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The Best Bachelor Party EVER!

The title tells it all!
The Best Bachelor Party EVER!

Life was like a fast pace, well that’s the easiest way to describe it to me. I was twenty six years old. I didn’t go to the clubs that often, only when it was basketball, football or soccer season. I didn’t go out with any women, I didn’t have time. That was always my excuse, but I couldn’t use that excuse on the night of my friends Bachelor party. I know that guys keep their best friends secrets, and since I am a loyal friend, I will change names.

October 16th , was his wedding, but on October 15th, that was our night. We started off with six strippers, sexy ones at that, but neither of them stirred anything in me. I laughed, got drunk and flirted with a few of the ladies. There was no feeling to anything, no thinking about it before I acted. It was just spur at the moment― To make it seem as if I was happy. Sam was getting married the next day, Paul and Dane had already recently married. Which left me, single.

Sometimes when they had to go home because their wife wanted them in bed, I would be happy that I didn’t have to share with a woman every night. Instead it was like every other night that I picked up or hooked up with a girl, but it’s been so long since I’ve ever had a real good sex session.

But that night, October 15th , was the first and still remains the only time I played with someone, that I forgot that I had let my load off in their ass. That night, it wasn’t a girl that I played with. It was Sam. They had all been drunk. I hadn’t because I was the desginated driver. That’s why it didn’t take long for Paul and Dane to disappear with two strippers each. Sam was still drinking, laughing it up.

“What’s up,” I ask.

“I don’t know why I’m marrying Leah ,” he says, smiling. I turn on the light, the party was definitely over now. I turn to see he was fully naked. “Turn off the light and come over here,” he says, still smiling. He chugs two more glasses down before giving me a turning glance. I walk over to him. His cock hard and slightly raised.

I run my hand up and down his shaft. He didn’t waste time unbuckling me and pulling down my pants.

He smiles as he lays down in front of me. I get on top of him and he deep throats my cock, while I do the same. He sucks me fiercly as if thirtsy for any drops. Just thinking that made me piss in his mouth.

He moans as he sucks on it harder, trying to get more out of me without even needing my help. I piss in his mouth as I deep throat him hard and fierce, with just as much force he had used on my cock.

I pull away, and sit him up. I lay him down on the bed, and get into a push up position, hovering above him. I spread his cheeks and push my cock into his ass. He grips on to the blankets and pillows as I push in deeper, inch by inch until I am fully 13 inches in.

He sighs and moans. His Adam apple vibrating as I lick his neck and ear.

I moan and groan in his ear, setting him off. He wanted me to buck him like the fucking horse, but I wasn’t gonna do that yet. Yeah, it was tempting. Yeah, it was what I did to all the bitches I had played in the past, but this was my best friend, since grade seven. And ripping his ass walls out, painfully wasn’t what friends do for friends.

I push in and out, making my own rhythm. My balls slaps his ass cheeks when I increase the speed. I sigh close to his ear, and then let out a moan. “Yes,” I whisper. He wanted it. He wanted it so bad, but I won’t do it.

It was all apart of making bitches my bitches. Make them beg for it, and when I give it up, it was more than just what they wanted, it wasn’t just a satisfiaction, it would be an addiction, by the time I was finished, and by the time they had left, they had wished we had all day, but that was never the case, and if there was at any point that that could happen, I wouldn’t allow it.

I raised my ass up and started hammering down into him. He gasps at first, and then moans and then sighs. He reaches back and squeezes tightly onto my thigh. I ram hard into him and he lets go, he grips the blankets that wrap around our thighs. I ram him again, and his legs fly up. I continue ramming his ass, holding on to his legs pushing down into him.

When I thought he had had enough pain, I pull him up to a doggey position, but instead of pushing into him, I stuck my tongue up his ass. He shivers at first, but when he gets used to my warm wet tongue in him, he pushes closer to me to take all of him. I do so willingly. My arms go around to his cock, sticking up, and his balls jiggling as he pushes closer to me in the same rhythm I had used on him. I pull my tongue out and finger him. I push finger by finger until only my thumb doesn’t get in. I grease my thumb and slowly apply pressure. He gasps, grunts, moans and sighs as I push my thumb in. Inside his ass, I curl my fingers into a fist, and fist fuck him, going deeper into him until my wrist was at his asshole opening.

He was gasping, bent over, in pain, “You want me to stop? Just say the word,” I say. He nods, but doesn’t make a sound. I pound harder, just to see if he would do anything, but he just starts to match my thrusts. I smile as I stop pushing and letting him thrust me in deeper into him. He moans as I caress his cock and ass cheeks with my other hand. I suck on his ass, and then bend down under to suck on his balls.

He still pushes into me, with the same rhythm. I take his ass cheek in my hand and push him closer to me with my fist still up his cock. I wet my cock. As I fist fuck him, I rub my cock against his balls, making him go crazy. He pushes hard, making me hit hard into him.

“Yes,” he whispers. “That’s how I like it.”

I rub up and down, wetting him more with my hot cum. I laid down, and pull his ass on top of me. His ass up in the air with my fist still in him. He bends over so he could suck on my cock, giving me a sloppy and wet blowjob. He swallows my cum and likes his way down my shaft. I sit up a little more.

When he leaned over to suck on my balls. I pushed deeper down into him. He gasps, surprised, but as soon as he got used to me being deeper, he smiles back at me. He rides my fist and moans when he cums on my stomach. I stare down at his white creamy cum, hot but not too hot. I scoop some up using my finger and put into my mouth. It was delicious. It tasted sweet and sexual, just like his soap that Leah had gotten him years ago. I push Leah out of my head, and push deeper into him.

“ Blake you should get one of these bitches to ride your cock,” I hear Dane call.

I am frozen, Sam is frozen. I pull my fist out of him quickly. He winced, but he didn’t seem to care when we both run to the bedroom before we hear Dane turn the corner. My heart thumps in my throat, hitting the door hard and strong. I lock the door and sigh.

“That was a close one,” I whisper. I turn to him to see he was hungry for more. “ Sam you’re gonna marry Leah and you’re gonna forget all about this.”

He shakes his head, “Not in a long time, but I don’t care. If you do me like that, nobody will ever know, as long as we meet up a few times a week,” he says quietly, caressing my cock. I push him on to the wall, and rub my cock against his. He was loving it. Loving me being on him, loving my hot arousal against him. Feeling my cock throbbing against his skin, the heat rushing through his system.

He kisses me, but I pull away. I suck on his Adam apple. I sit down on the bed. He follows. I open his legs and bring him down on my hard cock. Slowly I feel his ass walls close all around my hard cock. He moans and groans as I liftting his hips up and down. I push him down on to the pillow, getting on top of him. Still in him, I push harder into him. His arms wrap around my neck, bringing close to him, but we don’t kiss.

Instead, he digs his nails into my back, as I push in hard. It was driving me crazy, how I didn’t seem to be hurting him. How he seemed to be enjoying his ass walls being opened up s uddenly and pounded, rammed and banged up.

“ Blake , I know you’re in there,” Paul calls. “It’s time to go, you’re the driver, remember?”

I freeze, “This is it.” I push deep into him, and after a moment of silence, I feel the rush surge through my body, surging through my cock, until finally my hot cum was poured out into Sam ’s ass.

I waited for a little while longer before pulling out. I dressed and left the room, leaving Sam. I smile, a good friend once told me, “If you can’t keep up, you’ll be caught in my dust. Or foam.”

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