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The Bighorn Hiking Club

I joined a hiking club and ended up sucking cock and pussy and swallowing cum on the trail.
My wife Joan and I moved to the Colorado Springs area eight years ago, when I was 50 years old and she was 47. I was transferred there by my high-tech company from the Minneapolis area, and soon became an avid outdoor enthusiast. We had beautiful lakes in Minnesota , but the mountains had a beauty all of their own and I started doing a little hiking in the foothills. But because Joan had no interest in outdoor activities, I always went alone. These were always day hikes and I never ventured into the more-rugged areas due to lack of experience and safety concerns at hiking alone.

After about a month of hiking alone, I looked online to find a hiking club where I could meet others with similar interests, and where I would be able to join others on more-challenging hikes. I finally located The Bighorn Hiking Club, which was named after the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and they seemed to be a good fit for me.

The club didn’t normally have meetings, but instead they would advertise various hikes on their website, and the members could choose when and where they wanted to go. The hikes were organized according to length, difficulty and fitness level. Some of the activities even stipulated age levels, but that was not as important as your fitness level and ability to keep up with the group.

The club would also assign one of the more-experienced members to be the guide and leader for each hike, and this was important to ensure the safety of the group. Many of the ventures were day hikes, but they also had longer hikes, all the way up to multi-week thru hikes on the Colorado Trail.

I started with the club by signing up for some of the day hikes with easy to moderate difficulty, just to get a feel for their definition of difficulty for the various activities, and I found that I really enjoyed going to some of the rugged areas on hikes that sometimes took eight to 10 hours round trip and that had significant elevation gains. There was a good mix of all ages at this level, and there were many people my age or older.

I had already been on several hikes when I talked to my co-workers about my having joined The Bighorn Hiking Club, and some of them seemed amused that I had joined that particular club, and they teased me about it quite a bit. I finally asked one of my close work associates, Doug Brennan, what was so funny about that club, and he told me that he would tell me about it over lunch.

Doug and I went to lunch the next day and he said, “Look Ed, The Bighorn Hiking Club has a kind of kinky reputation in the area. They are well known for having some great guides and awesome hikes, but there are also rumors that some of the members engage in sexual activities on the hikes. Some people have even suggested that the whole reason for the club is so that members will have an excuse and an opportunity to participate in sex with the other members. Some people even call it The Horny Hikers Club, and there is said to be heterosexual, homosexual, and interracial sex going on.”

I then said, “Holy shit Doug; I had no idea about any of that stuff! I have been a member for two months now, and have already been on six day hikes with them, and I have never seen any hint of sexual activities. All of the members seem pretty normal to me, and no one has approached me for any sexual activities. If what you are saying is true, maybe I haven’t been approached due to my age or something.”

Doug had an amused look on his face and said, “Well, I can only tell you what I’ve heard from others. All of this seems to be based on rumors, and no one has any proof that they are having sex on the trail. Who knows, maybe if it happens, it is only on over night hikes when there is more opportunity. Or maybe you need to be a member for a longer time and get to know some of them better before they’ll trust you. It could also be that you have just not been on hikes with the right people yet.”

I said, “Doug, thanks for the information and the warning, and I can tell you that I have no interest in having sex with anyone on the trail. But, I have had good experiences with them so far, and I’ll continue to join them on hikes until I learn first-hand that something amiss is going on there.”

I found myself strangely aroused after my conversation with Doug. I had never had any desires for sex outside of my marriage, but had to admit to myself that Joan’s lack of sexual desire had left me unfulfilled for the past couple of years. Ever since Joan went through menopause, she has had no interest in sex of any kind. I started going to porn sites to look at pictures of people having sex and I was also reading, and enjoying many of the cuckold and creampie stories.

I had no desire to actually have sex with either women or men outside of my marriage, but I did enjoy looking at all of the naked bodies, even the men. I must be pretty naïve, because it hadn’t dawned on me until my discussion with Doug about the hiking club that this kind of extramarital sex wasn’t just in the stories, but was really going on. I was determined to put all of this out of my mind and just enjoy the mountain hiking with the club.

I continued hiking with the club, but started signing up for more difficult hikes in the moderate to strenuous category, and I met a whole new group of people. There was still a very diverse mixture of ages in this group, but there were fewer hikers my age and older and more of the younger ages. The one consistent thing was that everyone seemed to be in great shape, which was necessary for the challenging hikes at higher altitudes.

