her arms and laughed. “Jessie, I swear you don’t miss an opportunity don’t you? Within a minute, you found out the man was in the area as well as let him know that you wanted to keep in touch in order to network. I love you girl, you are amazing.”

The smile she flashed my way made me melt almost as much as Davids. “I try to be, besides I asked those questions for your benefit as well. You and David were definitely making some eye contact there and I wanted to make sure he would still be close so you guys could get to know each other better.”

Lightly, I caressed her cheek and rested my other hand on her shoulder. “I love you Jessie, you always look out for me.” Damn Jessie, I want you so bad right now…

“I love you too ‘Drian, you’re my best friend, I will always have your back.” She cupped my chin in her hand and kissed it lightly.

We were causing such a scene right now but everyone in the store new Jessie liked women more than men however, I knew that wouldn’t stop them from talking; we weren’t concerned anyway. Jessie has always made it clear to everyone that she didn’t care if they gossiped about her, she was here to work and take care of me not to be friends with anyone. I always thought that was a big reason as to why she wasn’t promoted to store manager when the last one left. Kissing ass was not something Jessie liked and she sacrificed personal gain because of it.

As we continued making our more than friendly gestures toward each other, I saw David out the corner of my eye turn around and walk our way. The look in his eye told me he was bewildered at the sight of Jessie and eye making goo goo eyes at each other. He was probably thinking, 'wasn’t I just flirting with this man and now he is flirting with the assistant store manager, what the fuck.' He didn’t let that deter him from coming over though. I moved Jessie’s’ hand from my face and she turned around.

David ogled both us and stood with his arms behind his back. “I didn’t mean to disturb you two, I was just letting you know I was leaving. I need to get back to the site because I have some more workers coming over. I’ll see you both tomorrow, ok?”

Again the smile and my crotch twitched just a bit.

Jessie walked closer to David and extended her hand. “You disturbed nothing my friend. We’ll see you tomorrow.” He shook her hand and then mine.

“Great, have a good one.” Abruptly, he turned to walk away putting his Blackberry up to his ear.

“Oh ‘Drian, I think we upset him. He left in quite a rush and his handshake was not as strong and firm as it usually is.”

Did we? If so, I couldn’t tell by the handshake he gave me. Annoyed maybe, upset, no. “I don’t think so Jessie, maybe he really had to leave.” Jessie turned back to me and pouted. I was so horny right now being with her and seeing David earlier I whispered, “I want you so bad girl.” I did want to fuck the shit outta her right now, maybe a quickie in the bathroom for old time’s sake?

She laughed and pushed me away, “Uh no love, you know I only like pussy.” She whispered with a grin. Her radio buzzed, and she ran away from me leaving me standing there with a frown, and a hard dick.

I ran my fingers through my hair and took it out the ponytail. I shook it out and walked back towards the desk. I need a release, let me call Sasha! Hesitant, I picked up my phone and dialed that number to let Sasha know to meet me at my place. I talked so dirty to her that she exclaimed she needed to get off the phone so she could masturbate. I laughed and pushed the hang up button. Damn I don’t want to see Sasha but I really need some now. I sat down at the desk and picked up a stack of orders to pull. I need to keep myself busy till six p.m. when I go home to my favorite piece of nani.

A week and a half passed after I fucked the shit outta Sasha to get over that craving. She was satisfied and I was as well; so much so I haven’t bothered calling her since. Can’t say the same about her though; she’s been blowing up my phone leaving voicemails and dirty texts. When I do call her back, I tell her I’m too tired from work. I keep assuring her that we shall have another night together once things calm down. Truthfully, I want to get her out of my system so I can talk with David.

He’s been in everyday like usual; his affect on me nor his attitude towards us had changed. Jessie and I have been real careful not to be so lovey around him and none of us have mentioned that day a week or so ago. Today though, I would be the one to talk. My fantasies about David needed to be a reality.

