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The Archive Pleasure

This is a true story that happened to me earlier today, which I just had to tell someone about
I had been fantasizing about him for a while; we work in the same office. I'm married, he's married to his gay partner, but that hadn't stopped loose tongues flirting at the Christmas party, suggesting maybe we should have a bit of fun.

Since then, I had thought a lot about him; the flirting seems to be increasing. When I was away on holiday recently, I had the conversation a thousand times in my head, breaking the ice, confessing my desires. He seems to be coming onto me, but maybe he's unsure about me. What if it was all in my head and he was just having fun? What if he's not really interested in me? Would I make a fool of myself if I said something?

Upon return from holiday, I created some work that would need his involvement and arranged a meeting for us to put together a new job description for him, following his recent change in role. I was still unsure whether I had the courage to voice my desires.

I asked that he take the new description away, look it over and include any additional responsibilities he has taken on recently; we would meet again the following day. Unfortunately, I got distracted with other work the next day and didn't get chance to meet with him but I made sure we would get together the following morning. I asked him to meet me in my office to go through things, all the time thinking about what I may be able to say to him without leaving myself embarrassed should he turn me down.

He came into my office and we went through the job description, completing some areas. All I could do was think how I could flirt and bring the conversation around to sex, but I needn't have worried.

Whilst we were looking things over he just burst out with, ‘I wanted to include sucking on your cock.'

Shocked but very pleasantly surprised, I just said, ‘I would definitely sign off on that.’ We both smiled. ‘I'm serious. I mean it; I would love you to suck on my cock,’ I said quickly so as not to lose the moment.

‘So am I,' he said.

‘I've wanted you to do it for a long time so, let do it,’ I said.

‘It's just a case of where and when,’ he said.

‘It can’t be soon enough for me,’ I commented.

‘What about going down to the basement of the office where we store some archive files then?’

‘I'm up for that.'

‘Give me ten minutes, and I will come and see you. We can go down together,’ he said.

‘It’s a deal; I can't wait,’ was all I could say as my body shook with excitement.

With this, he left my office and left me almost in shock that this was really happening. I just sat there, staring at the wall, my cock hardening in my pants as I replayed the conversation in my head.

Did that really happen? Of course it did, but would he come back to see me or will he think better of it? Surely he would be back, he must have thought about this situation to even mention it. He had planned the place and all he needed was for me to agree, which I just had.

The next ten minutes passed so slowly but raced by at the same time. All of a sudden, there he was at the door to my office. With a wink, I grabbed the keys to the basement storage room and off we went.

We stepped into the lift and, as soon as the doors closed, I moved towards him, kissed him on the lips and moved my hand onto the front of his pants, rubbing against what I could tell was his growing cock. He moved his hand onto mine as the lift descended. When we got out of the lift, we quickly moved into the locked storage area.

I closed the door behind us as he moved quickly onto his knees. I rapidly and excitedly undid my pants, pulling them down along with my briefs to reveal my shaven cock and balls to him for the first time. Within seconds, he had his lips around it as it grew with the pleasure and sexuality of the situation.

We had known each other for a number of years but within ten minutes of his erotic proposal, here we were, me with my pants around my ankles, and him with his lips around my cock, sucking and licking with great expertise.

As he continued to lick and suck on my cock, I could feel my juices rising quickly and warned him, but he was going to swallow this load, no question about it. He continued to suck and I exploded in his mouth, but he didn't stop there. He continued to lick at my cock and balls, and all around my shaven area, to ensure that not a drop was wasted.

He stood up and we kissed passionately, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. I tasted the remains of my juices off his tongue. I wanted desperately to suck on him but he reminded me that time was tight, so we would have to do that next time. I pulled up my briefs and pants as we moved out of the storage area and back to the lift.

We kissed and touched each other again as the lift returned to our office floor. We stepped out and into the office where our colleagues were working away - they had no idea what we had just been up to. It had been one of the hottest experiences I had ever had.

I returned to my office, completed the work I was doing on his Job Description and another document as quickly as I could. I needed him back in my office to speak. I called him back and as soon as the door was closed, I told him how much I had enjoyed it and that it was not just a case of getting a quick blow. I had thought about this type of situation for a long time, and I really had enjoyed it.

I was already looking forward to the next opportunity. He seemed happy at the thought. Now we just need that opportunity. I suspect we may need to return to the archive files in the basement sooner rather than later.

I need to get my lips around his cock...
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