There was one guide named Calvin Harris who usually seemed to be the leader on the hikes I went on, and after four of these more-strenuous hikes, I felt like I was getting to know him pretty well. He was 45 years old and about my size at 6’ tall and 185 pounds, and he was very lean and also a black man, with a rugged look from all of those years on the mountain trails.

We would have only limited rest stops on these hikes, and the men would usually pick one side of the trail to piss on, and any women on the hike would go into the woods to find a rock to squat behind to piss. On many occasions I would be standing either next to or adjacent to Calvin while we were pissing and after hearing his strong stream of piss hit the ground, I couldn’t help but glance down to his dick. He was the kind of guy who unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled his pants down a little when he pissed, and he had a huge, circumcised cock, even when it was soft.

It must have been about eight inches long and very thick, and he had a huge scrotum and egg-sized balls that hung down under his cock. I had never before in my life been so interested in another man’s genitals, and I still don’t know why I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of him. Maybe it was because I have a small cock and I was impressed by his size, or that his cock was vein-covered and black. I didn’t think that he ever caught me looking at him like that, and I was a little ashamed of myself for getting excited by seeing another man’s cock.

One weekend four of us men had just completed a particularly difficult hike, and Calvin invited us to join him for a beer at his favorite bar on the way home. The other two men could not join us due to having other commitments, so it was just Calvin and me at the bar. We were on our third beer when I started thinking about what Doug said about the club members engaging in sex on the trail, and since I had not seen any of this going on, I decided that I would ask Calvin about it.

I said, “Calvin, would you mind me asking you about something that might be a touchy subject?”

Calvin said, “No Ed, go right ahead. I feel like we know each other well enough by now to talk about just about anything.”

I said, “Okay, great. A friend of mine from work told me that a lot of people are suspicious of our hiking club, and some of them even call it The Horny Hikers Club. They say that the rumors are that there are some sexual activities going on during some of the hikes, but I have been a member for three months now, and have never seen anything like that. Is there any truth to those rumors?”

Calvin put his beer down and closely studied my face before answering. He asked, “Ed, can I trust you not to repeat anything that I’m going to tell you? You have been a member of the club for long enough now, and you are hiking at an advanced level, so it might be time to tell you. But, I need your word that none of this will be repeated.”

I was getting kind of excited at the possibilities of what Calvin might tell me and said, “Sure Calvin, I won’t say anything to anyone about this conversation.”

Then Calvin continued, “We are aware of the rumors out there, and do our best to keep them quiet, but I have to tell you that some of the rumors are true. Some of the club members have had sexual relations on both day hikes and on over night hikes, but it usually only happens on the moderate to strenuous and strenuous hikes. We know that some men and women join the club just because they have heard the rumors and want to see what it is like to have sex in the mountains with others, and some are especially interested in interracial sex, but we don’t let beginner hikers in on any of these activities. This is reserved for those who have been members for a while and who have worked there way up to more-strenuous hikes. We only want the members who are in great shape to participate in this. I can tell you about this now since you are in great shape and are doing the more difficult hikes.”

I said, “Whoa, it’s amazing hearing that, especially since I haven’t seen any evidence of it since I’ve been a member. If you don’t mind me asking, have you ever had sex on the trail?”

Calvin got a big smile on his face and said, “Oh yes, I have been quite active at having sex on hikes, although I haven’t had much action lately. I have fucked many pretty white women and had my cock sucked numerous times by both white men and women. My favorite thing is having a cuckold husband suck my cum-covered cock right after I just fucked the shit out of his wife, right in front of him. Most of these cuckolds will also suck my plentiful cum out of their wives’ pussies after they suck my cock clean. Sometimes, when we stop for lunch on day hikes, men will go on a little side hike with me when the others are eating lunch, and suck my cock and balls for me. It’s a great feeling to pump my cum into a warm, sucking mouth on the trail. I’ve even fucked a cuckold’s wife this way during lunch, and the husband is usually right there to suck both of us clean. I’ve also just watched others fucking and sucking on the trail, but of course I do prefer to be part of the action.”

I must have had a stunned look on my face at hearing about Calvin’s exploits, but managed to say, “Holy shit Calvin, that is incredible. I really appreciate you sharing that with me. But, I have to ask, why do you trust me enough at this point to tell me all of this, especially about the stuff you have done?”