I got up earlier than usual to primp a little for my desired man. I shaved the beard that Sasha loved so much and traded it for a mustache and well trimmed goatee. I rubbed a little more lotion on my caramel skin and wore the tightest black tee and comfy blue jeans to put together the sexiest work outfit I could muster. *I hope he’s there when I arrive.
I reached for my ponytail holder to pull my hair back then I thought better of it and stuck it in my pocket. I’d been letting my hair grow because it made me feel closer to my Native American side plus it attracted so many looks; I hope it will catch David’s eye too.

Again, I checked myself in the mirror; my green eyes looked brighter than usual. I closed them and thought of David for a moment. I licked my lips and picked up my sunglasses. Today was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer, for me I hoped it would be the hottest day of the year.

I drove up to the store and hopped out my car. Two of my female coworkers whistled as I walked by. I smiled at them and continued to walk towards the entrance. Once I got to the doorway, I saw a rather tan, tattooed, and muscular man loading a pickup truck. He turned around and I saw it was David. Wanting to see it with my own eyes, I took off the sunglasses, and rubbed the beads of sweat off my brow. That body was incredible, more so than I had dreamt. His jeans were ripped at the knees, work boots totally filthy; it didn’t ruin his look though. Damn, baby. I felt my jeans stretch a little the more I looked at him. I was so excited to see him shirtless, I couldn’t move to go to him, and see if he needed help.

He jumped off the truck and closed the door to the pickup then hit it to drive off. He took his shirt out his pocket to wipe the sweat off his face and neck. I licked my lips wishing I could do that for him or at least be that shirt. Our eyes met and he smiled wide as he made his way over to me.

I put my sunglasses atop my head and a hand in my pocket. He extended his hand as usual and I put mine in his. “Hello, Adrian how are you today?”

My first thought was to say hot and horny but I refrained and settled for the right thing. “I’m good and you?” I noticed he tucked his shirt back in his pocket and didn’t bother putting it back on.

“I’m better now.”

As soon as the pearly whites made an appearance again, I had raging hard on. Did he just say he was better now? I smiled back and nodded.

“So Adrian, I have some news for you. The guy who works with me who I told you might be leaving is doing just that in about three months. Since you have a degree in architecture and are looking for an apprenticeship I thought maybe we could work something out. Did you bring your portfolio so I could see it?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. “Damn. I’m sorry David. I left out and didn’t grab it.” “Don’t worry about it, why don’t we meet this evening and you can show it to me then.”

I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry?”

He put his hand on my shoulder. “I would like to meet with you this evening for drinks so we can chat.”

I smiled at him and folded my arms. “Sure that would be great. You caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting that.”

He smiled and leaned his head a little to the right.. “I’m sure you weren’t. Hey, I feel a lot of eyes on us, why don’t we take a quick ride in my truck?”

I nodded and unfolded my arms. “Ok, let’s do that then.”

We walked to his truck and we drove out of McDade’s lot to a vacant one just 2 blocks away. He stopped the truck and looked at me again. “I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable Adrian; I really would like to see your drawings and…” I bit my lip and waiting for his next sentence. “Pardon me for being so forward Adrian, I need to ask you a personal question, if I may.”
I think I knew what his question was. “You may.”

He took his hands off the steering wheel and put them on his legs. “What’s your preference?” I was relieved when he asked the question I wanted to ask him.

I let it show on my face that I didn’t mind at all. “I’m a heterosexual but curious, have been for awhile. Ever since I saw you almost two weeks ago I wondered if you were gay or straight.”

His smile got wider as he put his hand on my knee. “I thought about it last night and I figured I could either be right or horribly wrong. At first, I thought that you and Jessie were dating but when she mentioned her girlfriend sometime last week that at least told me I was wrong on that part of the assumption.”
I put my hand on top of his and moved closer to him. “I know that we just met but I needed to know this so I wouldn’t rack my brain about you.” As I sighed in relief, “I’m glad you decided to ask me. Jessie really wanted me to find out, I was kinda wishin’ she would do it for me but today I made up my mind it would be now or never. You just made it a helluva a lot easier though”

He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder. “I’m glad I took the stress off you then. Can I pick you up around seven thirty?” My heart was still beating fast even though the hardest part was over.

