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A wrestling match leads to the ultimate prize.
Jake and I were the best wrestlers in the Conference. But we had never settled on which of us was the best and with the two of us graduating it looked like we never would. Still it was something we had to know and our friends and fans were just as anxious to end the speculation as we were.

It was our friends who set the whole thing up. It was the day after graduation and we met down by the river in a grassy spot where we all used to go drinking. Jake and I stood facing each other surrounded by about two dozen friends while they announced the rules.
It was to be a "legendary" match, they announced, and would have legendary rules. We would compete under the traditional rules, naked like the ancient Olympians. That was a surprise for both Jake and me, but I looked good and knew it and Jake felt the same way. I mean, what kind of guy doesn't like to be looked at and lusted after by the girls. That was one of the reasons I started wrestling.

So we stripped down in the middle of the crowd which seemed to be growing bigger all the time. That's when someone started pouring baby oil over the two of us. "We don't want it to be too easy," someone called. With the oil came the assistance of many hands to rub the oil in. They paid particular attention to my balls and cock and I didn't mind. Some of the hands belonged to strangers and not all were women's hands, but it felt good and I watched as Jake received the same treatment. My cock grew hard as did his and we stared at each other across the open space between us.

Jake was taller than I was, all blond and fair, with rippled abs, hard pecs and a hard tight ass. His skin was smooth and hairless and he looked like one of those ancient Greek statues that you see in books except for the fact that his cock was long and hard and glistening in the sun. I could barely take my eyes from him.

I was darker and broader with muscles like granite. My body was hairless as well and my eight inch cock was as hard as my muscles and throbbing.

I looked around for a referee.

"There is none," someone said.

"Who decides on the winner?"

There was a round of laughter. "The winner," a voice announced, "is the guy who fucks the loser in the ass."

I looked at Jake and he looked at me. We both went pale.

"Of course, if you don't think you are good enough or you are afraid you might lose," the voice trailed off.

I looked over at Jake. I knew I could beat him. I was the best. I had always been the best. I was going to fuck that tight virgin ass of his and I was going to do it in front of all these people. His eyes told me that he thought he couldn't lose.

"Okay," I yelled "let's do it."

A roar went through the crowd, now about fifty or so people. A squirt of oil splashed on my ass. A finger glided down the crack of my ass and slipped deep into my asshole. "In case you lose," a voice whispered in my ear.

Someone called time and that's when it hit me. In a few minutes, I might be lying on the ground while Jake pounded that thick-veined cock deep into my own ass again and again as the crowd cheered him on.

We circled each other slowly at first and somehow my eyes kept dropping to the engorged purple knob of Jake's swollen cock, picturing it disappearing into the puckered hole of my ass.

I lunged at his legs, trying to take him down. He tried to jump back and grabbed me around my chest from above. I found my face pressed into his crotch, his dick rubbing against my cheek, his balls resting against my lips and chin. We twisted and separated quickly, the oil preventing any firm grip.

Again and again, we grabbed at each other twisting, turning, grasping at arms and legs. But neither of us could get the advantage. Jake seemed to enjoy jamming his cock into my face and each time he did so, all I could think of was that swollen, cum filled cock so close and I would let my tongue drift down his thick-veined shaft, savoring the taste of oil and sweat and man meat.

For a half hour or more we grappled, our bodies rubbing against each other, each of us conscious of the other's cock, of our hands sliding over each other's nakedness.

Exhaustion finally put a stop to our efforts, but the crowd, close to a hundred now, refused to let us quit. "A ten minute break, no more than that." And we stopped and they gave us water. They doused us with oil and rubbed our arms and legs and cocks and I decided to put an end to it.

When we started again I grabbed at his legs once more. Fatigue had made me slow and clumsy and I slipped down onto one knee. Jake was on me in no time with a full nelson that I was never going to break out of. I twisted and turned but his grip was strong and he was behind me, forcing me to both knees and my head to the ground. I could feel his cock, harder than ever, cradled between the cheeks of my ass. His cockhead slid up and down my crack seeking entrance to my hole and everything I did seemed to help rather than hinder his quest.

The crowd grew silent with the tension of knowing that it was almost over that in a moment they were going to watch someone get fucked right in front of them.

Then, with a yell of triumph, Jake was at the entrance to my puckered asshole. The oil and the sweat did its work and I felt the ridged crown of another man's cock slide deep within me. Jake yelled again. I yelled. The crowd yelled.

For fifteen long minutes Jake pounded that thick swollen mass of meat deep into my ass, his balls banging against mine over and over again. "Who's the best?" he yelled with each stroke and with each stroke I called back, "You are."

"Fuck him, fuck that bitch," the crowd roared. I recognized the voices of my closest friends as among the loudest.

Fuck me, he did. Each stroke was harder and faster and more violent until, at last, he tensed and his cock grew even more impossibly larger within me and I felt my insides flooded with the warmth of his cum. At that moment my own cock exploded as well and I shot my own juices onto my chest and face.

He withdrew after that, stood and rolled me onto my back. He stood above me and milked the last few drops of his cum onto my face as a final display for our audience. Without being asked I opened my mouth and received his offering.

I laid there until everyone left. It wasn't long. They had gotten what they came for and everyone went home happy, including me.
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