Calvin then said, “Well Ed, I just thought that you might have some interest in this since you brought up the sex thing in the first place. I also thought you might be interested because of way you have been looking at my cock and balls when we’re pissing on our hikes. You might not have known that I saw you looking at me, and you might not even be aware of your desires, but I could see a hunger on your face that indicated you were very interested in my cock.”

I was totally embarrassed now, not just at being caught looking at Calvin’s cock, but also because he was reading my desires on my face. I thought for a few seconds and said, “Calvin, this is all very embarrassing for me, but please don’t get the wrong idea. I did glance down at your crotch a few times, but you had your pants down and had it sticking right out there, so it was hard not to look. I have never had any desire to have sex with a man, and I guess I must have just been showing a little curiosity, especially since you have a really big black cock. Quite frankly, I’ve never seen a cock that large in person, and it was hard to look away.”

Calvin then got a big smile on his face and said, “Well, if you think that’s something, you should see it when it’s hard. It is a little over 11 inches long and seven inches around, and I shoot a really big load of cum. You may say that you’re not interested now, but just let me know if you change your mind. In the meantime, let’s just act like this conversation never took place.”

I was still embarrassed as we left the bar, and I couldn’t believe that I was so interested in Calvin’s cock. I was actually thinking about what it would be like to put his big, black dick in my mouth, yet I knew that I wasn’t a homosexual and had never done anything like that before. I just tried to put it all out of my mind. We continued doing our day hikes for the next couple of weeks, and although nothing more was said about my conversation with Calvin, I did look at his cock every chance I got when we pissed on the trail. I could tell that he made it a point to turn more my way and leave himself exposed for longer periods, but he never acknowledged that I was looking at him.

It was now the fall of the year, and we were approaching the end of the hiking season. I noticed that an over night hike had been scheduled with Calvin as the guide, and I decided to go to get a little experience with this type of trip. It was to be a three day, two night excursion on the Colorado Trail, and Calvin agreed to let me share his tent since I didn’t have any over night equipment yet. The only other people who signed up were a 35 year old married white couple, Bill and Lea Simmons. Bill was about 6’2” tall and 190 pounds, and was very fit. Lea was a stunning brunette with sparkling green eyes, at 5’3” and about 115 pounds, with C-cup breasts and a nice, full ass that jiggled seductively when she walked. We all took off work on Friday to allow us the three day weekend, and left early in the morning to arrive at the trailhead by 8:00 am .

Our plan for this hike involved us going about 15 miles on the first day, arriving at a designated camping area just before night fall. We were doing very well on time and had made a couple of stops for snacks and to piss. About mid-afternoon we stopped again for a piss break, and Bill and Lea went behind some rocks and Calvin and I just stepped behind a small grove of pine trees.

Calvin stood right next to me, and as usual, unfastened and lowered his pants and underwear. He hadn’t started pissing yet, and noticed me looking at his cock as I always did, but this time he looked at me and said, “Come on Ed, just hold it for me while I piss. I know you want to try it because you stare at my cock and balls every time we piss.”

We both knew that Calvin was right; I did want to touch his cock. But how could I let myself do that and be forced to admit that I did have an interest in another man’s cock. I didn’t say a word, and it was like I was in a daze as I felt my resistance weakening and I moved my hand over to feel his cock. It was still soft, but very thick and firm in my hand, and I could just barely close my fingers around it. He then started to piss and I could feel the vibrations of his fluids pulsing through his cock and onto the ground. It is hard to explain how aroused I was getting just from holding his cock. Calvin pissed for about a minute, and I held his cock the whole time, never taking my eyes off of it. The flow finally stopped and I released my grip on his dick, and he smiled at me and tucked his cock and balls back into his pants.

Calvin then asked, “How was it Ed, did you enjoy your first feel of my big dick?”

I said, “Calvin that is the first time I have ever touched another man’s dick, and I still can’t believe that I did it. I have to admit that it did feel good in my hand, but I’m not gay and I can’t do anything like that again.”

Calvin then said, “Whatever you say Ed, but just let me know if you change your mind.”