“That would be fine, I’ll make sure I get my portfolio.”

“Truthfully, there is no rush Adrian. I would hire you even if I didn’t see any of your work.”

Again, that little schoolgirl feeling came over me. I wanted to kiss him but I felt I would save that for later. “Well thanks, David. I think I should get back to work.”

“Yeah I guess you should.”

I moved back towards the door and he dropped me back at the store. I gave him my address and phone number on the back of one of his business cards. He gave me another card to keep with his Blackberry number on it. I saw him off and walked inside. Jessie was waiting there with a devilish look on her face.

“So?” she said after winking at me.

‘Well, I have a date for tonight!” I said with a grin.

“Of course you do you sexy mutha fucka, damn you look mighty hot today!” she pulled me close for a hug.

I grabbed her and pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear, “Why thank you luv. I feel hot today!” She laughed and ran her hand through my hair.

“Can you work today knowing what’s happening tonight?”

“I’ll have to won’t I? Besides, better that I work and distract myself than not work and think about him all day!” I took her hand and we went inside giggling like kids. I was looking forward to tonight, finally fulfilling the need I’d had since high school with a man I’d only known for two weeks but already I’m crazy for him.

After I’d left work at five thirty, I went home and looked in my closet for the perfect outfit to wear. I really wanted to wear my jeans and a long sleeve shirt. However, I wondered how David would be dressed. Would he wear a suit or dressed down like I wanted to be? “Oh my god, I’m acting like a senior on her date to the homecoming dance, I may be a gay man but I’m still a man.” I got my dark blue jeans and my white shirt out and lay them on the chair. Just as I was about to get in the shower, my phone sang the Sasha song: “She Wants To Move” by the Neptunes. “Uh uh Sasha. I will chat with you later.” I walked into my bathroom and closed the door.

Seven fifteen came and I brushed my hair into the perfect style. I put my black suit jacket on and dabbed a little cologne on my chest and neck. My phone rang with my new ringtone for my hot friend, “Anytime, Anyplace” by Janet Jackson meaning I would do him anytime, anyplace. “Hello David.” I said in my sexiest radio voice. “Yes, I’m ready to go. Ok, I’ll be down in a moment.” I pushed the hang up button and checked myself in the mirror once more. “David, I know we’ve only known each other for two weeks but damn I want you.” I was so horny right now and I couldn’t wait to jump him; even though he is the expert. I ran downstairs to meet the “hottest one” in his truck.

Once I closed the door to my apartment building, there he was leaning on his truck. “Hello sexy! I hope you don’t mind a private dinner at my place.” He wore a black shirt with black jeans and cowboy boots. His devilish smile completed the outfit perfectly. I walked up to him and extended my hand. He pulled me close and grabbed me by the waist.

“I don’t mind at all David.” I really don’t mind even though I was nervous as hell. He rubbed the back of my neck and then my shoulder. God, I want him so bad right now, it’s obvious that he wants me too.

“Let’s go then, shall we?” he said as he touched my cheek. He moved from the truck and opened the door for me to get in. As soon as he pulled off, he put his hand on my knee again.

“Don’t be nervous Adrian. I won’t bite, unless you want me to.” I peered into those gorgeous eyes and settled in my seat.

Within about twenty minutes we were at his place. We made small talk during the drive to break the ice. Once we got out his truck we chatted about a more important subject.

“So Adrian, you mentioned how you were curious in high school right?” he said as he looked into my eyes intently.

“Yes I did, when I talked to my counselor about it he just told me it was something I’d probably get over once I graduated; of course I never did.”