We continued our trek and ended up at the camp site just as the sun was going down. We built a fire and set up our tents about 10 feet apart, and then cooked a great meal over the fire. It was fun getting to know Bill and Lea a little better, and we talked for a couple of hours before deciding to get to sleep. It had been a long and strenuous day on the trail with those heavy back packs, and the fall chill in the air made us anxious to get into our warm sleeping bags.

Calvin’s tent was a pretty good size for two men, and we had plenty of room to lay out our sleeping bags next to each other, with room to spare between us. We had a small battery-operated light to illuminate the tent while we got our gear organized and got to sleep, and it was also a full moon, so the tent was partially lit by the light coming through the opaque beige tent.

Since it was the fall, and we were at an elevation of about 10,000 feet, it was pretty cool after the sun went down. Calvin and I were both wearing fleece long underwear, and I couldn’t help but notice the huge cock bulge running down the leg of Calvin’s tight bottoms. However, he said nothing as I looked at his bulge as he slid into his sleeping bag. I guess that he just wanted me to make the first move if I desired to suck his cock, and I just wasn’t ready for something like that yet. It was about 9:00 pm when I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at about midnight feeling the urge to piss, and I noticed that Calvin was not in his sleeping bag. I slipped on my camp slippers and went outside to pee, and as I stepped behind some bushes between the two tents, I could hear some moans coming from Bill and Lea’s tent. I quietly stepped closer to their tent, and with the moon light still shining brightly, I could see some movement in their tent. I stared through the open window flap and could see Bill fucking Lea doggy style, and they were sideways to the window so I could see his very large cock moving in her pussy, and a big set of balls swinging and slapping Lea’s ass on each stroke.

As I stepped a little closer to the window to get a better look, I heard a quiet rustling behind me in the leaves, and turned to see that Calvin was in the shadows of a tree, watching Bill and Lea fuck and stroking his large cock, which was now fully hard at 11 inches long and almost as thick as a beer can. Calvin raised his finger to his lips to indicate that I should be very quiet, and he motioned me over to where he was standing.

I felt a little nervous standing next to Calvin as he stroked his huge black cock, and I found myself looking back and forth between Bill and Lea’s fucking and Calvin’s cock. Calvin then whispered in my ear saying, “Come on Ed, get down on your knees and suck my cock. I have been watching them fucking for the last 30 minutes, and I really need to shoot my load.”

I was somehow a little surprised that Calvin would be so direct in expressing his desires, and I hesitated to say or do anything. He must have taken my silence as my agreement to suck his dick, because I then felt his hand on my shoulder, slowly, yet firmly, pushing me to my knees. I felt powerless to resist him as I found myself on my knees with Calvin’s huge cock hanging right in front of my mouth.

The moon light revealed the large cock head covered in pre-cum and the veins on his cock were thick. His large balls were also hanging heavily, and his musky smell somehow made me desire to suck him. As in a dream, I leaned forward to lick the big head of his cock and, for the first time in my life, tasted the cock and cum of another man. The texture of his cock head was firm, yet at the same time spongy, and I opened my mouth wide to take as much of him in me as possible. I could tell that Calvin was enjoying having his black cock in my white, sucking mouth.

He put his hands behind my head and held me in place as he slowly started to thrust and fuck my face. I was probably taking about seven inches of his thick meat into my mouth and starting to get very aroused at sucking this black man’s cock.

Calvin continued to thrust his cock into my mouth and I could feel his huge balls slapping into my chin and throat. He was aggressively fucking my mouth while still looking in the tent window watching Bill and Lea fucking. He began to moan, and although I was afraid that Bill and Lea would hear him, I had a mouthful of cock and was in no position to object. Calvin continued to aggressively fuck my face, and he finally started to take shorter and faster strokes, and was moaning more loudly, as I felt his big cock stiffen a little more and begin to throb.

This is the first time that it dawned on me that Calvin intended to shoot his cum into my mouth, and I was really getting apprehensive about it all. However, I didn’t have much time to think about it because the next thing I knew his dick was pulsing and throbbing and I felt shot after shot of his thick cum spewing into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, and I can still remember how great it felt as his cock expanded and contracted in my mouth. I must have swallowed three times to get all of his nut down, and as he finished ejaculating, he continued to slowly thrust his softening cock in my mouth. I was beginning to feel somewhat embarrassment, but was at the same time very aroused to have sucked my first cock, and a very big, black one at that.