We continued walking up the stairwell to his condo unit passing a couple of cute girls in the hallway. They both smiled as us and kept walking. Once at his door he pulled the key out of his pocket and put it in the lock. As he turned it, and opened the door, I started to feel more comfortable about what was happening. I put my hand on his shoulder and followed him inside.

When he flicked on the lights, I took a look around. The condo was gorgeous and a lot like myself, he liked modern contemporary décor. The walls were simple, not loud; the colors were browns, grays, and black. The furniture looked as if it were straight out of the IKEA catalogue. “Make yourself comfortable, I need to put dinner back in the oven to warm. I hope you like Italian food; I thought lasagna would be a perfect first date dinner.”

Wow he can cook too? Awesome! “I love Italian food and I really like lasagna.”

He pulled me close by my waist and looked into my eyes again. “Adrian, I’m so glad that you’re here tonight. I know we’ve only known each other a couple of weeks but wow…I have not stopped thinking of you since the first day I saw you.”

Now the nervousness was completely gone and all I wanted to do now was kiss him. “I feel the same way David. Never have I been attracted to a man like I am to you.” I put my arms around him and leaned in to him. He kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly. I felt my cock rising beneath my jeans and it got harder when he blew into my ear. While still in each others’ arms, we studied each other for a moment then I decided I would be the one to do something. Again, I moved right in front of his face and lightly kissed his lips. Only seconds later and we were involved in a passionate embrace. Our tongues thrashing together, our lips enveloping one another, and before we knew it we went over to his couch to continue more comfortably.

We sat down with him sitting first and I above him exploring all parts of his mouth. His arms were still around my waist, mine on his shoulders. He pulled me down and I sat on his lap. I felt his cock tapping mine through his jeans. Quickly he unbuttoned my shirt and I flung it off. Once we broke the kiss, he looked at my chest and nodded with a smile. Again we engulfed each others lips and after a couple of minutes he had traced his tongue down to one of my nipples. Lightly, he bit it and rubbed the other between his fingers.

“Mmm…” escaped my lips as he continued to work his magic on me. I gripped his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair. Damn, this feels so good! I kissed his head and got up so I could take off my jeans. He put his hands on my fly and unbuttoned it. “Let me do this Adrian.” Once finished, he pulled down my pants. “Boxer briefs are sexy but…” He grabbed the waistband and tugged it downward. “Adrian, damn…” I guess he’s pleased by what he’s unveiled. “Can I?” he said looking up at me.

Gently, I touched his cheek. “Of course David; please do.” He got off the couch and knelt down in front of my dick. Right now it was rock solid. Softly, he fondled my balls and licked the tip. “Mmm David, Jesus I want you so bad right now.” I arched my head back and closed my eyes. I felt him swallow me whole with his teeth grazing my length. Instinctively, I put my hand on the back of his head to move back and forth. “David, shit. Ahh…” I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I need his lips on top of mine.

Reluctantly, I backed away from him and crouched down for our eyes to meet. I kissed him and kneaded the back of his neck. “Adrian, I want to finish what I started,” he said in a whisper. “I wanted you to, but I needed to kiss you more.” Again, we embraced and I dragged him closer. Longing to see his bare chest again, I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off him. I slanted forward to nibble his neck. “Adrian, damn I want you so bad right now.”

“What do you want to do to me?” I whispered after biting his neck a little harder. He twisted my left nipple making it hard as glass.
“I need to be inside you Adrian,” he said between breaths. Curious, I let my hands fall down to his waist undoing his jeans and pulling his cock out its holding place. Again, he crushed his lips on top of mine sending shocks to my system. He reached behind me and probed my bud a bit.

“David…” panting, that was the only word I could muster as he continued fingering my ass.

“Adrian I love my living room for sex but I figure the bed would be better for our first night right?” I nodded and kissed him again. He stood up and finished taking off his pants. He extended his hand and I used it to get off the floor. “Hmm, I guess dinner will wait, unless you are hungry now.”

I stepped closer and brushed his cheek with my fingertips. “I’m not hungry for food now David, I’ve dreamt of this moment and I don’t want to delay it anymore.” He returned the touches then walked into the kitchen to turn off the oven. After he flicked the kitchen light off, he came back to me, and led me by the hand to his bedroom.

We fell on his bed with him on top of me. Slowly, he planted kisses on my neck, chest, and stomach. “Oh David, damn…” I love this foreplay but… The further he went the more excited I got. Before I knew it, he was swallowing me again. My eyes went into the back of my head preparing for the explosion that David had created. “OHHH GOD, David, ahhh!” Forcefully, I pushed his head into my crotch to make sure he wouldn’t move. When I let go, David shifted upward sucking my tongue and lips. Aroused, I held his head tight and massaged the nape of his neck. He broke our kiss, got up, and opened his nightstand drawer. For a moment, I thought about the first dream I had of David. I closed my eyes and waited for my desired to come back to me.

“Adrian, I can’t wait any longer to be inside you.” I felt his lips on my chin making my nipples erect. My drained dick twitched slightly at the idea of David’s cock filling me. Again, he fingered my bud but this time, his fingertips were wet and slick. “Something to loosen you up a bit,” he said as he pushed one finger in. My breathing quickened as he pushed another inside. “Relax babe, take a deep breath.” I opened my eyes and looked at him as I tugged on the bed sheets. Damn, I never realized how tight I was till now. “Are you ready?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, David. I want you inside me.”

Within moments, he straddled me and rested my legs on his shoulders. Slowly, he teased my ass with his length with the tip of the condom barely touching me. “Relax baby, I’ll ease into you.” He brushed my torso with his hands and tangled his fingers with my chest hair. I closed my eyes ready for him to infiltrate me.

Again, I pulled on the bed sheets to brace myself and took a deep breath. In seconds, I felt his manhood inside me. Even though the pain was intense, I loved every moment that he thrust himself into my canal. “Ahh, Adrian you feel so good. Shit!” he said between pants.

“David…ohh…” Methodically, he continued to drive inside me; my body was no longer hurting but instead enjoying the feeling of his dick hitting my spot. God, what on earth took me so long to do this? He knelt down and crushed his lips against mine which caused my virility to stand at attention.

Frantic about what was to come, I rubbed his neck and hissed in his ear; “Go faster babe, I know I’m close.” Almost immediately he rode me quicker and deeper.
“Adrian…” was all he said after the last few thrusts before I felt the condom slightly bigger inside me. “Oh my GOD!” My body convulsed as my own volcano erupted once again. Reacting to me, he pulled out and spurted on my stomach which gave me goose bumps immediately. I mixed my own cream with his rubbing it in like lotion then licking my fingers to taste.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of me kissing my neck and combing my hair with his fingers. “Adrian I…that was incredible!” he said in my ear. I ran my hands over his now wet back messaging the sweat into his skin. My mind raced from all the emotions that I felt. God, I want this man. I don’t want anyone else but him. I wanted David to know how I felt; I want to be his man and only his. Unbelievably, I’d fallen for him on the first date. I’m ready to commit.

I fondled his neck and breathed in his lightly. “David, I want you; only you. I know it’s only been a couple of weeks that we’ve known each other but damn…”

He rose up and my green eyes met his sexy blues. “Adrian, are you sure?”

I caressed his cheek with my finger and rested my legs at his sides. “Yes, I’m sure David. I want to be your apprentice in more ways than one.”

Once the last words left my lips, his were on top of mine; his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Again, my groin sent signals to my brain that this was the one. The one I’d been waiting for since high school, the one that forced me to make up my mind about which side of the fence to be on. Now I knew that I liked men more specifically David over women, I felt that I should not waver anymore. Besides I’ve waited long enough for Mr. Right to come and sweep me off my feet. My teacher had arrived and I have so much to learn.

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