The next thing I heard was Bill saying, “Holy shit Lea, look at Ed there on his knees sucking Calvin’s big cock! We hoped when we joined this club that we might be able to find a black cock for you to fuck, but I didn’t expect to see another man sucking a dick as well.”

Bill and Lea had come outside their tent when they heard Calvin moaning as he filled my mouth with cum, and they watched me swallow hungrily to get all of Calvin’s seed down. Then Lea said, “I’ll bet that if Calvin allowed Ed to suck his cock, that he’d also be happy to fuck me. And Ed should be more than happy to clean up my cum-filled pussy if he was willing to swallow Calvin’s big load of cum. Come on guys, let’s go into our tent and continue the fun.”

I was still a little embarrassed, but the thought of being able to put my mouth on Lea’s pretty little pussy, even if it was full of cum, sounded almost too good to be true. We went into their tent and I was instructed to lie down on their sleeping bag. Then Lea got over me in the 69 position and pushed her cum-filled pussy to my face. Bill must have shot a huge load of seed into her, because the neatly trimmed hair on her outer vulva was soaked in semen, and thick streams of Bill’s white cum were still oozing out of her cunt. I reached my arms up around her waist and pulled her pussy hard into my mouth. The sensation of sucking on a pussy again, since such a long hiatus with my wife, coupled with Bill’s tasty cum filling my mouth, was almost overwhelming to me, and I actually shot my load of cum into my underwear.

I continued sucking Lea’s pussy for another 10 minutes, and then I could feel and see Calvin move in behind Lea, and just over my head. I could see his now revitalized cock as it slipped into her hot pussy, and I moved my head away slightly to take his big balls into my mouth. I saw him bottom out in Lea with no problem, and I continued to suck his balls as he began to move slowly into and out of her. Then his thrusts became too long and hard, so I just began to suck her clit, the best that I could, as Calvin continued to fuck her.

This fucking continued for about 15 minutes, probably since Calvin had already shot one load into my mouth, and then I could see his balls draw up and his cock begin to throb as he filled Lea with his seed. As he began to pull his deflated cock from her now-well-fucked-pussy, I licked the underside of him, tasting their combined juices, and then his spent cock fell into my mouth. I cleaned his cock thoroughly, and when he moved out of the way, Lea sat up on my face and I had to struggle to breathe and still swallow Calvin’s load.

Lea then moved off of my face, and Bill took her place sitting on my face, facing me, with his big balls hanging in my mouth. He slowly moved back and forth over me feeding me his nuts, and he also would slide farther forward sometimes placing his perineum and asshole over my mouth. All of this was a new sensation for me, but I was enjoying being a total fuck-slave to these hikers.

Bill was recovering from his first fuck with Lea, and as his cock hardened he changed positions to feed his nine inch and thick cock into my mouth. He lied on top of me and fucked my mouth and throat like a cunt, and after only about 10 minutes he shot a huge load of his semen into my mouth.

After my last face-fucking from Bill, we all sat around for a while talking about what just occurred. Everyone was amazed that this was my first time at having sex with a woman other than my wife and with men, and they were all happy with my oral skills. Something I didn’t know about myself until that night was that I derived a great deal of joy out of servicing others orally, and I know that if my wife had the interest, I would be a willing cuckold for her. Bill and Lea were happy that they had chosen the right hiking group, and they had wanted to see her fucked by a big-cocked black man for a very long time.

It was now 2:00 am , and Calvin and I returned to our tent. All pretenses were off now, and Calvin did not even put his underwear back on. He lied back on his sleeping bag, and without either of us saying a word, I crawled over between his legs and started sucking on his now-hanging balls. I continued sucking his nuts for a long time, and finally his cock hardened, and I began sucking him again. This time it took him about 30 minutes to cum, and I was able to enjoy the taste and smell of him for the whole time. I especially enjoyed it when he finally ejaculated into my mouth again, and I was able to go to sleep with the taste of his cum and cock in my mouth.

We got up early and had breakfast, and continued the hike. One thing that was a little different now was that each time we stopped to piss, we stayed together as a group and I sucked Bill and Calvin’s cocks a little after they finished pissing. We also had several more rounds of sucking and fucking at our camp site the second night. It is still amazing to me how even though I had previously only had sex with my wife, I had now become a cock sucking cum slut, and I just could not seem to get enough of cock and cum on future hikes.

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